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Hiroshi Kagome
Hiroshi Kagome
Kanji 浩カゴメ
Also Known As King Hiroshi
Mama's Boy
Age 55
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 197 lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Hades (Formerly)
Ptah (Currently)
Occupation Hunter
Family Ren Kagome
Takara Kagome (Younger Half-Brother)
Hima Kagome (Younger Half-Sister)
Tsubasa Kagome (Younger Half-Brother)
Hitoshi Kagome (Younger Half-Brother)
Karina Linus (Sister-in-Law)
Haruka Linus (Nephew)
Jayme Linus (Nephew)
Enemies Ren Kagome
Tsubasa Kagome
Takara Kagome
Hima Kagome
Status Deceased
Image Gallery
Hiroshi's Theme

Hiroshi Kagome was a 55 year old human Hunter, Shaman, and Magus from the Kingdom of Hades. His entire life was nothing more than a series of orchestrated events that would lead to the revival of his mother: Ren Kagome, who had been subconsciously manipulating him since he was a fetus with her own Nen. He perished after failing to honor the Vow he had made with the ominous power On, causing him to self-destruct and annihilate the Kingdom of Ptah: killing more than a hundred million innocent people and leaving a barren wasteland devoid of any biological life. Only to be corrected immediately by Lilah, the Archbishop of Pride, immediately afterwards. 


Hiroshi was individualistic and charismatic, he never showed his true intentions to anyone else, and was a composed and determined individual. His behavior and manner of speaking was seen as "encouraging", and he acted as a beacon of hope and growth for his younger siblings in their younger years. This, however, masked a much greater and malicious aspect of him. Due to being subconsciously manipulated by his cruel mother, Ren Kagome, Hiroshi's brain was unstable. He was prone to violent fits of rage, was unreasonable at times, and was incredibly vicious and cold-blooded. This is exemplified through him making a contract with On at a young age, further leading to his descent into madness and mental instability.

He was cunning, calculating, and bold, though he was quite feckless in nature at times due to his instability. He suffered from a constant state of melancholy, though he was skilled in hiding it when he needed to. But its side-effects have left him emotionally scarred and demented. As these were all results of his abusive and neglectful mother, who had him under her constant control. Despite this, he had a "calm and collected" persona alongside an intelligent manner of speaking and wisdom. This assisted in his rise through the political ranks of Ptah, so that he could become it's eventual king, and obtain greater power.

Nonetheless, despite Hiroshi's demented presence and all of the evil that he had done throughout his life. He simply wished to obtain revenge on his mother for what she had done to him and his younger siblings: which he was never able to achieve before his unfortunate death.



Ren Kagome and a Nen Exorcist had decided that they wanted to make Ren stronger, in order to further their goals in the far future. So they devised a plan, Ren was to become impregnated by the Exorcist and implant her "Lotus Seed", a Nen technique of hers, into the fetus growing inside of her womb. This fetus would grow up to be subconsciously manipulated by their mother Ren's seed, so by the time they were born, their life that they were meant to live had already been predetermined by Ren's will. The purpose of their existence was for them to become powerful and knowledgeable enough to learn how to revive Ren Kagome after she dies via the sacrifice of countless individuals so that a portal to Hell could be opened, and Ren's soul could be reincarnated into that of a living vessel. In order to make her more powerful, she would have the Exorcist remove her ability to use Nen afterwards, after she had made a Vow that when she loses her Nen, dies, and is revived, she will become much more powerful: in order to become a legitimate threat to Olympus. Thus, Ren and the Exorcist conceived the child and enacted the rest of their plan, and eventually the child was born.

Birth & ChildhoodEdit

Hiroshi Kagome was born March 5th, Year 150, within the Ghoul Territory of Aima to Ren Kagome and a Nen Exorcist. Ren had abused and neglected her child, not only for pure enjoyment, but because her Lotus Seed had an easier time controlling those filled to the brim with fledgling emotions of negativity: further ensnaring Hiroshi within his mother's grasp. As Hiroshi grew older, he frequently rebelled, but found himself mentally unable to harm his mother even though he was stronger due to her teaching him how to use and refine his Nen. This created deeper feelings of resentment and confusion within him, and eventualy drove him to decide to leave behind his mother once he was eleven years old: which she had subconsciously made him do.

Thus, Hiroshi ran away from home after having a violent argument with his mother regarding her treatment towards him and his younger siblings: Takara, Hima, and Tsubasa. He made a Vow with On, a newfound power that he had unlocked via his pure hatred for his mother, and promised that he would completely wipe his mother out of existence one day once he was strong enough to overcome whatever urge to not kill her he had experienced. Shortly afterwards, Hiroshi was met by Takara and Hima who had also fled home, wishing to be reunited with their brother, and having been kicked out by their mother. He decided he would raise them, and together they would live on the harsh streets of Hades all alone at the ages of eleven and seven years old without any guidance. Whilst planning to return one day to save Tsubasa from Ren, and to kill Ren herself, in order to fulfill his Vow to rid of the world of such an evil and psychotic bitch.

Next, Hiroshi taught Takara and Hima how to use and develop their Nen, so that they could defend themselves within the Ghoul Territory of Aima. Hiroshi himself was a Specialist, and it was discovered that Takara was a Manipulator and that Hima was a Transmuter. Hiroshi's signature Hatsu was known as "Prosperous Prairie", a Hatsu that manifested itself within Hiroshi's eyes at a young age without his control. Prosperous Prairie created a hypnotic light that emanated from Hiroshi's eyes that would suck the consciousness out of anyone who looked into his eyes: trapping them within the "Prosperous Pavilion", a separate reality that existed within Hiroshi's mind. Once ones' consciousness was trapped there, their body would die shortly afterwards if it was not returned to them eventually. The stolen consciousness would then merge with Hiroshi's own, and they would act as a collective unit of multiple consciousnesses that all operated under a single one: allowing Hiroshi to have multiple thought processes at once, among other things, such as communicating with himself. However, perhaps the greatest usage of this ability was the fact that any converted consciousness could be expelled and sent into someone else via eye contact with one of Hiroshi's eyes. Allowing him to take over them, and control their mind, them acting as an extension of his own will. However, Hiroshi couldn't turn it off, so he always kept his eyes closed and learned how to get around via his sense of hearing.

His second Specialist Hatsu, "Melancholic Inveigler", granted Hiroshi the ability to coax anyone he was speaking to into doing whatever he wanted them to do. For example, he could say "Look into my eyes" as he activated Prosperous Prairie, making subduing his enemies much easier. Between Hiroshi's own natural battle prowess, as well as Takara and Hima's, and their abnormally large quantity of Aura they were born with due to being Ren Kagome's children, combined with Hiroshi's unique abilities. Hiroshi was able to single-handedly educate and raise himself, Takara, and Hima effectively within the Ghoul Territory of Aima for years and make a living for all of them.

Despite this, Hiroshi still believed this wouldn't be enough and decided that they would all learn new Occupations to become even stronger. Hiroshi came up with the idea that they would all sneak into an abandoned N.H.O HQ and steal records on how to learn how to obtain the powers of other Occupations. Though he wasn't sure how, he knew of the location of one of them (due to Ren) and took Takara and Hima there. Hiroshi had decided to become a Shaman, while Takara and Hima became Shinobi. Soon, their skill with Nen and their newly acquired abilities made them earn a small reputation among the children gangs within Aima, and they named themselves the "Kagome Koterie". They stealed, attacked, and even killed people when necessary. Though, it was only Hiroshi who actually killed anyone, as he didn't want Takara and Hima to become like him and their mother.

Departure Edit

Once three years had passed, now ages ten and fourteen, Hiroshi decided it was time for them all to return home and save Tsubasa. Unfortunately, by the time they had returned, they learned that Ren had moved and the house was owned by someone else. Realizing that he could potentially never find and kill Ren, and thus not complete his Vow with On, Hiroshi lost his mind and destroyed the house, it's new residents, and wounded Takara and Hima: instilling great fear into both of them. Hiroshi quickly apologized, and the siblings embarked on another journey of finding their mother and rescuing their little brother. Five years later, now fifth teen and nineteen, the siblings continued looking for their mother: to no avail. However, due to his Hatsu, Hiroshi eventually learns of the death of his mother by the hands of one of her sons from some thugs in Aima. He learns of Ren's address, and heads there immediately to see for his own eyes.

Once they arrived, they discovered that her new house had been closed down, and that it had become an investigative crime scene. But Hiroshi needed to know the truth, so he utilized his Hatsu on the locals to find out what had happened, and he knew that she truly was dead. Realizing this, Hiroshi had failed his Vow with On, and his body unleashed a fiery inferno as he began to die. He set the neighborhood on fire, and massacred a large amount of the populace with Takara and Hima doing their best to save the people. But before he could be completely consumed, Hiroshi realized that his Vow had not been entirely failed as Ren Kagome's soul still existed. This means, if she could be revived, he could destroy not only her body but her soul and officially complete his Vow as well. This halted his self-destruction, and gave Hiroshi the newfound life goal of finding a way to revive his deceased mother: which, unknown to him, was due to Ren's continous subconscious manipulation.

Once he calmed down and the inferno faded, Hiroshi approached the now terrified Takara and Hima and asked for their assistance in this new goal. But Takara and Hima had grown too fearful of their elder brother, not only for what he had done now, but for what he done in the past, and over the years. But the current event had made the two of them decide that they could no longer stay with their brother, and that something needed to be done before he killed anyone else. This caused Hiroshi to feel as if he had been betrayed, and this caused Hiroshi to nearly kill Takara and Hima out of anger with his On. But due to his affection for his siblings, he spared their lives and fled in anger and sadness.

Descent & AscensionEdit

With the power of On, which enabled Hiroshi to utilize every Nen Hatsu he had ever come across with 100% efficiency. Combined with his own Hatsu, and his Shamanism, Hiroshi was able to travel Olympus and learn what he desired with little difficulty and without ever being discovered. This continued for a dozen years, and Hiroshi had amassed a gargantuan plethora of powers and knowledge on the entire history of Olympus. But he couldn't get his hands on a power that enabled him to bring Ren back, so he continued to broaden his horizons, specifically, when the Others were defeated and the rest of the world was revealed.

As new continents were discovered, and the world had expanded, Hiroshi was among the first to leave behind Olympus and explore the rest of the world. Mindlessly, he was hell-bent on reviving his mother and obtaining the revenge he had waited for for so long. He'd do absolutely anything that was necessary to get it, and he had manipulated, tortured, and murdered many people in his quest for vengeance. He had learned of devices that could resurrect the dead, but most of them could only bring them back as undead, and the existence of devices capable of complete resurrection were either unsupported or the devices location was unknown and most likely hidden away by those with the greatest power and influence in the world: that Hiroshi couldn't challenge.

This prompted Hiroshi to devise his own method of reviving his mother, and this method was to sacrifice the lives of countless individuals to rip open a temporary portal to Hell and to use a woman's body as a vessel and a means of anchoring his mother's soul to the Realm of the Living as it was recalled. With On on his side, and his understanding of Shamanism, as well as Magecraft at this point. Undoubtedly, his goal could be achieved in due time. But he needed a place to do it in secret, without a witness, and without attracting attention. He believed the least place one would suspect is a place such as the Kingdom of Ptah, located within the Southeregion. As Ptah was one of the best places to live there, and unlike most of the Southeregion, it was not filled with chaotic nationalist who viewed themselves above any and everyone else. It was a relatively peaceful Kingdom, with a benevolent ruler, and a democratic and monarchial governmental system: in short, it was the perfect place to carry out malicious experiments in secret.

Conclusively, Hiroshi made his way there and used his powers of hypnosis, persuasion, and the other abilities he had that carried many multifaceted properties to climb the political chain of Ptah and eventually become it's unorthodox king. On the outside, he appeared as a benevolent, caring, compassionate, and intellectual individual who ran the Kingdom smoothly and stood out compared to the rulers of the other Southeregion Kingdoms. But on the inside, and in secret, with the assistance of the Spirit of Fire that he had acquired during his many adventures across the world. He had begun kidnapping individuals across the Southeregion at night shortly after he became King, at age fifty, and this continued for five years. He left behind no trace of their whereabouts and captured ten million per year, leading to a total of fifty million disappearances across the region by the conclusion of his ritual. Luckily, Bastion and the Mage's Association paid no attention to these disappearances, and this made Hiroshi's goal even easier in his pursuit of revenge.

By some stroke of fate, Hiroshi ran into his long lost siblings Takara and Hima inside of his castle one day. They had suspected he could be behind the disappearances, for many reasons, and snuck into his castle to learn the truth.. Not willing to reveal his true intentions, Hiroshi told them that he had been killing people and harvesting their souls in order to make the Spirit of Fire become so insanely powerful that he could obtain complete dominance over the Kingdom of Ptah, and challenge the Mage's Association in pursuit of greater power and to learn more about and to obtain the mythical Holy Grail. Wishing to stop him, Takara and Hima fought their brother but he proved to be too powerful for them so they were forced to flee. Hiroshi did not pursue them, but he sent his Royal Guards and various Hunters after them and told them to bring them back alive. He also placed a bounty on their heads, and declared them criminals that he would personally take care of once they were returned to him.


The Melancholic Beau ArcEdit


Hiroshi Kagome was the King of Ptah and a Triple-Star Hunter, Onmyoji Shaman, and Spellcaster Magus. He had an extraordinarily powerful Specialist Hatsu, the Spirit of Fire which he could transform into other psuedo-Grand Elemental Spirits, and specialized in the usage of elemental magecraft and alchemy. Though he was not renown for his fighting potential, Hiroshi was still extremely powerful, and declared an Alpha-level threat by the Imperial Reich after his demise. His true prowess lied in manipulation, deception, and secrecy that made him one of the most dangerous individuals in Shinsekai.

Superhuman PhysiologyEdit

As a child of Ren Kagome, Hiroshi was naturally born with exceptional talent and superhuman battle prowess: a trait all of his siblings share. He was a prodigious Hunter who had been trained by Ren Kagome in the art of the Shingen-ryu school of Kung-Fu since an extremely young age, and had fully mastered everything she taught him by the time he had left home at ten years old. His physical prowess was nothing short of superhuman, as was his analytical ability in combat and his heightened senses.

  • Superhuman Physical Strength: Hiroshi's physical strength was anything short of incredible. He could easily lift up creatures’ dozens of times his own size, shatter concrete, reinforced steel, and launch his opponents over a kilometer away from his own location with his strength alone. He could cleave enormous structures in half, create craters in the ground by stomping on it, and kill physically weaker foes with a single blow.
  • Superhuman Physical Speed: Hiroshi's physical speed and reflexes were incredible. He could vanish from the naked eye in a flash, react to surprise attacks at point-blank range, and dodge hundreds of individual bullets. He could run fast enough to run alongside walls, the ceiling, or other structures by quickly building up enough momentum.
  • Superhuman Agility: Hiroshi's physical agility was impressive, he could vault and leap across large distances with ease. He was capable of running along thin ropes, the sides of buildings, and any extremely thin or unstable obstacles while simultaneously fighting or evading an opponent.
  • Superhuman Healing Factor: Hiroshi had a slight superhuman healing factor, which allowed him to recover from wounds faster than others.
  • Superhuman Senses: Hiroshi's senses were noticeably higher than normal, save for his sense of sight which has become much weaker than normal due to him rarely utilizing his eyes. This increased his other senses greatly, as he was capable of getting around easily despite his lack of sight by relying on them.

Nen & OnEdit

Nen is a technique that allows one to use and manipulate their own physical Life Energy, produced by the body, known as Aura. It is gradually released from special pores beneath the skin known as Aura Nodes. For those who become skilled practitioners of Nen, they obtain the ability to open and close their Aura Nodes at will. Hiroshi was born a Genius, meaning he had the innate ability to use Nen without ever being taught how: which manifested itself in his Prosperous Prairie Hatsu. On top of being born with an monstrous Aura due to being Ren Kagome's child. Hiroshi was later taught how to properly use and fully master his Nen by his mother Ren, who needed to him become very strong so that he could complete the goals he was destined to accomplish.

Hiroshi mastered the Shingen-ryu school of Kung-Fu's "Nen of the Flame" and had already learned how to use his two Hatsu types to the best of his ability by the time he was ten. His two main Hatsu were "Prosperous Prairie" and "Melancholic Inveigler", the former absorbed the consciousness of those he made eye contact with and the latter coaxed anyone he talked to into doing whatever he wanted. Shortly afterwards, Hiroshi unlocked the power of On. On is the opposite of Nen, whilst Nen is Life Energy, On is Death Energy, and it is significantly more powerful. It is primarily fueled by intense negative emotions and can be awakened within multiple individuals under many different circumstances. Hiroshi unlocked the power of On due to his pure hatred for his mother, and his desire to kill her and liberate a toddler Tsubasa from her clutches. On is like Nen, but it enables the user to utilize techniques of all Hatsu types to 100% efficiency. This ability, combined with Hiroshi's own Hatsu, made him a formidable individual at a young age.

Four Major PrinciplesEdit

  • Ten (Enevelop; Shroud): Hiroshi utilized Ten to keep his Aura Nodes open, but instead of letting it all flow away and dissipate. He controlled it and made it flow through and around his body, causing his body to become immune to emotional attacks from other Nen users. Since all of the energy was concentrated within the body, it allowed Hiroshi to maintain youthful vigor and reduce his body's aging process. The main drawback of Ten, is that even though it protected Hiroshi from emotional Nen attacks, it could not defend against physical Nen attacks. The quality of Ten can be improved through meditation.
  • Zetsu (Suppress; Null): Hiroshi utilized Zetsu to close his Aura Nodes, stopping the flow of Aura within and around his body altogether. Since Hiroshi was no longer surrounded by his own Aura, he was sensitive to the Aura of others, and could easily track them down by sensing their Auras. On top of this, it also prevented other Nen users from sensing Hiroshi, it relieved fatigue since the Aura was now fully contained within, and unfortunately made Hiroshi's body vulnerable to other Nen attacks since his own Aura was disabled.
  • Ren (Refine; Enhance): Hiroshi utilized Ren to output a huge amount of Aura from his body and kept it attached to his body, he then greatly increased it's intensity and size. Hiroshi's physical strength and durability were increased, and he was provided with a large pool of Aura to use for any techniques. Ren is a direct application of Ten, and it's offensive counterpart.
  • Hatsu (Release; Act): Hiroshi utilized Hatsu to release his Aura to perform a certain action. It is what is used to perform all individual Nen abilities, and reflects one's personal expression of Nen.

Advanced TechniquesEdit

  • Shu (Enfold): Hiroshi utilized Shu to extend his Aura around an object to use it as if it was an extension of his body. The object became both stronger and was protected by the Aura, akin to how Ren strengthened and protected his body.
  • In (Conceal): In is an advanced application of Zetsu. Hiroshi utilized In to completely conceal and hide his Aura. Unlike Zetsu, it didn't require Hiroshi to completely cancel the flow of Aura throughout and around his body. Instead, it simply hid it, which allowed him to perform dangerous sneak attacks and lay traps.
  • Gyo (Focus): Gyo is an advanced application of Ren. Hiroshi utilized Gyo to focus his Aura into one specific body part in order to greatly strengthen that body part. The downside to Gyo is that the other body parts were left vulnerable, due to the Aura being concentrated into one part.
  • Ken (Fortify):Ken is an enhanced version of Ren. Hiroshi utilized Ken to maintain Gyo over his entire body, which allowed him to defend against attacks from any direction. Ken was useful as a defensive measure, but was tiring to maintain, and was not as strong as Gyo when used on a specific part of the body since it was dispersed across all of it. Due to this, it was mainly used when being cautious.
  • En (Circle): En is an advanced application of both Ten and Ren. Hiroshi utilized En to create a sensory barrier around himself made from his own Aura. He could feel the shape and movement of anything and everything that entered the barrier, and could extend it's range up to 200 meters. The downside to En, is that it was very tiring and quickly dissipated Hiroshi's Aura. Therefore, he could not use it for extremely long periods of time or else he would run out of Aura.
  • Ko (Temper): Ten, Zetsu, Ren, Hatsu, and Gyo were all used together to create Ko. Hiroshi utilized Ko to focus all of his individual Aura into a specific part of his body. Zetsu was used to stop the flow of Aura across his entire body with all of it being forced into a single spot: tremendously empowering that specific part of his body. The massive concentration of so much Aura in one spot created an intense high-pitched dissonance, akin to metal being ground and representing how much raw power was contained within the body part or object.

Specialization, Enhancement, Emission, Transmutation, Manipulation, and ConjurationEdit

  • Prosperous Prairie - As a Specialist, Hiroshi's Hatsu was unique and couldn't fit into any of the other Aura Types. His signature Hatsu, was known a Prosperous Prairie, and it was an extraordinarily powerful and unique Nen ability. Prosperous Prairie manifested itself within Hiroshi's eyes, and it was constantly active, causing him to keep his eyes' closed. When Hiroshi opened his eyes, a hypnotic red light was created that absorbed the consciousness of anyone who looked into it. Next, their body would collapse lifelessly on the ground and their consciousness would be transported to a dimension known as the "Prosperous Prairie". It was an infinite mindscape that took the appearance of an empty and never-ending grassy field beneath the beautiful night sky. Once one's consciousness was ensnared within the mindscape, their own consciousness merged with Hiroshi's, and they became a collective unit that operate under the same will with the originals’ will being completely suppressed. Each consciousness could act independently, and thus many separate thought processes could be carried out separately, or a single one could be amplified tremendously. The second stage of Prosperous Prairie was known as "Prosperous Escapade", which ejected one or more of the collected consciousness into a person of Hiroshi's choosing by opening a single eye instead of both. Once the consciousness was inserted, it would overtake the original person's unless they had a superbly strong will, and make them a minion of Hiroshi's.
  • Melancholic Inveigler - As a Specialist, Hiroshi's Hatsu were unique, and his second Hatsu was known as Melancholic Inveigler. This Hatsu could be activated by Hiroshi speaking to someone, as unlike his main Hatsu, Hiroshi could turn this ability on and off. It had the ability to coax anyone that Hiroshi speaked to into obeying his will, and being easily persuaded into doing whatever he wanted them to do. Such as telling them to "look into my eyes", it was when this Hatsu and Hiroshi's primary one are combined that Hiroshi's Hatsu were utilized to their truest extent and he was using his Nen to the best of his ability.
  • ONi – Due to On, Hiroshi unlocked the ability to create and control a Nen Beast that was fueled by his hatred for his mother. It took the initial form a shapeless black mass, but it could be shaped into anything that Hiroshi imagined.
  • Serpentine Conclave - Due to On, Hiroshi had the ability to use others' Hatsu abilities with 100% efficiency. The first ability he copied from someone else was his little brother Takara's signature Hatsu, "Serpentine Conclave", which allowed the user to manipulate any type of snake across gargan distances with complete and utter obedience as long they were using an item that is made from a part of a snake as a medium.
  • Black Gold - Due to On, Hiroshi had the ability to use others' Hatsu abilities with 100% efficiency. The second ability he copied was his little sister Hima's signature Hatsu, "Black Gold", which allowed the user to transmute the properties of their Aura into different types of oil with several different applications.
  • Adam's Ale - Due to On, Hiroshi had the ability to use others' Hatsu abilities with 100% efficiency. The third ability he copied was Hima's second Hatsu, known as "Adam's Ale", which allowed the user to transmute the properties of their Aura into water and what comprises it with many uses.
  • Revered Manacles - As with the others, due to On, Hiroshi copied an ability known as "Revered Manacles" from a person he came across that allows him to conjure chains and shackles that are solely meant for being used n demonic entities. It is based on one's morality, not their actual species, and thus further restricts one based on the atrocities they have committed in life.

Vows & Limitations Edit

Vows and Limitations are para-psychological inhibitors applied to certain skills or abilities that Hunters use with their Nen. For example, if someone says "I Vow that I will only use this skill only on Thursday" then it will become more powerful when used on that day. If a Limitation is applied to the Vow, it'll become even more powerful for example if one says "I Vow that I will use this skill only on Thursday, and if I use it any other day I will die" that would be considered a Limitation. Hiroshi never actually used this for any of his techniques, he only used it for On itself.


Furyoku is the measure of one's spiritual energy produced directly by the soul. It is also a product of willpower, and is directly influenced by the heart. It is essential to even the most basic use of Shaman techniques or magic. Everyone is born with a set amount of Furyoku which cannot be improved through physical training, but can only be improved through spiritual training or a near-death experience. Allowing the user to become more in-tuned with their soul and thus increasing it's power.

Hiroshi was naturally born with a powerful soul and a great amount of Furyoku, and due to his two near-death experiences his Furyoku was increased significantly. He was an Onmyoji Shaman, one of the strongest Shamans during his time. He also possessed all of the general abilities and their uses that normal ones had. Which included the ability to communicate with spirits, control them, and help them pass on to the afterlife among others. His Shamanic technique was the famous Over Soul: which he employed with his Spirit of Fire.


As an Onmyoji Shaman, Hiroshi had the ability to use Onmyodo: a special branch of Shamanic techniques that most were incapable of using. As he had full control and mastery over all five Shamanic elements: fire, earth, wood, metal, and water both physically and spiritually. With this mastery, he could alter his Spirit of Fire into a perfect clone of any of the other Grand Elemental Spirits. This granted him incredibly versatility and made his Over Soul with the Spirit of Fire a being of enormous power.


  • Hyoi Gattai: Also known as "Spirit Unity", is a technique that allowed Hiroshi to integrate spirits into his body, their souls "unifying" or "fusing" into one within the same body. Hitoshi obtained the knowledge, wisdom, and battle skill of the integrated spirit and the spirit can interact with the physical world through Hiroshi.
    • Over Soul: Also simply called "O.S" is by far the ultimate form of Furyoku manipulation for a Shaman and their most powerful technique. An Over Soul is a metaphysical construct of a spirit via a Shaman's Furyoku and a Medium to obtain corporeal properties. They're entirely created from Furyoku, thus, they can only be harmed by other Over Souls (or things of spiritual and magical nature) as there is no actual matter to harm for conventional weaponry. The attributes and abilities of the Over Soul is directly affected by the memories, knowledge, and visualization of both the Shaman and their Spirit Ally. The shape, form, and even power of the Over Soul can be directly adjusted mentally by the Shaman's will, as they're directly influenced by willpower and emotions. Hiroshi's Medium was a scepter that represented the sun, which he used to manifest the legendary Spirit of Fire. Due to Hiroshi's own Furyoku, as well as the Spirit of Fire being a Kami-Class spirit with godlike Reiyoku. The Over Soul that was created was truly a physical incarnation of destruction and fire itself.


Magecraft is the ability to artificially reproduce the world's mysteries and bring forth miracles that can be produced by science. As a Spellcaster Magus, Hiroshi possessed Magic Circuits: a pseudo-nervous system that runs throughout the human body that resides within the soul that enables them to use Magecraft. Magic Circuits are what qualifies one to be a Magus and connects the physical world to the spiritual world. It's comprised of core components that are layered all throughout the body that ultimately connect to the brain: which if destroyed causes them to cease function entirely. The Quantity and Quality of Hiroshi's Magic Circuits were remarkable. The mental "trigger" that Hiroshi utilized to activate his Magic Circuits was that of him beating beat by his mother. Hiroshi possessed fifty Magic Circuits that each process approximately ten units of Mana: making his maximum output 500 units of Mana. Hiroshi's Origin was "Submissive" and his Elemental Affinity was Fire. Hiroshi's signature Magecraft was Flame Magecraft, although he was skilled in Alchemy, which he used to create a homunculus.

Flame MagecraftEdit

Flame Magecraft is a type of Magecraft that is highly attuned with the element of Fire. Hiroshi's signature Magecraft falls under this category. His signature spell that he used didn't actually have a name, as he never bothered to name it. The spell placed an visible curse on blood that caused it to burn like gasoline once it was in contact with air. It was fueled by Hiroshi's hatred, and got stronger the angrier he got.

Skills Edit

Master Hand-to-Hand CombatEdit

Hitoshi was masterful in the art of hand-to-hand combat and various fighting styles. His proficiency in the art was remarkable for someone who had never been properly taught. He learned and mastered several styes of martial arts on his own due to his natural intuition and talent. This made him into a formidable short-range combatant who possessed exceptional combat skills. He was able to easily overpower and defeat full-fledged martial art grandmasters who had devoted their entire lives to mastering their styles. He could even defeat dozens of grandmasters simutaneously, without any meaningful effort required on his own part at all. He was truly prodigious, and employed a rather aggressive and lethal fighting style that showed no mercy whatsoever.

Intuitive Learning Edit

Due to being the child of Ren Kagome, Hiroshi was naturally born with incredible intuitive skills. He was capable of easily learning and mastering any combat-related skill he was taught after seeing it demonstrated properly at least once. Hiroshi's understanding of combat was prodigious, as he strongly inherited it from his mother, and honed it since an extremely young age.


As a Shaman, Hiroshi had a Spirit Ally which he employed with his Over Soul. His only Spirit Ally was the Spirit of Fire, which he used commonly in combat.

Spirit of FireEdit

The Spirit of Fire is one of the Five Grand Elemental Spirits. It is one of the most powerful spirits in existence and the embodiment of fire itself. It has the ability to create and manipulate fire and to consume souls in order to make itself even stronger. It's power is unmatched among it's kind, excluding the other grand elemental spirits of course. Hiroshi obtained it during his journeys over the years.

Equipment Edit

  • Ra's Scepter - Hiroshi wielded a scepter that was based on the ancient Egyptian God Ra. He used it as his Medium with the Spirit of Fire to obtain greater synergy.


  • Hiroshi Kagome's first name means "Prosperous" and his surname Kagome means "a basket full of holes", "a pregnant woman", and "a caged bird".
  • Hiroshi Kagome's appearance is based off of that of Armakan Amun-Ra from the Magi series.