Badass Saiyan
Also Known As Doctor
Age 40
Gender Male
Height 1.6 meters
Weight  ???
Blood Type
Professional Status
Occupation Vampire, Bishokuya
Level 40
Experience 1,000 / 41,000
Bounty Beli} 202,000
Family None
Allies Eos
Enemies None
Status Alive
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Doctor Korosenai is a doctor specializing in physiology and weaponry. He is a bounty hunter with the occupations of Bishokuya, Vampire, and Magus.


A character shrouded in mystery. His life is unknown to all but himself. He was a Bishokuya who was recruited into Nazism, where he then became a vampire upon scientific experimentation. He is incredibly strong as a result, likely stronger than other Bishokuya as he gains nourishment from both blood and flesh.


Doctor Korosenai is incredibly shadowy. He seeks profit and is incredibly profit-oriented. He is serious regarding money and shows scant loyalty, often siding with those who are able to pay him best. He tries his best to keep up with underground news so that he is aware of everything around him.


Introductory ArcEdit

Events participatedEdit

  • Battle at the Hawk: 22k EXP 17k Bounty
  • Harvesting Minerals: 0 EXP 0 Bounty
  • 531,871 - 1, +6 Levels and +30k B
  • End of Dread Doctor's Arc. Timeskip 4 years : +15 levels and +350k B

Timeskip Adventure (Technological Advancement)Edit

During the 4-year timeskip, Doctor Korosenai generally followed Solomon and Amanda around, documenting their behavioural instincts and mating habits while he experimented upon magic itself. Upon discovering that the rules of Magic are entirely separate to the rules of conventional weapons, he gave up trying to understand and exploit magic, for it is incredibly hard to do so. Instead, he opted to continue his investigations into both Biology and Mechanics, of which he had made many advances.

In Mechanics, his use of the technology of Ant-Man: The power to shrink or expand the space between atoms, enabled him to construct far more durable objects simply through increasing the amount of materials used, thereby increasing the density of all objects he has. The only thing he did not manage to alter through his mechanics is his own durability - for he is biological in nature. In so doing, he has managed to craft even 160-storey tall Mechas, which serve as his powerful armours capable of storing and expelling unfathomable amounts of power. Embedding ever more advanced, powerful weaponry across the bodies of his Mechas, he has increased their damage output through the many A.I systems put into place, causing all weapons on the Mecha to be precisely able to fire upon and accurately strike moving targets within range rapidly, to the extent which no other firepower is able to match normally.

Across the 3 years, he had also encountered some magic. In particular, he was impressed with the way Magus use their abilities. Learning several ways to use Mana, he decided that he would only learn it so he could use a more interesting item: the Mjolnir. He saw that it could charge at any time by calling forth lightning from the sky, and that it would keep charging until it was at maximum power. Realizing this, he realized that he could now harness a new power to further empower his Mechas: Continuous Lightning Strikes. Seeing that Lightning reaches power up to 1 Terawatt, he could easily use it to empower and charge his Mechas, simultaneously recharging all Energy Fillers within it. As a side effect, it would be also be highly electrically charged, providing an additional layer of defence which few can circumvent, literally shocking anything that comes into physical contact with his Mechas. Granted, continually channelling lightning is not safe, as it may easily go far beyond the Mecha's max capacity. To address this, Korosenai developed additional reserves designed to defend the Mecha and provide it far more additional energy. He has also invested in energy weapons such as VARIS Rifles in order to maximize the excess energy. Recently, he has even created a Positron Sniper Rifle, which is designed to utilize all this excess energy. When he shrinks the Positron Sniper Rifle Machinegun to suit his human form, it would by powered by the energies in his stronger Mechas. This would give enemies the illusion that the Gun itself does not possess significant strength. Normally, Doctor Kotosenai resorts to using his Stark Hadron Cannon, as it is far more efficient as a laser than the Positron Sniper Rifle, capable of pushing and shattering most defenses easily.

Upon researching Kiryso's sample further, he then discovered the secret of splicing DNA and mixing them successfully - involving large amounts of selective radiation, with its effects calculated thoroughly through replacing various sections of his DNA then regrowing that segment of his body. Through this, he was able to attain much greater strength, modifying his combat capacity. This would later aid in his research into Gourmet World creatures, helping him understand the sources of their strength and incorporating it into his own body. This has vastly increased his strength over the past few years, alongside actually incorporating more Vampire traits into his own body, such as incredible regeneration upon contact with blood.

Granted, he didn't really spend much time with the rest of Eos, but he regards them as great allies to be with, as they were the ones who protected and shielded his works from the enemies, helping him make much progress in furthering his research. As of now, he is simply striving to help them, developing weapons which he feels to be useful to their cause.

Timeskip Adventure (Story)Edit

Following Amanda and Solomon around, there were many periods of time where he was so obsessed with his experimentation that he lost track of them. This forced Doctor Korosenai to go into broad daylight to find and catch up to them.

That was when he was ambushed.

Two assassins, dispatched from his organization, went to seek him out in broad daylight, the Nazi Ninja and the Nazi Titan. Confronting him, they blocked his path as he attempted to go to his next destination.

"Hey Doctor, have you forgotten your contract?" The Nazi Titan asked, seemingly casual regarding the whole situation, though senses indicate that he was poised to strike

"..." Doctor Korosenai thought, upon seeing that trouble has come.

"Hey Doctor, aren't you forgetting something? You're supposed to say 'Yes Your Majesty!'" the Nazi Ninja spoke, taking several steps forward and smirking. "Or are you too touched by our reunion?" The Nazi Ninja mock cried.

At this point, he was radiating bloodlust, causing the public around to begin dispersing. Doctor Korosenai realized this, and took a step back.

"Ho, scared of me now, Aye? Well you should be!" the Nazi Ninja then reappeared right in front of Korosenai. "Cause you'll be dead in about a second." He whispered as his Katana, moving at speeds of the Body Flicker, sliced upward toward Korosenai's chest, aiming to settle this in one decisive blow.

Doctor Korosenai, however, had already anticipated an attack of such a caliber - This particular man was always the calculating, reckless one. Activating all his strongest guns at the front of his body, he directed the full might of his ammunition, shotguns and the like, to fire toward the Nazi Ninja, propelling him at several times the speed of sound away from the area.

Needless to say, the Nazi Ninja was surprised. He for one knew of Doctor Korosenai's physical prowess, but this was the first time he had seen guns used in this manner. Using his incredible Body Flicker speed, he literally teleported his arms to begin slicing the bullets out of the air.

"What? What is this power?" The Nazi Ninja was shocked. He thought the bullets would be those of conventional machineguns, which were practically useless against him. However, this bullets were different. They felt as though they weighed several tons easily, pushing his sword back before he even managed to cut them. He had to rely on his Tree Walking skills and Chakra to ground himself, and increase the speed and power of his slashes. In the matter of a few seconds, he tore apart all the bullets.

"Heh, No Projectile Deflection exercise so far has required this kind of Focus. That Doctor sure is something. Even so..." The Nazi Ninja suddenly became serious.

"We can't afford to leave him be." The Nazi Ninja spoke as he then commanded the Nazi Titan to follow his lead. Channelling a large amount of energy, he then unleashed the Body Flicker, propelling him at massively hypersonic speeds.

Meanwhile, Doctor Korosenai was continually unleashing his weapons from behind, accelerating his motion to unparalleled levels, as he tried to get away from the two freaks of nature.

"If I had not surprised him, who knows what would've happened to me..." While Doctor Korosenai appeared calm as he charged through the forest, Energy Wings on his back, he knew that the powers of those two together would turn him into mincemeat in no time. Even while accelerating, he knew that those monsters would likely be able to catch up, and then slaughter him.

The Nazi Ninja, with his incredible speed, detected Korosenai's location, and promptly charged towards him. Using his incredible Body Flicker, he charged, accelerating to speeds matching Korosenai, and even beyond, while Doctor Korosenai was also gettiing faster and faster.

The difference was, Doctor Korosenai was flying.

"GET DOWN HERE DOCTOR! Then we can have some FUN!" The Nazi Ninja spoke as he unleashed flurries of explosive tags towards Doctor Korosenai's position, forcing him to adopt aerial manoeuvres to avoid them skilfully and travel higher into the air, accelerating at increasing speeds. To address the tags, Doctor Korosenai further unleashed several Machineguns, powered and controlled by AI, to shoot all the explosive tags and Kunai in the air, deflecting them with pinpoint accuracy.

"Tsk, this Doctor is annoying. While I only have 2 arms, he has thousands of Machineguns located everywhere on his body... TITAN! DRAG HIM DOWN!" The Nazi Ninja called out.

All of a sudden, a gigantic body descended from the sky, the Nazi Titan in its Titan form, poised to land right onto Doctor Korosenai's position.

"Looks like I underestimated them, they're far stronger than any calculations I could possibly predict." Doctor Korosenai thought to himsef as he saw the Nazi Titan flying down like a meteor towards his location. "Looks like I have no choice."

Suddenly, a rifle fires off several bullets toward the Nazi Titan, which expand to become gigantic atomic bomb explosions, literally incinerating the surrounding and blasting everything away with the shockwave, as well as blasting the Nazi Titan further into the air, and sending the Nazi Ninja backwards from the momentum. Using the same shockwave, due to his calculations, he was blasted forward instead, further accelerating himself away from the Nazi Ninja, increasing his speed further to reach several hundred Machs in speed, using his aerodynamic form to accelerate.

By the time the Nazi Ninja and the Nazi Titan recovered, which was mere seconds, Doctor Korosenai was already far away from them.

"Tsk, I can't track him after a nuclear explosion like that." The Nazi Ninja covered himself in a layer of dense chakra and clothing, preventing himself from being irradiated and burned to a crisp. "Plus this will definitely attract the attention of the local monsters and masters. Let us retreat for now, Nazi Titan.

Without saying anything, they disappeared from the scene.

"Phew, I thought I was a goner there." Doctor Korosenai wiped off the sweat on his forehead as he began decelerating, trying to find Solomon and Amanda again. "Those two, I cannot fight alone. Looks like I really will have to stick with my friends here." Doctor Korosenai took a sigh of relief, as he deactivated his machinery and begun walking again.

Meeting with HissatsuEdit

"So, I'm supposed to kill old Doctor Korosenai huh? Well that's a chore." Hissatsu muttered to himself. He had received his instructions, but he wasn't certain of the extent to which he could succeed. After all, this Doctor Korosenai had avoided capture for so long already.

"These are orders, Hissatsu. It'd be best to follow them to the letter." Spoke the Nazi Ninja, one of the Nazi leaders.

"Yes, Nazi Ninja, I understand. I'll head out now." Hissatsu muttered. He had grown disdainful of this so-called Ninja. It did not help that he has no name by which he could call him, which made him all the more distant.

Anyway, he had to complete this mission, or face annihilation at the hands of the Nazis. Truly, that was one of the main reasons why he was still working for them, although he was, in truth, a Mercenary.

Heading out, he spent some time searching for Doctor Korosenai, until he eventually found him in the forest, seemingly heading out somewhere.

Sneaking around him, without making a sound, he suddenly drew his Blade of Sealing. In a few rapid moments, he combined a massive amount of chakra together with the Body Flicker Technique, unleashing an incredibly vast and powerful chakra shockwave designed to assassinate Doctor Korosenai.

That was, atleast until he saw with his Geass that Doctor Korosenai would dodge it before his attack struck.

'What? Can he actually see me? That's Impossible! I've made sure to hide my presence..." Hissatsu wondered to himself. For the first time, his assassination skill had failed, when it could best even powerful Byakugan users.

But it was no matter to him. His Geass, in truth, was what sealed the deal in his assassination, for he could see in reality his opponent's subsequent moves before they made them, and in turn unleash more sword slashes which would end his foe.

And so, he unleashed a flurry of sword slashes, with speed blinding to all but the fastest of beings, from the sheer might of Body Flicker alone. Sound itself crackled as the blade travelled so fast, Air could not displace itself in time, creating ever-larger shockwaves which would deafen people in the area. The more he saw Doctor Korosenai dodge, the more he unleashed these shockwaves, until the 3rd time, where Doctor Korosenai was visibly struck.

Capitalizing on this, Hissatsu prepared to seal the deal. Activating an even stronger Body Flicker, he would attempt to end Doctor Korosenai through unleashing a Lariat through his blade, aiming to cleave Doctor Korosenai in two from one strike alone.

Korosenai, however, was shocked. He had not detected Hissatsu's presence until he prepared to unleash his attack, from which he instinctively dodged. Courtesy of the incredible speed possessed by the subsequent strikes, he was in no real position to counterattack, forcing him to attempt to avoid the remaining attacks, until he was hit from the sheer superior speed possessed by one of the blade strikes.

Lucky for him, his Absolute Defense System/Blaze Luminous System activated in time, shileding him from the shockwave while blowing him backward. However, its strength was incredible. Never before had Doctor Korosenai seen such a shockwave, concentrated enough to rapidly drain his energy shield's defences. It was only a matter of time before it pierced through.

But he had more important matters to attend to. In the next moment, Doctor Korosenai saw a blade flashing in the distance, and in an instant appeared in front of his chest, aiming to strike the area the Chakra Shockwave was already impacting. Lucky for him, he saw that this enemy, whoever he was, possessed human form, and this enabled him to unleash the full arsenal of his artillery, such as electric flamethrowers, Machineguns and Shotguns with Sakuradite Ammunition and Rifles, aiming to blast this enemy away and deal significant damage.

To Hissatsu, this was completely unexpected. When his vision suddenly told him that an unreasonable amount of firepower was about to be unleashed, he channelled large amounts of Chakra into his own body to prepare himself to endure this onslaught, whilst unleashing a Stasis Seal which would slow down the enemy's ammunition and explosions slightly, such that he would not expend too much energy in surviving. As he did so, his blade made contact, and shattered the Absolute Defense Blaze Luminous System (weakest), breaking through to strike Doctor Korosenai's chest armour, blasting Doctor Korosenai back.

"Tsk... It wasn't enough." Spoke Hissatsu. This was one of those times where his assassination plans had failed, and he was forced to engage his opponent. Courtesy of his ability to see the future, the damage he received was reduced to a few scratches here and there from the bullets and other powerful weapons, with his Chakra protecting him.

"So, it seems you've finally been sent to kill me... Hissatsu." Doctor Korosenai spoke, recognizing his voice and his face. "It seems that you have improved much over the years. Your strength seems to be unprecedented and unfamiliar to me now." Doctor Korosenai remarked.

"Yeah, and I shall take you down with that." Hissatsu spoke, as he suddenly formed several Shadow Clones, upon perceiving Doctor Korosenai's intended change in size, transforming into a literal Titan, before miraculously shrinking? The sight was confusing to Hissatsu, but he proceeded to have his Shadow Clones prepare different attacks, aiming to strike Doctor Korosenai from different angles, each unleashing chakra shockwaves of their own while using the Body Flicker to strike him with a flurry of attacks rapidly.

To Korosenai, this was half expected. He knew that with their superior speed, they would attempt to surround him and strike at him. Thus, he had assumed his Titan Form in order to increase his physical might, defence and power. Equipping the Claws of his Radiant Wave Surger, he rapidly countered and deflected the shockwaves sent his way, creating Radiation Blades to counter Hissatsu's own incredible onslaught, whilst unleashing the full might of his A.I unto Hissatsu, firing bullets haphazardly toward their locations and limiting their capacity to go on the offensive. Using the little time that was freed up, Korosenai then deployed his incredibly powerful turrets, designed to fire VARIS Rifle ammunition (of incredible power), aiming to preoccupy the clones with striking and avoiding, while he charged toward Hissatsu's main body himself to bring him down, firing at him with his own brand of more powerful machineguns (designed for the Titan form).

Hissatsu, greatly surprised, attempted to defend himself from the onslaught, but it was futile. His clones were incapable of deflecting a monstrosity which fired several million bullets per minute, if not more, especially considering the power of the bullets themselves. Deciding to defend themselves, the clones each threw a Kunai with the aid of a Body Flicker, then used the Enlargement Technique to increase its size to incredible levels, aiming to overpower the onslaught of bullets.

That is, if those bullets were anything regular in the first place. Some of those bullets weighed several tons, courtesy of the Turret actually being shrunk down. Thus, some of the massive Kunai were instantly deflected, leaving the shadow clones no choice but to use his Seal of Transfer to teleport these bullets into another dimension, shielding them from the onslaught while contemplating his next move. From his deductions thus far, Hissatsu realized that Doctor Korosenai's true strength came not from himself, but from sheer overwhelming power.

Some of his clones thus decided to go up into the sky instead, opting to leave the ground work to Hissatsu's main body.

Clashing with Doctor Korosenai's Titan Form, Hissatsu utilized his Body Flicker technique to unleash punches of incredible might, pre-occupying Doctor Korosenai as he unleashed his jutsu - Wind Release: Eradication Body. Ripping apart the bullets like knife through butter, this chakra taxing technique served to defend Hissatsu as he clashed with Doctor Korosenai head on, with the wind rapidly clashing and attempting to best Doctor Korosenai's now more powerful Radiant Wave Surger shields.

However, while his shields, with their power, could handle Hissatsu's strikes, his fists couldn't handle his own. Striking with a force reminiscent of a crashing aeroplane, Doctor Korosenai had resorted to sacrificing his Titan Limbs in order to deal maximum damage to Hissatsu. Knowing that his body was fragile, he knew that such techniques would serve to cut down Hissatsu's chakra reserves significantly.

'Strange, he sees the effects of my jutsu, yet comes at me head on? What is this speed?' While he could see the future, his predictive skills were for naught as Doctor Korosenai came at him head on, negating the advantages of his predictive skills. While he attempted to use his incredible speed to dodge, he still suffered the impacts of minor strikes on different parts of his body, impacting his chakra armour significantly as Doctor Korosenai continued his onslaught by regenerating his fists.

'But even then, this match is settled.' Hissatsu thought as his plans had come full circle. His shadow clones, in the sky, had made more shadow clones, each wielding a machinegun. Channelling significant amounts of chakra in it and increasing its power, all the clones then unleashed a veritable wall of bullets, made more terrifying with the additional use of Bullet Shadow Clone Jutsu, literally blotting out the sky, followed by the use of Enlargement Technique, creating massive meteors which descended upon Doctor Korosenai's position in the next instant. With the speed of the bullets being so great, the turrets of Doctor Korosenai were incapable of deflecting them, and they bombarded the area continuously for as long as the machineguns kept firing.

At this moment, all Doctor Korosenai managed to do was to enter his GT Robo and shrink it, for he knew there was no way he could avoid such a massive onslaught of bullets with his speed. Thus he resorted to using his GT Robo instead. Using it, he directed all power to its Blaze Luminous Systems, combining it with the Radiant Wave Surger Claws to project powerful energy shields aiming to defend himself from the attack as the bullets crashed down, causing massive explosions akin to a nuke. As the bombardment continued, more energy was expended by the GT Robo in its defence, as it endured the attacks with all its might. Hissatsu, who was continuing to maintain the bullet strikes, decided to add some power into the attacks by unleashing Kunai, Shuriken and fire as well, further enhancing it with Fire Release Stream in order to maximize the damage dealt.

'This is bad' Doctor Korosenai thought to himself. Knowing that he had been cornered, he realized that he had no choice but to use one of his more powerful weapons - the Stark Hadron Cannon. Functioning differently from the Radiant Wave Surger Claws, this weapon was different in that its attacks are physical in nature. Unleashing it in the process, the might of the bullets were suddenly matched by the GT Robo, as it began tapping into additional sources of power and shifted the energies from defence into offence whilst Doctor Korosenai began shifting to using a more powerful armour - the Shinkiro Form. He knew that it would be folly to pursue the use of weaker Mechas in the face of this powerful threat, and thus entered the Shinkiro, an eighty-story modified Mecha, before shrinking it down. Unleashing its own Zero Beam, Doctor Korosenai then kept his GT Robo, deciding that the Shinkiro would fare better against an enemy of such a calibre.

"Impossible, he survived that onslaught?" Hissatsu wondered aloud. He knew that Doctor Korosenai was strong, but he did not expect his weapons to possess such strength behind them. To deflect thousands of meteors with ease? I will have to be wary..." Hissatsu thought as he stopped his Machinegun barrage to dodge to the side alongside his Shadow Clones, away from the Zero Beam being unleashed.

"Lightning Release: Channelling" Hissatsu activated an ability he thought most fitting - he channelled lightning throughout his body, upgrading his synapses significantly as he drew his Sword of the Thunder God, charging himself further with lightning and calling down lightning from the sky to empower his sword.

"A Mecha you might be, but let's see how you handle this!" Hissatsu exclaimed as all his shadow clones followed suit, bringing out all their Swords to absorb lightning.

"Lightning Release: Kirin!" Hissatsu spoke as lightning descended upon the Shinkiro, striking it and beginning to fry its systems through the use of vast amounts of lightning.

Atleast, that was until Raikou was brought into the Shinkirou, draining all the power and preventing it from overloading the systems. To Hissatsu, it was a shocking sight. His strongest lightning technique, rendered useless even without any defenses used by the enemy? Truly this Mecha was a force to be reckoned with.

Charging himself with power, Hissatsu began to unleash thousands of layered sword shockwaves, in an attempt to slice apart the Shinkiro. Yet, it was for naught, as the forces barely left a scratch on the machine, let alone the need to use the Absolute Defence System. Realizing that his physical strikes were too weak to be of use, he then began thinking of another plan.

Atleast, that was the plan until the Shinkiro began attacking, unleashing Missiles, Grenades and Hadron Cannons even as it remained unfazed by the attacks. Deciding that the clones could no longer serve a decent purpose except to waste chakra by dodging the Shinkiro's strikes, he dispelled his clones, withdrawing the power back to himself.

Then, he created a Stasis Seal, halting all ammunition coming his way and the Shinkiro itself, preventing it from moving.

"What? I can't move the Shinkirou!" Thoughts entered Doctor Korosenai's mind as he suddenly found the Shinkiro unresponsive to movement, remaining completely still as a result of the seal. Realizing that an attack was incoming, Doctor Korosenai then activated all defence systems at maximum power, hoping to defend against whatever was going to be used against the Shinkiro, disabling the Zero Beam.

"Wind Release: Vortex of Death! Fire Release Stream! Entei, I call upon thee! Unleash your all in a Sacred Fire Flamethrower!" Disabling the Stasis Seal, the attacks passed through. Throwing additional Kunai and weapons into the technique, its power grew exponentially as Hissatsu put his all into this technique, literally being able to push the Shinkiro back and begin tearing apart its armour. In an effort to defend, Doctor Korosenai unleashed Mjolnir, calling upon lightning to strike the Shinkiro in order to regenerate its shields, but to little avail, for Hissatsu's technique drained the shields faster than it could be restored, even with the power of Raikou helping the Shinkiro.

"Crap, what can I do?" Doctor Korosenai thought to himself. He had begun regretting the fact that he did not use the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N Eight Elements instead, which was much more capable of enduring attacks of this magnitude. His shields were being torn apart like a knife through butter, and the powerful winds were wrecking havoc on the exposed bits of armour.

Deciding that it was for the best, he then withdrew the Positron Sniper Rifle using the Shinkiro, as it continued to endure. Lifting it up, with the Shinkirou the Raikou then channelled the energies into the Sniper Rifle, even as the Shinkirou's surface defences began to melt under the onslaught.

"YES! I win! Wait what?" Hissatsu spoke as he suddenly saw a bullet in his future vision coming his way. Imbuing himself with his reserves in chakra, he shielded his face from the Sniper Rifle's strike with all his power. At the cost of this however, his attack was disabled, and it gave room for Doctor Korosenai to recover, who then entered the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N Eight Elements immediately.

"I must say, your power is enormous..." Doctor Korosenai remarked. "Trapped any longer, I would have been in danger." He said.

"Well, it's not like I can beat you now..." remarked Hissatsu, who was completely exhausted. "It seems. You have yet to. Use your full might." Hissatsu panted as he spoke.

"Heh." Doctor Korosenai replied. "If you know what's best for you, you'd best run away."

"You know that's not possible. Say... How about I join you? Then I can finally free myself of the Nazis!" Hissatsu said. He had hated them for a long time, and now his excuse to leave had come.

"You may join me if you wish, but my friends may not be so... accepting of you." Doctor Korosenai nonchalantly replied, as he began riding his Guren Seiten Eight Elements and moving away.

And so began Hissatsu's journey with Eos.


He starts out with hundreds of massive sniper rifles and guns of incredible penetrating power, successively increasing in size to match the equipment he is currently using. He often purchases state-of-the-art equipment in order to augment his arsenal, and his guns are known to possess incredible power.

With his scientific knowledge, he is able to create powerful weapons as long as he possesses the money or the knowledge to do so.

His arsenal mainly consists of:

  • Flamethrowers: A conventional weapon designed to unleash powerful flames. Doctor Korosenai has developed several iterations of the Flamethrower, empowering it with different sources ranging from Gas to Electricity and Sakuradite. With compressed Gas, Korosenai can unleash long-ranged bursts of flames. This may serve to obscure an opponent's eyesight. Through Electrical Fire, though it is shorter in range, it electrocutes whoever comes into contact with it or attempts to put it out through conventional means such as water. As for Sakuradite, Korosenai has went through careful means to control its use in his flamethrower, and was successful with it. Through constraining the amount of Sakuradite ignited per moment, his Flamethrowers may generate incredible amounts of heat and colourless flames, which can reach temperatures of several tens of thousands of degrees and more. It's relative invisibility aside from the distortions in the atmosphere enable it to be an incredibly useful flamethrower for Korosenai, as little to not material can withstand its heat.
  • Blunt Force Bullets: A type of bullet which is non-lethal, using blunt force instead. A strike by one of these bullets feels like that of a punch, which may be stronger or weaker depending on the gun which fires it.
  • Sakuradite Ammunition: A type of ammunition made out of Sakuradite, which serves to add an explosive aspect to all Doctor Korosenai's bullets, dealing explosive damage. This can also be outfitted to Rocket Launchers to increase the size of the explosion exponentially.
  • Sakuradite Gunpowder: Instead of using Gunpowder, Korosenai has replaced it with Sakuradite instead. This causes all of his weapons relying on gunpowder to fire bullets at much faster and stronger rates, giving it far greater penetration power and capacity to deal damage. Combined with the Sakuradite Ammunition, it is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Rifle Shotguns with incredible penetrating power, to use in a pinch and in close range. The bullets are incredibly powerful courtesy of it being shrunk from an incredible size, and thereby deal lots of damage. As a side effect, it has great recoil, meant to help the user avoid close-ranged combat. When charged up with electricity, its fire rate and power increases tremendously.
  • Sniper Rifles with even greater penetrating power. Can fire many bullets successively at rapid rates, such as VARIS Rifle ammunition. This can be made more deadly when empowered by Electricity.
  • Machinegun Turrets which fire at an incredible rate of 1,000,000 bullets per minute. Needless to say, Doctor Korosenai has many stocked up bullets to refill these turrets. With technological advancements, these turrets can fire all types of bullets at increased strength, including even VARIS Rifle bullets. This makes the turrets a force to be reckoned with courtesy of its speed and power. When empowered further by electrical energy and additional power, the rate of fire and strength of the bullets may increase due to being electrified.
  • Machinegun Rocket Launchers which fire rocket-charged bullets which home towards to target, dealing devastating damage, both piercing the target and then exploding after that.
  • Larger prototypes for Doctor Korosenai's different sized models do exist, eg. he has larger variants of all these guns which are scaled up in size and power for his Titan forms, etc.
  • Chaos Mines: Grenades which spray ammunition at an incredible rate in a particular direction. It is equipped throughout the bodies of Doctor Korosenai's armours and mounts. These can be further empowered by more electricity and stronger ammunition.
  • Maser Vibration Swords: Swords of incredible power which can cut through almost anything. Doctor Korosenai has modified its properties for use throughout the entire bodies of his creations. even a simple tap on the back by Doctor Korosenai himself can slice the mince the afflicted body part into smithereens. This property is empowered by Yggdrassil Drives shrunken and located somewhere on Doctor Korosenai and his creations.
  • Stark Hadron Cannons: Incredibly powerful lasers which can obliterate even the strongest of defences in their path, said to be able to easily level small mountains. Using Ant-Man technology, Doctor Korosenai has outfitted most of his purchases and creations with Hadron Cannons throughout, each powered by its own Yggdrassil Drive outfitted on it (through Doctor Korosenai's schematics). This makes even Doctor Korosenai himself devastating in close ranged combat. This Stark Hadron Cannon can even have its power increased severalfold, as there is seemingly no limit to the power which can be channelled into it.
  • Slash Harkens: Highly powered anchors which can be used by any of Doctor Korosenai's creations to increase mobility immensely, or embed themselves on the enemy to deal damage. This has been combined with some of his weapons systems to continually bind his enemy while dealing damage. Combined with Mjolnir's might as of present, these Slash Harkens also serve the ability to paralyze and electrify enemy control systems.
  • Harken Boosters: Equipped onto the Slash Harkens to vastly increase their penetrating power, and further enables its flight path to be more easily manipulated by the user for great effect. Combined with the incredible power which can be afforded to it using electricity, this enables the Harken Boosters to accelerate the Slash Harkens further, making them practically impossible to avoid, and extremely powerful.
  • Blaze Luminous System/Absolute Defence System: Powered in each body part (about 0.5 metres in length) by an exclusive Yggdrassil Drive of its own at 100% output, designed for 9th Generation Knight Frames. This conjures an Absolute Defence system of incredible defensive might which shields a tiny area, with output at incredible capacity. This is equipped throughout all of Doctor Korosenai's creations and grants them nigh invulnerability to most forms of attack, likely deflecting them before they can even begin attempting to cause damage. This further serves to immunize his own creations from his own extremely potent machinegun/sniper rifle fire, and even attacks from Stark Hadron Cannons. As each Yggdrassil drive only supports defence for a radius of 0.5 metres, Doctor Korosenai has spent much time creating defences to cover the entire bodies of all his creations, effectively costing him much of his time, albeit for great benefit. It is said that Doctor Korosenai's body's Blaze Luminous is equal to the Damocles in might. Upon purchase of the Guren SEITEN 8 Elements, Doctor Korosenai has since upgraded all the Absolute Defense systems with it, giving it lethal powers as well, capable of causing chain reactions in all types of bodies, and causing them to either be annihilated, or exploded from within.
  • VARIS Rifles - A weapon equipped on the Knightmare Frames bought by Doctor Korosenai. Doctor Korosenai has since deconstructed it and created machinegun, shotgun, and sniper rifle variants of it, and has been shrunk to add on to all of his creations throughout their bodies and armour. The VARIS weaponry requires much materials to create, and is switched to when regular machinegun technology has failed. Courtesy of Ant-Man technology shrinking the weaponry, it is much more deadly when on Doctor Korosenai's body, due to the amount of damage it can deal at a much smaller size.
  • Energy Wings: Doctor Korosenai, upon purchasing the Guren SEITEN Eight Elements, has incorporated the Energy Wing system to all of his creations and weaponry. This grants everything he has extreme mobility, allowing him to avoid even the most deadly situations casually. Equipping the 4 Wing System unto himself and empowering it with an Yggdrassil Drive each for all his creations, he has granted himself even more mobility and defense, allowing him to unleash incredible blows and escape without trouble.
  • 7-Energy Wing System: A prototype flying system that he himself had developed, aiming to combine the both offense and defence into one set of Energy Wings. Accomplishing this by infusing the system with more Sakuradite, Yggdrassil Drives and Power, this energy wing system is able to fire massive energy bombardments of any amount, ranging from high-powered bullets to lasers whilst providing increased mobility. Needless to say, this is one of Doctor Korosenai's most highly powered equipment, as it gives the greatest speed and power for its use. Hence, he uses it only sparingly. It may work together with other winged systems to enhance the flying capability of all his Mechas and forms.
  • Trump Card: Thermonuclear Ammunition. Doctor Korosenai's strongest type of ammunition. It is a shrunken nuke designed to increase its potency to incredible levels, and shot via a sniper rifle to the target in question. The radius of the explosion is around 2 metres. Doctor Korosenai requires a lot of materials to make this kind of ammunition, thus he only uses it when necessary.
  • Last Resort: FLEIJA. Doctor Korosenai has reconstructed the FLEIJA equipped from his Lancelot, alongside the schematics required to do so. He can use it in his weapons now for varying effect.
  • Positron Sniper Rifle: A gun designed to fire bullets made almost completely out of energy. Requiring several Terajoules of Energy to even fire 1 bullet, a tremendous amount of power is required to charge the weapon to strike once, let alone fire continuously. This Rifle is designed to use the excess energy of the Mechas, or use up large amounts of power to deliver a decisive, devastating blow meant to obliterate the target or penetrate through defences. The maximum amount of energy it can fire in one go is unknown, though it possesses a power output of several Terawatts at the bare minimum. When used by his Mecha, the mecha becomes incapable of fighting until recharged, as it uses tremendous amounts of the Mecha's power, if not all. Needless to say, the larger the Mecha, the more powerful the sniper rifle's shots.
  • Radiant Wave Surger Claws: A developed adaptation of the Radiant Wave Surger used by the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N Eight Elements. Creating a Claw instead, Doctor Korosenai expands its use such that it can be equipped in any state of his, ranging from Human to Mecha. Empowered by hundreds of shrunken Energy Fillers and Sakuradite coursing throughout, as well as empty backup storage segments on it to prevent energy overflow, the Claws are capable of unleashing incredible bursts of Energy and Gamma Rays, causing chain reactions which overload the bodies of targets, literally causing massive irradiation problems throughout their bodies, such as creating radicals in stomach acids, and other places throughout, literally disabling them. As radiation damage is not seen as "damage" by the cells, it is also incredibly hard, if not impossible, to regenerate from. As for Robots and other forms of armour, they explode from the chain reaction due to the presence of ignitable materials. Furthermore, since Gamma Rays are highly penetrating, no true defence aside from pure energy shields (Mecha defences) and lead armour exists, and even then, with enough energy those defences may prove useless. The Radiant Wave Surger Claws may also unleash Energy Blasts as well through the properties of the original weapon itself, dealing massive amounts of concentrated damage on a level akin to the Positron Sniper Rifle. On another hand, it may also generate Radiation Blades of this concentration of power to use in battle. As a side effect, especially if far more power is used (akin to that of the Positron Sniper Rifle), it naturally dissolves practically everything, especially due to it being made of radiation (and thus possessing no maximum temperature, so to speak). Even in its lower levels, it can dissolve hypersonic bullets, and VARIS Rifle ammunition. Another way in which the Claws can be used is for propulsion, increasing the speed of his strikes, as well as lifting far greater weights through the infusion of additional power, enabling him to deliver mind-boggling strikes matching his laser beams in might. A side effect of the emission of Gamma Radiation is that the Claws may also become supercharged with heat, alongside with the air in the area, increasing the temperature to obscene levels in an instant similar to the Radiation Blade itself generated by the claw. This Radiation Blade may further take the form of an extended claws for different uses. It is said that the Claws can be used at almost any energy level, from kilowatts to pentawatts worth of power. It's design is such that it is a hundred stories tall, and shrunk to be fit onto any Mecha/Battle Wolf/himself when the situation arises. He has one pair made for himself and another for his Battle Wolf. It may also unleash lasers of several terawatts of power, capable of incinerating almost anything from its fingertips.
  • Lightning-Infused Magic Ammunition: Ammunition which is empowered by Mjolnir's lightning itself. Calling lightning down the sky to supercharge the Mecha/User, all weapons become infused with Magical Lightning, enabling it to fight against supernatural forces much more easily. This also causes all bullets to have an electrifying effect wherever they hit, literally paralyzing the target.
  • Orihalcum Material: Having investigated the gun Hades from Hissatsu. Doctor Korosenai has since incorporated Orihalcum into his own weapons and armour. This material is durable enough to endure the massive energies required to unleash railgun ammunition at the enemy, enduring the heat generated from travelling several dozen times the speed of sound. Due to its great durability, it has furthered Doctor Korosenai's research in creating more powerful weapons to penetrate the defences of his enemies.
  • Railgun: A weapon which can unleash bullets powered by several trillion amperes of current, containing up to terajoules worth of energy. This electrically powered weapon can be used to propel weaponry of any size across the barrel, accelerating the ammunition to travel at speeds breaking Mach 100. This incredibly powerful weapon is known to send any foe backwards from the sheer momentum alone via the impact of the shockwave alone, even if the weapon does not deal any significant damage. This incredible power enables the railgun to be one of Doctor Korosenai's favoured weapons to push his enemies back.

Note: These weapons will progressively become more lethal as Doctor Korosenai buys items from the shop. These items will then be infused with the properties of the new weapons he buys, eg. Knocking Guns, VARIS Rifles, Hadron Cannons, Energy Wings, Yggdrassil Drives, Radiant Wave Surgers

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Primarily a scientist, he is incredibly skilled in the arts of technology and the use of weapons in general. He primarily uses guns although he is very well-versed in hand-to-hand combat (having studied the weaknesses of the physiology and structure of different creatures). He is able to use Physics to determine weak points in the opponent's stance, the weakest point of the opponent's body at every moment, or the part that is the most immobilized (likely the centre of mass), such that his accuracy is impeccable and most likely to hit.

His brain processes at such great speeds that he is capable of "360 Noscope MLG gameplay" in real life. Specializing as such, he often uses guns instead of hand-to-hand combat, for he knows that bullets are more expendable in comparison to sustaining injuries.

In hand-to-hand combat, Doctor Korosenai has enhanced his body based on the physiology of creatures he has fought before, using his scanned analysis of their body structure and its composition to determine its relative strengths and weaknesses, then applying the strengths to his own body. This delicate balance, alongside adopting adaptations most suited for prolonged survival and combat, has allowed him to survive debilitating blows without seeming fazed for the most part, as his body knows how to distribute the force and minimize the impact using his knowledge of science.

His secret weapon is the miniature guns he has implanted within his own body using Ant-Man technology, shrinking his largest guns to fit in many places throughout his body. As it is so small, it is nigh-impossible to see. He uses it as a last resort.

This Ant Man-esque shrinking technology is also applied to all other technologies as well, such as the GT Robos, and is equipped unto his pets to be unleashed in secret at any time. Similar to Ant Man's power, the bullets are also more lethal as a consequence, even though it is smaller. This Ant Man technology is also used to shrink all his armour, requiring much more materials to create but also much more durable as a result (and for the most part invulnerable to most of his own weapons).

From Kiryso's DNA, Doctor Korosenai has also gleaned the nature of ATP production sites for storing energy. This has helped Doctor Korosenai design far more efficient biological systems unto his own body, as well as learned new ways to store energy for energy weapons. Even so, he has realized that improvements to himself were quite minuscule, as compared to the advances he can gain mechanically. Thus, he has dedicated himself to advancing Sakuradite and other related energy systems as best as he can, and has made enormous improvements to its efficiency and sustainability.

Recently, he has purchased Mjolnir, enabling him to channel Terawatts worth of energy into his robots and himself without worry as he summons the lightning from the sky. As the lightning is magical in nature, it is not harmful to the user for the most part, as it aims to power up Mjolnir. However, since Doctor Korosenai reroutes the lightning into his armours and other parts instead, they get supercharged to possess incredible amounts of energy. This normally lasts a short amount of time as Doctor Korosenai is unable to store too much energy into his additional energy storages, however it is more than sufficient to electrically charge entire Mechas with ease. One way to ensure that it can be continually charged, however, is to unleash energy equivalent to the rate that it's being charged. For example, all the excess energy may be channelled into a massive Stark Hadron Cannon, increasing the powers of the Energy Wing Systems, or being unleashed in the form of lasers and Gamma Radiation. All these methods serve to empower Doctor Korosenai's battle prowess further, increasing the strength of all his Mechas and assorted equipment exponentially.

Of course, this isn't normally valid, as the Terawatt lightning can be incredibly deadly, especially to the insides of a Mecha due to it containing fuselage and other things. Hence, Doctor Korosenai has also purchased a Raikou as well to supplement his Mecha's systems, as it can safely harness and absorb the lightning using its ability Volt Absorb, doing so endlessly and acting as a source of power for all his weapons. The Raikou is therefore much more powerful than it is in the wild, courtesy of being able to unleash this powerful lightning at a whim.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Throughout the 4 years, Doctor Korosenai's physical strength and endurance has increased manifold. For instance, he is capable of surviving for extended periods of time even with little to no heartbeat, courtesy of the high pressure within his body enabling blood to rapidly flow to various parts of the body. The fact that he can survive with a broken heart (due to Vampire powers), as well as being able to absorb oxygen from all his pores, prevents him from actually suffering much side effects from a lack of oxygen.

Doctor Korosenai has also gained great regeneration during the timeskip, further advancing his Bishokuya prowess through eating delectable foods and harnessing the power of his prey's traits. In taking down incredibly high CL beasts which he could not normally beat using his powerful robots, his strengths and other traits have increased to absurd extents during the timeskip itself, being able to carry ludicrous amounts of weight, such as 80 tons, without much trouble. His striking prowess is said to be much greater, enhanced further by his incredible speed which he had gained from eating high quality ingredients. Combined with the incorporation of several sources of DNA, as well as the power of great and powerful beasts, Doctor Korosenai has become a force to be reckoned with physically, even without his vast store of weaponry.

Vampire AbilitiesEdit

Through observing Solomon and using his DNA, he has managed to incorporate simple supernatural traits into himself, further enhancing the supernatural senses and strength which he already possesses. Increasing the benefits he gains from drinking blood, such as having it become a source of mana for his Magus abilities, or increase his already notable regeneration to a greater extent. More importantly, he has gained the ability to survive lethal injuries without his mental state being affected whatsoever, and this helps him find ways to reconstitute himself, such as through transforming into a Titan.

Bishokuya AbilitiesEdit

Through hunting powerful high CL beasts, he had learned far more lessons to reduce any damage he may receive, such as forcing attacks to graze instead of striking directly, deliberately kicking off the opponent as they strike you, and the use of rolls and other techniques to directly increase the time of impact, and thereby reducing the force of the opponents' strikes. Training even further, he has developed the ability to foresee the amount of force behind an opponent's strikes right when they unleash their attacks, such that even if Doctor Korosenai cannot dodge, he can atleast rapidly unleash a barrage of strikes matching the enemy's strike, cancelling out the force and removing damage.

Alongside this, Doctor Korosenai has also gained great speed and perception. Upon seeing an enemy attack en route to his own body, if he knows that he is incapable of dodging or nullifying it, he will deliberately push himself through the air against the attack, pushing him away from it and increasing the time taken for the attack to land, thereby reducing the force which acts on his body. His speed is said to be greatly hypersonic, surpassing even Mach 10.

Through all these different Bishokuya survival skills, Doctor Korosenai has become an incredible fighter in guerilla warfare, despite his physical abilities being nothing to scoff at. It is said that he can wield Ichiryu's Knife, the sharpest and densest "knife" in the world, and move it around incredibly casually. This would generate shockwaves which can cut through all but the strongest of defences.

Magus AbilitiesEdit

He possesses Mana solely due to the life force of people he has absorbed. This is used to empower Mjolnir, which he intends to get in order to freely summon lightning.

Layers of Defence (Doctor Korosenai)Edit

Human FormEdit

Doctor Korosenai has covered his skin in pelts and the skin of extremely hardy creatures and materials found in the area. Combining a mix of spider webs (with incredible tensile strength) and many layers of Graphene, Doctor Korosenai has successfully created layers of powerful armour to defend his body, alongside the modifications he had already made for himself. For incredible offence, he has used Ant-Man-esque shrinking technology to attach innumerable weapons across the surface of his body, namely rocket launchers, sniper rifles, machineguns, shotguns, and the like, all of which can be activated through initiating a small spark or current through the highly conductive Graphene material. This renders Doctor Korosenai incredibly mobile, as he is able to use Newton's Laws to propel him in any direction he pleases while simultaneously dealing massive amount of damage through highly potent shrapnel.

Doctor Korosenai may also use these weapons to propel his fists and deal unbelievable damage at the point of impact - say, releasing over 1,000 shotgun shots from his fist upon contact, or to propel his fist in the first place. This enhances his power to an incredible degree, as he does not require much effort to unleash the most devastating blows ever known. For his body to survive these incredible G-forces, it had also been modified to be incredibly durable, as a result of his experimentation on his own biological self.

As for how he gets the materials to even sustain so many shots in the first place, he has his own "factory" which converts matter readily into the products he wishes to get, similar to a 3D printer. The difference is that the input materials simply need to be matter. The resultant products will then be generated based on the schematics provided, down to the very placement of atoms, then shrunk or made larger by his Ant-Man technology to be then supplied to all his weapons through teleportation. This ensures an endless supply of bullets and no need to reload no matter what weapons he is using - provided of course, he has enough materials supplied to his "factory".

Doctor Korosenai's Human Form is also the only form where he actually is the most powerful, as he is actually creating weapons for the next level of "size" for his robot, then shrinking it to his size into his body. This includes the Absolute Defence System's Blaze Luminous (which is designed by him to guard only a 0.5 meter square area). So Doctor Korosenai's weapons are actually much more powerful in this form then he lets on, but he chooses to use his mechas unless it is absolutely necessary.

Equipped on his body is the Radiant Wave Surger (Claws), powered by incredible amounts of energy (stated in equipment). Using it, his physical strength is increased to phenomenal levels, as he is able to channel the power output of the Claws itself into accomplishing physical tasks. As the claws in and of itself possess far more power than conventional biological human forms, it is almost impossible to overpower Doctor Korosenai's claws through sheer strength alone, due to the amount of energy which Doctor Korosenai can use to channel into it. The Claw also weighs almost nothing, as it is held up by its own energy, similar to Iron Man.

Titan FormEdit

15 Meters tall, Doctor Korosenai gained the Titan Form as he purchased it in the shop. His ability in this state is to retain his intelligence completely, and possess high endurance, different from other titans. Understanding that his Titan Form was not a permanent state which would be equipped with weapons, he has designed his other mecha-armours such that they would embed the weapons he needs within his body, to the extent where he would always be fully equipped when he goes into battle.

Korosenai's Titan Form is highly focused on Guerilla Warfare, using his endurance to win him the battle. He relies on his great speed and reflexes in order to fire his weaponry at his target's weak spots, then moving in to deal powerful punches and kicks, even to the extent of sacrificing his limbs to do incredible damage (via propelling himself using other weaponry). As Korosenai's Titan Form can regenerate, the focus of this form is hence unparalleled offence.

Currently, with the vast increases in strength to Doctor Korosenai's human form, his Titan Form has become much stronger as well. Like before, he employs similar tactics, the only difference being that his strength is now much vaster.

GT Robo FormEdit

Over 10 Stories high (and can be modified to be bigger if necessary), and approximately the size of Bijuu. Doctor Korosenai's GT Robo frame is incredibly huge, and is used to unleash incredible amounts of payload to the enemy, combined with much larger, more powerful guns. Like Korosenai's Human form, the GT Robo is endowed with many upgrades which include powerful Biological adaptive tissue, layers of Graphene armour and the like (including the recent Radiant Wave Shielding, etc.), which gets stronger as the original Doctor Korosenai gets stronger. Throughout its body it is infused with many weapons from all sides, enhancing mobility, and given gigantic guns, VARIS Rifles, Radiant Wave Surgers, Stark Hadron Cannons, Slash Harkens and rocket launchers to increase its efficacy in battle. Inside the GT Robo, many different sensors are also made available to Doctor Korosenai and he is able to compute data much more efficiently and make more comprehensive battle plans to avoid and deal damage.

Currently, upon discovering Sakuradite's additional ability to act as fuel, Doctor Korosenai has begun filling up his Mechas with excessive amounts of it, serving as additional fuel for the additional fillers, increasing the overall output of all his Mechas. Further learning that Sakuradite enhances performances in machinery, he has also added it into the GT Robo in order to increase its power output, strength and efficiency.

All weapons are modified to be larger and thus more potent.

Lancelot Conquista FormEdit

Modified to be 20 stories tall, it is outfitted with severall Yggdrassil drives by Korosenai himself to increase its power output to incredible levels. Imbuing it with the Absolute Defense System (and Radiant Wave Shielding) after he bought the Guren SEITEN 8 Elements and the Shinkiro, it is further enhanced to be nigh invulnerable to most forms of attack, and made far faster than it initially was. Containing multiple Energy Fillers, the Lancelot Conquista is highly endurant, capable of lasting through incredible lengths of battle without running out of energy, even being able to continually fire Stark Hadron Cannons throughout the battle without tiring.

Like his other forms, Korosenai has also incorporated machine guns, rocket launchers, and his other assorted weaponry throughout the body of the Lancelot Conquista, giving it multitasking abilities such that it may deal with smaller beings as well.

Like the original, it is equipped with Maser Vibration Swords to enable it to cut down opponents in melee range, and massive Slash Harkens to drag down large targets or attach itself to them to deal further damage. With the VARIS Rifle it is capable of piercing through most forms of defense and annihilating enemies with a single shot, alongside a FLEIJA which it can use as a last resort.

Understanding that its incredible size may prove to be a burden when dealing with smaller enemies, Korosenai has further used his Ant Man technology to shrink the Lancelot Conquista back to its original, "optimum" size, such that people are unable to tell the difference between this variant of Lancelot and others.

The Lancelot Conquista, containing resistance to Gefjun Disturbers courtesy of Doctor Korosenai, further has Gefjun Disturbers on it as well, and can thus disrupt all forms of technology from analyzing it in detail.

Currently, upon discovering Sakuradite's additional ability to act as fuel, Doctor Korosenai has begun filling up his Mechas with excessive amounts of it, serving as additional fuel for the additional fillers, increasing the overall output of all his Mechas.

The pilot of this form is Doctor Korosenai in his Titan Form in a GT Robo.

Shen Hu FormEdit

Altered to be 42 stories tall. It is piloted by Doctor Korosenai in his Titan Form in a GT Robo in a... you get the drift.

With its spinning forearms, Doctor Korosenai has modified it to give it an incredibly powerful Drill (made out of Graphene, Radiant Wave Shielding, Sakuradite for explosive effects, and empowered by several Yggdrassil Drives of its own). Combined with its Slash Harkens, it also has massive flails which can either act as defence, or be used to strike enemies, thereby electrifying them immensely.

The Modified Shen Hu is also similar to the Lancelot Conquista, except that it is filled with even more Yggdrassil Drives and Energy Fillers comprised of Sakuradite. Courtesy of its incredible size and strength, it is further outfitted with many weaponry throughout its entire body, ranging from conventional machineguns and shotguns to VARIS Rifles and Stark Hadron Cannons. It is intended to be a dominator of battlefields, as it is outfitted with extremely powerful weaponry and power sources.

Within it, the modified Shen Hu further contains a backup power source (which was developed by Doctor Korosenai), and is thus invulnerable to even advanced Gefjun Disturbers. On its body it also has these Disturbers in other to disrupt enemy weaponry.

Like the Lancelot Conquista, it can be shrunk as well by Doctor Korosenai to give the illusion that it was never modified. When shrunk, as it maintains its mass, its attacks likewise become much more potent.

Containing a Baryon Cannon, Doctor Korosenai has upgraded it further with the technologies of the Stark Hadron Cannon, outfitting it with dozens of Energy Fillers and Yggdrassil Drives to empower it. This increases its offensive capabilities to monstrous proportions.

Like Doctor Korosenai's previous developments, it also contains machine guns, shotguns, chaos mines, VARIS rifles, throughout the entirety of the knightmare frame, rendering it deadly even to smaller enemies below as it is designed to be capable of both ranged and melee prowess.

Currently, upon discovering Sakuradite's additional ability to act as fuel, Doctor Korosenai has begun filling up his Mechas with excessive amounts of it, serving as additional fuel for the additional fillers, increasing the overall output of all his Mechas.

Shinkiro FormEdit

Modified to be eighty stories tall. This took up a lot of materials and faced many resizing issues, namely how to retain the efficiency of the efficiency of the Mecha itself while increasing the size and not compromising on its durability. To address these issues, Doctor Korosenai infused the body of the Shinkiro with large amounts of Sakuradite and Yggdrassil Drives, separately empowering each part of the system to maintain its efficacy.

As for the weapons in it, it retains its Hadron Cannons and Phase Transition Cannon as an incredibly powerful weapon capable of causing enormous amounts of destuction. In an attempt to further enhance it, Doctor Korosenai has incorporated into it copious amounts of Sakuradite and multiple Yggdrassil Drives, effectively driving up the power output of the Cannons in accordance to its size, allowing it to wreck havoc on entire landscapes.

With its floating system and its very own natural Absolute Defence System on top of the incorporated Absolute Defence Systems throughout its body, it is practically invulnerable and designed to be a fortress, floating high in the sky like a Damocles, especially in Fortress Mode.

With the many Chaos Mines, guns, sniper rifles, grenade and rocket launchers, VARIS Rifles and the like, it is designed to rain havoc unto enemies without much fear of opposition, using its A.I to direct and concentrate its fire on powerful targets, destroying them utterly.

Currently, upon discovering Sakuradite's additional ability to act as fuel, Doctor Korosenai has begun filling up his Mechas with excessive amounts of it, serving as additional fuel for the additional fillers, increasing the overall output of all his Mechas.

Guren S.E.I.T.E.N Eight Elements FormEdit

Modified and altered to be 160 stories tall, this modification has been the most taxing on Doctor Korosenai as the amount of matter he needed to collect was no small amount. But, with his incredible knowledge on Mechas and Physics, he had managed to design an incredibly large variant of the Guren SEITEN from what he had bought. In doing so, he had to make many drastic changes, such as including Yggdrassil Drives and massive amonts of Sakuradite in many areas of the new Guren S.E.I.T.E.N in order to preserve its mobility and great strength.

For its Radiant Wave Surger, it is now imbued with many independent Yggdrassil Drives and Sakuradite, allowing it to be powered separately from the other weapons and giving it its own power source. Enhancing it in this way, the Radiant Wave Surger has become a powerful tool for combat, acting as both a shield and a weapon. Being able to fire large waves and beams to annihilate targets is also another way in which it can be used, helping it destroy its enemies at extreme rates.

With its much larger Energy Wings, it is also capable at travelling at blinding speeds, to the extent where even sensors and tracking systems are unable to pinpoint it. Even with its increased size, it is also capable at travelling at this increased speed, making it a force to be reckoned with even by the most skilled of foes.

Like Doctor Korosenai's other robots, its body is also filled with machine guns, VARIS Rifles, Hadron Cannons, Rocket Launchers, and other assorted weapons throughout its incredibly bulky frame, made larger to be more effective and powerful. These designs enable the Guren to unleash enormous payloads upon its targets, such as creating turrets to defend areas, or simply create traps for enemies.

Combined with the Absolute Defense System throughout its body (as developed by Doctor Korosenai for his other forms as well), the Guren SEITEN can also be said to be nigh-invulnerable, capable of withstanding even meteor-like impacts without a scratch.

When shrunk, it maintains its incredible speed and then some, as with the condensed power it can now travel at vastly greater speeds, due to it weighing less. Its weapons, as a result, are also much more powerful as well. This is commonly done as its incredible size makes it inefficient when dealing with smaller targets.

Unknown to most, Korosenai does not actually change Knightmares, instead, he enters them via his now shrunken previous Knightmare. This gives Korosenai many layers of defense which he can capitalize on.

Currently, upon discovering Sakuradite's additional ability to act as fuel, Doctor Korosenai has begun filling up his Mechas with excessive amounts of it, serving as additional fuel for the additional fillers, increasing the overall output of all his Mechas.


A mind-boggling 18600 stories tall, this Evangelion is the most powerful ever concocted. Created by Doctor Korosenai using blueprints from the shop, it is a biological construct equipped with state-of-the-art energy equipment outfitted across its body, in a manner similar to Doctor Korosenai's previous creations. Comprising thousands of energy weapons across its exterior, fueled by Sakuradite and weapons such as the Radiant Wave Surger, it forms a tightly knit defense across the entire Evangelion, especially when it is shrunk. With a power output far greater than entire countries, and energy capacity sufficient to consistently power multitudes of Positron Cannons, the Evangelion can easily be said to be Doctor Korosenai's strongest Mecha. Its speed, courtesy of its larger power source, also attains new heights.

Even then, despite its ability to rain ordnance across countless battlefields (courtesy of the innumerable weapons shrunk and outfitted across its exterior), this barely scratches the surface of the Evangelion's power. In truth, all of these exterior layers of armour and energy are but a disguise concealing the true power lying within the Evangelion itself. The Evangelion is actually an incredibly large biological body looking similar to a human, except supernatural in nature. It has physical strength far exceeding the entire arsenal of Doctor Korosenai's weaponry, capable of ripping apart even Doctor Korosenai's strongest shields with the utmost of ease, even while restrained (yes, the armour outside it limits the Evangelion's powers).

When entering Beast Mode, or even Berserk Mode (where it has to be controlled manually by Doctor Korosenai, instead of through the remote systems he has set up), the strength of the Evangelion increases exponentially, as a sign of having its limiters removed. In this state, it can fully harness the full latent energies stored within all of Doctor Korosenai's equipment, as well as from lightning (external source), taking it within itself and multiplying its power manifold, becoming utterly capable of massacring its enemies as if cutting through tissue paper. Its speed becomes utterly insane, disappearing from the sight of even the most advanced technology, a testament to its incredible strength. Even then, this barely scratches the surface of the Evangelion's true strength.

In truth, an Evangelion's true power lies within its A.T Field (Absolute Terror Field), an energy field which it can manifest using seemingly supernatural powers. It is due to this A.T Field that it is able to conjure powers far greater than what its power output suggests. Courtesy of the incredible power contained within Doctor Korosenai's Evangelion, his variant is easily capable of warping light and reality around it, causing light to reflect and refract, concealing himself from sight. It is also capable of being used to generate explosions, shockwaves, and acting as a nigh-impenetrable, mobile shield which can defend itself at an extent far greater than all of the aforementioned abilities. With its ability to regenerate, and to be used offensively by reflecting projectiles and striking targets from range, Doctor Korosenai's Evangelion is said to be nigh unstoppable.

Yet, there is one more thing which truly makes it an A.T Field, and that is its ability to geometrically alter and warp the landscape with the greatest of ease, and grant the Evangelion itself additional abilities, such as the ability to warp its own form and make-up, creating additional forms of armour protecting its core, increasing its own density, and unleashing incredibly powerful, invisible lasers which can strike anything with perfect precision.

Layers of Defense (Battle Wolf)Edit

Battle Wolf (Normal) formEdit

The Battle wolf is an incredibly powerful creature which is highly mobile. Customizing its defense, Doctor Korosenai has covered it in Graphene armour which vastly dampens any physical and explosive impacts upon the Battle Wolf, and prevents anything from entering the wounds it may get from battle. Throughout this armour, it is imbued with Guns, similar to Doctor Korosenai, which it can use to increase its already enormous mobility and strafe enemies down. This has also increased its power as it is no longer vulnerable when retreating or otherwise, for it can unleash rocket launchers when jumping away from the opponent, or use shotgun bullets to increase the speed and power behind its attacks when striking the enemy. The Battle Wolf is hence an incredibly powerful close ranged fighter which is supplemented by Doctor Korosenai's strength, for when the Battle Wolf pins down the target, Doctor Korosenai will waste no time to snipe him repeatedly from close range.

After several years, the Battle Wolf easily grew several stories tall, literally dwarfing Korosenai but becoming an appropriate mount for Korosenai's Titan Form. Though Doctor Korosenai was sad that he no longer had a mount for human form, it was temporary as he discovered that he could simply shrink the Battle Wolf in its GT Robo form or otherwise.

Currently, its weaponry and armour have been upgraded to a huge extent, comprising even VARIS Rifles now, and Blaze Luminous armour shielding for its entire body, on top of its already incredible durability. With the Chaos Mines, the Battle Wolf can even activate those to strafe and further limit the enemy's movements more extremely.

Combining it with Energy Wings, the Battle Wolf's speed has become something to be reckoned with in the skies, let alone on the ground, enhancing its speed and ability to strafe and attack in melee.

As of now, it is further equipped with the Radiant Wave Surger (Claws), which weigh a lot. With it, its physical strikes become far more deadly, especially when coupled with its current, unfathomable speed, especially with the mass of the Claws behind it. Coupled with the Claws additional abilities, such as the ability to unleash massive amount of Gamma Rays to irradiate the target and superheat the claws, vastly increasing the efficacy of the Claws attacks. It can also unleash energy blasts to deal further damage and propel the Battle Wolf backwards for yet another attack.

It is estimated that the Battle Wolf has a Capture Level of about 90, which is extremely incredible. Beasts of only 10 levels above casually rip apart 100,000 ton Mammoth Tanks, dodge Satellite bombardment, and can endure even nukes.

Battle Wolf (Titan) FormEdit

Out of curiosity, Doctor Korosenai wanted to test whether the Battle Wolf could become a Titan. To his surprise, the experiment was successful. In this Titanic form, the Battle Wolf is both more ruthless and powerful, as its speed is multiplied manifold alongside its powers of regeneration. As a Battle Wolf's physical vitality is much greater than that of a human, its Titan Form is likewise much more powerful as well.

Not only is it much larger, it is able to use much stronger physical strikes with less fear of repercussion, due to its ability to regenerate. Combined with its tissue and skin being incredibly hard, and able to endure most forms of assault, its self-destructive tendencies are aggravated, and it tends to unleash incredibly powerful, debilitating blows through its claws which may even tear its palms off. It is also capable of accelerating and moving at far greater speeds, getting closer to matching older Battle Wolves and dealing far greater damage.

All without Doctor Korosenai's upgrades. With it, its speed is further enhanced, and its body imbued with more Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, etc. The Hadron Cannons and Energy Wings only serve to increase its strength, alongside the Rocket Launchers and Radiant Wave Surgers/Blaze Luminous weaponry located throughout its titan form (equipped through the GT Robo). With these weapons, the Battle Wolf Titan becomes a vast force to be reckoned with. This also makes the Titan nigh invulnerable.

Battle Wolf (GT Robo) FormEdit

In the GT Robo form, like Doctor Korosenai, the armour is much larger. Its size is modified to depend upon the size of Doctor Korosenai's current robot form, such as 160 stories to accommodate Guren SEITEN, via Ant Man technology. Its mobility is much greater than the Battle Wolf's original form as it is scaled up, and the weapons it can use much stronger as well. The only issue that may arise is that smaller targets may become harder to hit.

Like Korosenai's Forms, the larger GT Robo variants are modified with larger guns to optimally suit its size, and to ensure dominance over the enemy in melee range.

Layers of Defense (Phantom Beast Herac)Edit


In its normal state, the Herac is imbued with armour similar to the battle wolf. The difference is that it is not a melee-based mount, rather, it is one which is based on range. Its armour is infused with many weapons, in particular massive amounts of machine guns, which it can use alongside with his Breath attacks to enhance their speeds drastically, upgrading the Machine Guns' damage-dealing capacity to each match that of sniper rifles.

After the Timeskip, it grew to be much larger (around 100 metres tall), and is now equipped like a fortress, filled with the defences Korosenai has designed from Radiant Wave Shielding and equipped with more advanced Hadron Cannons and other equipment. In short, the Herac has become a literal fortress which is used by Korosenai as a mount for long ranged dominance.

It is estimated to have a Capture Level of about 90.

Herac (GT Robo)Edit

Of a similar size to the Battle Wolf variant. It is incredibly large with one notable difference - being infused with many wind turbines. These enhance the Herac's mobility to far beyond its original capacity, courtesy of the power provided to the suit from its breathing alone. These allow it to have turbo boosters which enhance its speed, and aid it in unleashing incredible strafes of bullets whenever it breathes out to propel the bullets. In this form, mostly rocket launchers are used to maximize its power and impact.

Even so, its true power is seen when machine guns are used. When breathing out, a literal wall of bullets can be seen, as a result of the Herac's breathing out propelling the wind turbines. As there are 2 sets of wind turbines, one for powering the suit (breathing in), and another for accelerating the bullets the moment they appear (breathing out), both the speed and the power of rocket launchers and guns increase exponentially as the battle proceeds on. Hence the Herac is Doctor Korosenai's most powerful ranged mount (and also the most expensive to continually use).

Now much larger and equipped with more powerful weapons such as the VARIS Rifle, Chaos Mines and Slash Harkens, the Herac is now much more apt and designed for combat, literally able to fire continuous walls of bullets at the enemy.

Layers of Defense (Raikou)Edit

Normal Form (Raikou)Edit

In its normal form, the Raikou is immune to the effects of lightning courtesy of the ability Volt Absorb, allowing it to absorb lightning no matter how powerful it may be. With Doctor Korosenai's Mjolnir calling down lightning strikes unto it continuously, Raikou becomes capable of unleashing endless amounts of thunder attacks at the enemy. Furthermore, this Thunder is far more powerful than its conventional skills, as it now possesses Terawatts worth of power behind it, enabling it to literally electrocute anything thoroughly the moment it makes contact.

Mjolnir's lightning also gives it a Lightning Armour of sorts, as a result of its Volt Absorb. This causes yet-to-be-absorbed lightning to surround Raikou's skin, electrocuting whoever touches it significantly. This also causes Doctor Korosenai's Raikou to be incredibly deadly in close-ranged combat.

When equipped with the Radiant Wave Surger Claws, it is capable of channelling incredible amounts of energy into it as well.

As a Pokemon, Raikou also possesses incredible durability, being unable to bleed, only faint. Also, it gets stronger whenever struck/charged by lightning. Courtesy of Mjolnir continually striking it, Doctor Korosenai's Raikou is now incredibly durable, capable of enduring almost any attack due to its absurd HP. Furthermore, with the Lightning, it is able to rapidly absorb and heal its HP, enabling it to last far longer in battle, requiring little to no additional defences/armour.

Raikou also happens to be the only mount for which Doctor Korosenai does not equip with armour, for its conventional Durability is already incredibly huge, with its lightning-like aura and skin acting as natural defences against almost all forms of attack, thereby removing much need for bullets, as Raikou can casually paralyze and shock enemies with powerful lightning bolts.

Raikou has some moves it has learned how to use courtesy of the amount of Lightning it has absorbed, they are:

  • Wave of Paralysis - Releasing a massive burst of lightning, Raikou paralyzes all targets within the vicinity, frying their nervous systems and preventing them from controlling their nervous systems for a short period, enough to disrupt attacks. With more power, entire nervous systems can be disrupted for prolonged periods of time, courtesy of the voltage remaining within the system.
  • Flash Step - Empowering its footsteps with the power of the lightning stop - Terajoules of Energy - Raikou is capable of propelling itself to speeds faster than almost all known things, disappearing from one location to reach another one entirely.
  • Lightning Shock Wave - One of the pokemon moves it has learned. Completely unavoidable, Raikou uses this against opponents far faster than it, or when the opponent cannot be hit. Channelling Terawatts of Power, this Lightning Shock Wave deals unfathomable amounts of damage in a matter of seconds, literally breaking down almost all forms of defence through vast electrocution.
  • Thunder Stomp - A skill developed by Raikou. By charging up unfathomable amounts of energy from the Thunder stored, it accelerates its paw using several pentajoules of energy, literally smashing the ground with the force of a nuclear bomb, unleashing incredible bolts of lightning outward in the process, shocking everything in the vicinity. If used on a creature, they receive the full brunt of the lightning strike.

GT Robo (Raikou)Edit

Deciding to conserve money, Doctor Korosenai has opted to use the GT Robo designed for the battle wolf for Raikou's use as well. Using the lightning it possesses, it can charge up the GT Robo far more than what the battle wolf can accomplish, supercharging it and increasing the strength of the GT Robo to far beyond its conventional limits, even without Mjolnir as Raikou can power it on its own. Furthermore, this increases the GT Robo's speed and strength exponentially, with the Mjolnir being able to be outfitted at other places instead.

Having stored incredible amounts of energy (Korosenai charges the Raikou whenever he is not actively using Mjolnir for other purposes), the Raikou is able to unleash massive Lightning Strikes from anywhere around its body as it charges towards the enemy in its GT Robo state. Electrocuting them, then using the Radiant Wave Surger Claws to damage them physically, enables Raikou (GT Robo) to deal incredible damage to its targets.

With the additional power imbued in the GT Robo, the Energy Wings system it uses is the 7 Winged System, and other weapons outfitted on it are mostly high-powered ones, such as Chaos Mines and Stark Hadron Cannons. All its ammunition are also further imbued with lightning, giving the GT Robo incredible fighting power.

Layers of Defense (Arcanine)Edit

Normal Form (Arcanine)Edit

A creature of vast power, capable of empowering all its fire attacks through absorbing fire, whilst being invulnerable to fire. Realizing that there are many vast applications to this, Doctor Korosenai has bought the Arcanine, placing it in a pseudo incinerator of his own creation, placing the Arcanine within it. In an attempt to increase its power exponentially, the Arcanine is struck from all sides by Radiant Wave Surgers and Terawatt lasers, forcing its body to experience heat matching that of the Sun's core itself. The power of this Incinerator comes from the Mjolnir which is equipped on Raikou, summoning lightning down unto the Raikou and the Incinerator, powering up both the Raikou and Arcanine at the same time.

As a result of these incredible amounts of heat being channelled into the Arcanine, it has stored up a vast amount of fire which it could hardly be expected to produce in several lifetimes, let alone one. The amount of fire it possesses likely exceeds that of all fire pokemon in the world combined, and renders it capable of unleashing an ungodly amount of flames in its attacks, surpassing even the flames of Moltres and other Legendary beasts such as Entei.

With its power, it is capable of casually unleashing blue flames or even invisible flames, incinerating entire landscapes in an instant through the power of the ambient temperatures generated.

Unlike Raikou, however, Arcanine is unable to heal its health from damage from fire attacks, instead experiencing greater boosts in firepower. As a result, it is more often used as a Glass Cannon by Doctor Korosenai, as it can literally burn through anything attempting to strike it in an instant while attacking the enemy. Arcanine may even surround it in fire around its body to act as both defence and offence, blocking almost all form attacks from making contact with itself. The heat generated is known to even vaporize ice in an instant, acting as another source of defence for Arcanine.

Shop items boughtEdit

  • Knocking Gun - infused into his guns to knock out targets alongside dealing massive damage
  • 2 GT Robo - Equipment he has bought for use by himself (and a Battle Wolf variant for his Battle Wolf). Equipped with larger variants of his conventional weapons
  • Battle Wolf - A powerful beast which Doctor Korosenai rides as a mount. This gives him greater ability to strafe and approach to deal maximum damage. When the GT Robo is customized to the Battle Wolf, it can unleash shockwaves of bullets at close range as well as unleash powerful melee strikes. It is designed to be able to unleash massive flurries of bullets at close range to supplement its melee prowess, even having rocket launchers to use when the Wolf wants to temporarily distance itself from the enemy.
  • Phantom Beast Herac - Another powerful beast which Doctor Korosenai can ride as a mount. This beast is equipped with a custom-made GT Robo which can change shape to fit either the battle wolf or itself. When equipped by the Herac, it is powered by the wind turbines within the suit itself, converting some of the power from the Herac's breathing into massive amounts of energy. This same energy is also used to fuel all the guns. When breathing out, it can be channelled to all the guns contained on the body of the GT Robo, creating massive shotgun bursts in all directions or rapid-fire machinegun strikes. This makes the Herac an incredibly powerful long-ranged mount.
  • Burner Knife - A weapon he uses for close-ranged combat when the time comes. The heat is also used to ignite ammunition at a much faster rate, allowing him to fire weapons 3 times faster.
  • Titan Shifter Serum (2) - Used on himself and his Battle Wolf to enhance their efficiency
  • Lancelot Conquista
  • Shen Hu
  • Shinkiro
  • Guren S.E.I.T.E.N Eight Elements
  • Ichiryu's Knife - A knife with unparalleled sharpness. It is so effective that it can cut through the ground simply by being dropped into it. This Knife is incredibly large, and can be used with Doctor Korosenai's various Mecha forms.
  • Mjolnir - A Hammer which gives Doctor Korosenai the ability to call forth lightning to charge the weapon itself. Doctor Korosenai uses this to supercharge all his Mechas, using the power of lightning (which goes up to 1 Terawatt) to continually shock his Mecha, trying to go into Mjolnir but never being able to as the lightning is being redirected to charge the Mecha and all systems in it. This gives the Mecha/Robot/Armour an electrical charge which shocks anything that comes into contact with it.
  • Rolo's Geass: The ability to pause the perception of time for whoever is within its area of effect. It freezes the user's heart, preventing it from beating when he uses it. Doctor Korosenai uses it to give people the impression that his bombs go off instantly. He uses it when they and himself are stationary to prevent them from seeing through the effects of this ability.
  • Raikou - Another mount purchased by Doctor Korosenai. Due to its ability to absorb lightning to empower itself without any danger whatsoever, it can be used alongside Mjolnir to make a powerful combo, giving it endless amounts of real lightning to both power mechas and unleash devastating lightning strikes unto the enemy.
  • Arcanine - A Fire Mount purchased by Doctor Korosenai. Its Fire-type moves get more powerful as it is struck by fire, as such, Doctor Korosenai found it prudent to purchase this creature, as its immunity to fire-type moves would enable it to gain a seemingly endless amount of firepower from storing the heat targeted at it, as well as endure all forms of heat-based techniques. This enables Arcanine to double as an unstoppable flamethrower.

Notable SKills and TechniquesEdit

Expert in Close CombatEdit

Born from a Bishokuya background, Doctor Korosenai has had much practice in close combat since he was young, for he had to fend off giant beasts and powerful creatures in the Human World before he endeavoured to become a scientist. After which, his skills did not falter, but increased further as he gained greater knowledge into nervous systems and the ideal angles for which muscles can deliver their maximum power, as well as the strongest, most effective joints to use for defence. Through great practice, he has learned how to parry and counter many different forms of martial arts, be they sophisticated or not, and learned how to minimize the impact of enemy strikes, relying on both rotation and momentum to then use against the enemy. This great power has boasted incredible use in close-ranged combat, helping him fight toe-to-toe with martial arts masters with no prior background in the area. Combined further with his incredible strength and speed, few Masters are able to stand up to his might, or even penetrate his highly developed armour in the first place.

Eventually, Doctor Korosenai developed additional weapons for the sole purpose of combat. Using the technology he had developed - Ant Man Technology, he had developed several weapons to be outfitted throughout his body across his armour. In this manner, his close-range proficiency increased exponentially, as it opened up many different avenues of combat. When needed, he may unleash powerful shotgun shells from the palm of his hand, allowing him to deal significant damage by simply grabbing opponents then firing on them at point blank range. With Machineguns across his body as armour, he may even fire bullets directly into different parts of the opponent's body at timely scenarios, dealing additional damage while they are preoccupied with close-ranged combat. This gives Doctor Korosenai an unparalleled advantage, as he may fire endless streams of bullets while combating the enemy at close range at the same time. This in turn makes him the undisputed master of close-range combat to many people.

Later on, creating the Radiant Wave Surger technology and outfitting his hands with powerful claws, his close-ranged prowess has increased further. Not only can he fight in a fashion similar to Alex Mercer, he may further unleash massive energy blasts and irradiate opponents, combining force with heat to more easily shatter the opponent's defences. With the Absolute Defense/Blaze Luminous System (Radiant Wave Surger) outfitted across his body, he is further capable of outputting incredible shields which can halt and rapidly melt even VARIS Rifle ammunition before it even makes contact. These defences further serve to guard against enemy strikes and deal damage to them, increasing Doctor Korosenai's skills in close-ranged combat.

Master Vampire TitanEdit

As an intelligent Titan, he is capable of using his conventional skills to great efficacy. With his Mastery in close-ranged combat, these effects are further transferred onto his Titan form, enabling him to fight on even ground with powerful, gigantic beasts such as Tailed Beasts, the Susanoo, and other massive creatures. Boasting incredible melee skills and strength courtesy of his Bishokuya background, he is capable of outmaneuvering most enemies with his techniques and speed. Combined with the additional supernatural advantages which the Vampire Genome imbues him with, his Titan form becomes a force to be reckoned with, capable of even greater regeneration and faster movements. With additional, larger guns throughout his body and Chaos Mines to use, he is further able to trap opponents and unleash incredible bombardments. If he has enough time to distance himself from the enemy, he may even set up his large turrets which can fire several million bullets per minute or more, providing artillery support from the sidelines.

Equipped with the Claws and possessing greater strength, the Master Vampire Titan is also far greater in close-ranged combat as well. With Slash Harkens and other assorted weapons throughout his body, his close ranged prowess increases dramatically, not only enabling it to fire bullets from throughout its armour, it may also unleash Slash Harkens to grab onto foes and drag them down, giving it ranged options to close in onto the opponent.

Possessing incredible regeneration and even greater supernatural functionality, Doctor Korosenai's Titan mastery is like no other, capable of making use of even broken limbs before it fully regenerates, enabling him to strike at his opponents with unexpected force. With greater regeneration than other conventional Titans, his mastery further enables him to use the Titan Form in unexpected ways, such as growing additional Bone Armour, or even piloting Mecha. This gives Korosenai many more options to make use of his power, helping him unleash greater strength against his enemies.

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