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Daisuke Yuki
Daisuke Yuki -Req Young-
Rōmaji Herald
Also Known As Daisuke
Frost Bite
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Weight 178lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Kingdom Hermes
Occupation Shinobi
Family Julia Yuki (mother)
Alexander Yuki (father)
Stephan Yuki (brother)
Allies The Hounds
Status Alive
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Daisuke Yuki is the main NPC of St. Lucifer whose character progression runs parallel to that of the main characters. Like the main team, Daisuke was also recruited by Leviathan to join the Hounds in their effort to end corruption. However, he left Levi in search to accomplish his own goals.

Quick List of AbilitiesEdit

Ice ReleaseEdit

Really proficient with Ice Release. Capable of manipulating and forming ice to a prodigal level. Can also decrease the surrounding temperature.

Swift ReleaseEdit

Really good at it, main evasive and defensive technique but can use it offensively to quickly take out enemies.

Dark ReleaseEdit

Can absorb chakra in through left hand and subsequently manipulate and release this chakra in concentrated beams of destruction or store it and use it for Chakra Enhanced Strength.

Demon WeaponsEdit

Granted to him by a witch, his usual shinobi weapons contain the spirit of demons in them and can subsequently move and act according to Daisuke's thoughts. Furthermore because of the spirits the weapons durability and restoration are increased as well as it's offensive prowess and defensive capabilities. Daisuke's sword is known to attack life force directly at the consequence of draining his chakra. However by wielding the blade in his left hand he can feed the sword chakra acquired through Dark Release.


Really good at it.


Super duper skilled with a sword.


Amazing hand to hand fighter.


Can use the stored chakra from dark release to disrupt his own chakra flow and free him from genjutsu.