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    I felt like doing this for no other apparent reason other than to kill time, in here I shall attempt to breakdown and rationalise the character arc and decisions Karina undergoes during the story of Eos. I'll probs do Hitoshi next cause he's real easy to pick apart. Anyway, Rina.

    When I'm planning a characters story arcs I have to always leave room for adjustment due to other people planning things without me being aware of the consequences that may be brought to light, for Karina, it's actually pretty handy because she, like many others, is a product of the world around her.

    It's not brought up much if at all but growing up in Hades wasn't as bad for Karina as it was for others around her. Whilst her dad wasn't around much if at all, she s…

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    Sup guise! Lil' blog from me asking the important question, of all the anime each occupation is based off of, what have you actually seen? And following that up, if you had to choose one to get rid of, which one would it be and what would you substitute it for? And to follow that one, excluding the one's a character already has, which one would you choose to keep? To make this easier for you guys, I'll make the list of the current occupation we have and what anime they are based off of.

    • Ninja- Naruto
    • Mage- Fairy Tail
    • Soul Reaper- Bleach
    • Chef (and all it's sub-categories)- Toriko
    • Meister- Soul Eater
    • Pirate- One Piece
    • Vampire- Hellsing
    • Deadman- Deadman Wonderland
    • Demon Contractor- Beelzebub
    • Shaman- Shaman King
    • Alchemist- Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Knight- Nanatsu no…
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    Regarding Bounty

    May 18, 2014 by .RedCxat

    Hey guise, just a little announcement from me. Bounty is now a form of money (USD, Sterling, Ryo) meaning when you get something from the shop, you now lose bounty. I thought this would make everything more fair. Btw, if you get caught adding more than you should have done or not taking any away, you'll lose everything.


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