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Also Known As Bran
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 180lbs
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Kingdom None
Occupation Exorcist
Level N/A
Experience N/A
Bounty N/A
Family Koroshi (Adopted Family)
Robyn (Adopted Brother)
Status Alive
Image Gallery

 Brandon is an 18 year old human/Dead Apostle hybrid, raised by the mercenary group Koroshi, son of its leader Sigurd. His occupations are Exorcist, Hunter, and Shaman. He is currently traveling the world, trying to become strong enough to defeat his father. 


Brandon is generally a very cold person, rarely opening up to anyone around him or showing much sympathy. Brandon will often still act this way towards people he cares about, but it is mostly a front, because he doesn't want to show affection. Bran often has trouble making new friends, generally trying to distance himself from new people he meets. Brandon usually tries to do things in the most efficient and logical way possible, and is easily annoyed when others deviate from this.

Brandon is also very competitive in nature, and greatly enjoys himself in battle, especially against strong opponents, who he will exclusively seek out. Brandon will gladly fight people that he knows full well to be stronger than him, simply for the thrill of it, one of his few deviations from what he sees as logical. One of the few things that will actively make Brandon angry, is to deny him a battle. He can also be fairly overconfident at times, but not when it is abundantly clear that he shouldn't be. 


Brandon is the son of the leader and another member of the mercenary group Koroshi. Due to this, Brandon spent his entire childhood travelling around with the group to their various jobs and missions, having no set home or Kingdom throughout his life. When he was young, another young boy named Robyn was adopted by the group, and the two were raised side-by-side. The two were often very competitive as children, even over trivial things, but usually in the training that the members of Koroshi gave them. Brandon was very happy with this life for a time, but eventually Koroshi had to leave both Robyn and Brandon, believing that things had become too dangerous for the two of them. This enraged Brandon, who felt abandoned, and he quickly ran away from Athena, the kingdom that they had left him and Robyn in, to search for Koroshi.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Crystal SwordEdit

Innocence is a substance of unknown composition known by the ancient civilization that first cultivated it as the "Crystal of God". It can bond with certain people, Brandon being one of them. Innocence is to an extent, sentient, capable of recognizing those who are and who aren't compatible. The power of the Exorcist and their weapon is determined by the user's and Innocence's synchronization rate, or the numerical value that is the reflection of their bond with their Innocence. Brandon has an exceptionally high synchronization with his Innocence, as evident by it being able to evolve to a Crystal type. A crystal type Innocence is the evolved version of the equipment type. Instead of using an item, crystal type Innocence uses the blood of the user to form the weapon most suited to their fighting style. Because it is made of their blood, as long as the user has blood in their body, the Innocence can repair itself. Bran's Innocence takes the form of a katana, and despite the fact that he could simply generate and dismiss it whenever he wishes, Bran still chooses to simply keep it in a sheath. 

  • Multi-Strike - When Brandon attacks an enemy, he is able to multiply the number of attacks, to attack his target from multiple angles simultaneously. This isn't simply speed, as the attacks truly do all happen at once, essentially creating copies of the attack. Brandon is able to create a maximum of 6 attacks at once with his blade.
  • Teleportation - If Brandon strikes something with his sword, he is able to teleport to the spot where it struck. This ability is limited so that Brandon is only able to teleport to the last thing that his sword struck, but he can teleport there as many times as he wishes.



Nen is an ability that allows Brandon to use and manipulate his own life energy, referred to as Aura. Aura is the life energy produced by all living bodies, and aura from all parts of the body tend to flow together and create one mass of energy. The points at which Aura flows out of the body are called Aura Nodes, and controlling them is the first step to being a user of Nen. 

There are four major techniques of Nen and several more advanced ones, all of which Brandon has trained in extensively. there are also 6 different types of Aura, and every person fits best into one type, but can usually use some other types too with varying efficiency, but can only use their main type to 100% ability. Brandon is a Transmuter, but has also trained extensively in both Emission, and Enhancement.

  • Ten - The first of the Nen techniques, Ten controls the Aura that leaks from Brandon's body, keeping the nodes open but having the aura flow around his body rather than away. This is the most basic defense against emotional Nen attacks, but cannot defend against physical ones. Ten maintains the youthfulness of his body and reduces his aging.
  • Zetsu - Zetsu stops the flow of Nen from Bran's body altogether. By closing all the aura nodes, Brandon is able to stop the outflow of Aura. This makes him more sensitive to the Auras of others around him, and also makes his own Nen undetectable. 
  • Ren - Ren focuses on outputting a high amount of Aura and keeping it on Brandon's body, expanding the size and intensity of it. If Ten is purely defensive, Ren is what is used for offense. This increases Bran's physical strength and durability and provides a larger pool of aura for him to use for more advanced techniques. 
  • Hatsu - Hatsu is the release of Bran's aura so it can be projected and carry out a certain function. Generally, Hatsu is the user's personal expression of Nen that creates a special and unique paranormal ability. This is where Aura type comes into play, as it determines the type of Hatsu you can use. As such, Brandon has multiple abilities that he can use.
    • Transmutation and Emission - Nen responds to the goals, strengths, and desires of its users, as a result, a student of Nen can increase the overall power of an individual skill by stating a self-imposed restriction. Brandon has placed such a restriction on his Hatsu ability, which is that it is only able to be used on the Aura that surrounds his sword in combat (with Shu). This ability allows Bran to transmute the Aura around his sword into practically anything that he can imagine, usually elements or substances of some sort. He can also partially transform his sword itself using this ability to some extent. In addition, with his skill in Emission, Bran is also able to use this ability at range, by doing something like surrounding his sword in flames, and then emitting the flames at his enemies from long range. This gives Brandon an unbelieveable range of abilities, and nearly unmatched diversity in the kinds of attacks that he is able to utilize.
    • Enhancement - In addition to the usual physical enhancements, Bran has developed an enhancement Hatsu that enhances his mind. This allows Bran to both think and react much faster than usual, and allows his brain to endure significantly more stress. Bran can quickly make detailed strategies, as well as easily analyze situations and attacks and react to them accordingly, all without overworking his brain. This obviously gives him massively superhuman reflexes, allowing Bran to easily avoid most attacks and react to any situation. The added effect of this ability, is that it greatly enhances the power of Brandon's PSI abilities that he is able to use thanks to being a Psyren, thanks to the boost that his enhancement gives to his brain power.
  • Gyo - Gyo is the first of the advanced techniques. Bran concentrates a larger than normal portion of his aura into one specific body part. Gyo increases the strength of that body part, but leaves the rest of the body more vulnerable. 
  • In - In is an advanced form of Zetsu used to almost completely conceal Brandon's aura. However, In does not require Bran to stop his aura flow, but hides it instead, allowing him to launch sneak attacks or lay traps.
  • En - En is an advanced usage of Ren and Ten. En is used by expanding his aura further than normal with Ren, and using Ten to give shape to the aura, usually a sphere. Using En, Bran can feel the shape and movement of anything entering his circle.  
  • Shu - Shu allows Brandon to extend his aura's envelopment onto an object, allowing him to use the object as if it were an extension of his body. This allows him to greatly enhance the strength and durability of an object.
  • Ken - Ken is a defensive technique where Bran maintains a state of Gyo over his entire body, allowing him to defend against attacks from any direction without the need to use Ryu. Ken is a useful defensive move, but is difficult to maintain. Additionally, it is not as strong as Gyo as the aura is more spread out.
  • Ko - An enhanced version of Gyo where all of Brandon's aura is condensed to one body part. This makes that one part of his body extremely powerful, but leaves the rest of his body unprotected.
  • Ryu - Ryu is the term for the real-time usage of Gyo. For example, using Gyo to enhance a punch by increasing the amount of Nen in your fist, before shifting the Nen to your arm to help you block a counterattack.


Brandon is a Shaman, allowing him to see and communicate with spirits, control spirits, help them pass on to the afterlife, and most importantly, use them in battle. Also, Brandon is capable of using Furyoku, which is essentialy a measure of one's spiritual energy, produced directly from the soul itself. Furyoku levels are determined at birth, but can be increased through death, or near-death experiences. Brandon was born with extremely high levels of Furyoku, which have increased even more over time, through his various experiences in life.

Brandon's "Spirit Partner" is the famous swordsmith Muramasa. Muramasa, believed to be an incredible swordsmith, whose violent, ill-balanced nature was said to have been passed into his blades, which were popularly believed to hunger for blood and to compel their wielder to commit murder or suicide. Muramasa is a phenomenally powerful spirit, with massive amounts of Reiyoku, the measure of a spirit's power, to match Brandon's own power. Muramasa's medium is Brandon's Crystal Sword, which being made from Bran's blood, means that he can summon Muramasa's Oversouls nigh-instantly. 

  • O.S. Muramasa - Brandon concentrates the entirety of his Furyoku into a thin layer of energy around his Crystal Sword, not only making it nearly unbreakable, but allowing it to cut through practically anything thanks to the immense amount of energy concentrated into such a small area. Additionally, similar to the legend of the blades of Muramasa hungering for blood, this O.S. has the ability to drain the life force of Brandon's foes, or even completely consume other spirits to grow more powerful. 
  • O.S. Muramasa's Armory - Brandon forms countless different swords, that he is able to control at will to assault his opponents. These swords have less concentrated power than O.S. Muramasa, but their sheer number makes them extremely deadly, especially when combined with their ability to drain the life of their victims. 
  • O.S. Muramasa's Warrior - Brandon uses his Furyoku to form a massive ethereal warrior around himself, similar in form to a Susanoo, which acts as both an impenetrable defense and a weapon of mass destruction. Sharing the abilities of all of Muramasa's Oversouls, this massive figure is incredibly potent in battle.

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