Blazer, is an Occupation in the world of the Shinsekai, are a group of special humans born and imbued with the power of Magic, the source of their power, to a fixed degree at their birth, granting them the ability to potentially awaken unique abilities to the particular individual. 


Blazers, are special beings, unique existences, born with magic and capable of the materialization of their very soul as a weapon which represents them and their being, a Device, serving as a medium for Blazers to access their inherent power.

Blazers, in the past (source universe), were said to be those individuals called magicians and witches, as they possessed powers that went beyond human logic and seemed inexplicable through the application of science. Blazers are capable of drawing out this magic with which they are born and actualize it to enhance their physical attributes, as well as protect them from danger and other magical attacks.

However, being born with magic, this magic tends to be influenced by one's soul, and it's own nature, a representative of the inherent abilties that one's nature might tend to possess, usually, though it is not uncommon for red herrings to exist. From elemental manipulation to bodily augmentation, one's unique powers. These are referred to as Noble Arts. 

While one may be born with more magical energy than some, how one applies it and utilizes it may result in situations that might surprise those who are stronger in raw power, as well as those who simply control their magical power potentially having an advantage over others.

Noble ArtsEdit

The Noble Arts of a Blazer, are the trump cards of Blazers and their "strongest moves", the manifestation of their abilities and varies between individuals. Apart from practically being capable of manipulating their natural magic with ease, Blazers are capable of enforcing the nature of their own individual soul on their magic to produce unique powers. Some Blazers are known for having more than one, depending on their capabilities, with Noble Arts being divided into different categories based on several systems.

Once on a particular theme for their Noble Arts like most are, Blazer's can expand upon that particular theme or motif as they get stronger to unlock or add new techniques to their repertoire of Noble Arts, granting them new powers and abilities related to that particular theme. For example, the usage of Draconic based abilities may grant one the ability to manipulate fire, but over time and usage in tandem withh one's device, allow one to vastly amplify one's physcal attributes, heal faster, and fly, using the power of a dragon's physiology (exactly Stella Vermillion's powers), as well as much more, precise usages.


The Device of a Blazer are their weapons, to put it quite simply, but to explain in full it is the materialization of their soul to form a weapon that can be used for combat. Devices take different forms and abiltiies depending upon the Blazer in question, and to some extent change their form once those objects are directly in relation to their abilties. Devices tend to be enormously durable, though, it should be noted that they are not entirely indestructible, such phenomena usually damaging the Blazer and rendering them unconscious. 

While most can summon one or thwo of their respecitive Devices, some can summon quite a bit of copies. For sparring among Blazers, the Device can go into an Illusionary form or a Real form, where the Device attacks one's stamina while the real actually damages a target. Some devices, however, have their own abiltiies and their own sentience for their Blazer to use. 

As a Device reflects one's inner spirit, a complete change or a reasonable shift in their personality can cause their Device to change or evolve, reflective of the Blazer "rebuilding" themeselves. This also affects how many copies they can summon. A Blazer can utilize the Device as a medium for their abilties, which allows them to utilize their Magic to a much higher degree than they would be capable of without.


  • It should be noted that the Noble Arts compilation on the original wiki is lame, as, for example, Stella Vermillion is quite a good deal more powerful.

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