Also Known As The Endless of Destiny
Age 178
19 (biologically)
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 198lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Kingdom Athena (formerly)
Occupation Knight
Allies Edward Krane
Enemies Rickard
Status Alive
Image Gallery
Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening all at once.

—to Edward Krane

The Endless of Destiny is perhaps the key antagonist of R3 outside of Gaia, having a looming presence over the story since the beginning of R2 with his whispers to Kiryso making him form the group known as Eos. He plays chess with the lives of everyone he comes into contact with having a clear goal in mind.

Quick List of AbilitiesEdit

Knight PowerEdit

  • Whisper: Whisper is Destiny's main ability and pertains to the subtle indoctrination that he puts his victims through to manipulate their actions to create a desired effect. An example of this was when he "whispered" to Eddie Krane and caused him to start the War of the First in Olympus, when he "whispered" to Kiryso which pushed him to press for the unification of Eos and more recently, his "whispers" to Viserys to go out of his way to recruit certain members to Astrea. What makes Destiny's whisper so dangerous is how undetectable it is, Destiny claims he that he can begin the processing of whispering at the start of someones's life in order to make it seem like the thoughts he implants in their psyche are natural. There is no conceivable means of stopping Destiny's whisper.
  • Invasion: Destiny uses a variant of Invasion which allows him to trap people in manipulated conjurations of reality he makes in their mind. A stand out case of Invasion was through out part 1, where he'd used Invasion to trick Astrea into thinking they'd befriended A'llye when they'd really just befriended Destiny posing as A'llye.
  • Domain: Destiny exists in every aspect of reality at all times, however his presence can only be spotted if he is willingly allowing it too.

Authority of DestinyEdit

  • Awakening: Destiny has access to a book of the "Root Timeline", with access to this, he can see all possible futures and perhaps do certain things to alter it to his desired outcome.

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