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Greyson Queen
Also Known As The Golden Knight

The Next Holy King

Age 24
Gender Male
Height 6'3
Weight 260lbs
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Kingdom Cupiditas
Occupation Meister



Demon Hunter



Level -
Experience -
Bounty Several million
Family Jacen Queen (father)

Ashlie Queen (mother)

Mckenzi Otsutsuki (sister)

Samuel Queen (brother)

Kat Queen (wife)

Kira Queen (daughter)

Katu Otsutsuki (brother in law)

Alex Otsutsuki (nephew)

Allies lots of people
Enemies lots of people
Status Alive
Image Gallery

 Grey (full name being Greyson Queen) is a Meister from the Cupiditas Kingdom. He formerly lived in Camelot, and now lives in Area 11. He is the husband of Kat, and the father of Kira Queen. He is from a very wealthy family, and was very spoiled as a child. Grey was kidnapped when he was 16, and found himself stranded on an unknown island for several years. When he was finally rescued, he was a completely new person. 


Grey is a fairly tall man, and is very muscular. He looks much lighter than he is, but  because of his muscle mass he is pretty heavy. He has spiky black hair, with a bang hanging over his forehead.  His friend Katu often comments on his hair, saying it reminds him of superman. Grey also has bright golden colored eyes. In battle, he normally wears a tight black sleeveless shirt and black pants, as well as a piece of armor on his left shoulder and black armored armbands that go down into finger-less gloves. His casual wear consists of a simple white t-shirt, with black pants. Grey also has a small mole under one of his eyes. Grey's appearance is often compared to the legendary warrior Diarmuid Ua Duibhne.


Before being kidnapped and stranded, Grey was a very spoiled and greedy person. He always bought stuff just for the sake of it, and got whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it. He was very irresponsible, and thought laws didn't apply to him because whenever he was arrested his parents just bailed him out. Grey was arrogant and mean, and just an overall terrible person. 

His experiences on the island totally changed him. Grey was forced to survive on his own with none of the luxuries he was used to. He was forced to change, and quickly. Grey had to kill things for the first time in his life, make hard decisions for the first time in his life, and not be just a spoiled rich boy. He became colder, quieter, darker. Everything he saw, everything he had to do, it all changed him. When he got back, he was antisocial and seemed fairly depressed. He started hiding all of his emotions. But not everything made him darker, he learned to truly care for things other than just himself. 

However, after being back for awhile he started to open back up. He met many knew friends and had tons of adventures, and became a much more cheerful person. Grey often makes jokes about and with his friends, and so do they, but they all usually take them lightly (cept Aku, he gets mad), since they are just jokes. Grey's personality is very care free, and he often goes as far as to mock opponents in battle. He even made fun of the powerful member of Void, Sloth, while battling him.


Grey's real parents had been killed when he was about 3, and he remembers this vividly (he says he doesn't, but he's lying.) He was adopted by a rich couple who were unable to have children. The couple later adopted two other children, those two actually being blood related to eachother, Samuel and McKenzi. Grey was fairly spoiled throughout his childhood, although a good deal less than his younger siblings, and it usually seemed like his adopted parents didn't like him very much. Despite him being put into good private schools and such, he never got anything nearly as good as his other siblings from his parents, and was often forced to give anything that he did like to them. As a teenager he was pretty crazy, and was a complete douchebag. He did tons of illegal things and always got out of it because of his parent's money. They rarely did this of their own accord though, as they hated Grey as much, his other siblings often had to get the money from their parents, and then use it to help Grey themselves. He mostly seemed to act so badly because of seeing his actual parents death in front of his face, and the blatent mistreatment of him from his adopted parents, and used this behavior to hide what he actually felt like. 

Grey lived in a mansion most his life, and joined a Meister academy when he was 12. He was taught many things despite never really paying attention. It was the only school he ever exelled at. Not that he is stupid, he just never cared about what he was learning before, but that, he cared about.

When Grey was 18 he was kidnapped and taken to a remote island. The kidnappers wanted money from his family. There was a man on the island though, and he attacked the kidnappers and rescued Grey from them. The problem though was, they had no way to get off the island, as the remaining kidnappers had fled in their boat.

The man trained Grey further in his Meister training, and taught him how to survive. He taught Grey several martial arts and how to use many differant weapons. Grey started to change, and starting trying to emulate the man. Grey was already a talented Meister, but he became very powerful because of his new master. He lived there for a long time, training everyday.

Eventually, a new group showed up on the island. They knew of Grey's master's strength, and wanted it for themselves, they wanted to control him. They ambushed Grey and his master. His master was strong, but he was incredibly old, pushing well past 100, so his strength was nothing compared to his past. Despite that, he managed to kill a very large portion of the group, who weren't just any random weak people either. Grey's master was killed in the act of protecting Grey, which obviously pissed the group off, as he had been their goal, and Grey was taken captive. He was kept in captivity and tortured for a long time before he eventually escaped. His captors had injected him with black blood as an experiment, and also so they could put him through terrible torture without having to worry about him dying, so that they could eventually control and harvest his strength for their own purposes. Several other prisoners were brought there as well for the same purpose, and he befriended a few of them. The group of prisoners often talked together, and it was one of the only things that made it anything close to bearable. 

Eventually though, Grey decided to give in to the black blood. This caused Grey's power to spike to extreme levels for a short amount of time, but he had no control. His black blood created alter ego easily broke his bindings, and proceeded to slaughter everyone there, including the other prisoners, his friends. Grey hadn't known that this would happen, as the black blood had lied to him and told him he would still have at least some control. Grey was completely heartbroken, and hated himself for what he did. Grey eventually regained control, after everyone was dead. He found one of their boats, and made his way back home.

Once he got home, he continued his attendance at a meister academy, but none of it really helped him much, since his master had taught him basically everything about fighting with weapons (mostly swords). So he moved onto a different academy, a much more advanced one where he could really be challenged. After finishing there, he began travelling the kingdoms to see the rest of the world. Grey now hates his parents as well, since they never once even tried to help him, despite knowing full well where he was, and even what was happening. After his siblings learned of that, they also left their parents to be Grey's weapon partners. 


Grey is knowledgeable in several different martial arts, and cycles through them in battles regularly. This can throw off opponents, as they'd expect him to keep using the same style, but he can completely switch styles once his opponent has gotten used to his previous one. This often catches people off guard and allows Grey to land attacks that would normally be harder to hit. Grey's fighting style often involves a lot of kicks, as his hands or usually occupied with weapons. Grey's extreme levels of speed and strength make him very hard to compete with in any close range fight, and he is able to enhance his already near super-human power with the boost his black blood gives him, and also his soul wavelength and even chakra. This makes it so even small hits can inflict massive damage.

Grey is mostly known for his use of weapons. Grey is skilled and experienced with just about any weapon imaginable. He has trained all his life with various types of weapons, and is practically unmatched when it comes to their use. Grey is able to use both normal weapons, and people transformed into them. Grey has a very special Soul Wavelength that is able to connect and bond with just about anyone, meaning he can use basically any weapon.

Grey currently has four occupations under his belt, them being Meister, Shinobi, Demon Hunter and Knight. He is a very skilled user of abilities from all three. Grey's power has been shown when he fought the powerful member of Void, Sloth. Grey only used a fraction of his power during this fight, and still managed to defeat Sloth, receiving almost no damage in the process. He has also defeated his friends Katu and San, who along with Grey and several of their friends, are renowned as some of the strongest warriors in Camelot. He has also been shown to be able hold his own against the newly appointed leader of Camelot for a short time. Grey won the Acedia Annual Tournament, which is a true testimate to his strength.

Soul WavelengthEdit

Grey has a strong soul, meaning his soul is powerful enough to be worth at least 99 normal human souls, but Grey's soul is said to be even stronger than that. Grey is very skilled in using his wavelength in combat without even using a weapon partner, only using his body. This makes his strikes insanely powerful, especially when combined with his already large level of strength. He can very easily shatter cement and pretty much any metal (not to mention bone) while using his wavelength. With a weapon partner, he becomes even stronger, mostly when he has both of his weapon partners. His soul, as well as being a strong soul is also a Grigori soul. This is a soul with a unique shape, this shape being the fact that there is wings on it. This allows wings to form on his weapons, which means they can fly.

Soul Wavelength AttacksEdit

Soul Menace: ​Soul Menace(魂威, Kon'iFUNimation "Soul Force", Fansub "Soul Purge" or "Soul Threat") is a move originally created by Stein but also used later by Black Star, and later Grey of course. The technique is a form of self resonance which is only known to be usable by a select number of individuals. By resonating with one's own soul the user can drive their own soul wavelength directly into an opponent's body through a physical strike on them. The incompatible Wavelength can cause strong direct and internal damage, it is even capable of damaging someone who is being protected by black blood. It is later discovered by Black Star and Kid that the Soul Menace technique is enhanced by water as water seemingly conducts soul wavelength energy better than air does.

Soul Enhancement: This basically allows Grey to channel his Soul Wavelength through his body to greatly increase his speed and strength. It only works for short bursts, but it can be incredibly effective, mostly when coupled with Grey's already amazing strength and speed.

Soul Thread Sutures:  It works by attacking an individual with your own soul wavelength and having both the weapon and meister concentrate on the soul wavelength residue that is still inside of an enemy, causing the residue soul wavelength to attach itself through the skin to a surface, locking their movements and leaving them open for attacks.

Soul Thread Diffusion Sutures: (魂糸拡散縫合, Konshi Kakusan Hōgō; Fansub "Soulthread Diffusion Stitches"): Through the conduction of an extremely powerful Soul Menace, the wavelength residue permeates throughout the victim to such an extent, that the stitches can act internally. Due to this effect, the entirety of the body's nerves are sealed by the various stitches, completely negating any opportunity for the opponent to preform movement. However; the ability has an inherent disadvantage, in that it requires the concentration of both the weapon and the meister, resulting in neither being able to move. This also means that the technique can't be maintained for extended periods. But, since Grey has two weapons, this disadvantage is nullified. Both his weapons can concentrate on maintaining the ability, while Grey can freely attack the immobilized foe.

Soul PerceptionEdit

Grey has very advanced Soul Perception. This basically allows Grey to sense the souls of others. Grey can easily sense people's emotions, and overall personalities just by seeing their souls. He can also tell if a person is lying.  Soul Perception allows Grey to locate people from very far distances as well, Grey's soul perception has an insanely massive range, being able to locate souls that he recognizes even if they are on the other side of the planet. This basically means that Grey can locate and follow anyone, no matter where they are on the planet thanks to his massive range.

Madness ReleaseEdit

Madness Release (発狂, Hakkyou) is a technique characterized by the selective integration and application of a finite and limited quantity of the dangerous condition of madness into a person's respective soul, altering the quality of their Soul Wavelengths ordinarily emitted to contain instead the intended and permitted amount of insanity in addition. Undertaking this perilous process allows the user to manipulate the advantageous power-inducing attribute displayed by madness itself, granting them access to superhuman levels of physical prowess and their typical abilities. The madness in them is strong enough to even change their appearance. Each user of Madness Release has a unique variant of madness inside them, and although they utilize this madness and become, in a sense, 'insane,' they do not completely lose their sanity as they have a firm conviction that prevents them from doing so. While using this, Grey's eyes go from a bright golden color, to a dark shade of red, almost blood like.

Black BloodEdit

While captured on the island, Grey was injected with Black Blood. They intended to brainwash him and use him as a weapon. It backfired horribly, since it gave him the power to kill them and escape. Grey is basically able to control the black blood and harden it into weapons and such if he is cut. He can also harden it while it is in his body, so that it provides him with a very good defense. Black Blood also enhances physical capabilities, and since Grey's are already quite high, his are pretty much off the charts. Black Blood also gives Grey increased healing. It allows Grey to survive normally fatal wounds, and heal from them quite quickly. Black Blood also causes some insanity of anyone it's in. In Grey's case, he has an alter ego created by the Black Blood that talks to him all the time. Grey has learned to control it over time, and is pretty much always able to ignore it, and barely ever even notices it. There are times where his alter ego manages to take over though. His alter ego is totally insane and evil, it doesn't value life at all and basically just goes on bloody rampages. Grey is conscious during this, but can only watch as it happens, and has no control over it. While under the influence of the black blood created alter ego however, Grey's power is increased to extreme levels, but as stated above he has absolutely no control over it when that happens. Grey is a pretty powerful person, but when his alter ego takes over his power skyrockets to an entire different level. When he is taken over by this, he is able to multiply his blood in massive amounts, and can turn a single drop of blood into a massive tidal wave of the stuff. The overall hardness and strength also increases, as well as the enhancement of his physical ability. 

Weapon PartnersEdit

Grey's weapon partners are his brother, Samuel Queen, and his wife, Kat Queen. Both are very powerful weapons with multiple weapon forms. 

Sam's forms are sword, spear, knife, and bow. His sword form is very powerful, and has been seen to clash with holy swords, and be on even footing with them. Grey is able to strengthen the sword with haki and his soul wavelength, and can also use his Break magic through it. Sam's sword form can cut through nearly anything, and Grey has said that it even rivals excalibur. Sam's spear form has a couple of different abilities. The first is that it can absorb flames and heat, and also shoot powerful blasts of fire, which have been shown to be as powerful as the jutsu "Great Fire Annihilation." The wounds inflicted by Sam's sword form cannot be healed, unless Grey or Sam breaks the curse, or if Sam dies. His bow form greatly enhances the speed of arrows, making them go several times the speed of sound with ease, outpacing bullets. His knife form is more for ease of travel than anything else, but it can also be used as a throwing weapon. 

Kat's forms are shield, quiver, tonfa, spear, and knife. Her shield form is basically indestructable, and can take hits from powerful holy swords with ease. It is resistant to both heat and cold, and can easily shrug off most attacks. It is also able to create powerful forcefield like screens, which all have the same properties as the shield itself. Her quiver form holds a basically unlimited amount of very special arrows. These arrows can have one of several different properties. These properties being explosive, fire, ice, lightning, light, and multiplying. With the use of Sam's bow form, these arrows travel faster than sound with ease. Her tonfa form is much like Marie Mjolnir's. It is very strong and can easily smash metals apart, but it's main ability is more supportive. It is able to generate electricity and course it through Grey's body, stimulating his muscles and vastly increasing his already superhuman speed and strength. Kat's spear form is basically her mimicking Kenzi's form, it looks exactly the same and has the same abilities. It can generate and absorb electricity, and fire insanely powerful lightning bolts. Like Sam's spear form, the wounds created with it cannot be healed unless the curse is broken by Kat or Grey, or if Kat dies. Her knife form is exactly like Sam's, and is for ease of travel. 

Both of his weapons are very capable fighters on their own as well. Sam is capable of being a meister and wielding Kat if need be, but both can also fight on their own and are easily stronger than Death Scythes.

Physical CapabilitiesEdit

Grey is much stronger and faster than the average person. His Black Blood multiplies his already amazing physical ability even further into superhuman levels. He is easily able to move several times faster than the speed of sound, making him almost impossible to keep up with. Grey can react to and dodge bullets quite skillfully, requiring almost zero effort. His movements are nearly too fast for even users of the Sharingan to see, let alone keep up with. Along with this, Grey can enhance his speed even further than that through the use of his Soul Wavelength, and with Swift Release. If he is wielding Kat's tonfa form, his speed is increased even more by her special ability.

Grey's strength is also incredibly high. Even without the Black Blood, Grey is at the absolute peak of human physical ability. With the Black Blood, he can lift several dozen tons with only one hand without much effort at all. Grey has been shown to be able to easily punch straight through most metals, and has snapped steel beams quite easily. His strength even comes close to rivalling Aku's, but doesn't quite match it. Grey is also able to enhance his physical attacks with his Soul Wavelength, boosting his strength to near immeasurable levels. If he is wielding Kat's tonfa form, his strength is increased even more by her special ability.

Grey also has a massive amount of endurance and durability. He has been shown to be able to continuously fight for over a day with no breaks, without even using any weapons to aid him, and be nearly unscathed afterwards. Grey has fallen from hundreds of feet in the air, lived, and gotten right back up, proceeding to fight several powerful guards who were protecting the captured Akashi almost immediately after landing. He's been shot in the ribs with dozens of wavelength enhanced arrows, and completely ignored them, not even flinching, all while firing a powerful attack from Excalibur.

Shinobi AbilitiesEdit

During his 3 month training with Ace, Grey learned several shinobi abilities. Grey knows Swift Release along with several others.

Swift Release allows Grey to move and incredibly fast speed, looking almost as if he is teleporting. This along with Grey's naturally amazing speed, and also the fact that he can enhance his speed with his Soul Wavelength, and the other fact that his black blood improves physical ability even further, makes it so he is nearly impossible to keep up with. Even sharingan users are completely unable to track his movements. He can also use shadow clones and stuff. His speed is magnified to such an extent that he is literally able to phase through attacks and even solid wall by vibrating his molecules, similar the the Flash.

Grey can also use all of the basic jutsu such as substitution, body flicker etc.. He also knows the powerful forbidden jutsu, multi shadow clone technique. Grey has enough chakra to create several dozen clones, but not nearly as many as Naruto Uzumaki can. Still, that many clones of yourself can be very useful in battle. He is also able to use the Clone Great Explosion technique to make the clones explode, causing massive damage.

Grey has very precise chakra control, and can use a massive amount of attacks before running out of chakra, because he is skilled enough to use the minimum amount of chakra possible for each attack, but still uses them at their fullest potential.

He can also use a certain seal on his hand to store and summon weapons. He uses it to store tons of shuriken and fuma shuriken. He also uses it to store Excalibur, Caliburn, and his Black Keys. Grey can also use the Summoning Jutsu.

Jutsu List:Edit

Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu

Close Great Explosion

Summoning Jutsu

Summoning: Lightning Flash Blade Creation

Swift Release: Shadowless Flight

Swift Release: Vibration Strike

Swift Release: 1,000 Hits

Swift Release: Phase 

Knight AbilitiesEdit

Grey later learned how to use some abilities of Knights as well. The main Knight skill he uses is "Break". Break has a huge amount of destructive power, and is capable of breaking through most defenses fairly easily (haha get it "break"ing through, ahaha.) This can be done in several ways, the first being "Pierce". With Pierce, Grey shoots an energy beam from the tip of his sword that pierces through enemies or barriers. The next is "Pulverize", with this Grey builds up energy in his sword, and then releases it in an energy slash fired from the blade. This slash is incredibly destructive and powerful, and can cut down entire forests with ease. The last is much simpler, and is called "Charge", with this Grey simply charges at his foe with immense speed, almost instantaneously, and stabs them through the chest with his sword, this attack can be used alongside Pierce as well to increase it's power. He is also able to channel Break magic through any weapon to make their power much stronger, and Grey normally does so for arrows. Grey is also able to use a very powerful attack with break called "Starstream Breaker Blade" in which Grey charges all of his magical energy into the very tip of his blade, and then releases it in the form of a large destructive beam. When used by Grey this attack rivals that of a tailed beast ball with ease.


Grey is able to use all three forms of Haki. The first form allows Grey to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. The user can also use this Haki to predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, thereby making the attack much easier to evade with enough skill. This prediction appears to the user as an image or brief "premonition" of what the opponent will do in the user's mind's eye, and the damage the user will take if the attack actually "hits". It appears that the more killing intent the enemy has, the easier they are to predict. Although, more skilled users can predict future moves whether there are ambient murderous intents or not.

The second form allows the user to create a force similar to an invisible armor around themselves. Similar to Tekkai, this Haki allows the user to defend against attacks that would otherwise cause them harm. Significant physical force can still overcome this defense, however. Naturally this "invisible armor" can be used as a weapon to strike others with. It can be used to augment the user's own attacks, projected ahead of the user as pure brute force, or imbued in weapons to increase their effectiveness. Any attack enhanced by Busoshoku Haki hits immensely harder than it would normally be without it. 

The third type of Haki grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others. The most common usage in the series so far is knocking those with weak wills unconscious. Whilst inexperienced users are restricted to merely overpowering the will of one individual or blindly knocking out weak-willed people around them, those with more expertise can pick out weak-willed individuals in a large group and knock them out without affecting those around them. At this point, Grey is able to effect the very environment around him with how powerful his Haki has become, causing the ground to crack. 

Heat Resistance Edit

Grey is basically immune to all heat or fire based attacks. This comes from being from Cupiditas originally. Because of this he can withstand intense flames with ease, and isn't even burned by fire most of the time. Grey's resistance is much greater than most people in Cupiditas for a completely unexplained and nonsensical reason. Grey's resistance has been shown to let him stand in burning hot lava and not even flinch or receive any kind of burn. This gives Grey an obvious advantage over anyone who primarily, or even secondarily, uses heat, fire, or lava in their attacks, because it completely negates a large part of their fighting style.

Mystic EyesEdit

Grey possesses the Mystic Eyes of Magnetism. This power basically grants Grey the ability to create a magnetic field, and control the forces of attraction and repulsion inside said field. His right eye controls attraction and his left controls repulsion. Despite this using the name magnetism, things don't need to be magnetic to be repelled or attracted in this field, as Grey controls whatever he wants to be pushed or pulled. He cannot both attract something and repel at the same time, and has to wait several seconds before he can use the ability again, meaning it cannot be used consecutively or indefinitely. This is basically the same as one of the Rinnegan's abilities, and just as strong. 


Excalibur Edit

Grey possesses the holy sword Excalibur, originally used by King Arthur/Altria. This sword is insanely powerful, more powerful than any normal sword could ever be. It is an incredibly fast a powerful weapon, created to be perfect for combat, which it is. This sword also has the ability to convert prana into very powerful light magic. A single attack from Excalibur is capable of incinerating an entire city, and even if it is dodged the light will temporarily blind the opponent. This takes a very large amount of energy though, and cannot be used too many times in succession. Grey can use it about 3 or 4 times before he runs out of prana to continue using the attack. The attack also takes both hands, and has a small but existent charge time. The attack is powerful enough to completely destroy every single molecule of things, on a very large scale. Even if Grey runs out of prana however, he can still wield the sword, just not use that attack. Grey can also channel his soul wavelength through Excalibur to increase it's power, and can also use his Break Magic through it.

After his Black Blood took over, Excalibur became tainted, and grew to be dark and black. It now fires what seems to be darkness instead of light, but is just as powerful, in fact, it is even more powerful now. Grey also has larger magical reserves, and can use it much more before tiring.


Avalon is the scabbard of Excalibur. It bequeaths limited immortality through constant regeneration, as well as preventing physical deterioration caused by aging. The holder of the scabbard is granted potent healing, allowing for critical and fatal wound to be rapidly repaired to restore the wielder's health. Minor injuries are restored easily, and even large missing portions of the body and destroyed vital organs like the heart can quickly be restored at the critical moment before death. Targeting anything other than the holder's head in order to destroy their brain is futile, requiring for a decisive strike to be landed in order to cause any true damage. It does have its limits in repairing the body, as counteracting the curse from Shirou being stabbed by Gae Bolg takes a great deal of time and dealing with the massive backlash from Ea clashing with Excalibur takes a number of minutes to restore Saber's health. Although Avalon's power isn't at it's peak thanks to Altria not being there, it is almost at it thanks to Grey possessing Excalibur itself, creating a similar effect.

Black KeysEdit

Black Keys are charms used by Demon Hunters to repel demons. They take the form of long rapier-like swords (although they are generally thrown as a dagger or used to stab opponents). They are considered to be symbolic and have weak attack power, but its attack power is still enough to pierce through concrete walls. The amount of skill required to properly wield them causes the Black Keys not to be used often. They excel at interfering with and damaging spiritual phenomena rather than damaging them physically. The effect on beings like Servants is minimal but they are very effective against the creatures that are being hunted down by the organization, like the Vampire's and Ghouls. If they hit the shadow of a target, the target will be unable to move their body, leaving them to the mercy of Grey. It could also be used to track down and seal or injure a target until Grey tells it to stop doing so, or unless it is destroyed or neutralized by an outside force.