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Caine (new)
Also Known As Mr. Friendzone
Lover of Rayne
Bringer of Pain
Pusher of Cayne
Nice Guy
Envoy of Wyatt's Emotions, why you gotta play with my emotions
Age 21 (Biologically)

Around 100 (Chronologically)

Gender Male
Height 6' 5"
Weight 245 lbs
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Magic King Candidate
Demon Contractor
Level 46
Experience 33,240/46,000
Bounty 875,000
Family Urizen (Father)
Eris (Sister)
Allies Astrea
Status Alive
Image Gallery

Caine is a powerful Sorcerer that was found locked down in a deep cavern under a desolated and destroyed many decades old manor. His was found in some sort of stasis, once he was rejuvenated and awakened, his memory had revealed to him that he was once the half-demon child of a powerful Demon Lord and a human Mage. His form from when he was first placed in stasis had stayed relatively the same.

Personality Edit

Caine at first can be seen as having a more passive yet action based character. He chooses to see where events may go and what he may get himself involved him as he tends to have more of a liking of solving problems he gets himself into, more so resulting in the death of many, some of which may be allies. This may also extend into situations where his own death could be a real possibility, though he seems to manage such occurrences fine.

The better part of his personality is when he tends to talk. Those who know him personally would usually use insults as the majority of their description of his character. He is constantly referred to as foul, loud-mouthed, disrespectful, condescending, non-caring, arrogant, buffoon. While his expressive traits can make him unbearable, he can be a valuable ally if invested in a certain task and/or goal. He tends to concentrate greatly on things he is interested in and is very effective in how he completes them as well.

Though his most prominent trait is that of his own persistence. His stubbornness and arrogance will not allow him to divert from a single task unless it is thoroughly proven to be impossible, say it be from his own sense or from others. He will continue to face opposition until he is no longer capable of doing or completing his goal.

Backstory Edit

Caine was born many decades ago within the region of Hades. A female mage had made a bargain with a Demon Lord that her lover who would be going of to war would be faithful to her until he returned, the stipulations being the Demon Lord granting the two guaranteed love after death if he were to stay faithful, but if this were to be untrue, the Demon Lord would take the mage as his bride and she would bare him a child. During the war however, the Mage's lover would return unfaithful to her and as such she would remain the Demon Lord's for the rest of her life.

A few years later, the mage would soon give birth to Caine and due to the mixture of a Demon Lord and a Mage, his magical prowess would be immense. This led to the mage thinking herself of making an abomination and for many years after, would treat Caine as if he were a monster. It was not until his later years that he would come to amass his magical power for what it really was. He was charged by his father to bring innocent souls into his domain, he would go on to then slaughter an entire village under his father's request. Seeing this, his mother would throw herself from the top of the manor, killing herself.

Caine would later harbor this as a realization to what he had truly done and why he had done it. He years later would conspire against his father for the atrocities he would commit in his name. He would as an adult, challenge his father to battle of which he lost. For this he was locked away under the manor in a magical stasis field that would freeze time all around him until someone would set him free.

Missions Edit

  • Mission: "046" Earned (B)3,200 /2,000XP - Sent back in time by steel dragon to meet Eli Dusk.
  • Event: The First Child
  • Event: Bootstrap, 6000 B, 1200 XP. Event: The First Man 400 B, 80 XP

~Kingdom Come Arc~

  • The Authority of Wrath | 3600 XP and 5000 B//
  • Now You See Me | XP:8900 B:11k
  • The National Anthem | XP: 17k Bounty: 22k
  • Alpha Stigma | XP: 8K Bounty: 9K

~No More Kids Stuff~

  • Welcome Back Astrea | 800XP and 3600B
  • Don't Sleep on Astrea | XP: 12k B: 14k

~The Requiversary Arc III~

  • Event: An Ideal To Strive Towards | 32k XP 45k B
  • Event: My Own Worst Enemy | XP: 30k B: 45k

~What Lies Beneath Arc~

  • Event: Daemon XP: 8700 B: 5600
  • Event: Here Lies the Silver Falcon XP: 11k B: 8k
  • Event: Fragment of Him XP: 8600 B: 12300

~The Rabbit Hole Arc~

  • Event: Lets Shake on It (III) XP: 7K B: 8K
  • Event: Astrea v The Rabbit Hole, 8k B, 13K XP
  • Event: A Dream of Gaia 13K B and 17 K XP

~ The Otherside Arc ~

  • Event: Warden of the Otherside. 4k B and 5K XP

~ Astrea x Eos ~

~ Home Arc ~

  • Event: Unravel 12k B, 15k XP
  • Event: Void Genome 13k XP, 15K B
  • Event: The Nest 15k XP, 11k B
  • Event: Christa, XP 20k, B 18k
  • Event: In the Bleak Midwinter 30K XP, 28K B

~ Lugh Arc ~

  • Event: Collateral , 30k XP, 25k B

Blank Period

~Coronation Arc~

  • Event: Overwhelming 13k XP, 15K B
  • Event: All Out War, 20k XP, 23K B
  • Event: Paper Bag Pirates, 8K XP, 9k B
  • Event: The Sloth and the Grail, 25k xp and 30k B

~Hell Arc~

  • Event: The Otherside of Hell, 8K XP, 11K B
  • Event: Limbo, 5K XP/B
  • Event: Lust 5k XP/B
  • Event: Gluttony, 5k XP/B
  • Event: Wrath 5K XP/B
  • Event: Greed 5k XP/B
  • Event: Heresy 5k XP/B
  • Event: Violence 5k XP/B
  • Event: Fraud 5k XP/B
  • event: treachery 5k XP/B
  • Event: Warden of the Afterlife, 30k XP, 25k B

~ St Dumas ~

  • Event: Trinity, 20k XP, 18k B

~The Melancholic Beau Arc~

  • Event: 25,120 XP and 25,900 B
  • Event: Enter the Pit, 25k both

Powers and Abilities Edit

Natural Abilities Edit

Transcendent Daemon Physiology - Caine's origins profess him as the son of a human mage and a Transcendent Demon, a Transcendent-Demon is a rare and more superior form of Demon which was introduced by Caine's father when he arrived after the creation of the Shinsekai. A Transcendent-Demon's physical abilities are far superior to that of a regular Demon, in fact the potency of their power is so great that even Caine, as a half-breed, has superior power next to a regular Demon. Caine's strength is immense, being able to lift tons with relative ease, reach hyper-sonic speeds, his durability allowing him to take immense damage, and his stamina being near limitless.

Physical Ability - Thanks to Caine's origins as a half demon, the standards of his physical power go above and far beyond the capability of a normal human. At the very least being over ten times if not drastically more so powerful then an athlete in peak physical condition. Caine is capable of lifting full grown animals like horses and bulls with utter ease, even up to and over 100 tons of weight. Even going as far as living condensed rock and minerals that would weigh tens if not more tons. This power also extends to his fighting power, a single punch equating to the power of multiple tons of TNT, being able to put holes in solid sheets of iron and even steel with minimal effort. Caine's natural speed is also extended to superhuman levels. This aspect of his power extends as well far beyond the capacity that normal humans can achieve by multiple times. His speed is at such a level where he can appear as after-images to the untrained, moving at such a speed he would be able to engage someone before their brain could fully process it, even causing sonic booms. Using this speed, Caine is capable of applying immense momentum behind his physical attacks, making it so he can perform actions very quickly. His body is also incredibly strong, Caine is capable of taking hits from objects of multiple tons being thrown at him with great velocity, as well as being able to take small and fast moving objects such as bullets. Being an a true born Transcendant Demon also gives him regenerative abilities, allowing him to heal from injury at an incredible rate depending on the wound. The magical abilities he possesses as well as his mana also directly correlates to the ease and extent of regeneration, the more mana he has allows him to regenerate easier and more.

Magic Competence - Throughout much of Caine's training, he was taught about multiple different aspects of magic, everything from the separate Archives to Slayer Magics. Caine was brought up mainly to have an innate attraction and control of magic and as such has a great knowledge over the subject as well as many smaller aspects of it, this allows him to have a better control and understanding of it more so then most other people.

Destructive Magic

  • Eyes of Calamity - Caine summons multiple seals all surrounding himself or his opponent, the seals then channel magical energy into multiple small spheres where they home in on his opponent causing sudden controlled explosions as soon as they make contact.
  • Ceaseless Discharge - Caine summons a seal directly in front of him. This seal discharges a lightning bolt like blast of energy which acts similarly to lightning as well. This goes on and affects the opponents motor skills as well as physically burns them and if intense enough can disintegrate some opponents. This can also be taken to the extreme, if Caine has enough magic, he can summon many of these seals or even one massive seal.
  • Shadow of Extinction - Caine condenses his magic energies deep into his body which a gives him a great red/black glow. This increases his physical potency, though it doesn't increase his physical power but instead gives his physical attacks the power of his magic and allow it to act like a corrosive substance. If not focusing enough, this power can spread like a wild fire.
    • Expand: Caine is capable of utilizing this potent energy and expanding it's physical size and mass, allowing him to create a large construct that he can use to battle much larger opponents.
  • Dragon's Eye Star - Caine summons a larger than normal seal above him which summons gusts of wins around the immediate location. He then implements large amounts of magic into creating a large ball of destructive magic which can cause great devastation to the target as well as the surrounding location.
  • The Burning Pillar - Caine summons two large seals located above and below his opponent, these seals then blast two massive pillar like blasts of energy in each other's direction. The opponent is intended to get caught between them and is subjugated to the effects of the two colliding blasts,usually resulting in great force and energy being applied. The location of these seals are not static, in fact they can be maneuvered accordingly as long as the two seals face each other.
  • Blade of Black - Caine summons a small, concentrated seal in front of his hand. This seal then explodes into a small, long blade of which is capable of striking quickly at long distances. The speed of this spell is usually the key component of what makes it so dangerous.
  • Blood Scythe - Caine manifests his magical energy into the tips of his fingers. He then thrusts downwards in which a series of energy based slashes appear all around him and fly outward in all directions around him. Caine is also capable of minimizing this to one direction with concentration.
  • Heaven Piercing Crosses - Caine materializes his magical energy into the form of thin sharp crosses all around him. They then aim towards the opponent and stab them all over their body, Caine can summon more or little crosses depending on how much energy he uses.
  • Dirge Pillars - Caine summons multiple seals across the battlefield, the seals explode in a giant pillar of magical energy that move and spread across the battlefield for a short time. The Pillars moving along to hit the opponent in succession.
  • Breaking Earth Reigns - Caine puts his hand to the earth in which he fills the immediete area with his magical energy. After extensive energy is put into the earth, the area explodes from under itself in which large whips extend from the earth, destroying the surrouding area and repeatedly striking the opponent.
  • Bullet Hell - Caine disperses his magical energies in a wide area and into small pockets which he shoots at the target either in one area or in all direction, allowing him to pelt an enemy thousands of times with small but powerful magic bullets.

Sealing Magic

  • Scorched Chain Constraint - Caine musters his magical energies to manipulate large lengths of hell chains that burst from the ground. They then surround and encircle the opponent to the point of them being completely unseen due to being masked by the chains, Caine then places multiple magical seals around the form of the opponent to seal the chains.
  • Hands Towards Damnation - Caine touches the earth where he burrows his magic deep into the earth and dragging souls from the pit, the souls are then guided to the surface where they surround the opponent and drag them into the dirt and leave them vulnerable.
  • Sealing Ball - Caine gathers his energy around a target which manifests around them as a large ball which is strengthened by multiple seals.
  • All Limbs Entrapment - Caine summons multiple seals which attach themselves to the targets limbs, they can either hold them in place or be used to hold a target against a surface.

Demonic Evolution Edit

Caine's demonic powers had been suppressed by his human side for as long as he has been alive, this has hindered the growth of his latent power so much so that his demonic side has become more of symbiotic organism then just natural power. While at base it cannot do much, when being utilized it grows more and more dominant over Caine's personality, this also results in his demonic form being more and more visible as his body changes to fit the use of power. The demonic power though is ever growing and expanding, Caine being capable of accessing an immensely huge reservoir of energy that has been stored away inside him that can make him progressively more powerful the more he uses it, though at the cost of his own sanity and mental state. The status of whether this can change is unknown though in theory the more he uses this power and the more he is in contact with his mental state, the more he can progressively strengthen his mind and his ability to use his latent abilities.

  • Demon Form: Imperfect Emanation: The Imperfect Emanation is what occurs once Caine comes in contact with holy forces. It is the unintentional summoning of his demonic power through his physical form. This allows him to access a simple portion of his true demonic abilities which greatly increase his physical, magical, and spiritual abilities. This form is known to "leak" power from itself and as such can corrupt any form of power it comes in contact with or even uses. Caine is able to summon this form at will the more holy power he is exposed to though the release and usage of this form will degrade Caine's mind into that of an animal like state, making him difficult to control and make him more of a natural force than an ally or enemy to anyone. This form also allows him to access more demonic abilities such as fire manipulation and resistance, demonic energy manipulation, access to demon magics, etc...

Ashen Magic Edit

Ashen Magic is a newly created magic, created by the conflict within Caine's soul which processed and allowed a new magic source to come into creation from the conflicting energies coming from within him. In doing this, Caine's very own soul has become a source of mana and is a never ending source of Magical Power. This allows Caine an immense amount of mana to pull from instead of pulling it from the environment, enabling him to wield his magic at a near limitless level. Also due to his existence as a living mana source, Caine is able to "create" Magic where there is none, This means Caine is able to form magic where no mana is present nor any magical energies flowing. On top of this, due to his being a newly created magic, Caine is the only known user of it. This means Caine is the only being in the world that both has Access to, and use over Ashen Magic due to his soul being the only source of it.

Roots Edit

The manner of which Ashen Magic is formed can often be described as very similar to a large network of tree roots. This is so Ashen Magic has a direct connection to the world at large, feeling it, feeding from it. In doing this, Caine is capable of applying and utilizing Ashen Magic is multiple aspect of the universe. Examples of this being, Nature, Time, Elemental, Illusionary, etc... This allows Caine to project magical influence over most if not all aspects of reality at large. Though like real roots, they can be cut. The roots are capable of being momentarily severed, thus disrupting Caine's magic. Though one would have to have an incredibly potent magic capable of attacking a metaphysical object from another plane in order to do so. Caine is also capable of "rooting" into other aspects of magic, making him capable of learning about a certain magic if he were to come in contact with it and perhaps even utilize it at that same time depending on it's difficulty of control.

Root Magic

  • Magic Disruption - Using Ashen Magic, Caine is able to disrupt the processes of other magics through the use of roots. This would permit him to come in contact with it first however, dealing with a person who operates with it. After experiencing the "feel" of the magic can Caine then embed his roots within it, causing it to disrupt and even backfire. This is a great ability to use against other magic users as it essentially cuts off their source of power for a certain amount of time.
  • Spatial Manipulation - Using Ashen Magic, Caine is able to manipulate the physical existence around him. The control of this ability, however, is not too the fullest extent of which is could be. Instead of being fully able to manipulate the space around him, Caine is instead only able to manipulate points in space. Projectiles, objects, weapons, and even whole bodies are subject to this and as such Caine is able to transport himself and other using it as well. Though the larger and/or more numerous the things he has to transport, the more mana it drains from him
  • Time Dilation - Using Ashen Magic, Cain is able to manipulate the time around him. The capability of this power has not fully immersed though as such, Caine is only able to collect and manipulate time on a small scale. This also apples to objects and certain distances that have occurred in a window of time close to when Caine is activating the ability. For example, if a bullet were to come at Caine, he would be able to stop said bullet in mid air by stopping the field of time around it. The same applies to other things, including people. Though the more area he has to cover and more numerous the targets he bends time around, the more strenuous on mana it is.

Daimōn Mageia Edit

Daimōn Mageia is a form of Magic splintered from Caine's own soul, created by Ashen Magic as to provide ease to the conflict within Caine's soul and to create an outlet for energies to escape from. This magic is powered by Caine's own will and righteousness as ironic as that sounds. Instead of direct damage, it focuses on manipulation, empowerment, and creation. Due to the nature of this form of magic, it also is capable of warding off demon's, suppressing, or even negating their power outright.

  • Stauros - Stauros is a spell that suppresses demonic energies in and around Caine, the limit to how much power it suppresses is dictated by how much mana is used to make the spell function. This spell, unlike others used by Caine, is capable of operating on any being he so chooses. The only limit being the amount of mana Caine has at the point of use.
  • Hypnos - Hypnos is a spell that enables Caine to manipulate the senses of a target. With it, he is able to forcibly make someone hallucinate through any of main five senses as well as enact on passive senses. Making them see things, feel, smell, or taste something that he wishes them too or even enact physical senses that the brain sends though as well. He is able to make the brain emit chemicals that can induce pleasure or pain as well.
  • Genesis - This spell enables Caine to transform different materials and forging them into others. Things like sand or dirt are easily transformable into tough materials like Iron or Steel. Caine transmutes these materials into complex shapes as well, enabling him to make constructs to battle enemies with.
  • Protoplast - As an addition to his Transmutation, Caine is also capable of creating life, not in the sense of making a cognitive being but in the sense of literally creating souls. This enables him to give life to inanimate objects, also to note as any being who comes to life like this is also under Caine's control for as long as they possess this soul.
  • Apotheosis - If Caine is not able to produce enough mana in certain amount of time, this spell allows him to effectively "funnel" all the mana within the area. This essentially "supercharges" Caine's magical abilities, making them multiple times stronger. Though in doing this, Caine also burns mana far quicker than normal, resulting in it not lasting for a very long time.
  • Iconoclast - The Ultimate defensive spell against magical attacks, it summons a type of magnetic field around Caine that is able to block both physical and magical attacks. This field has the capability to disrupting the flow and essence of magical spells that is targeted at Caine, resulting in their weakening if not total dissipation. Not only does this spell bring about the field, but also duplicates Caine's soul in the material realm, allowing him to regenerate even if his physical body has been destroyed completely meaning that one would have to attack Caine's soul as well in order to kill him totally. The effectiveness of this spell though also correlates with the amount of mana used to cast it. Meaning the magnetic as well as the effectiveness of his regeneration from his soul also is dependent on his mana.

Diábolos Mageia Edit

Diábolos Mageia is a form of Magic that splintered from Caine's own soul. Created by Ashen Magic as to provide ease on his conflicting soul, it operates on levels dedicated too destruction, pain, and depowerment. This magic is effective against beings who use Holy or Divine powers as it exposes them towards Caine's own demonic power and hatred, this usually is capable of overpowering any form of Divinity Caine may come in contact with.

  • Asteria - This spell allows Caine to suppress divine power in and around him. How much power is suppresses is based on how much mana is used on the spell. This spell, unlike others Caine uses, is able to operate on any being he sees fit to use it on. The only limit to the amount of power suppressed by Caine is based on how much mana is used. Though this spell is unique unlike Stauros, this also steers said beings it is used on towards demonic standings. This can effectively shift the very essence of a being into that of a demonic nature.
  • Impending Doom - This spell allows Caine to summon especially powerful enzymes created by the conflict of his soul. These enzymes, once in contact with a target, is able to eat away at the target in the same fashion as Hydrochloric Acid. Though the difference is that it eats away at a person, not only physically, but also spiritually. The draw back of this spell is that it is a passive spell. Depending on the spiritual and magical power of the being paired with the amount of mana used to cast it, it can take a while before the enzymes take in full effect.
  • Opeth - This spell effectively forms a spatial barrier around Caine and his opponent. This distorts time and space in the barrier and allows Caine far greater control over the area, allowing his power to flourish more easily and too a greater extent. It also boosts his magical prowess by multiple times over and amplifies him spiritually as well, amplifying his magic even more.
  • Kataklysm - Caine effectively fires a spatial warp at a target, this can have multiple effects based on how the target is hit. It can break a defense, piece shields, than again it may also sever an enemies limbs or even remove them from the plane they reside in entirely. The size of the distortion also plays a role as it can have greater results in what it does. Though this too is based on how much mana is used to cast it.

Augoeides Edit

The Augoeides is a special formation of Caine's soul. It essentially takes the very root of Caine's magical abilities and brings it too the surface in it's fullest form. This essentially transforms Caine and amplifies his magical powers immensely. The extent to which his power is enhanced can be compared to an Apotheosis of sorts, Caine's power rising to insane levels. Not only does it amplify his power but it also allows him to wield them for more efficiently as well, enabling him far greater control over all of his magical abilities. The magical power in this form, it quite literally leaks it as it is in use, brimming with it in a type of aura that burns as hot as magma. The effects it has on the surrounded area are also quite extreme, it being able to disturb the state of the physical realm around him at worst.

Occupations Edit

Magic King Candidate Edit

Caine holds immense amounts of magical power within him, in fact magical power so great that is was made to destroy and kill. It is thought that his mother being a mage gave him the chance of gaining this status. From the depth of it dwelling within as well as the calculation of how long it has been within his biological form along with his biological age. It is thought that he has the power of a genuine Magic King element.

Thema Edit

Interitus (Annihilation) - Cain's natural Thema belongs to the Archive of Luxuria (Lust). This theme focuses on the destruction of physical objects, whether it be immediate or passive. It grants Caine the ability to generate and wield a scarlet energy that is immensely potent. The energy itself is like a living wildfire, spreading destruction with but a touch and as such anything that comes in contact with succumbs to extreme damage. The volatility of this power however is extreme, if Caine were to overuse or exert it beyond his control it can result in a Breakdown Phenomenon dubbed the "Horizon Event." The Horizon Event is a cataclysm where the horizon and the earth becomes one, the horizon then beginning to slowly devour the earth itself as well as any objects or persons within the vicinity.

Volo (Want) - Caine's second Theme also belonging to the Archive of Luxuria (Lust). This theme focuses on the devouring of things. Taking things in itself and never letting go. The use of this ability doesn't necessarily mean the destruction of whatever it is consuming unless Caine deems it so, instead the consumption of it rather "steals it" into an unknown location depending on if it's physical or not. It is also able to take Meta-physical thing such as mana, energy, or even souls. In the case of mana or energy, Caine is able to utilize this by transferring certain form of mana and energy into himself from the surrounding area or from a person enabling him to effectively reinvigorate himself throughout the whole of a battle.

  • "Take" - An ability granted by this thema which allows Caine the ability to inflict something or someone with a black flame, though instead of burning this something or someone, it slowly "eats" away at the afflicted party and slowly takes them into an unknown pocket dimension of Caine's control. The strength of whatever it being pulled in can also factor into it as those of great strength are able to release themselves from being taken into the pocket dimension.
  • "Eat" - Another ability granted by the thema allows Caine to take some metaphysical thing away from a person or object. Caine is capable of eating away at the mana/energy and soul of whatever he has afflicted, allowing him to replenish his own mana or even life force depending on the circumstance.

Spell Master Edit

Caine, after the defeat of *spoiler*, had gained the knowledge of making contracts with demons. Utilizing this on himself through contracting his own demonic power in order to contract his power on earth fully. He gained the full use of his powers not only in their potency but also in their skill. With gaining a contract, the limit he had as a demon was lifted and the capability of his magic increased many-many times over. Normally the use of becoming a Spell Master would let a human attain the power of the Demon they contracted and this would be an immense increase in their power, but with Caine being a Transcended Daemon, it does so in spades. His magic power is far and beyond anything like it was before, in fact it had such an affect on Caine's soul, he looks like an entirely new person to those who can detect and feel magical and spiritual power. Not only was he able to contract his own demonic soul, but also the soul of *spoiler* once he was defeated. In doing this, he also effectively increased his power on top of his original contract that makes it near God-like once he decides to use it along with his first contract.

Self-Contract Edit

With the utilization of contracting himself, Caine is capable of unleashing his true power upon the world. This means Caine is able to use demonic powers sealed deep within himself that he no longer was able to utilize in his previous state. His magical abilities due to this have increased to an exponential level. This allows him to operate said magic at an absurd level that he was previously incapable of doing. The skill aspect of his power is also relative to his power as well, this allows him to utilize his magics far more effectively in combat and will allows him better strategy when dealing with enemies.

*Spoiler* Edit

After his defeat, the soul of *spoiler* allowed Caine to contract with yet another Demon. This not only allows Caine to use his own full power but also the full power of *spoiler* since his absorption of his soul. When using this power, Caine's magical power is amplified even further beyond his natural prowess and in turn become near God-like in the aspect of his Magic. Though due to the nature of this contract, his body and mental state become more sinister and malevolent the longer he uses it and as such refuses to use it for extended periods of time if at all.

Saint  Edit

Cosmos Manipulation Edit

Caine is aware of an essence in his body known as Cosmos, not only is he aware of it but also directly capable of manipulating it. This allows him to exceed his already immense physical power by "burning" it and even perform phenomenal feats. The usual color of his Cosmoenergy (visible manifestation of Cosmo) is seen is a dark blood red, representing his affinity towards destructiveness. This power was activated within him in his early teens. Awakening it to gain physical power and a great advantage against other opponents.

Power Enhancement - The usage of Cosmos is quite amazing. If an elite athlete were to challenge a normal person that can use Cosmos to a battle, it would be over even before the athlete could register what happened. Cosmos is capable of granting a normal untrained child the ability to destroy boulders the size of houses, the very extent of which can be even before said child even trained with it. This is but of a very shallow and "weak" example of the true power of Cosmos. Caine's usage of his Cosmos itself goes above and beyond not only the peak of a normal human but also his own physical peak. This allows him to achieve feats of power that would otherwise be incredibly difficult or outright impossible for him to do under normal circumstances.

Cosmo Techniques

  • Infernalis Conpedes (Hellish Chains) - Caine utilizes manipulation of Cosmo in which he creates energy based chains from his Cosmo. He then can utilize them as whips of burning Cosmo where they cause great stinging damage to his enemies who are struck by them. He is also capable of using them to confine his opponents and entrap them if need be.
  • Infernum Pluvias (Hell Rain) - Usually doing this while above his opponet, Caine summons many small energy pockets of Cosmo. When summoning enough, he unleashes the balls of burning Cosmo into the ground, into his opponent.
  • Draco Ultio (Dragon's Revenge) - Caine summons large amounts of Cosmo into his fist(s). When doing this he goes and burns it with great intensity, so much so that it builds up in form around him into the shape of a large dragon. When ready, he immediately strikes at his opponent, either from a range of up close as the Cosmo Dragon charges and consumes the enemy and explodes when doing so.
  • Impius Fluctis (Unholy Surge) - Caine charges his Cosmo into a condensed point in front of him. With this he burns his Cosmo allowing a large ball of Cosmo to form in front of him. This ball then surges out into a stream, charging at the opponent intending to strike with great intensity.
  • Conveniunt (Converge) - Caine surrounds the opponent with a thin umbrella of Cosmo that he then adds onto the umbrella with even more cosmo. Once achieving the proper amount of Cosmo, he collapses the cosmo in on the opponent causing a large explosion centered in on the opponent.

Senses Edit

The Sixth Sense (Intuition) - The sense that represents the strength of Athena's saints, and is inherent to all who can feel their own cosmo and/or that of others. Its basic use is what differs cosmo-awakened fighters from regular ones, as things like feeling and using cosmoenergy, moving at superhuman speeds and predicting movements without the use of other senses is impossible without it. With this sense, supplementary abilities such as the sekishiki, telekinesis, teleportation, crystal manipulation, mind reading, atomic destruction, temperature manipulation, nature manipulation & communication and the elements may be developed. Such skills are often even seen as sub-senses of the sixth, and may be heightened (or, as with sekishiki and teleportation, impossible without) certain characteristics of the individual's biology.

  • Telepathy: Cosmo isn't just centered on the physical aspect of manipulation, Caine is able to utilize Cosmo to communicate and infiltrate the minds of others with telepathy. With it, he is able to converse with others mentally and even able to enter and manipulate the thoughts and mind of his enemies. Invading the minds of others though requires great amount of concentration depending on how mentally willful they are though if Caine is able to successfully do so, he would be able to manipulate a person's inner-most thoughts and feelings
  • Telekenisis: Cosmo is also able to physically manipulate objects to a certain degree. If one's mental capacity is high enough that they are able to manipulate cosmo with it, then they would be able to use cosmo to manipulate the physical world. Caine is capable of doing this to great affect, being able to pick up and move large boulders with this ability and even manipulate the course of on coming objects.
  • Teleportation: Thanks to the effects of the sixth sense, Caine is capable of manipulating Cosmo to a degree where he is able to transport his physical form over short distances near instantly. The range on this however is very limited due to how inexperienced Caine is with Intuition, having access to only teleporting about a quarter of a mile at a time. Caine mainly uses this ability in close combat, using it as an advantage over speed with his opponents.
  • Atomic Destruction: Atomic Destruction refers to the ability for those who have Intution to destroy atoms. It is an incredibly versatile ability, lending itself to any situation in combat to be useful. It can be demonstrated mainly though by hand as enacting it through pure Cosmo and no physical touch is very difficult to do if one doesn't have great control over their Cosmo.

Magus Edit

Mana Burst (Hellfire) - It infuses and accumulates magical energy into his weapon and body, momentarily injecting an arbitrary vector that allows for an exceptional boost of his abilities by instantaneously releasing the magical energy to reinforce himself. It can be called a jet blast of magical energy to increase his movements in close combat, and executing large-scale body reinforcement through Mana Burst is only possible with his immense magical power. It would allow for even a stick to become a weapon of great power. With Caine however, his magical inclination also allows this to be turned into a skill of a Hellfire based Mana Burst. With it, each physical blow is enchanted by Hellfire, burning the opponent for far greater damage. This also applies to his physical magic spells.

True Daemon - Unlike regular Daemons who are merely imitations of the real thing, Caine was a Daemon far before his launch into the knowledge of humanity. Unlike normal Mages and Magus who possess circuits throughout the body for which the magic flows, Caine's entire vital structure can be used as a magic tap. Due to this immense magical capability, all of his magical powers are far beyond that of a normal Human's magical capability. This allows him to manipulate magic on a level far beyond what is normally possible for a magus.

Mage Edit

Eldritch God Slayer Magic - A lost element of magic once used to murder Gods, this harnesses the powers of Gods and allows Caine to manipulate it in the way of magic. It manipulates dark essence and powers from the bleakest parts of creation in order to work. The magic itself appears as a black, mist and smoke like substance.

  • Eldritch God's Fortress - Giant slabs formed from magic burst from the ground and form a pyramid like prison around the opponent. This prison then releases a large explosion within itself only to deal damage to the targeted person.
  • Eldritch God's Anger - Caine summons his magic all around his body and then releases it as an AOE that encircles his whole form, encompassing everything around him by many meters.
  • Eldritch God's Stare - Caine creates multiple balls of magic in the sky, these balls than form into arrow like shapes that rain down and home onto the opponent until all of them have hit something.
  • Eldritch God's Pathway - Magic begins to form a circle upright as it speeds towards the opponent, creating a tunnel like formation. This formation encloses on both ends, resulting on the opponent being trapped and victimized by the increased forces such as gravity and heat within it.
  • Eldritch God's Tower - Magic encircles Caine's opponent as it rises like a tower, the intense force inside simulates several examples of extreme temperatures and forces, such as instantly being hit with desert like heat while also exposed to the equivalent force of being hit by a Tsunami.
  • Eldritch God's Shield - Caine is surrounded by a 360 degree shield which is capable of taking physical, magical, and spiritual forces and delivering it back at the opponent at a similar force.

Advanced Spells

  • Eldritch God's Decree - The opponent's center of gravity is lifted and are suspended in the air, as they float in the air, multiple magically formed spear come out and impale the opponent multiple times.
  • Eldritch God's Bellow - Caine condenses his magic into his mouth, then releasing a resulting massive burst of dark and ominous energy at his opponent followed by a dark and deep bellowing sound. The burst of magic is only the first phase of the attack as it deal the great initial damage to the opponent. The bellow itself that it created releases a massive sound wave that deals great damage to the environment, capable of blowing away mountains.
  • Eldritch God's Storm - Magic seeps into the atmosphere and creates storm clouds, these clouds release a torrent of rain, thunder, and lightning many times worse than naturally occurring storms. Caine is capable of controlling these as well meaning he is able to flood, smite, or over cast any individual area he wishes.
  • Eldritch God's Eruption - Magic seeps into the earth below, creating large pockets that broil with ever growing energy. Once they are ready, these pockets erupt magic from the ground creating multiple large pillars of magic. This spell is capable of destroying the surrounding area if these pockets build up enough force and energy.
  • Eldritch God's Consumption - Caine forms a "hole" in space that consumes everything around it, essentially making a black hole. This spell is capable of consuming anything from objects, to masses of energy, to even explosions.

Unique Spells

  • Eldritch God's Hunger - A more advanced version of Eldritch God's Consumption, Eldritch God's Hunger basically forms a large black hole in the sky, this anomaly is capable of absorbing massive amounts of things. Mainly huge amounts of energy or massive objects such as castles. It can also adversely affect the gravity in the area, making it near non existent.
  • Eldritch God's Suspension - This spell is made to purposefully change the gravitational effect on a person, group, or area. This would be able to lift whatever the target was of it's gravitational field or increase it's force ten times over.

Reflector Edit

Reflector is a form of Magic which enables its user to twist and distort almost anything. It can affect both material things, such as metal, and intangible entities, such as air and light. Such Magic possesses both great offensive and defensive capabilities: by refracting air, the user is capable of generating highly- destructive flying slashes of various sizes, which possess great cutting power. By twisting anything entering the immediate area surrounding them, the user becomes virtually immune to any attack, be it physical or magical in nature, with every incoming spell or melee assault having its trajectory moved in order to avoid striking the user, who can even reflect these attempts back at their originators. By refracting light, the user is even capable of generating illusions, going as far as to twist reality itself in the eyes of their opponents. Even objects and magics that negate magics fall victim to the Reflector.

Curses Edit

  • Calamity Curse revolves around the use of various calamities, such as tornadoes, of which the user is able to wrap around their body and limbs. One of these tornadoes alone is strong enough to demolish a restaurant in mere seconds, and reach immeasurable heights. This Curse can also be used to provide transportation, enveloping the desired body components in significantly rapid wind capable of wrecking anything within its range, and granting unto the user increased speed and defensive properties; allowing them to appear unharmed after being struck by attacks of S-Class Mage caliber. Aside from tornadoes, the user also has the ability to create earthquakes, firestorms, lightning, rainstorms, and mudslides