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Haruka "Hayate" Linus

Haruka Linus (Teenager)

Haruka Linus

Kanji 遥春晴花香
Rōmaji Haruka Hayate Linus
Also Known As The Prince of Hades
Age 18 (DOB: July 13th, Year 187)
Gender Male
Height 5'11" (Part 2)
5'1" (Part 1)
Weight 154 lbs (Part 2)
113 lbs (Part 1)
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Kingdom Hades
Occupation Magician
Shinobi (Formerly)
Level 36
Experience 18,880/36,000
Bounty Beli216,100
Family Akaio Hishiro (Paternal Great Grandfather)
Aima Hishiro (Paternal Great Grandmother)
Akajimaru Hishiro (Paternal Grandfather)
Ren Kagome (Paternal Grandmother)
Benjamin Linus (Maternal Grandfather)
Sayler Uchiha (Maternal Grandmother)
Hitoshi Kagome (Father)
Karina Linus (Mother)
Jayme Linus (Younger Brother)
Shina Linus (Daughter)
Tsubasa Kagome (Paternal Half-Uncle)
Hima Kagome (Paternal Half-Aunt)
Takara Kagome (Paternal Half-Uncle)
Hiroshi Kagome (Paternal Half-Uncle)
Daken Linus (Maternal Uncle)
Asha Linus (Maternal Half-Aunt)
Zebidah Linus (Maternal Granduncle)
Allies Tarianna
Enemies Destiny
Daken Linus
Status Alive
Image Gallery
Haruka's Theme
  Haruka "Hayate" Linus is an 18 year old mixed-blood human Magician, Mage, and Magus from the Kingdom of Hades. He is the eldest son of Hitoshi Kagome and Karina Linus. As the Prince of Hades, he was raised within a wealthy environment for his entire life: being given everything that he could have ever wanted since birth. However, there is one thing that he desired more than anything else. Which was to spend genuine time with his parents, which he was unable too due to their busy work scheldules as pivotal world leaders. Due to this "neglect" that he has suffered, Haruka became a cold and pessimistic individual who deals with his problems by taking his anger out on others. Later on, Haruka temporarily left behind his family in pursuit of self-discovery and coming to terms with his problems. He eventually returned to repair the damaged familial bonds that he left behind, only to leave again in a quest to desperately find his uncle Tsubasa Kagome: to no avail, prompting him to return home. Currently, he is on a quest for vengeance to kill those who are responsible for his, his friends, and his family's suffering and deaths. 


  • Part 1
  • Part 2

Personality Edit

Initially, Haruka was a cold, bitter, and pessimistic individual who rarely ever smiled or showed any affection. He commonly treated others with distrust and hostility. As he believed that there was some hidden ulterior and malicious motive behind the actions of others. When confronted with someone who he came to dislike, he either entirely ignored them unless they did or said something that peaked his interest, or threatened them so that they would leave him alone. He was extremely envious and tenacious, quickly becoming flustered and enraged whenever he noticed someone receiving something that he desperately craved. For example, Haruka wished that his parents were able to spend much more time with him and his younger brother: so he became angered whenever he saw a family acting like the "perfect family".

Contrary to his demeanor, Haruka wasn't a heartless person. He would defend those who were being bullied and harrassed by others. He would go out of his way to help those younger than himself, specifically his younger brother Jayme, as he did his best to make him happy because he foolishly "knew" that his parents were incapable.

The best way to describe Haruka's personality was that of a "cold yet compassionate" person who only displayed such a negative demeanor as a self-defense mechanism due to his longing to feel like he was truly loved by his parents. Eventually, Haruka learned how to deal with his general negative emotions and mentality by taking his anger out on other live individuals: by killing them. Though he didn't kill innocent people, he would not hesitate to slay any type of beast and actually relished in ridding the world of them. Basically, he utilized violence as means of coping with his own personal problems. 

He was also quite childish and aggressive, commonly making a big deal out of the smallest of things and disturbing those around him. He was selfish, so he placed his own needs above others (except for Jayme) and would criticize others for pointing out the flaws in his own logic and reasoning. Which had led to him being called an asshole, insane, and generally irrational by even his closest friends. However, during the timeskip his personality changed. 

Currently, Haruka has changed in several ways. Whilst his demeanor is still dark, brooding, and off-putting. He is slightly more optimistic, selfless, and more compassionate. He is much more willing to admit when he's wrong after accepting that his views of his parents were wrong: something he absolutely refused to do when he was younger. However, he is still stubborn nonetheless and quite distrusting of others and requires time before he decides to trust someone new. He is much less violent, choosing to never use his kagune and sharingan ever again and having undergone surgery to remove both his kakuhou and ability to utilize the sharingan: as these were his most violent traits. However, these violent tendencies only temporarily diminished before resurfacing upon his realization that his true enemy is Destiny. Though he buries them, and keeps them hidden to avoid discovery of his newfound dark nature.  Above all else, Haruka despises and hates Destiny more than literally anything else in existence. He desires to find Destiny and brutally murder him as well as permanetly remove him from every aspect of existence: even if it kills him. As Destiny uses his incredible power to control the events of the world, and is therefore responsible for his own, Tarianna's, and the sufffering of everyone else in the world. As a result, despite becoming a better person overall Haruka has become partially insane due to realizing that every moment he has experienced in his life has been controlled by Destiny. He has spent years replaying every single event he can recall in his life, and knowing that Destiny is behind it has caused his mind to shatter. This has caused him to have "Fallen into Depravity", though only halfway so far. Additionally, this has triggered a fascination with books causing Haruka to read endless books to obtain as much knowledge as possible in order to achieve his goal of destroying Destiny. 

As of late, Haruka has fallen even deeper into insanity. As the inducement of his father, Hitoshi, into a coma, the death of his little brother, Jayme, and his bodyguard, Darius, has taken a deep and disasterous emotional toll on his well-being. This was made even worse when his lover Tarianna died, though she was quickly reborn, the emotional toll has still had lasting side-effects. He has Fallen even deeper into Depravity, and now seeks to restore the most violent tendencies about himself due to longing for obtaining as much power as physically possible in order to further his goals of not only slaying Destiny, but his uncle Daken Linus, otherwise known as Wrath, as well, and his lackey Kukuron: who placed Hitoshi into a coma, murdered Jayme, and is responsible for Darius' death. Refusing to accept the fact that his brother Jayme is dead and lost forever, Haruka has decided he will "become one" with Jayme and grant Darius a "new purpose" in their honor so that they can continue to live on for as long as he does: by absorbing his brother Jayme and eating Darius' resurrected corpse. 

Though Haruka's mental state is on the verge of collapse, he is still a good person at heart with positive goals and intentions. He wishes to protect all of his friends, family, and those who are innocent and cannot protect themselves. Willing to go to great lengths to do what must be done to protect all of them, even if it means sacrificing his own life in the end. His resolve was further strengthened, upon learning of the existence of his and Tarianna's long lost daughter, Shina. Once he was reunited with her, his resolve was even further cemented and he intends to continue searching for his uncle Tsubasa, and killing all of his enemies to make the world a better place. Overall, Haruka is a completely insane, stubborn, unreasonable, and irrational individual. But in the end, his intentions are pure. 


Haruka "Hayate" Linus was born on the date July 13th of the year 187 to Hitoshi Kagome and Karina Linus in the Kingdom of Hades. He is their eldest son, and their eldest child in general. He was raised by his parents alongside his younger brother Jayme in a weathly, warm, and loving environment accompanied by numerous butlers and maids. He was commonly granted anything that he desired, and was treated with courtesy and respect. He frequently met with the children of his parent's close friends, and formed healthy friendships with them since a young age. Occassionally, he met his uncle Tsubasa, who took him on many trips and took a liking to him. So his childhood was filled with happiness and effervescence. However, due to his parents important roles in the world as a whole they were forced to withdraw a great deal of their attention from their son in exchange for dealing with important wordly affairs. Though it wasn't that bad at first, as the world seemingly became larger and more continents were being discovered with their own advanced civilizations: Hitoshi and Karina's attentiveness towards Haruka became nigh-nonexistent. 

Hitoshi frequently sealed himself away inside of his own private quarters to deal with the many economic and sociopolitical isses going on within Hades, whereas Karina traveled the world and met many important figures for various reasons. Though they didn't intend to ignore Haruka, they ended up doing so, and thus Haruka began to resent his parents for what he's decided to call "neglect". Due to this, he begame angered and took it out on other people such as his childhood peers. Eventualy, Haruka began to spend more time with his personal bodyguard: a man named Darius. 

Darius was like an older brother to Haruka, and he tried to change Haru's viewpoint of his parents by getting him to understand how important their roles in society were: to no avail. Realizing that Haruka's mind couldn't be changed, he decided to train Haruka in many forms of combat ranging from martial arts, arcane arts, and swordmanship. He taught him how to partially control his anger and redirect it at something else rather than his parents or friends. Which enabled Haruka to become stronger by using his anger to fuel his training regiments, even though he continued to treat others badly.

Haruka was eventually enrolled into the international Academy and trained to became a Magician, and his education there combined with his personal training with Darius enhanced his overall performance and made him a capable combatant. Though it didn't do much for his personality at all, as he had continued to treat most people, bar his little brother Jayme, with malevolence. Over time, he came to truly despise his parents, hate his friends, and value only himself, Jayme, and his uncle Tsubasa. Though he still cared for Darius, he was more concerned about Jayme and didn't want him to continue to deal with his parent's "neglect" and decided that he wanted to move out soon and live elsewhere with Tsubasa. Once he heard that the Survey Corps group that Tsubasa had left with was returning from their voyage, he headed there to await their arrival and see his uncle once more. 


List of EventsEdit

Part 1Edit

New Dawn ArcEdit
  • Event: A Beautiful Lie - Earned 4,400 XP and 3,000 B
  • Event: No More Kid Stuff - Earned 12,000 XP and 7,000 B
  • Event: The Legend of Rayme - Earned 6,600 XP and 3,000 B
  • Event: The List - Earned 3,600 XP and 2,000 B
  • Event: Dawn's End - Earned 3 Lvls, 12,000 XP, and 15,000 B
The Rookie Pit ArcEdit
  • Event: Into the Pit - Earned 9,500 XP and 7,000 B
  • Event: Jade Flower? Yeah sure - Earned 4,000 XP and 4,000 B
  • Event: Kraken's Eye? All done! - Earned 5,000 XP and 5,000 B
  • Event: Don't Sleep on Olympus - Earned 2 Lvls and 10,000 B
Twilight Arc Edit
  • Event: Let's Shake on It 
  • Event: The Extinction Machine
  • Event: Checkmate
  • Event: Anomie - Earned 15 Lvls, 2,500 XP, and 25,000 B

Blank PeriodEdit

The conclusion of Part 1 resulted in Haruka leaving behind his family and friends in order to deal with the fact that he was in the wrong for viewing his parents in such a negative light. He lived alone with Tarianna on the outskirts of Hades for approximately two months before finally accepting the fact that he was wrong and deciding to return home and mend his familial bonds in March. Once he made up with his mother and father, Haruka made up with his friends in Astrea, and both apologized and forgave them for everything that they had done to each other over the course of their year-long voyage. 

Though Haruka had fixed his problems with his family and peers, he was still concerned about his uncle Tsubasa who's location was still unknown. He wished to leave Olympus once more to find him on his own, so that all of his time and effort could be dedicated to a single goal. However, knowing that there's a good chance that Tsubasa could've been killed. Haruka decided to have his ability to use chakra as well as his sharingan removed so that he would never fall victim to the Uchiha Clan's legendary Curse of Hatred. Additionally, he removed his kakuhou and by extension his kagune and kakugan due to the fear of wanting to eat people and becoming a monster in the future. As during one of his several battles on the voyage, he had tasted the flesh and blood of one of his foes and actually found it delicious. 

This represented one of his most violent tendencies and meant that there was a chance he could resort to cannibalism in the future if his appetite ever became uncontrollable. Knowing this as well, he had the chance completely removed by renouncing his status as a one-eyed ghoul. Once his surgical procedures were completed, he trained to become a Mage and Magus to make up for the abilities that he had lost for over a year. Once that time eclipsed, he left with Tarianna in April of 202 to find Tsubasa. He explored New Olympus, The Isles of Europa, The Scarlet Sea, The Storm Islands, and the borders of other regions in a desperate attempt of uncovering the truth behind Tsubasa's disappearance during the Survey Corps' expedition. 

Unfortunately, due to the presence of Kreed's Saints of the Morning Star and other enemy factions there was only so much territory that Haruka could explore. It was during this voyage that Haruka began to realize that his true enemy was Destiny. Haruka had always depised Destiny ever since he had learned of his existence and what he was capable of, but he put his thoughts in the back of his head until he met Jacob AKA the God Requiem hoping that he would find answers on how to destroy Destiny. But Jacob both refused and didn't have answers for Haruka's questions and inevitably let himself be murdered by eleven mysterious figures that vanished without a trace. This affected Haruka deeply, and made him feel like there wasn't any hope left. Though he once again put the thoughts at the back of his head once he and Astrea returned home at the conclusion of Part 1 and his family become more important. 

But due to there being nothing else to worry about or ponder on, the thoughts drifted back and Haruka came to understand that if Destiny truly does have the power to control and manipulate everything that has ever transpired. Then all of his, his familiy's, his friend's, and Tarianna's suffering is all due to this single reality manipulating entity: Destiny. The thought that every single event that has ever happened in his entire life was all controlled by this ominous entity lead to Haruka losing his mind and becoming mentally unstable. A deep and sinister hatred had worked it's way into his heart and he had begun to "Fall into Depravity" as he refused to allow his life and anyone elses to be controlled by this "Destiny" enigma. He vowed that he would do absolutely everything in his power, even if it kills him, to find and kill Destiny in order to liberate the world from his control. He didn't care if Destiny had the ability to forsee the future and manipulate it, somehow, one way or another, he would find a way to find and wipe Destiny out of every single aspect of existence. He would venture into the Otherside or the Underworld if he had to in order to eviscerate Destiny's soul after his body was vanquished: even if it meant that his own soul would be destroyed in the process. This mental instability converted into raw willpower, and became a powerful drive that enabled Haruka to endure whatever he had to in order to complete his goal: to kill Destiny.

Above all else, Destiny had to be stopped and destroyed for the sake of Shinsekai and all of the people in it. But he had to find answers in order to do what had to be done. So realizing the futility of his voyage, he returned home once more after more than two years on the date of May 204. Upon his return and due to his fall, he decided to retrieve his removed kakuhou and transform it into a quinque that he would use as his primary weapon in battle. From that point on, he spent the next year reading books and educating himself on the past in order to find a way to find and destroy Destiny. As perhaps destroying Destiny would allow him to find Tsubasa, and finally make his family whole again. 

Part 2Edit

War of the First ArcEdit
  • Event: 046 - Earned 2,000 XP and 3,200 B.  
  • Event: The First Child
  • Event: Bootstrap - Earned 1,200 XP and 6,000 B.
  • Event: The First Man - Earned 80 XP and 400 B. 
Kingdom Come ArcEdit
  • Event: The Authority of Wrath - Earned 3,600 XP and 5,000 B. 
  • Event: Now You See Me - Earned 8,900 XP and 11,000 B.
  • Event: The National Anthem - Earned 17,000 XP and 22,000 B.
  • Event: Decide and Rebirth - Earned 8,000 XP and 9,000 B.
No More Kid Stuff ArcEdit
  • Event: Welcome Back Astrea - Earned 800 XP and 3,600 B.
  • Event: Don't Sleep on Astrea! - Earned 12,000 XP and 14,000 B. 
  • Event: Let's Shake On It (II) - Earned 22,000 XP and 32,000 B.
 The Requiversary Arc IIIEdit
  • Event: An Ideal To Strive Towards - Earned 32,000 XP and 45,000 B. 
  • Event: My Own Worst Enemy - Earned 30,000 XP and 45,000 B. 
What Lies Beneath ArcEdit
  • Event: Daemon - Earned 8,700 XP and 5,600 B.
  • Event: Here Lies the Silver Falcon - Earned 11,000 XP and 8,000 B. 
  • Event: Fragment of Him - Earned 8,600 XP and 12,300 B. 
The Rabbit Hole ArcEdit
  • Event: Let's Shake On It (III) - Earned 7,000 XP and 8,000 B. 
The Home ArcEdit
  • Event: Bait and Switch - Earned 11,000 XP and 8,000 B.
  • Event: Ticket Please - Earned 14,000 XP and 13,000 B.
  • Event: Arrival Part 1 - Earned 8,000 XP and 6,000 B. 
  • Event: Arrival Part 2 - Earned 8,000 XP and 6,000 B. 


As a natural mixed-blood human who became a Magician, Mage, and Magus. Haruka is an exceptionally talented, skilled, and powerful individual with incredible potential. He hails from several of the most well-known and powerful families in the world of Shinsekai: having inherited many of their signature traits. He is well-versed in physical, spiritual, and magical combat making him a diverse combatant who's abilities are useful in various situations. As a member of Astrea, he is among one of strongest youths in the world today. 

Mixed-Blood Human Physiology Edit

As a mixed-blood human, Haruka is 3/4ths human and 1/4th ghoul. He is naturally superhuman in all physical aspects of the word: possessing superhuman physical prowess, senses, and cellular regeneration. These abilities are primarily based around what is known as "Rc cells" which stands for "Red Child" Cells: special cells that exist in the body of all biological beings. Rc cells flow like blood but have the ability to become as solid as bone, and can be referred to as "liquid muscles". 

Due to having Rc cells, he has what is known as an "Rc Factor": which is a measurement for the amount of Rc cells that an individual has in their body. Ghouls have an amount that is usually ten times that of a regular human being, though this can differ depending on the individual. While most humans have an Rc factor of 200 to 500, Haruka has a factor of 2,000 which is rather average. In conclusion, he is basically human except for having a heightened physique and superhuman senses.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

As a mixed-blood human, who has been trained in Shaolin Kung Fu and swordsmanship by Darius, an elite bodyguard and trainer, from the Count's Castle. Haruka's physical capabilities are superbly superhuman and have been honed to their current prime condition. He is incredibly physically fit and is physically beyond most members of the human and ghoul species: due to hybrid vigor. His physical strength, speed, durability, resilience, senses, and perception are his noticeable traits. Overall, Haruka's physical condition is healthy. 

  • Superhuman Strength: Haruka is at the bare minimum at least a dozen times stronger than that of a fully grown human male who has achieved peak human conditioning. He can lift up gigantic objects that are several times his own size, and chuck them at extraordinary distances. Capable of lifting up to seven tons, and even more if he pushes himself to the utmost limit. The force he exerts when delivering a punch or kick is almost as high as the amount of weight he is capable of lifting: making his physical blows extremely powerful and devastating to most. 
  • Superhuman Speed: Haruka's physical speed is remarkably exceptional: being capable of outperforming most. It is a crucial part of his Royal Swordplay fighting style, which emphasizes speed in all aspects; i.g striking speed, reaction speed, and movement speed. He can move his hands at incredible speeds, being able to easily parry, redirect, or block his target's attack and then immediately wound them before they even notice that they've been hit. His reflexes and perception are top-notch, as he can react to even some of the fastest attacks at the last second. Whether they be directly within his line-of-sight, or from his blindside. He is quick on his feet, being able to simultaneously "bob and weave" around his opponents in close-range combat while deflecting their attacks and delivering his own in rapid succession.
  • Superhuman Agility: Haruka's physical agility is extraordinary: he can leap, climb, and vault over various obstacles of differing sizes and length while in frenzied motion. Effectively allowing him to scale up the side of buildings, leap from one to another, or quickly sprint across extremely thin and uneven platforms. He's also very flexibile, capable of forming his body into incredibly difficult and complex positions. 
  • Superhuman Durability: Haruka's physical durability is superb, as due to his ghoul heritage he is immune to standard weaponry. Only weapons created from a special type of material or are imbued with some type of supernatural energy are capable of harming him. Even then, it'll take multiple blows in order to actually inflict severe or critical damage on his body. 
  • Superhuman Stamina: Haruka's physical stamina is superb as well, he is capable of exerting himself to peak capacity for extended periods of time without succumbing to fatigue. This is partially due to his regeneration which enables his body to automatically regenerate from any type of damage that it sustains gradually over time. 
  • Superhuman Regeneration: Haruka's ability to regenerate damaged flesh is actually rather mediocore in comparison to what many other supernatural beings are capable of doing. However, his regeneration still enables his body to gradually repair itself from any type of damage that it sustains and return it to an optimal state. 
  • Superhuman Senses: Haruka's strongest physical attribute is his superhuman sensory perception. All five of his basic humanoid senses have been honed to their peak condition: making him unrivaled in this field. He is able to completely control every single aspect of his senses: capable of concentrating, weakening, or entirely disabling one of them for various tasks. Overall, his superhuman senses granted him a much greater level of awareness compared to the rest of Astrea.
    • Sense of Sight: Haruka's sense of sight allows him to see with perfect clarity in even the harshest conditions. This includes a tempestuous shower, ominous fogs, and even nigh-total darkness. He can see much farther than most, being able to spot even the smallest of objects from afar.
    • Sense of Hearing: Haruka's sense of hearing enables him to detect an acoustic pressure change of one decibel at a pressure level of seven decibels (whereas the lowest threshold for average human hearing is twenty decibels) He can hear a person's heartbeat at a distance of over twenty feet, or people whispering on the other side of a standard soundproofed wall. Through practice, Haruka is able to control his hearing acuity, mentally blocking out specific sounds like his own breathing and heartbeat, all ambient sounds to a normal human level of perception, or all sounds but a particular sound he is concentrating upon.
    • Sense of Smell:  Haruka's sense of smell is so acute that he can distinguish between identical twins at twenty feet by minute differences in smell. He can detect odors of an atmospheric concentration of thirty parts per million. Furthermore, his ability to remember smells enables him to identify any person he has spent at least five minutes with by smell alone, no matter how he or she might try to camouflage his or her natural body odor. His powers of concentration are such that he can focus upon a single person's smell and follow it through a crowd of people at a distance of fifty feet.
    • Sense of Taste: Haruka's sense of taste enables him to detect the number of grains of salt on a pretzel. His ability to remember tastes enables him to determine every ingredient of a food or drink he tastes, as long as there are at least twenty milligrams of that substance present.
    • Sense of Touch:  Haruka's sense of touch is so acute that his finger can feel the faint impressions of ink on a printed page, allowing him to read by touch, though laminated pages prevent him from touching and thus reading the ink impressions at a much faster pace than a normal person would be able to read. The rest of his skin is equally sensitive, enabling him, by concentration, to feel minute temperature and pressure changes in the atmosphere around him. Even with his senses of smell and hearing blocked, he can feel the presence of a person standing five feet away from him simply by his or her body heat and disturbance of air. A side effect of his sense of touch is Haruka's ability to manipulate his muscles and internal organs. The sense of touch is not just external, but internal too (central nervous system), thereby giving him the ability to have total body control, increasing all of his physical parameters and also giving him the ability to numb himself to pain (or increase it).
  • Superhuman Immunity: Haruka's immune system is superhuman too. His body is capable of filtering out all types of viruses, bacteria, toxins, poisons, allergens, and venoms within a short period of time due to his healing factor.

Mystic Eyes of DiscordanceEdit

Mystic Eyes are special powers that manifest within one's eyes due to a mutation in the Magic Circuits around them. They grant the power to interfere with the world, and are the traits of one's body. Haruka's are called the Mystic Eyes of Discordance. The Mystic Eyes of Discordance cause instantaneous mental instability in the minds of anyone within Haruka's line-of-sight. The target is immediately overtaken by feelings of inadequacy, contradiction, and worthlessness. They're forced to reflect on all of the negativity in their life and feelings of potential suicide are instilled within their minds. It's effect is at it's strongest when the opponent is completely unaware of the existence of the ability. Once they're aware, they can resist the ability but not entirely as the effect will still be there. For if they ley their guard down, the effect will be magnified. 

Magic & MagecraftEdit

As a Magician, Mage, and Magus Haruka specializes in the usage of Magic: the ability to reproduce the world's natural occurences, and physical embodiment of the spiritual connection between the user and the world. Magecraft: the ability to artificially reproduce the world's mysteries and bring forth miracles that can be produced by science.  He is a Socerer-class Purple Magician, this means that he has a large quantity of Magoi inside of his body and wields Life Magic. As a Magician, he can use magic without the use of any type of special magical tool. As he is strongly connected to the world's Great White Flow of Magical Energy, and can be considered a living communicator.  The type of Magical Energy that he utilizes is known as Magoi, a special type of energy created from what is known as Rukh: a divine force that acts as the center of the world's natural phenomenon and "Destiny" itself. If "Destiny" and one's "Fate" are abhorred and denied, then the degeneration of evolution is born and everything becomes negative giving birth to Black Rukh. This is known as "Falling into Depraivity" and one's who's eyes have become as black as coal has become one of the Fallen. Haruka has "Half Fallen into Depravity" which enables him to utilize Black Rukh in addition to regular Rukh, allowing him to draw on the Magoi from the Rukh outside of his body like that of a Magi. 

Magoi is found in all living biological organisms and can be considered pure power. It is the life force of a Magician, and if too much of it is used it can lead to severe fatigue, coma inducement, or even death. Like any other natural energy, it will replenish itself over time after being used up. It can be concentrated and fired in it's purest form, though it is at it's weakest when in this state. Learning how to control it's quanity is what is known as "Magoi Manipulation". Haruka is masterful in this field, and is able to use it to accurately control the Magoi within his own body. He can use it in various methods; i.g ranging from counteracting other's Magoi, flowing it into an object to enhance it's capabilities, combining it with another source for even more power, or even medicinal purposes. Since he is Half Fallen, he is capable of drawing a nigh-unlimited amount of Magoi from the Rukh that exists outside of his body and within his surroundings to cast extraordinarily powerful magic. 

Secondly, he is an Independent S-Class Mage who primarily wields Maguility Sense, who uses Ethernano which is a type of Magical Energy that gauges a Mage's Magic Power. Ethernano is considered particles of Magic, and dwells within all living organisms and the atmosphere. Ethernano gathers and rests within what is known as the Magic Container in the body of a Mage, which is a limiter for their power. Once all of it is used up, the Mage can no longer use magic until it is restored by the Ethernano in the atmosphere that will converge on their body and refill the container. Within the body, lays a second container known as the Second Origin. Once released, the Mage will receive a tremendous boost in power, be able to cast more powerful spells, and obtain increased magical stamina. 

Finally, he is a Spellcaster Magus, who possesses Magic Circuits: a pseudo-nervous system that runs throughout the human body that actually resides within the soul that enables them to use Magecraft. Magic Circuits are what qualifies one to be a Magus and connects the material world to the spiritual world of existence. It's comprised of core components that are layered all throughout the body that ultimately connect to the brain: which if destroyed causes them to cease function entirely. The Quantity and Quality of Haruka's Magic Circuits are superb due to him belonging to the Linus Family. A well-known and powerful family of Magi that has existed since the conception of the New World. The mental "trigger" that Haruka utilizes to activate his Magic Circuits is that of his body and soul being destroyed by the "black flames of Hell". Haruka possesses fifty Magic Circuits that each process approximately twenty units of Magical Energy: making his maximum output 1000 units of Magical Energy. Within it runs Od, known as the Lesser Source, which is the Magical Energy that exists within the body of biological organisms naturally. Whilst Mana, known as the Greater Source, is the Magical Energy that exists within the atmosphere. Spells can be utilized with either, but are commonly initiated with Od, and then maintained with Mana. Though Magecraft that only uses small-scale spells are usually done entirely with Od such as Haruka's signature magecraft: Material Transmutation. His natural magical skill is known as High-Speed Incantation which enables him to cast Chants & Incantations at a significantly faster speed than normal. Chants & Incantations, also known as Aria, are necessary for the use of Magecraft by using self-hypnosis to allow one to use their Magic Circuits and perform Magecraft. Finally, Haruka's Origin and Elemental Affinity are "Stubbornness", which he acualizes and uses as his Mystic Code with his Origin Swords. 

Overall, Magoi, Ethernano, Od, and Mana are all linked due to Haruka's status as a Magician, Mage, and Magus. Therefore, they act as his natural stamina and his life force. So if one of them increase or decrease, the others will follow suit and do so as well since they operate based on the same principles. Therefore, if Haruka's Magoi increases by a gargantuan amount due to being "Half Fallen" his Ethernano and Od will increase as well, and he will be able to draw more Mana from the world itself to cast even more powerful spells and advanced types of magic and magecraft. 

Neutral MagicEdit

  • Borg (Citadel) - Is the proof of a Magician. It is a defensive ability that creates a magical barrier around the user that defends against a large array of attacks in general: specifically those with evil intentions. It takes the shape of a magical sphere, but it's shape can be distorted to channel more of it's strength into a specific location to better defend against an attack. Initially, Haruka rarely used his due to his preference for close-range combat. However, though he still relinqushes in close-range combat. He decided to fully train and master his usage of his Borg to utilize it to it's grandest potential. As a result, his Borg is quite formidable and is capable of defending from nearly any attack that is used against it. However, as with basically any defense, it can be shattered with sufficient opposition. 

Life MagicEdit

As a Purple Magician, Haruka's ability to wield Magic is at it's best when creating and controlling forms of "life". He can utilize life force for offensive, defensive, and supplementary purposes. He can directly generate the magic from his magical wand, which in actuality is a dagger. He can create life forms such as fungi, bacteria, and plant life. Whilst manipulate preexisting life forms; such as plants, animals, and other humanoids. He can directly manipulate Rukh and someone's Magoi; enabling him to control someone's mind, memories, and all of their senses. Though he rarely uses this magic for creating and controlling plant life, as he prefers to use it's two sub-types: Healing and Curse Magic. 

  • Alaistijrar Nabb-at (Plant Ensnarement) - Is a low-level spell that creates viscious vines that will lash out and ensnare the target. 
  • Alththur Alshuk (Bull Thorns) - Is a mid-level spell that creates multiple tree branches with the head of a bull at the end of them that will seek out and sink their teeth into targets. They will damage, immobilize, and sicken foes.
  • Nash-at Al-ashjar (Genesis of Trees) - Is a high-level spell that creates a large and bountiful forest out of thin air. Haruka has complete control over the forest and all of the specimens within it: who obey his will. The forest takes on a "spooky" and demented appearance that makes it look sick and twisted to onlookers. It contains poisonous plants, fungi, bacteria, and pollen that can be used to sicken or kill foes enraptured within the forest's confines. 
Healing MagicEdit

Healing Magic allows Haruka to use regenerative energy to improve the condition of others whether it be physical or spiritual. It can be used to heal, mend, and regenerate the bodies of others for many purposes. 

  • Yoah Reg (Rest Aroma) -  Is a low-level spell that induces the target in a tempora sleep in exchange for healing their body of any minor injuries and curing fatigue. 
  • Aslah Req (Repair Aroma) - Is a mid-level spell that heals the user and any targets of their choosing of any minor or moderate damage whilst curing fatigue. 
  • Iizalat Laena (Curse Removal) - Is a high-level spell that removes all of the effects of each of Haruka's curses on either himself or an intended target. 
  • Alththur Dumue (Bull Tears) - Is a high-level spell that creates a crying bull that unleashes a wail that causes raindrops made out of tears to fall gently across the area. Anyone who is touched by the tears will be completely revitalized and restored to a health state both physically and mentally. 
Curse MagicEdit

Curse Magic allows Haruka to use malicious energy to worsen the condition of others whether it be physical or spiritual. It can be used to harm, break, and destroy the bodies of others for many purposes.  

  • Kustana Alhisan (Horse Chestnut) - Is a low-level spell that inflicts the target with nausea, muscle twitches, and ultimately temporary paralysis.
  • Albaysh (Aconite) - Is a mid-level spell that inflicts the target with a burning sensation, disabled nerves, lowered blood pressure, and cardiac irregularity. It is a quick-acting curse that can even lead to death if left unchecked and not removed sometime after affliction. It can be applied to other mechanisms for enhanced lethality and versatility. 
  • Albadhinajan Alqatil (Deadly Nightshade) - Is a high-level spell that inflicts the target with dilated pupils, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, tachycardia, loss of balance, staggering, headache, rash, flushing, dry mouth and throat, slurred speech, urinary retention, constipation, confusion, hallucinations, delirium, and even convulsions. It has a high chance of fatality but it is not guaranteed, as it's effects gradually decline over time and everyone's resistance varies. 
  • Aljukriti (Jequirity) - Is a high-level spell that inflicts the target with excessive vomitting, convulsions, liver failure, and death after several days: if it isn't removed.
  • Ailtihab Alllafafa (Necrotizing Fasciitis) - Is a high-level spell that inflicts target with an invisible curse that acts like a lethal flesh-eating bacteria. Once initiated, the target's flesh will begin to rapidly decay and rot on the spot. It is incredibly lethal, and will kill the target in moments if it isn't counteracted. 
  • Alththur Alkhawar (Bull Bellow) - Is a high-level spell that creates a decaying distorted bull that unleashes a bellow that causes all of the senses of everyone in the area to vanish causing them to "die" if they hear it. It is an incredibly powerful spell that can be used to end battles in an instant. 

Lightning MagicEdit

Due to being a Purple Magician, Haruka naturally has an aptitude towards using Lightning Magic. He can generate and manipulate electrcity in the form of lightning for various offensive, defensive, and supplementary purposes. He can even control and call down lightning from the sky for his own purpsoes as well (though this requires a significant amount of Magoi). It enables him to utilize and manipulate magnetism to control magnetic objects. 

  • Ramz (Electric Shock) - Is a low-level spell that generates a small bolt of lightning that can be fired at the opponent to shock and burn the opponent. 
  • Ramz Al-Salos (Downpour of Thunder Lances) - Is a mid-level spell that generates and unleashes a torrent of highly destructive lightning bolts upon the target to both severely shock and burn them. 
  • Al-Quas (Black Magnet Spear) - Is a mid-level spell that allows Haruka to generate and manipulate magnetic forces for various purposes. 
  • Alrraed Thur (Thunder Bull) - Is a high-level spell that generates electricity within and around Haruka's body to supercharge his physical capabilities to a completely brand new level. Haruka's nervous system is stimulated and his neural synapses fire faster, enabling him to perceive and react to things that he would be incapable of beforehand. The electricity stimulates nerve and muscular tissue as well removing all limiters on the body's muscles to allow them to be utilized to their fullest potential. Uniquely, it also causes Haruka's body to emit powerful magnetic forces that repels his body away from the ground. Allowing him to achieve even greater levels of speed. Overall, Haruka's physical strength, speed, reflexes, perception, and durability skyrocket whilst using this spell.  

Water MagicEdit

Water Magic allows a Magician to create and manipulate the element of water for various offensive, defensive, and supplementary purposes. Water can even be gathered by moisture in the air and it can be shaped into various shapes such as spears, shields, or even animals. It can be utilized as streams, waves, or even large spheres of water. Water Magic is effective at combating Light Magic. 

  • Sharrar Merra (Acid Rain) - Is a mid-level spell that causes clouds to accumlate and rain acid rain across an area to melt anything it comes into contact with extremely quickly. 

Clairvoyance MagicEdit

Clairvoyance Magic enables Magicians to tell the past, present, and future. It allows for communication across any distance, viewing events in different locations, and the ability to show one's memories. If utilized to show one's memories, it will only show the truest of memories. The common magic tool known as the "Eye of the Rukh" is imbued with this useful magic.

Composite MagicEdit

Composite Magic is a type of magic produced by combining multiple different types of magic together at once. Aberrant Magic is a form of Composite Magic that is used to replicate natural or even impossible calamities. It is purely destructive, and is used to rip the world apart. Haruka uses Aberrant Magic with great finesse, but only employs it when it is necessary.

  • Nihayat Al-ayam (End of Days) - Is a high-level spell and ultimately Haruka's most powerful magic of all. Once initiated, the sky darkens and thunderclouds form that emit devastating black bolts of lightning within the sky above. It begins to shower acid rain, that will harm everyone in the area except for Haruka. The shower will quickly give birth to an acidic flood, and the lightning will eventually strike straight down and ravage the entire area leaving behind only pure destruction. Afterwards, from the ashes mutated, metallic, and electrifed plantlife will form that will adhere to Haruka's will and carry out his demands. Interestingly, the plantlife have the ability to produce lethal toxins and poisons that will invade the body of those Haruka views as an enemy and destroy their bodies gradually on a cellular level. 

Maguility SenseEdit

Is a Caster-Type Lost Magic that has the ability to control the senses and feelings of others as well as link them together for various purposes. For example, if one of linked feels pain then the others will as well. It can even link death together, causing them all to die if even one of them does. It enables the user to create physical manifestations of their willpower in the form of ethereal constructs. These constructs can be shaped into weapons that will attack the sense of pain of the target directly, effectively bypassing magical, spiritual, and other supernatural armanents and defenses. 

  • Sensory Link - Is a high-level spell that links the senses of the user and their intended targets. Whatever one of them experience, all of them experience. This includes sensory reactions, emotional feelings, and even death. It can be utilized beneficially, to allow the user and those linked with them to connect and share each other's power. 
  • Maguility Sodom - Is a high-level spell that enables the user to create any type of construct that they can imagine out of thin air. It can be used to create swords, shields, bows & arrows, lances, etcetera. They're fueled by the user's ushakable willpower, and have the ability to bypass supernatural defenses to inflict pain on the target directly. Haruka commonly generates a powerful coating on top of his preexisting weapons to grant them the ability to directly harm his enemies. 

Material TransmutationEdit

Material Transmutation is a branch of Magecraft that involves manipulating the properties of materials. Reinfrocement, Alteration, and Projection all fall under this classification. This is Haruka's speciality, a trait he inherited from his mother. 


Reinforcement is a difficult Magecraft with the basis of pushing an attribute to it's utmost limit. It revolves around pouring Magical Energy into something in order to enhance it's existence seemingly without a definied limit. In order to be done, the user must have an incredible comprehension of the inner workings of what they wish to reinforce and fill with Magical Energy: if they seek success. It can be used to transform a simple branch into a formidable spear, mend shattered materials, or even alter their shape entirely. Haruka is capable of using this on his own body as well, enabling him to severely enhance his physical attributes to phenomenal levels in the blink of an eye to gain the upperhand in the midst of combat. It is activated by the Incantation "Synchronize, analyze, and reinforce". 


Alteration is an intermediary step between Reinforcement and Projection, it gives materials a property that they didn't initially have. Haruka can completely alter their properties and grant them effects that they never had before, making them completely unrecognizable. For instance, he can transform a wooden branch into a metal rod, a piece of glass into diamond, or simply use it to empower preexisting weapons. It is activated by the Incantation "Synchronize, analyze, and alter", if used after Reinforcement has already been performed on a object all Haruka must say is "Alter". 

Projection Edit

Projection is a Magecraft that that materializes materials out of thin air with the user's imagination. It works by shaping Magical Energy into a material composition and design by imagining it. The greater the image of the imagined construct, the better the result will be and the longer it will last as well as the potential to be enhanced by the user as long as they have an innate understanding of it's mechanics. Materials created out with Projection are weaker than preexisting materials that are reinforced. However, Projected items can be reinforced as well though this will require a greater amount of Magical Energy. Haruka usually projects swords in the image of Kanshou and Bakuya. It is activated by the Incantation "Visualize, project, and actualize". 

Gravesend Edit

Haruka was born in Hades, and because of that he was granted the ability known as "Gravesend" since birth. It is the ability to see and communicate with the souls of the deceased. It also enables him to reanimate dead bodies and control them. 


As the eldest Prince of Hades, Haruka has learned and developed a large array of useful skills that will benefit him throughout his entire life. He has been trained since the age of three in martial arts and swordplay so that he could become a capable combatant: that way he can embark on dangerous adventures. 

Martial ArtsEdit

Martial arts is a system of combat practices that are commonly practiced to physically and mentally hone one's body and mind. Haruka has only learned and mastered one known as Southern Dragon Kung Fu, a Chinese style that revolves around the movements of a dragon, that Darius taught him in order to enable him to better channel his anger and frustration into something positive. 

Southern Dragon Kung Fu Edit

Southern Dragon Kung Fu is a style of Shaolin Kung Fu that's movements are based around that of actual dragons to be employed in hand-to-hand combat. The style's primary philosophy is to internally control and regulate one's internal energy. Haruka was taught several stances and positions that would allow him to build up and transmit his energy over time so that he could eventually perform them in rapid succession without stop and obtain a type of flow-like movement akin that of a dragon itself. 

Once Haruka mastered the basics, he was taught to inhale in order to lighten his body for aerial maneuvers and to build up power. Then he was taught to exhale as he unleashed his technique in order to expel the power into a concentrated blow. Self-defense focused on simply parrying or avoiding the enemy's attack altogether via quickness of movement and acrobatic ability. Evasion was considered the dragon's key defense, and blocking was substituted with it. 

Each series of movements are meant to continously flow together in order to overwhelm the opponent. Haruka was taught to focus on the openings that his opponents expose during combat and exploit them to the best of his abilities. The hand movements focused on forming the hand into a claw in order to grapple or tear apart the joints of the enemy in order to either cripple or kill them. The main focus of the style is to strike the opponent and deal as much damage as physically possible, whilst using the rotation and aerial acrobatics of the body to evade the attacks of the opposition. Overall, Haruka's physical condition was primed due to this style and he has mastered it's usage. Firebending is based on this style. 


Swordmanship is system of combat practices that revolve around the usage of a sword, and refer to the general skills of a swordsman. Haruka was taught the signature Royal Swordplay style that was utilized by previous Counts and their families in Hades: which he employed with a specially built dagger that allowed him to use Magic, that was latter replaced with his Origin swords. Next, he was taught the German style "fighting with the long sword" and "fighting with the short sword" which he employed with his kagune. Then, he was taught the dual wielding sword style with a set of dao blades, skills he later utilized when wielding Kanshou and Bakuya. Royal Swordplay taught one to wield a single dagger in their dominant arm and hold their other arm behind their back. They would then charge at the enemy and focus on using quick, precise, and swift movements to avoid their enemies' attacks whilst slashing at them when they left themselves open to counterattack. If used in the hands of a master, the style can become quite deadly and formidable. Allowing the wielder to bounce around the battlefield with "delicate grace" and strike with pinpoint accuracy. 

The second and third styles, the German ones, taught one how to fight effectively with a long sword and short sword in combat. They were derived from the German school of fencing, which was a system of combat that revolved around longswords, mounted combat, unaramed grappling, polearms, daggers, messers with or without bucklers, and staves. Haruka used these teachings to master his fighting style that he used with his kagune that he shaped into either a sword, shield, or both. It taught him a variety of different techniques and stances to use in combat, and helped hone his style. 

The fourth style, which is Chinese in origin, doesn't have an actual name, focused on dual wielding two set of dao blades in combat. This style revolved around using the two blades to support one another and to overwhelm the enemy with a series of seemingly relentless attacks until their guard was broken. This was a perfect choice for Haruka, as it allowed him to better focus his anger into his fighting style and enable him to perfect it by fully delving into it's teachings. When combined with his mastery over Southern Dragon Kung Fu, there is greater synergy between the two fighting styles. In conclusion, Haruka is a well-rounded, talented, and masterful swordsman. 

Intuitive LearningEdit

Due to his natural talent and familal heritage, Haruka was born as an exceptional intuitive learner when it comes to physical combat. He is capable of quickly understanding and mimicing body-related movements in order to learn new fighting styles and techniques at a much quicker pace than usual. He is capable of perfectly replicating movements only after seeing it once and having time to briefly examine it: making him well-suited for combat. This natural trait has helped him quickly learn and master the martial arts and swordmanship that Darius has taught him since an extremely young age. 


  • Origin Swords - The Origin Swords are a quinque that was manufactured from Haruka's kakuhou. They're dual crimson swords that actualize Haruka's Origin and Elemental Affinity "Stubborness" and act as both a magical wand and Mystic Code so that he can utilize spells in combat. Since they're created from his own body, they can store, channel, and amplify Magoi, Ethernano, Od, and Mana for various purposes. Due to being imbued with the power of his Origin, they represent the definition of "Stubborness" to the fullest extent. They are completely unbreakable, and refuse to falter under any conditions. Even if they are up against a far greater opposition, and source of power, they will deny it's superiority and retain their stance no matter what. This makes them extremely useful in any combat situation and Haruka's perfect weapons of choice. 
  • Kanshou and Bakuya - Kanshou and Bakuya are a Noble Phantasm. Noble Phantasms are crystallized mysteries manifested by the imagination of humans that act as supernatural armanents that can be utilized in battle. Kanshou and Bakuya are twin "married" swords that represent Yin and Yang. They are Haruka's secondary weapons out of his entire arsenal and his personal favorite. They are ancient broadswords crafted by a legendary blacksmith named Gan Jiang Kanshou in ancient China. Kanshou crafted them after his wife Mo Ye Bakuya threw herself into the furnance that he utilized to craft his swords, and they were born from her sacrifice. They're powerful and enchanted swords due to being made out of the best materials and a human sacrifice, which is necessary to reach the realm of Gods. They're lower ranking in comparison to other Noble Phantasms, but due to their synergy, experience, and ability to magically return to their owner in the fashion of a boomerang makes them reliable. They're well-suited for Projection, and newly projected swords will identify another as their opposite automatically and connect with each other. When both are wielded, Haruka's resistance towards physical and magical attacks increases considerably. When Reinforcement is used on them they will evolve into Kanshou and Bakuya Overedge, longsword variants of the original swords that are much more powerful and obtain a strong affinity against monsters: allowing them to be cut down much easier due to their power. 
  • Clarent Blood Arthur: Rebellion Against My Beautiful Father - Is the demonic version and full power of Clarent released by Morded. It is an evil sword of hatred that was born out of Mordred's hatred for her father and infused with her Magical Energy. By recalling the resentment Haruka once felt for his own father, who was also a ruler of a kingdom and country, whilst he was the prince, he was capable of returning the Clarent to this state by fulfilling the conditions that Mordred had met when she tainted the sword. Even though Haruka no longer despises his father, he is still capable of utilizing this twisted and demonic version of the sword due to the hatred that he still possesses but is now aimed at Destiny and the rest of his enemies. Haruka's hatred fuels this sword, and enables Haruka to unleash it's true "curse-like glory" as a "demonic sword of calamity" and fire a crimson stream of blood red lightning in a radiant red light that eviscerates all within it's path. It is perfect for annihilating entire armies and leaving behind nothing in it's wake. However, using it drains a considerable amount of Magical Energy and causes intense pain to radiate throughout Haruka's whole body.
  • Rho Aias - Rho Aias is a Noble Phantasm like Kanshou and Bakuya. Rho Aias is a legendary shield that is said to be made of pure light with it's true form being seven flower petals. Each flower containing the power of a rampart and entire fortress wall. It's a Bounded Field, a type of topographic Magecraft that knits a network of Magical Energy and spreads it across a surface area to separate the inside of it from the outside and impose a specific condition. It requires Magical Energy to sustain it's form, and if it is damaged Haruka will receive damage as well. 
  • Eight Trigrams Talismans - The Eight Trigrams Talismans are pieces of paper that draw on the eight attributes of magic. Haruka uses Heaven Talismans which channel Life Magic, they can be used to prevent the decomposition of dead bodies, revive the dead as undead, or keep produce chilled and unspoiled. 
  • Eye of the Rukh - The Eye of the Rukh is a Magic Tool that Haruka uses to communicate with Tarianna if they are ever separated. It's imbued with Clairvoyance Magic, and as long as they each have one they can see and talk to each other across any distance as long it is supplied with enough Magoi. 

Former AbilitiesEdit

Once Haruka mended his damaged familial bonds, he became well-educated on the history and culture of Uchiha Clan. Upon learning about their battle-scarred history and their infamous Curse of Hatred, Haruka underwent expensive genetic alteration to have his ability to utilize chakra deactivated entirely and his Uchiha genes along with it. He later decided to have surgery to remove his kakuhou and thus his kakugan and kagune were removed as well, as they're all linked. He made this decision because he viewed them as the most violent and dangerous aspects of himself: which he wanted to remove entirely to become a better individual. 

One-Eyed Ghoul Physiology Edit

Haruka was a second generation one-eyed ghoul, because he was 3/4ths human and 1/4th ghoul and shared the same characteristics of one-eyed ghouls. He was naturally superhuman in all physical aspects of the word: possessing superhuman physical prowess, senses, and regeneration. Though he still does, they became weaker in comparison for a short while. These abilities are primarily based around what is known as "Rc cells" which stands for "Red Child" Cells: special cells that exist in the body of all biological beings. Rc cells flow like blood but have the ability to become as solid as bone, and can be referred to as "liquid muscles". Due to his ghoul heritage, his body had a special organ known as a kakuhou that stored and concentrated all of these cells together. His kagune was the created form of these cells when they all merged together and emerged from his body's kakuhou. 

Due to having Rc cells, he has what is known as an "Rc Factor": which is a measurement for the amount of Rc cells that an individual has in their body. Ghouls have an amount that is usually ten times that of a regular human being, though this can differ depending on the individual. While most humans have an Rc factor of 200 to 500, Haruka has a factor of 2,000 which is on the lowest end of average. The Rc cells within his body flow through what is known as "Rc Vessels": they act as pathways throughout the body for the cells that originate from within the kakuhou and permit the kagune to sprout from the body.  Haruka's bodily capabilities increased depending on how many vessels he had within his body, and the number of vessels increased depending on many times his body was wounded and regenerated. It's through this process, that one-eyed ghouls become stronger the more they're harmed during battle. This expands beyond simply receiving wounds, but involves regular physical fitness training. As the regenerative factor combined with the growth rate of the Rc vessells would allow for Haruka to become much stronger at astonishing rate during the process at which his muscles broke down and built themselves back up. Though due to the lost of his kakuhou, he lost these abilities. 

Though most uniquely to Haruka, he is born with the ability to eat and consume human food without any problems like a regular person would. This allows him to break away from the one-eyed ghoul's usually inherent cannibalistic nature that forces them to eat either humans, ghouls, or other hybrids. Allowing him to have a more "normal" and less complicated life. Though the desire for human flesh and blood can be ignited if one obtains a taste of it, like Haruka did, which prompted him to remove as much of his ghoul characteristics as possible. 

Kakuhou, Kagune, and KakuganEdit

A kakuhou is a sack-like organ that exists inside of ghouls and one-eyed ghouls. The stronger Haruka became, the more kakuhou his body would develop. He initially had one, and it was located beneath his left shoulder blade due to his Rc type being koukaku. The kakuhou stores Rc cells, so that the nutrition inside of them can be absorbed by the body. When released they take on the form of what is known as a "Kagune": a ghoul's main predatory organ.

A kagune is as red as blood, and is flexible like the flow of water yet also firm and sturdy. When it is released, the physical capabilities of Haruka's body were raised considerably and he obtained a boost of energy. It can be described a voluntary muscle that can be controlled however Haruka saw fit and could be softened and hardened according to his will. It's size was dependant on the quality and quantity of the Rc cells that his body contained, whilst it's shape was dependent on his intellect and creativity, as well as his Rc type.

The kagune's appearance and place of emergence is based on what is known as an "Rc type": one of the four classifications of a ghoul's kagune. Haruka was a koukaku-type, and thus his kagune was released beneath his left shoulder blade. It's made up of high density Rc cells, and because of that his kagune was rather robust, heavy, sturdy, and boasts the greatest raw defense out of the other types. It could take many forms, and Haruka's had two unique versions: the version of a tree branches or that of a heavy shield. It was extremely heavy, and thus harder to wield compared to other kagune types and it's usage made Haruka slower when it was activated. Koukaku-types can fend off ukaku-types onslaught by using the defensive power of their kagune and hold them off until they tire. Whilst rinkaku-types can deliver severe strikes against the slow koukaku-types and thereby breach their defense and deliver finishing blows. Overall, a koukaku-type is well-suited for defense out of all of the other types. 

Finally, there is the kakugan. The kakugan is the appearance that Haruka's left eye would take either at will, when he was extremely enraged, or when his kagune was activated. His left eye's iris became red, obtained dark grey scelera, and red veins that ran throughout and around the eye. 


As a direct descendant of the Uchiha Clan, Haruka was born with the potential to awaken the Sharingan: one of the Three Great Dojutsu. Due to experiencing an extremely negative emotional state when he witnessed the simulated death of a young child, he awakened his Sharingan for the first time: but quickly lost consciousness and forgot he had done so and was unable to use it afterwards. Later on, when he had fell on top of a pile of decomposing children bodies that were being harvested by a demonic Wytch. Haruka reawakened his Sharingan due to the complete and utter shock of witnessing the most traumatizing thing he had ever seen in his entire life. Since he remained consciousness, and returned to his room shortly afterwards he noticed it and realized that he possessed the same eye as his mother: the eye that reflects the heart.

Once Haruka completed his training at Storm Island, he had fully evolved and mastered his Sharingan to all three of it's tomoe in each eye. With his mastery, the Sharingan granted Haruka two distinct abilities known as the "Eye of Insight" and "Eye of Hypnotism" that functioned in each of his eyes. With the Eye of Insight he could see chakra and it's varying colors, see it through some obstructions, and detect irregularities in one's chakra flow. He was granted an incredible level of clarity and perception that enabled him to read lips, mimic the smallest movements, and even anticipate the opponent's next attack based on the slightest muscle tension. This allowed for exceptional predictive ability, making it much easier to evade, block, or counter an incoming attack. Haruka was also able to copy any fighting style or technique that he saw with nigh-perfect accuracy as long as he met all the requirements for it. This expanded beyond what Shinobi were capable of doing, and applied to any and all occupations in the world of Shinsekai.

With the Eye of Hypnotism he could use what is known as Genjutsu: Sharingan. With it, via even the most minute eye contact, he could suggest certain thoughts or actions to his target forcing them to divulge information or act in a certain way without them realizing it. Effectively acting as some type of pseudo-mind control with varying levels of influence. If used to it's fullest, it could be used to take complete control of the target causing their eyes to reflect the user's: specifically on large and very powerful beasts. By fully utilizing and combining the Eye of Insight and Eye of Hypnotism, Haruka was able to perfectly mimic his opponent's every movement and even initiate it before they could by confusing and delaying their own movement through subconscious control over their brain.  It was because of these incredibly powerful and useful abilities that it was once beleived that fighting a master of the Sharingan one-on-one was suicide in the days of the Shinobi. 


Haruka used to be a Shinobi, and as a direct descendant of the Uchiha Clan he was born with powerful chakra: that was further amplified by being a Pseudo-Jinchuriki. His chakra was colored a dark shade of red, akin to that of human's blood. His "chakra control" was superb, which allowed him to skillfully and precisely wield his chakra without wasting any of it. Chakra enabled him to use multiple techniques with various purposes. He had a natural affinity for Fire Release: making the creation and manipulation of fire his speciality. Uniquely, his flames were blue due to being Matatabi's Pseudo-Jinchuriki. He lost the ability to utilize chakra along with all of his techniques after having the genes that allowed him to use them deactivated. 


  • Haruka "Hayate" Linus' first name means "distant and remote", his middle name means "sudden, sound of the wind", and his surname represents a type of plant, and was a famous mythological musician and poet who identified with the harvesting and withering of vegetation. 
  • Haruka's initial appearance is based on the character Hiead Gner from the series The Candidate for Goddess. 
  • Haruka's current appearance is based on the character Debito from La storia della Arcana Famiglia. 

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