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Also Known As Lucifur
The Wolf King
The Prodigal Son
The White Wolf
The God Chef
God King of Wolf Chefs
Magic Racist
Age 21 (March 5th)
Gender Male
Height Maximum Height outside of Horseman of Death: 110 metres, can vary at will
Weight Maximum Weight: 40000 tons, can vary at will with different form (scaled off of Guinness)
Blood Type
Professional Status
Occupation Hunter
Level 42
Experience 25,880/42,000
Bounty 408,100
Family Solomon
Lea (deceased)
Wolf King Romulus
Allies Solomon
Romulus (somewhat)
Enemies "Spellmonkey King"
The Imperial Reich
Edward Krane
Status Alive
Image Gallery
Good, now you're just like magic, tasteless.

—Caranus, after draining the flavour and savouriness out of the Spellmonkey King, Bastion.

Caranus, is a 21 year old Battle Wolf and the current Wolf King of the Shinsekai, one of the Eight Beast Kings,  the most powerful beasts on the entirety of the planet and wields an unimaginable level of influence over the animal ecosystem of the Shinsekai, up to and including the entirety of all species residing in the Neveregion  Caranus is also the combo and animal partner to Alexander Solomon II, the Prince of Hera, and thanks to his consumption of the Hito Hito no Mi, is perhaps the closest thing to a human member of the Eight Kings that exist in the current world. As the Wolf King, literally no animal will ever attempt to attack him, with his mere presence having the power to scare away creatures around him and even cause persons to feel the desire to escape by any means possible. Caranus is the tallest, heaviest, and youngest Wolf King in all of history, and has perhaps the largest and most powerful wolf pack in the world with several subpacks. Despite not being more powerful than his father, Caranus is stronger than his father was at this age, finally surpassing his father's growth curve and thus being considered worthy according to lupine behaviour to be taken as the Wolf King.




Caranus was born in the Neveregion to the Wolf King of the Shinsekai himself, Romulus, who was known to formerly have direct connections to the current Empress of Hera, Amanda Solomon, and her husband, who went simply by his last name of Solomon, but is perhaps known in some circles as Samazaya II. The youngest wolf cub in the largest wolf pack in the entire world, Caranus was known to be an incredibly tenacious wolf, and often got into competitions with his much older siblings over who could hunt the most food. Due to this relationship between his father and Alexander's own parents, Caranus would meet Alexander before they both even became five years old due to Romulus treating Alexander as his own cub despite his otherwise human appearance, and Alexander's own ability to fit in socially with seemingly any group of animals, completely blending in as if he himself was a Battle Wolf. By the age of five, instead of competing with his older siblings, Caranus would often do these same competitions with Alexander, as they slowly began to develop a brotherly bond between each other that only would be amplified over the years to come. Caranus and Alexander played for a few years while he was absconding from schoolwork, and this intensive playing with Alexander warmed him up to the idea of trying to go the other way around and operate in a society filled with humans, while developing Alexander's natural physiology without the amplifications added to him by his lineage or powers from any sort of occupation to heights that can simply considered to be superhuman. 


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The Wolf KingEdit

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Wolf King Pup Physiology/ChefEdit

As the son of one of the members of the Eight Kings, and perhaps the most well known member, Romulus, the Wolf King and beast who shares the title of unchallenged ruler of the animal world with seven other creatures, Caranus has inherited both a great deal of physical capability and inherent intellect that makes him a natural alpha of his particular species, inheriting in great detail and power each one of his father's attributes and replicating them on a much younger scale. The youngest of his seven brothers, Caranus was often seen as the weakling amongst Romulus' most recent pack, but as of late, Caranus has demonstrated such an increase in power that it enabled him to face his father face to face and demand that the shunning is put to an end, and that he makes his own pack. Secretly, out of all of Romulus' many sons, Caranus is the one he wishes the most to take his place, having the tenacity and determination to declare his independence as well as the talent to dominate everything in the ecosystem, even that which cannot be touched regularly. Caranus' physiology puts him on par with wielders of Gourmet Cells naturally thanks to his unique bloodline, and has inherited the power that Alexander likes to refer to as, Wolf Soul, the power of a Wolf King and their direct descendants, exponentially enhancing his growth rate and base power compared to your average Battle Wolf.

  • Immense Superhuman Strength and Durability: Due in some part to his incredible size and weight, Caranus displays an absolutely outstanding level of physical strength bordering on levels that allow him to rival his brother of non-consanguinity. Caranus, as the son of the Wolf King, has nautrally inherited a tremendous portion of physical strength that far exceeds the strength of any other average Battle Wolf, allowing him to easily lift several tons of force easily. In fact, Caranus is known for being capable of lifting his own maximum weight, a whopping ten thousand tons, in the form of a normal wolf, a feat he accomplished simply to prove to Alexander that he was not the only one who could lift a weight of Caranus' full body mass. Ever since training over the past four months, Caranus has demonstrated a nearly unmatched strength physically such that a serious clash between Alexander and Caranus in terms of pure physical strength can lead to earthquakes and tremors rippling across an island, even blowing away and uprooting an entire forest. However, Caranus is slightly edged in the field of raw physical strength by Alexander, but this is an inconsequential matter, as Caranus can quite easily strike the ground with enough force to expose molten rock quite easily as if digging a geothermic vent. Similarly, Caranus displays an admirable bit of durability, as he can take drops from incredible heights and even tank Alexander's punches should he need to, a feat that Alexander has never seen accomplished without some sort of protection apart from their natural body. 
  • Vast Superhuman Speed: Caranus, as a fully matured Battle Wolf, is capable of moving at speeds far beyond that which is invisible to the naked eye, as even a newborn Battle Wolf is tens of times faster than the average human being. The son of the King of that race, Caranus's most amazing attribute his incomprehensible speed, something which has enabled Caranus over the years he has lived to vastly outclass and outrun most things he has been forced to go against, as his body has been forced to adapt itself if it wishes to keep up with the sheer levels of speed this young Battle Wolf is capable of accomplishing. Capable of moving fast enough to create mile high dust clouds if he so desires, Caranus is incredibly hard to spot in combat due to the fact that he is almost always moving, and at great speed at that. If the Fang Passing Fang technique hits a target with perhaps thirty hits even when given that all the attacks mystically somehow hit, Caranus, by himself using the singular Passing Fang technique is known to move quickly enough to get hundreds to sometimes thousands of hits in within the same timespan, putting him leagues above any humanoid or canine mutt of Inazuka descent. In fact, Caranus's natural speed is considered to be fast enough to be comparable to teleportation, appearing in one area and then suddenly with his jaws biting through an opponent or his claws already through their chest, a feat even a common born Battle Wolf was known for accomplishing. When combined with Body Flicker, Caranus was asked during his training if he was using the right technique or had the kekkei genkai, Swift Release, when he seemed to continuously outpace his opponents in battle without much effort as well as manage to "teleport" far more quickly. However, the young Battle Wolf has even more techniques that drastically amplify his speed, from the Rokushiki technique of Soru and even to it's evolution of Kamisori, to a few of his Nen abilities and skilled uses of Life Return. Similarly, Caranus' reflexes are considered to be nearly godlike, and for the most part, he claims that he is not hit by something he saw coming unless he wanted to get hit to set up something else. With his already immense speed factoring in, Caranus has had years to master an ability known as Intuition, an ability that allows him to greatly increase his reflexes and avoid attacks that would be for the most part invisible even for him. As a result, Caranus' thinks similarly quickly, and perceives the world at similar speeds, as well as demonstrates a great resistance to G-Forces.
    • Mastered Natural Intuition: Intuition is an ability born from vast amounts of experience in an area such as combat, but in rare occassions, such as being a descendant of the Eight Kings and therefore falling into one of their races, one can be born with such an Intuition. Caranus, as son of the Wolf King, was born with  a powerful Intuition from a  young age that far exceeded that of many other Battle Wolves, however, Caranus never trained with it. Over time, however, Caranus began to see the importance of using this ability that he was gifted, and eventually managed to completely enhance his combat capabilities in every regard. With a mastered Intution, Caranus is capable of detecting things that would be normally undtectable and react to them, such as pheromones or incredibly thin attacks that would normally be too thin for one to see or feel exactly what was happening. Additionally, Caranus is capable of reacting to and avoiding most attacks thanks to this mastered ability, as Caranus is capable of reacting to attacks even the user is unsure where exactly it would hit, a step above Kenbunshoku Haki as he can see directly where the attack will target and protect himself from it. Additionally, the Instinct, or Intuition abilitiy has vastly improved Caranus' precision, as he now stands capable of targeting the vital points of most beings even if he has never seen them before with fatal precision. Caranus is also capable of somewhat feeling when things are going awry, getting a strange tingling feeling within his skin, as well as is capable of channeling his Intuition to locate a target in a manner similar to a sixth sense. Due to the way Intuition works, informing the user of attacks that would be otherwise undetectable, Caranus' sensory perception when concentrating his Intuition is extraordinarily advanced.
  • Intimidation: Caranus has a uniquely powerful Intimidation stemming from his unique heritage, his level of power, and his abilities which are meant to impose fear into those nearby. When Caranus wishes to intimidate his foes, the person in question feels an incredible cold wash over them as his jaws strenghten as his razor shap teeth enlarge, beginning the first stage of Caranus' multilayered Intimidation abilities. Secondly, Caranus' body begins to seem distorted and imposes fear into the hearts of the weak hearted. Then, Caranus' claws, each imbued with some of the essence of the Wolf King and then infused with his own Appetite Energy, strikes a powerful intimidation as if one of the Eight Kings themselves were standing before the opponent in this particular area, and while the Intimidation is nowhere near the scale that it would be if it was actually Caranus' family (i.e, it isn't felt acrosss the entirety of the planet), Caranus creates a feeling of similar, albeit scaled down intensity, as visages of the current Wolf King and the past Wolf Kings, form behind him, due to Caranus possessing his own royal claws and a few of the fangs of the King of Wolves deep within his claws. Apart from Caranus' already frightening smell when releasing his territorial pheromones, Caranus can then top it all off by releasing his strongest manifestation of Intimidation, Cerberus, his Appetite Demon. This being is a hairy multi-eyed, multiheaded beast of titanic size, even above that of Caranus' own size, glowing with an ominous red demonic glow. The image is accompanied by balls of molten rock and fire falling from the sky, as well as cracked ground with lava bubbling up everywhere around him.  A portion of Cerberus' tail, however, appears to be frozen.
  • Superhuman Senses: A wolf is already known for having senses far beyond that of the normal human. However, much more so, is that of the strongest species of wolf in the world, and the son of the absolute alpha of such a pack. Caranus, through ths use of his sense of smell, can locate and track after almost anything he needs to search after, demonstrating similar prowess to Alexander in the sense of smell. In fact, Caranus has continously demonstrated the ability to smell miles upon miles ahead of him, and it is noted that the former Wolf King had the ability to use a sense of smell so potent that it covered the entirety of the planet Earth in a world which was similar in size to if not vastly larger than the world of Requiem. With this, Caranus is capable of learning the age, sex, habitat (as in, where they live/take up residence/places they have visited granted the smell is familiar or he has been there), and even the favourite foods of his target with great ease, though his sense of smell is not yet perfected. He can smell the soles of the shoes someone who walked past was wearing, or even the brand of cigarette they smoked. Caranus can also hear for miles and hear whispers over a similarly large distance, as well as hear extremely high frequency sounds. However, Caranus also demonstrates the ability to use the magnetic fields of the Earth in a sense known as magnetoreception, and can use this to estimate distance and direction based on the sound relative to the slope of the Earth's magnetic field.
    • Night Vision: Caranus benefits from his physiology and that of a human's granted to him by his Hito Hito no Mi, as he demonstrates an incredible ability to see at night, and through darkness, seemingly being completely unaffected in the most pitch black of situations, as well as being capable of perceiving colour.
    • Caranus Search:
      • Strong:
  • Unique Claws: As a Battle Wolf, Caranus possesses incredibly powerful claws that rival some of the sharpest of blades and can parry some of the most powerful of slashes with outstanding ease, that he combines with his incredible speed and dexterity to produce amazing feats of clawmanship, capable of extending their length at will as to effectively cover distances short, medium, and lengthy, as well as catch the weapons or attacks of opponents in between them and redirect them by simply moving the rest of his arm. To accomodate his incredible weight and strength, Caranus possesses unfathomably dense, razor-sharp claws that seem to be nearly impossibly to truly cut through. As if to make it worse, Caranus also possesses three of the teeth of his own father, the Wolf King Romulus, deep within his claws, something which has transformed Caranus' claws into an existence that seems incapable of being cut through, being the enamel equivalent formed by one of the Eight Kings themselves, and therefore seemingly capable of slicing through almost all things he has to cut. However, as a chef, while preparing food or one of his attempts at true cooking, refuses to use his claws, either cutting it with pure Appetite Energy or using the holy knife, Cinderella itself. These claws are also incredibly reactive to Caranus' Appetite Energy, and upon being infused with Appetite Energy, enable him to cut through vast swathes of land with a single strike, as well as have his Appetite Energy act upon whatever it striked whether it be living or non-living, quite literally consuming the person or object whole, before inducing a burping reaction within Caranus himself. While the full power of these claws are catastrophic, Caranus is capable of controlling the amount of Appetite Energy he places into it.
  • Gourmet World Beast Adapatations:
    • Internal Temperature Regulation: As a Battle Wolf and a descendant of the Eight Kings, inheriting and thus, being birthed with Gourmet Cells, Caranus demonstrates the ability to manipulate his internal body temperature, something which enables him to survive some of the most dangerous environments and has been a natural feature in his species to allow them to survive the harsh weather conditions of the Gourmet World with incredible ease. A species hailing from a section in the Neveregion that possseses every weather condition in the world, Caranus as a Battle Wolf is caapble of controlling his internal bodily temeperature to truly absurd degrees, allowing him to resist both attacks of utmost frigidity and those of incredible heat, as well as such environments,
    • Gravity:
    • Poison:
  • Howl:

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • Life Erase: A vital technique for any hunter, Life Erase is a technique that enables one to, for all intents and purposes, conceal their presence from those around them, and is founded on the principle of subsiding their intents or killing aura whatsoever. Upon mastering this, Caranus has learned that all beings, despite how benevolent and pacifistic they may be, passively exude some degree of killing intent, as nothing in the world is possibly obtained without disadvantaging another being by default, therefore harming them, even in the most minor of ways, indirectly. However, Caranus has demonstrated his ability to cloak even those intentions from almost every person, a notable exception to this being his father as Caranus' goals directly contradict the position of his own father. Regardless, by concealing his presence, Caranus can hide himself and approach his target without it noticing him whatsoever, and without the slightest bit of hostility. While those with powerful enough sensory perception may be able to detect him, Caranus' own cloaking capabilities are such that one usually does not find it necessary to activate such an ability. Alternatively, an entity capable of perceiving Caranus' flavour and savouriness may be capable of perceiving him instead.
  • Isolation: A technique granted outstanding effectiveness given Caranus' great speed, Caranus demonstrates the quite common ability to create what would appear to be afterimages that appear completely solid for the most part due to the sheer speed he created them at and the particular technique used to create them. As a Speed Class Technique, Caranus demonstrates a natural talent with this particular technique, as he demonstrates the ability to create multiple afterimages that surround and even to some extent take advantage of the opponent's superior speed due to the fact that seconds are much longer than they would usually be to someone much slower. Caranus is seemingly capable of such mastery of the afterimage technique that he creates clones with sheer speed that demonstrate the ability to attack the opponent before suddenly dispersing. Alternatively, he can create solid looking clones that work as distractions to his opponent's and upon contact, suddenly dissipate, however, the maximum amount of time Caranus can keep any single afterimage up is three seconds. However, within those three seconds, Caranus is capable of creating multitudes of illusionary constructs.
    • Avatars of The King: Allows him to create Appetite Energy Constructs of himself in his massive size that basically act as Wolf King Shadow Clones.
  • Food Luck: During his training on the Storm Islands, it was joked that the amount of Food Luck the young wolf possessed appeared to be so vast that if it was any higher, it would be effectively tangible. Caranus has tremendously high food luck and is capable of hearing the voices of ingredients, or the voices of Food Spirits. Capable of stumbling across rare and unique ingredients, this particular ability has made finding food never a problem for Astrea no matter where they may be granted that Caranus is onboard, as well as manage to survive a confrontation against his father that lasted less than a second out of sheer luck, managing to get punted all the way back to Alexander's open arms in a trial simply meant to test Caranus' luck, at which point a wild beast that fit Alex's target detail suddenly appeared. Caranus has Food Luck so potent that he is capable of weaponizing it, in the form of Gourmet Luck.
    • Gourmet Luck: An ability only capable of being manifested in those with outstanding levels of Food Luck, Caranus is capable of offensively utilizing this immense level of Food Luck to allow his attacks to hit the opponent and force his opponent's to miss almost as if warping reality in order for such a thing to happen, something considered to not be much different from the power of the Ultimate Routine. As a result, Caranus can seemingly avoid the most unavoidable of attacks and land what may appear to be the most improbable of attacks, which maybe incredibly lethal depending on how it hits the opponent and if Intuition is involved. The technique does have its weaknesses, however, and most notably lasts about 3-5 seconds at a time before having to recharge for about 15-20 seconds, with such a large cooldown time meaning that Caranus needs to hit a decisive strike whenever this, one of his major trump cards, are used if his opponent is comparable in speed to him and he should be fighting a losing battle.
  • Territorial Pheromones: In the animal Kingdom, territory is a necessity, and is how species remain distinct from one another. While many animals make use of pheromones to mark their territory or prevent other species from entering willingly, the alpha (male or female) in a Battle Wolf pack is capable of producing a powerful pheromone that, while it is usually meant to repel most individuals from entering the territory, often induces suicide. The pheremone, especially when descended from such royalty, is of such potency that, while the stronger willed feel the sudden urge to back down and get away from Caranus as quickly as possible, the weaker willed, or those who have inhaled vast quantities of it relative to a single breath, see the escape window as so thin it only encompasses one method: suicide. Caranus is capable of releasing a potent pheromone that induces in the opponent a feeling of being trapped and enclosed with no easy way out, the easiest way out instead being the committing of suicide. This musk, along with a howl, usually summons Caranus' pack as it marks the area temporarily as Caranus' territory, and while he is capable of manipulating the intensity, the pack will not be summoned unless the pheromone is emitted at its fullest extent.
    • Taming: Caranus, as the Prince of Wolves and all things canine in general, Caranus for the most part is easily capable of having animals simply bow down to his every whim through nothing but a simple glance, his sheer appearance being such an overwhelmingly dominanting visage in the Animal Kingdom that for some strange reason, many animals act as if they had seen a Mother Snake despite the fact that he is actually a Battle Wolf. However, considering that he also demonstrates the ability to emanate pheromones, Caranus is capable of releasing such potent pheromones that cause them to become subjugated under his will, and even have it affect regular human individuals, taming the minds of the weak-willed and granting him his own little servants.
  • Appetite Energy: Appetite Energy, is a unique form of energy said to lay dormant within Gourmet Cells until one who possesses them learns to harness and control it, a potent form of energy that represents the hunger and appetite of the predator in question. By focusing their overwhelming hunger and consumptive desire, one can manifest this concept outside of their body in the form of energy, allowing them to utilize and manipulate this technique in combat or in hunting. Only the top predators display the potential to unlock and utilize this from of energy, and Caranus, as a direct descendant of both of the pack alphas of the entire race, is inherently at one of the very highest apexes of the food chain. Due to possessing a part of his father within his claws as well as thanks to his recent training, Caranus has had a surprisingly easy time mastering the powers of Appetite Energy, utilizing it to accomplish a variety of different effects. Caranus is known for being incredibly versatile with the constructs of Appetite Energy he produces, from creating powerful shields that protect him from and can begin to consume that which comes into physical contact with it at full power, to firing a powerful laser from his mouth that takes on the primal form of a wolf, and is usually the most difficult way to master. Upon using his Tasting Scope to see the opponent's flavour, Caranus can directly target and cause his Appetite Energy attacks to home in on a given target. Additionally, this degree of control allows Caranus to "reawaken his appetite" in those struck by it to a powerful enough degree, sparking his Appetite Energy and slowly eating them from the inside out, though this is far easier to do if the Appetite Energy came in question came directly from his unique claws.
    • Tasting Scope: Caranus demonstrates the ability to see and measure the strength of any creature by their flavour and savouriness, with flavour representing their mental and to some extent, their spiritual capacities, while their life energy and physicality determining their savouriness. This also allows Caranus to see targets over vast distances or from incredibly high up through using his vision, with more powerful targets glowing brighter than those who simply are not as powerful. Additionally, they each have a unique glow that allows one to, for the most part, differentiate targets.
  • God Cooking: Caranus, is a chef, predator, and fighter dominantly, and as such, demonstrates abilities that encompass those three areas. Through the use of his skill with Appetite Energy, his knowledge and proficiency in the culinary arts up to and including the concepts of flavour and savouriness down to the very last detail, and how they relate to the new world, Caranus skill as a chef proves to be extraordinary.
    • Savouriness: Apart from being capable of heightening this particular attribute of a prejpared meal, in combat, Caranus is capable of accessing and modifying this attribute of a being including himself or an object. Through the manipulation of Savouriness, Caranus is capable of amplifying his physical attributes further and transforming him into a true monster, healing and revitalizing his allies from what may appear to be the brink of death, force his body to heal and regenerate, as well as grant his allies temporarily increased physical capabilities. Additionally, Caranus can utilize savouriness to increase the growth rate and healing capabilities of things existing in nature, such as plants. Alternatively, by heightening the savouriness of a dish, Caranus can create effects not too dissimilar from the power of a Senzu Bean. It also allows him to greatly strengthen the actual cutting capabilities of his claw by reactivating the essence of the Wolf King in his claws. Thanks to the Tasting Scope, Caranus can immediately detect and assess a patient's health and restore them to optimum condition. When channelling this through Cinderella, Caranus' cooking powers are greatly amplified. Caranus can also purposely butcher one's savouriness on impact to cause further damage to an opponent's physical being or render them quite tired. After consuming an opponent with his appetite energy, Caranus can assimilate their savouriness and re-energize himself, or others by releasing this energy, though the downside to this is that it re-energizes indiscriminately. Demonstrating such a proficient skill in savouriness alteration as the world's definitive #1 chef, Caranus is capable of treating and curing curses themselves, an incredibly powerful, unidentifiable, and fatal type of disease. Caranus can achieve extraordinary feats like crushing the hearts of an individual only to revive it entirely and have it be more powerful than ever.
      • Savour Bomb: Caranus, through imbuing a region with a high concentration of Savouriness granted that the material or being in question is incapable of holding such a level of savouriness, Caranus can effectively overcharge objects or persons with savouriness, inducing an explosion in the targeted substance.
    • Flavour: Flavour, as the second of the imaginary culinary elements, and the equivalent to the element referred to as yin by many, is an incredibly important aspect of cooking, and an element that Caranus has similarly mastered to an incredible degree, allowing him to modify and alter the flavour of an object seemingly without much effort, as well as that of his own. As a result, Caranus is capable of supercharging his own mental energy with an ethereal, usually invisible blue flare of light only visible to those with the powers of Tasting Scope, as well as create defences against telepathic invasion, amongst other things. Through flavour, Caranus is capable of creating such an intense static that his mind is considered to be almost impervious to telepathy whenever this barrier is up. Additionally, by making direct or indirect physical contact, especially if activating the power of a Dark Technique, Caranus is capable of repairing the psyches of others while being connected to their thoughts at the current moment, temporarily allowing him to become what is effectively a telepathic mailbox, receiving information but sending none of his own. Flavour allows one to manipulate the very consciousness, and once one's flavour has managed to be cut, Caranus can then seal their very consciousness by having his knife learn the individual's flavour, and keep this memory. Caranus can either cook a person properly, improving their mental faculties or can butcher it and result in effects not dissimilar to stupefaction. By utilizing his knife on someone's very flavour, Caranus can also engrave messages in their mind that pervade even through illusionary techniques and use his unmatched talent with a glorified kitchen knife to "paint" realistic images, effectively forcing an opponent to hallucinate. This flavour can also be used to cause individuals to spasm out of control, Caranus setting off attacks that seemingly attack the body, but affect the "consciousness" of the individual more so as if the very nervous system had been attacked.
    • Dark Techniques: Dark Techniques, are said to be kitchen techniques that are usually prohibited by most organized groups of Saiseyas lest the circulation of food be completely upset. However, due to Caranus' status as one of the progeny of the Wolf King himself, as well as a Battle Wolf, Caranus' use of these techniques are considered to be completely "legal" and fit within the boundaries of the circulation of food due to his natural position as one of the greatest predators within the animal kingdom. As the world's greatest chef, Caranus demonstrates the superhuman ability to pass his knife in the gaps between one's cells without damaging them in the slightest, using it's status as a divine Revitalizing Kitchen Knife, using this knife to induce constant restoration upon an ingredient, as well as greatly assist the regeneration of anything he desires. Caranus can even use these Dark Techniques on himself, and by forcing his savouriness and flavour barriers to replicate the ratio found in Cinderella, he can effectively replicate the power of Dark Techniques with his own hands.
      • Freshness UP Revitalizing Cut: By thrusting his knife into the ground Caranus can create a shockwave of slashes that spread across the surrounding vicinity and instantly heals and awakens any fallen entity in the area from the brink of death, as well as enhances their physical abilities. If Caranus so chooses, he can tap into the power of Taste Change and manipulate their flavour in order to turn them into his minions.
    • Back Channels: The Back Channel is an alternate realm of space that can be used for safe, incredibly fast travel without any sort of repercussions, and can be used for unmatched levels of stealth. When Caranus enters the Back Channel, all senses are rendered useless in tracking him as the space in which he now resides appear to exist in a completely different place. While usually scent lingers around for a while, it soon becoms untraceable. By entering into these channels, Caranus can effectively perform a tactical retreat to hide and protect himself and others from external threats.  However, Caranus can also demonstrate unique techniques revolving around the harnessing of power of Back Channels.
      • Warp Road: Caranus is capable of opening up or finding rips into the Back Channel and then simply open up another rip at will, erasing the traces and having him movements be basically untraceable, allowing for stealth movements and flawless escapes. Also, by creating these rips, Caranus is capable of simulating teleportation from one end of the path to the other without much difficulty.
    • Wolf King's Dining Kitchen: Sunny's Dining Kitchen abilities with all of his fur, so it also enhances him.
      • ​Lucifur: Satan Hair but with all of his fur.
    • Unparalleled Intimidation:


Hito Hito no MiEdit

The Hito Hito no Mi, is a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a human hybrid and a full human at will, and allows one to access the full power and attributes of the human physiology upon (if applicable) their pre-existing one. While a very underrated fruit, in the hands of Caranus, this fruit is an incredibly effective and devastating weapon. Firstly, the fruit grants the user a drastic increase in their intellectual capacities, and considering the fact that Caranus' intellect was equal to, if not quite a good deal greater than the average human being, this Devil Fruit has drastically amplified Caranus' intellectual capabilities and rendered him both a genius and prodiguous in most things he has attempted to achieve. This has also bolstered Caranus' capacity to read human body language, allowing him to be quite suspicious of most dishonest activities he witnesses from the beginning. Caranus was seemingly imbued with the capability to speak multiple langauges, and an advanced intuition/level of common sense, which allowed him to advance at an insane rate far faster than most humans who attempt to learn a new skill. However, apart from his intellect, Caranus was also granted other additional benefits due to simply consuming this fruit. As an animal, Caranus can inherently understand and communicate with other animals and is therefore capable of serving as a sort of animalistic translator.

For one, all Zoan type Devil Fruits are known for granting the user an increase in  physical capabilities, which allows them to deal increased damage to their opponents due to having an all-rounded increase to their physical strength, speed, stamina, durability, and endurance, something which is indispensable for his style of fighting and pre-existing abilities. Secondly, Caranus also gains a boon to his senses due to the power of the human sensory capabilities. While Caranus would be able to see in the night, the amount of cones in the human eye has greatly amplified his ability to see in the dark. Most creatures are in capable of truly seeing colours at such low light, but Caranus is capable of full resolution, full colour vision in the darkness of nights or situations, allowing him to see even the most elusive of prey. The Hito Hito no Mi also allows Caranus to retain his blinding speed and energy from his voracious appetite for a much longer time than he would have normally due to the development of the bipedal position for as long as he needs it, and even amplify his speed even further due to the two-legged nature of humans.  These forms can also be modifed and altered using the power of Life Return, greatly increasing the versatility of Caranus' Zoan transformations.

  • Size Point
  • Martial Point
  • Guard Point
  • Hybrid Form: Uses it for finding weakness, don't like it, perfect for practicing something
  • Full Form
  • Awakening

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

The first form of Haki, is Kenbunshoku Haki, a type of aura utilization found predominantly in those who fit under the archetype or possess the characteristic of observation. This power grants several main sub-abilities all based off of the theme of observation. For one, the power known as the Colour of Observation gives Caranus the power to "see" or rather sense the presence of others regardless of whether or not they are currently capable of being seen (i.e, concealed from view in some manner), or even too far to perceive naturally, as Caranus can locate targets over incredible distances with this particular technique, which has the potential to extend to even further degrees with his other sensory abilities such as Tasting Scope.

Additionally, Kenbunshoku Haki also grants one the capability to predict the movements of an opponent shortly before it is made, allowing them to evade the attack quite easily. In fact, Caranus' Intuition and Kenbunshoku Haki make an incredibly perfect pairing, as apart from sheer precognition, Caranus can seemingly dodge some of the fastest attacks on reflex by simply swaying through it, a feat that has been demonstrated by many before him. The more killing intent the enemy has, the easier they become to predict, but Caranus can predict moves whether these ambient murderous intents exist or not. In fact, due to his particular training with the Life Erase, dodging attacks with Kenbunshoku haki may be easier for him than others due to being aware of the passive murderous intent.

Finally, Caranus is capable of utilizing Kenbunshoku Haki on a uniquely powerful level, allowing him to sense and empathize with the emotions and nature of others. With this, Caranus can begin to understand the personality of whoever he is dealing with upon a single observation, and hence judge whether or not certain actions would be the best route to take. Caranus can sense the suffering or fear in the hearts of others, or even the agressive nature he is usually accustomed to seeing in persons he fights. With their emotions noticed, Caranus can use the emotional emanation of a particular target to track them regardless of if they desire to be tracked, and use his Tasting Scope to get a wider picture of as to why they feel that way in particular. Caranus' Kenbunshoku Haki also allows him to sense the strength of others, a basic attribute of the power in question.

  • Learned to combine Kenbunshoku Haki with his Wolf King Sense of Smell

Busoshoku HakiEdit

The second form of Haki, is the form known as Busoshoku Haki, alternatively known as the Colour of Armaments. By utilizing this form of Haki, Caranus is capable of utilizing his spirit, or aura, or even then, ambition, to create what is for all intents and purposes an invisible armor around themselves/their bodies. This invisible armor, unless Hardening is used, is invisible for most persons, and allows the user to effectively amplify the power of their attacks and take their opponent off guard should they be incapable of sensing the power of Haki. There are a few things one should know about Busoshoku Haki before one can truly understand the method in which Caranus' ingenius usages of this particular form of Haki works, however.

Firstly, despite Busoshoku Haki seemingly being just a defensive ability based on the definition, it is actually not so, as Busoshoku Haki is actually capable of being utilized as a weapon to strike others with, a natural application of the aforementioned invisible armour property. Additionally, it can also be imbued into weapons or other objects, or simply parts of the users body, to reap the benefits of Busoshoku Haki. As mentioned, Busoshoku Haki is infact capable of being weaponized, or made offensive, and when used in this way, any attack or weapon enhanced by Busoshoku Haki hit immensely harder than it would normally without it, with regular wooden arrows in combination with Busoshoku Haki being capable of penetrating and piercing through solid stone, or stop the blade of a swordsman from chipping.

Secondly, this form of Haki is also capable of being projected as pure brute force, blowing their opponents away upon contact with said force and injuring them. Both applications of this power have the capability to bypass the powers of a Devil Fruit user with an alteration to their body in any manner, touching the substantial body beneath what protection the fruit provides, allowing Caranus to strike Logias and damage otherwise immune Paramecias, and can also be used as a higher level of offensive power. With a heavy concentration, parts of one's body can become black, making them more formidable and their attacks more power.

Caranus, in particular, is a virtuoso at the usage of Busoshoku Haki, and due to his lupine physiology has had to develop ways in which Haki would benefit him as much as it would benefit a regular, human person. The first of Caranus' solutions were to combine the power of this Haki with Rokushiki. While not knowing all of the techniques, Caranus has been shown to possess some mastery of the power. By coating his leg in Busoshoku Haki, Caranus is capable of greatly increasing the amount of force that his foot strikes the ground with, vastly amplifying the power of his Soru to levels that appear to be beyond that of the power of a regular usage of Soru and easily appearing to be teleporation to the untrained eye. Additionally, Caranus is also capable of the same with Geppo, and utilizing Busoshoku Haki while doing so allows him to jump of the air with much more force, and as a result, move much quicker through the air. It is known that this particular usage of Haki, without adding in the Water Walking technique, allows Caranus to effectively walk on water. Shigan, is also no exception to this, as Caranus demonstrates the ability to fire a Haki imbued Shigan capable of penetrating multiple targets in a crowd simultaneously, as well as bypassing Devil Fruit abilities. Greatly extending the range of this technique, Caranus is capable of firing off these techniques like bullets when using his claws as the medium for this.

Caranus is also capable of channeling this Haki into his claw, allowing him to cut through objects with far more powerful force and slice through some fo the most resistant of materials. Additionally, Caranus is capable of bypassing intangibilty as result. However, Caranus does not stop there, as he demonstrates the capability to use his Haki and imbue it into flying slashes much like formidable swordsmen, something which allows even those slices to bypass a Logia's defense with incredible ease. By placing Haki into the air in the same way it is imbued into a flying slash, Caranus has demonstrated the ability to stop incoming attacks and return them with the earlier mentioned pure brute force. 

Haoshoku HakiEdit

Finally, for the rarest form of Haki, Caranus possesses and is capable of harnessing Haoshoku Haki, a sign of being recognized by nature itself as an entity who possesses kingly characteristics, and can only be found in a ratio of 1 for every 1 million people in the world. In the world, Caranus is perhaps one of the few beings overqualified for such a power, being born with and then continuing to show such qualities. At birth, Caranus descended from one of the unofficially highest positions one could hold claim to in the Animal Kingdom, as the son of one of the Eight Kings themselves from the alpha female of the pack. In fact, Caranus' tenacity, intellect, and determination, has made him branded by his father in a sort as a sign of respect, something that Romulus only gives his sons when he feels they have become worthy. Additionally, Caranus' princely status does not end there, as Caranus also reigns in the field of intellectualism and all around skills, eing quite above the common man in most things he sets his mind to.

Forming his own pack in which he stands as the alpha, Caranus is easily proven to be worthy of said power. Haoshoku Haki, or the Color of the Conqueror, is a unique form of Haki that allows one to impose one's will, or dominance, on others around them. In the animal Kingdom, this power is prevalent and basic, and it's most natural form can be seen within nature, not excluding a wolf pack. A wolf exerts dominance signals to reduce fighting within a pack and increase submission signals. Similarly, Haoshoku Haki serves this role perfectly, and if Caranus needs to, he can utilize this form of Haki while dealing with his pack.

This form of Haki allows Caranus to exert his will upon others and dominate their own, something which enables Caranus to render unconscious any entity with a weaker will than his own. Caranus' Haoshoku Haki is powerful enough to create tangible shockwaves when released and crack objects in his immediate vicinity, including the hulls of ships that he may be aboard of. In addition, Caranus also shows enough skill to target whoever he wishes to incapacitate within a large group and leave the others alone.  This allows him to cripple the forces or manpower of a group of assailants, as well as tame the most powerful and dangerous of animals. Already given the fact that most animals will not attack Caranus, due to the sheer fact that he is both a Battle Wolf and to a miniscule extent carries the scent of the Wolf King on him at all times, this taming effect allows him to target many other animals, and to some extent, humans, reversing the normal method of humans taming animals. By continuously applying this on those with a weak will just well enough in accordance with his Tasting Scope, Caranus can technically reprogram individuals, however, the drawback to this are that the ways to counter this are many, and multifarious. However, those Caranus uses on are usually too weak, weakened, or have too weak of a will to have or mount a defense against this.

Fighting StylesEdit


Rokushiki, otherwise known as the Six Powers, are a set of superhuman techniques, or rather, it is a special superhuman fighting style meant to grant those who use it a superiority over the more common folk. While not paying enough attention to learn every technique belonging to the fighting style, Caranus is capable of utilizing the four he cared about with a tremendous degree of skill.

  • Soru: One of the six techniques of this particular fighting style, Soru can be considered to be comparable to an instant-movement type technique, developed in order to grant the wielder of this particular technique an incredible degree of movement speed and to a similar extent, combat speed. Perhaps the most fundamental of Soru, mastering Soru is not considered to be quite too difficult. The fundamental principle of this particular technique is the ability to kick off of the ground at least ten times in the blink of an eye, seemingly granting one a level of speed akin to teleportation. Through tapping into this incredible speed, Caranus is capable of evading some of the swiftest of attacks as wel as completely eviscerating his opponents before they even realize they are being attacked, capable of attacking them in such a manner that causes grevious cellular damage thanks to his culinary prowess. The Buso thing is his ability to combine Rokushiki with Busoshoku Haki.
    • Soru x2: ...Instead of using Soru on one leg like a jack, he uses it on two and exploits his Devil Fruit's ability to shift instantaneously between forms and partial forms at will, effectively speeding him up to like, just teleportation really. 
  • Geppo: Jump height and pseudoflight, reference Buso Thing
    • Kamisori:
  • Shigan: Fingerblasting, reference Buso Thing
  • Kami-e: Do you ever feel, like a paper ball, drifting through the wind
  • Rankyaku: 
    • ​Storm Leg: Swarm Wolf Binary Star:
    • Storm Leg: Lone Wolf:

Six Gourmet Powers

  • Appetite Shave: Encases his body in Appetite Energy and kicks on the ground, eating away at things that would resist his movement and thus increasing the amount of energy with each kick, drastically enhancing his speed and allowing him to initate Soru as a defensive mechanism to attack close enemies with the Appetite Energy on his limbs. Due to his arms also being his legs just shifted to human state, he can also encase his hands in Appetite Energy as well and engage in combat with them to basically eat whatever he comes into contact with. Can utilize this with Soru x2.
  • Hungry Moonwalk: Uses his Appetite Energy as a bridge or surface for his Geppo to provide it with an extra level of power behind it, works best when used in tandem with his Haki. Allows him to quite literally fly rather than imitating it, and utilize all his speed enhancing abilities while replicating flight. This works because Cara can use Geppo and Soru without the difficulty of having to shift into either or simply using Kamisori instead, and provides him protection from attacks coming beneath him by simply expanding the size of his Appetite Energy constructs to consume the incoming attack.
  • Stomach Storm Leg: Caranus can combine the compressed air blade with Appetite Energy to create a pressurized wave of air and Appetite Energy that seemingly has the ability to cut through almost anything due to Appetite Energy eating whatever it comes into contact with. The blade also grows in size as the Appetite Energy consumes things allowing for it's destructive capacity to increase with the length of time it had been allowed to fly. Due to the fact that Rankyaku can occur with any length of appendage, Caranus can use his hands to replicate this effect or even more effectively, his claws, producing three blades of a mix of pressurized wind and Appetite Energy. In the scenario where Caranus is aware that his opponent is intangible, he can combine his Busoshoku Haki with his claws to consume even these invisible foes. This can work with variants of Rankyaku.
  • Iron Body: Empty Tree of Consumption: Since he never actually learned Tekkai, Caranus can create constructs of the muscles of powerful Gourmet Cell-stimulating meats he has consumed to create a layer of defence. However, this Appetite Energy does not consume his opponents and is not meant to. Instead, the structure it takes allows Caranus to absorb and quickly transfer the shock of a blow back to the attacker, making it particularly useful in close-combat and against attacks with extreme impact.
  • Gourmet Finger Gun: Caranus just encases his finger in Appetite Energy and can then use Shigan like Appetite Energy bullets from a distance. Caranus can also rapid fire these Shigan to basically just shoot people with Appetite Energy powered Shigan. Cara can also use this as a normal Shigan to pierce/penetrate his opponent and eat away at their defenses before the finger actually makes contact with the person in question.

Life ReturnEdit

  • Nowhere near as strong as Alex's, limited application on his behalf, basic stuff, claw stuff too
  • Would put more but that basically describes it, do super fancy explanation later today


The Four PrinciplesEdit

That stuff

The Advanced TechniquesEdit

  • Shu
  • En
  • In
  • That stuff


  • Claw:
    • Infinite Claw:
  • Whirlwind:
  • Cry Thunder: Remember
  • Cerberus: Through a specialist Hatsu, Caranus can manipulate his Intimidation which is a multilayered combination of things including the form of his Appetite Devil and make it take on a corporeal form. Allows for the White Wolf, etc.
    • Last Surprise:
      • ​Horseman of Wrath: Symbiotic-type Caralex Nen ability
  • '​'Mark, Set, Go!



  • Passing Fang:
  • Body Flicker
  • Just Replacement is what I had down, makes sense, anything else would kinda be too stronk I think for him rn in Shinobi when combined with other abilities


  • Cinderella: Cinderellais an exceptionally beautiful kitchen knife considered to be almost holy in quality and sheer power, being utterly legendary in nature. Having been wielded by the greatest chefs in the world throughout history, this blade is said to chose it's wielder, rather than the wielder choosing it, and is often deeply attuned to the essence of it's wielders. Once wielded by the Chef Goddess herself, one of the  greatest chefs in history and a woman revered as a goddess to those who are masters of the culinary art,  Froese. Discovering the blade in his possession one day by simply entering his personal vault, Caranus immediately recognized the fact that he was chosen by this blade as one of the greatest chefs in the history of the world, and having inherited the knife of a Goddess who holds significance even for Caranus, made up his mind to successfully succeed and then surpass the skill of those who have wielded blades of this quality before him. Having mastered the art of cooking himself to a level that can easily be seen as transcendent of the capabilities of regular mortal individuals, Caranus is said to be well on his way to ascending to such a legendary status that he might very well eclipse the skill of his predecessors. One of the few individuals to ever have officially bbeen attribute the title of Divinity along with heir cooking prowess, Caranus has been referred to as the Chef God, or the God of Cooking, atleast of this current era, and as a result, is quite worthy of the blade's decision. Having an unparalleled reputation in the cooking world among chefs globally, with many individuals wishing to claim it's exceptional quality and power for itself, Cinderalla is an incredibly powerful blade that some go so far as to consider "almighty", capable of creating tremendously massive slashes of air that can decimate a city and part seas over an incredible distance over large stretches of sea in a single stroke. However, demonstrating the attributes of Yin and Yang one might consider fundamental to a blade of such quality, Caranus is also capable of using this blade and having it naturally possess the characteristics of a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife, which allows him to heal and revitalize, as well as regenerate the foods or persons being "prepared". Cinderella has also demonstrated the ability to grow larger
    • Taste Change: Caranus, by harnessing one of the unique characteristics of this particularly powerful blade, is capable of an effect that is akin to brainwashing. By slashing his opponent on the head or face, Caranus can leave a visible scar that changes the flavour of the victim by implanting a special bacteria into the wound, altering the mind and perception of his target. Caranus is capable of subjugating high-risk targets, or atleast begin gaining some amount of control over how they think through tapping into the power of Taste Change. 
    • Satan Mince:

Notable SkillsEdit

Indomitable WillpowerEdit

La volonté indomptable

Grandmaster ChefEdit

While animals are not highly reputed in any particular field usually for their 'sub-human intellect and skill', Caranus is easily an exception to such a biased statement. As one of the premier chefs in the entirety of the Shinsekai, if not probably the greatest as it currently stands, Caranus demonstrates a talent in this particular field that had Caranus completely skip any sort of culinary academy and become recognized within four months as the greatest chef on the planet under the pseudonym "Icara.", before revealing his actual identity. Easily defeating the valedictorian in a Shokugeki battle, Caranus' culinary expertise is considered to be beyond magic, as even when his exact motions were copied through the entirety of the battle and then "improved" upon, the dish still ended up a far cry from Caranus' dish, meaning that even those who might be able to copy exactly how he cooks somehow find themselves lacking in comparison to Caranus' dish. Singlehandedly downing the culinary skills of those who have a God Soul for gods and goddesses like Hestia, the goddess of the Hearth with a blindfold and three of his limbs tied, Caranus' cooking skills are said to transcend divinity and are only limited by his culinary imagination, which, thanks to the adventures of Alexander and Caranus as well as Caranus' previous status as Wolf Prince and now Wolf King, seems to be effectively infinite. Food Spirits at this point simply watch Caranus' immeasurable degree of skill, as their whispers would be nothing more than repeating what Caranus is already doing.

Firstly, due to possessing such a potent sense of smell, Caranus' sense of taste is also drastically amplified thanks to his amplified senses as a regal Battle Wolf. This allows Caranus to get a far deeper understanding of what happens within his food than most other chefs, as by simply sticking his finger into the broth and licking it Caranus can get a far richer understanding and experience than most other individuals can dream of, allowing him to know exactly in what proportion he should then alter his food. Additionally, the smell of the food also allows Caranus to detect any irregularities in the cooking process, at which point he can usually fix it immediately without much effort. These irregularities might range from rotten ingredients to uneven seasoning, to even a chicken being killed shortly before it came into it's prime. With this being said, Caranus can rectify any issues such as rotten ingredients by somehow managing to turn them back into proper, edible food, and drastically reducing the cost of food supplies/effort to find it that has to be done by Astrea. Caranus can also deconstruct the ingredients for any real dish by simply smelling or tasting it.

Secondly, Caranus has an immense understanding of the basic principles required to consider oneself a true master of the culinary arts, the concepts of true flavour, and savouriness, and what exactly it is that they both represent. With this in mind, Caranus can produce such miracles as "cooking the uncookable", or cooking things in "ways they had never been cooked before". The greatest chefs are capable of living by the "Way of Preparation", a way of life that trains one to perceive the savouriness of anything as it's life, or material energy, and the flavour, as it's thoughts, and subconscious factors. Through the art of cooking, one melds and manipulates both of these energies to produce whatever result they desired, the skill of the chef in manipulating these energies in question reflecting in the quality of their dishes. With this, Caranus is capable of miraculous feats in the kitchen, from turning even the most unhealthy and fatty of dishes into incredibly nutritious dishes while amplifying the overall taste of it, as well as strengthen or re-energize his allies with the food they eat. However, this is not at all, as Caranus' level of skill with cooking allows him to actually cook people and objects, harnessing the two attributes to produce a variety of effects from healing the wounded to damaging the healthy to even messing with an opponent's mind and convincing them to do things they otherwise would not do. It is unknown how he does it, but Caranus' skill in what would appear to be an art capable of being called the gourmet arcane allows him to heighten the taste of even already prepared food, as well as the nutritive value.

Thirdly, due to possessing the ability to access the secret power of Food Honour, Food Immersion, Caranus demonstrates an incredible skill to utilize the power of his culinary techniques, as he demonsrates an incredible mastery over the benefits granted to him by this power. Caranus is capable of preparing ingredients so carefully that the targets themselves are unaware that they have been handled, meaning that he can heal and damage opponents with them being none the wiser, or cook even Super Specially Prepared Ingredients with ease. Caranus' movements are also incredibly delicate, as he can pass a knife in the gaps between cells themselves without even damaging them in the slightest, an ability considered to be almost superhuman, a technique Caranus mastered in order to properly use a Revitializing Kitchen Knife. In fact, this skill is great enough that Caranus can pass a knife through living organisms in the gaps between their cells to restrain them without damaging if need be, or he can simply "make a mistake" when it is deeply lodged in the cells and cause them to sustain damage.

Finally, Caranus possesses an extraordinary level of Food Luck, so much so that it can be weaponized and made use of in combat in the form of a technique known as Gourmet Luck. Such a phenomenon enables Caranus to cook food extremely well and even uncover ancient, if not unheard of methods to prepare a specific ingredient, even if it may be one of a kind. Even then, while preparing food, Caranus can listen to the voice of ingredients to learn exactly how to prepare this ingredient at it's optimum capacity by being able to hear and communicate with entities known as Food Spirits, even multiple at the same time, allowing him to use the same dish to prepare two perfectly cooked dishes from the same ingredient. The number of recipes Caranus knows seems to be without end, and he is even capable of creating new ones on the fly.

With this being said, Caranus has easily proved himself as a worthy successor to the previous holders of the legendary holy kitchen knife of the former Chef Goddess Froese, Cinderella. An incredibly powerful knife and even more capable as a Kitchen Knife, Caranus' skill when using Cinderella is incredibly bolstered, especially his revitalizing and growth-stimulating capabilities at all times. 


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