Cassandra Caelum
Also Known As
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Weight 138 lbs
Blood Type A-
Professional Status
Kingdom Balor
Occupation Magic Knight
Family Edward Caelum (father)
Allies None
Enemies None
Status Alive
Image Gallery

Cassandra Caelum is an 18 year old Magic Knight and Huntsman from the Kingdom of Balor that is dedicated to collecting and mastering as many weapons as she can get her hands on. She is Ultimate Domon's secondary RP character.

Background Edit

Cassandra is a member of the Caelum family, which are a group of powerful and renowned mages that live in a deep forest on the outskirts of Balor known as Deephaven. After completing her magic training, Cassandra ran away from her family, wanting to fulfill her dream of exploring the world and collecting loads of weapons along the way.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Magic Knight Edit

Cassandra's father, Edward, taught her how to use magic for many years, and she waited until her training was complete before she left Deephaven. While she still has much to learn, Cassandra is quite a powerful Magic Knight, and has many powerful spells at her disposal through the use of her grimoire, Weiss.

Dark Magic Edit

This form of magic allows the user to generate and manipulate darkness at will, typically in the form of jet black energy. Dark magic has been described as the polar opposite of Light Magic, and one of the fundamental properties of this magic is that it has low speed and requires more time to cast spells. To combat this, certain mages utilize Reinforcement Magic to channel Dark Magic through a weapon and increase their physical attributes. Another effect of Dark Magic is that it has the ability to absorb spells, namely from Light Magic, by creating small black holes or through dark spells cast at targets.

Huntsman Edit

As a Huntsman, Cassandra is able to use Aura, which is a manifestation of her soul that can form defensive barriers and fire shock waves through both herself and her various weapons, as all tools and equipment can be used as conduits for Aura. Cassandra's Aura is silver.

Semblance Edit

Cassandra's Semblance is Warp Strike, which lets Cassandra use her weapons to teleport herself to the location where the weapon landed. After throwing a weapon, she can reappear where it landed a moment later, weapon in hand.

Weapons Edit

Being an avid weapon collector, Cassandra has acquired many different weapons during her travels, primarily swords, as they are her favorite type of weapon. She wants to have a weapon to handle every situation, and thus carries an assembly of weapons on her back, always being prepared for whatever comes her way.

Swords Edit

White Blacksteel Katana and Wakizashi Edit

The White Blacksteel Katana is a simple, yet sturdy and powerful blade that is often wielded as a default blade of sorts for Cassandra. She normally wields it alongside a White Blacksteel Wakizashi, which is a shorter blade that can be used for blocking attacks, while striking with the katana.

Masamune and Murasame Edit

The Masamune and Murasame are sister swords, both of them being magically enchanted katanas. The Masamune increases the wielder's speed, while the Murasame increases the wielder's defense. Due to their nature as twin swords, Cassandra often wields them together, gaining both increased speed and defense, becoming a blazing whirlwind of destruction with both katanas in hand.

Zweihander Edit

The Zweihander is a gigantic greatsword that has been enhanced by Cassandra herself to set ablaze at her command, being able to burn and crush her opponents with incredible flaming strength.

Blood Sword Edit

The Blood Sword is a blade that has been given the ability to drain the health from whoever it strikes and give it to it's user. However, this effect is reversed if the sword is used on any kind of undead enemy, damaging the wielder and healing the opponent.

Wyrmhero Blade Edit

The Wyrmhero Blade is a powerful greatsword that is said to have been originally used by a great hero in the past. The sword has been bestowed with incredibly powerful magic that doubles both the user's physical strength and magical strength.

Falchion Edit

The Falchion is a divine sword that was forged from the fang of an ancient dragon upon it's departure from the land of the living, and has been imbued with the power to slay dragons. Despite it's name, it is not an actual falchion, but a shortsword.

Chainsword Edit

The Chainsword is essentially a sword with motorized teeth that run along the blade like those of a chainsaw. It makes use of the monomolecular-edged razor sharp teeth to grind through even the toughest of armors like nothing. It is Cassandra's personal favorite weapon in her collection.

Daggers Edit

Gladius Edit

The Gladius is a feather-light blade infused with the power of divine judgment, making it easy to wield and extra effective when used against evil foes.

Orichalcum Dirk Edit

The Orichalcum Dirk is a knife forged from orichalcum, an exceedingly hard, yet light and sharp, metal.

Lances Edit

Gungnir Edit

The Gungnir is a holy spear, created by ancient dragon kings from long ago. The lance becomes more powerful as the user grows weaker, being at it's mightiest when it's wielder is close to defeat.

Luna Edit

The Luna is a relatively normal spear, being mostly average in terms of it's power. However, it has been enchanted with a spell that allows it to completely bypass any sort of protective barrier, allowing it to pierce through both armor and magical shields with ease.

Axes Edit

Helswath Edit

Similar to the Gungnir, the Helswath is a holy axe, forged long ago. The axe enhances it's wielder's resistance to magic, as well as being an incredibly powerful weapon.


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