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Henry Kain
Henry Cain
Also Known As Future Magic King
Fat Head (by Virgo)
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 179lbs
Blood Type AB+
Professional Status
Kingdom Fujin
Occupation Magic King Candidate
Demon Hunter
Magic Knight
Family Madame Kain (mother)
Ira Kain (brother)
Allies Northeregion
Mages Asssociation
Enemies Demons
Status Alive
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Henry Kain is an 18 year old Magic King Candidate of the Superbia Archive and hails from the kingdom of Fujin in the Northeregion. He is an entitled boy raised and groomed by the Mages Association to be the future Magic King, because of this he has strong feelings of hate towards demons. He was chosen by Bastion to be his apprentice practically sealing his fate as future Magic King.


One of those generic entitled shounen scum bags that I actually hate but in this case it works really well so...

Quick List of AbilitiesEdit

Magic King CandidateEdit

Gehenna ScopeEdit

Henry's Thema is Justitia and his branch of magic is called Gehenna Scope from the Superbia Archive. Gehenna Scope grants him the ability to analyze and reflect magic, giving him very high offensive and defensive capabilities. Henry can scan an opponent's magic, allowing her to pinpoint their weakness and create a counterattack. His magic allows her to scan large areas for magical disturbances. Furthermore, because Henry can also reflect any magical attacks back to his opponent, he is nearly invulnerable to all kinds of magic, another skill Henry has displayed with his magic includes neutralizing magic, though the full extent of this has yet to be seen.

  • Thema Verum no Shouei: Reflects any magic attacks back at surrounding enemies and causing a lot of damage.
  • White Universe: Henry creates a powerful magic wave capable of causing great destruction. Damages the area immediately around Henry while with he himself remains unharmed.
  • Multiple Aria: Casting White Universe multiple times allows him to create an aria capable of weakening even highly ranked demons.
  • White Castling: A binding spell that seals his opponent's movements.


Critical OverEdit

Critical Over is Henry's Knight ability, what it allows him to do is to convert his magic power into raw strength. This allows Henry to become superhuman in all physical attributes and has also been shown to grant Henry's physical attacks great destructive power.

Demon HunterEdit

Demon PurgeEdit


Innate Time ControlEdit


Divine Earth MagecraftEdit


Magic KnightEdit

Anti MagicEdit