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Beckham Beckman

Black Bolt

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Human (Joker)


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January 19th

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True Neutral

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3 (0.7667)

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Reiss Family

Beckham Beckman is a 19 year old Pirate, living in the Kingdom of Avaritia, working as a hitman for its largest criminal organization, the Adesso.

Beckham is one of the rare few in the world to possess an "OGene", therefore making him a Joker. Beckham is ranked as a Category 3 threat by the Counter-Joker Agency, with his threat level being 0.7667. Additionally, Beckham is a survivor of the Reiss Orphanage Massacre.


Beck is above all else an empty person. Beckham's family at the Reiss Orphanage was everything to him, and since their "death" he's done nothing more than simply go through the motions of life. He's directionless and simply does as told to keep himself living, he may as well be a machine. It's likely that the reason he even bothers staying alive is that he still holds some hope that his family could turn up one day. Beckham has tried all the usual things to try and make himself "alive" again, drinking, smoking, drugs, sleeping around, but none of it really changed anything for him, and he probably just still does them out of habit. Beckham has no real emotional connection to people, being unable to form a single bond with a person since the Reiss Orphanage Massacre, which is why he thinks little of his job as a hitman. From his perspective he might as well be a cashier, it's just that what he does pays better.

Deep down what Beck really desires most is "Freedom". From his birth onwards, the only time that Beckham had ever felt free in his life was when he was surrounded by his family at the Reiss Orphanage. Before that he was simply being used by his parents as a tool, and here he is now being a tool for the Adesso. What Beckham truly desires is not just his family back, but also the sense of freedom and purpose that they provide to him, that feeling that he's never been able to find elsewhere. This is why that Beckham's family is so important to him, and why he is so fiercely protective of them. Beckham wouldn't hesitate for a second to die for a single one of them, since they're the entire reason why he bothers living in the first place.


Early LifeEdit

Beckham was born in a large settlement in the Kingdom of Avaritia. Beckham's parents had always been very ambitious, only being low ranking members in one of Avaritia's many criminal organizations, and upon learning of their son's "talents", quickly did all they could to hide this from everyone around them. Beckham was locked away, as his parents tried to cultivate his skills, wanting to essentially turn him into a living weapon for their own benefit. They managed to acquire the Denchi Denchi no Mi in one of Avaritia's many black markets, and fed it to him at a very young age. Beckham resented his parents for this treatment throughout his early childhood, feeling as though he was being treated as a tool rather than a son, and never felt much if any love for his parents. This feeling of resentment soon turned to hatred, as his treatment only got worse as he became older. Due to the nature of his powers, his parents would often subject him to torturous levels of energy, forcing him to absorb it to grow stronger. During one of these sessions, when Beckham was only six years old, Beck had finally had enough, and turned the powers his parents had worked so hard to refine back on them. Beckham had only intended to do enough damage to let him run away, but he soon lost control, unintentionally killing them in the process. Beck was forced to quickly flee as people came to investigate the damage he had caused, having no time to enjoy this new world, as he had only ever been locked away in his home.

The Reiss OrphanageEdit

After accidentally killing his parents, Beckham wandered aimlessly for some time, starving in Avaritia's wastelands, before finally being discovered by members of the Reiss Orphanage. Beckham lived there for roughly 6 years, half of his life at that point, before the Reiss Orphanage Massacre occurred when he was 12 years old. Beckham was fairly reserved for quite some time once arriving at the orphanage, but gradually warmed up over his time there, becoming closer with his caretakers and fellow orphans. Beckham sympathized with others with similar experiences as his, and went out of his way to be friendly and welcoming to newcomers who seemed distant like he had in the past, allowing him to form deep bonds with many of his fellow siblings. This was Beckham's first true taste of happiness in life, and he became attached, and possibly even dependant on this new family.

Post-Reiss MassacreEdit

Following the Reiss Massacre, after being separated from all of his siblings at the age of 12, Beckham arrived back in Avaritia. Beck struggled to survive for some time, scavenging and stealing to survive. Eventually, Beckham was caught stealing from members of the Adesso, Avaritia's largest criminal organization. They tried to punish him, but Beckham fought them off with his powers and escaped. It's near impossible to hide from the Adesso however, and he was soon found and brought to their leader, who was interested in his powers. Aurelio Adesso, their leader, attempted to use the powers of his Soru Soru no Mi to steal a portion of Beckham's lifespan, but his powers were completely ineffective on Beckham. Impressed with both Beck's strength and his resolve, Aurelio decided that Beckham could be kept alive, but he would be forced to join the Adesso gang. Beckham had grown numb after losing the only family he'd ever known, and accepted this role without much protest, at least it meant he didn't have to starve. Beck, being a Joker, was exceptionally strong, and thus very good at his job, rising through the ranks of the organization at an impressive pace despite being so young. Throughout the expansive criminal underground of Avaritia, Beckham garnered fear and infamy for his formidable abilities and lethal efficiency, eventually becoming known as "Black Bolt."

Current StoryEdit

Introduction ArcEdit

  • Event: Fallen - 7,000 XP and 5,000 B.
  • Event: Blood - 250 XP and 250 B.
  • Event: Phoenix - 150 XP and 150 B.
  • Event: The Knight is Here - 11,000 XP and 15,000 B.
  • Event: Kids (I) - 1,000 XP and 1,000 B.
  • Event: Goat (I) - 1,600 XP and 1,600 B.
  • Event: Simple - 7,000 XP and 7,000 B.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Haki is a mysterious power that is available to Beckham thanks to his OGene and his activated potential of Pirate. There are generally three types of Haki, Observation, Armament, and Conquerors. Currently, Beck is only capable of using Armament Haki, which utilizes his life force as a form of defense and offense.

Armament Haki - In essence, this ability allows Beck to surround himself with an "armor" made from his lifeforce, which generally appears as invisible, allowing him to withstand attacks that would otherwise cause him harm, as well as enhance his own offensive strength. Additionally, it allows the user to bypass the effects of certain Devil Fruit powers and other abilities, such as the intangibility of logias, or other Devil Fruit effects (or effects of other abilities), because it allows him to attack the "substantial body" of his target. Beckham is also able to cover other objects in his Haki to strengthen them as well, or project it ahead of him through the air as pure brute force. When heavily concentrated or used at a high level, Armament Haki will appear as a pitch black coating on whatever it is being used on, rather that its usual invisible state. Additionally, while it would normally not be possible to apply this Haki to things generated from your own body, such as Beck's lightning, he is able to use his Denchi Denchi no Mi powers to absorb and convert his own Haki energy, or life force, into electricity, allowing him to produce his signature black lightning, powering up his electrical attacks significantly and granting it the effects of his Haki. Beckham has exceptionally strong Armament Haki, and is easily able to completely shatter the Armament Haki of lesser users with little trouble at all. 

  • Black Step - Beckham is able to increase his own speed exponentially by applying Armament Haki to the bottoms of his feet, using the sheer force and striking power produced by Armament Haki to kick off the ground with tremendous power, essentially blasting himself in any direction at great speeds. By applying this technique, and additionally coating the air in a thin layer of Armament Haki, Beckham is able to kick off of the air itself, allowing him to run through the air. This grants Beckham exceptional maneuverability in a fight, as at any point he can kick off the air and immediately fire himself off in any which direction.

Denchi Denchi no MiEdit

Beckham has consumed the Denchi Denchi no Mi, meaning that he is a "Battery Human." This devil fruit has altered Beck's physiology in a manner that allows him to both produce electricity, as well as absorb and store large amounts of energy, that he is likewise capable of converting into electricity. The energy that Beckham absorbs doesn't have to be electrical in nature, since his power allows him to convert any number of things into his electrical power, going as broadly as to include even Beckham's own spiritual energy. Other examples of common things that Beckham is capable of absorbing are solar, thermal, wind, and even kinetic energy received from physical impacts on his body, essentially making him a living power plant. The more energy Beckham absorbs, the more powerful he is able to make his attacks, but he is still a more than capable fighter when only using the electricity that his body produces by itself. Additionally, Beckham is also only able to absorb energy through physical contact, or through shared physical contact with an object. Beck is able to use this electricity for various purposes, the most simple usage of course, is to simply use it to launch ridiculously fast attacks that are able to electrocute his targets, or even completely vaporize them with incredible amounts of heat. Furthermore, he is capable of utilizing several more advanced applications of his Denchi Denchi no Mi powers.

Black Bolt - Beckham is able to infuse his electricity with Haki by essentially using his Denchi Denchi no Mi to absorb and convert his own Haki energy (life force) into electricity itself, giving birth to his epithet "Black Bolt Beckham", and giving his electricity incredible power compared to standard lightning, and also giving it the effects of his Haki, allowing him to even damage intangible or electrically resistant foes. While utilizing Black Bolt, Beckham is able to completely control his electricity at will, as opposed to simply emitting it, as he does with his regular electricity. Black Bolt is also completely immune to being controlled or absorbed by others with electrokinetic or energy absorption based abilities. 

  • Pillar of Heaven - Beckham's most destructive attack, which he is only capable of using after absorbing a tremendous amount of energy from his surroundings. Beckham releases a massive amount of Black Electricity from his body, completely incinerating his surroundings with a gargantuan pillar of Black Lightning, capable of blasting a large circular crater into the earth, and shooting high enough to pierce the clouds, or "heavens".
  • Black Shroud - Beck can enhance his physical ability immensely by using his Black Bolt electricity to stimulate his muscles and brain, increasing his speed, reflexes, and strength significantly. His electricity can also be used to essentially replace his nervous system, by using his electricity to instantly transport information from his brain through his body, increasing his reflexes to godlike levels. Additionally, since this technique is utilized with his Armament Haki enhanced Black Bolt electricity, Beckham's attack power and defenses are greatly increased, far more than from just simple muscle stimulation. 

Notable SkillsEdit

Biological KnowledgeEdit

Because of his particular line of work, Beck has picked up vast amounts of knowledge on the workings of the human body. Mostly relating to things such as weak points in the human body, such as pressure points, veins, organs, bones, joints, tendons, etc., allowing him to effectively lethally, or non-lethally, subdue his targets with the utmost efficiency.

Martial ProwessEdit

Beckham is an incredibly skilled close-combat fighter, and has been trained in and mastered several martial arts and fighting styles over the course of his young life. Close range is Beckham's preferred type of combat, and he is capable of masterfully using his martial skills and superhuman powers in conjunction with one another. 

Lightning Point - Though generally used as a hitman, Beckham was also occasionally used to simply intimidate certain "benefactors" of the Adessos into paying what they owed the gang, and thus Beck developed a style of fighting for taking out enemies that he wasn't meant to, or perhaps couldn't kill. This fighting style is called Lightning Point, and revolves around Beckham using his vast knowledge of pressure points in melee combat, allowing him to easily immobilize or paralyze his targets. Beck is able to "inject" choice amounts of his electricity into his target's body with these strikes, making them significantly more effective. This addition allows Beck to immobilize even physically powerful targets, though foes on a similar level to or stronger than Beck may be able to resist being fully paralyzed, the added effect of his electricity stacked onto his precise strikes will almost certainly stun them at the very least. This allows Beck to essentially lock his enemies into long chains of melee attacks if he's able to land even a small amount of strikes, making this fighting style incredibly dangerous even against formidable opponents.


As stated above, Beck was often asked to simply intimidate his targets, rather than kill them, which has lead to Beck learning various ways to do so. Ranging from plainly using his presence and reputation, to using numerous kinds of interrogation or torture techniques to get what he needs. His knowledge of the human body allowed him to carry out such techniques exceptionally effectively, because put simply, he knows how to hurt people. All of this combined made Beck remarkably talented at the art of inspiring fear in others.


As a hitman, Beckham was often ordered to essentially perform assassinations, meaning he developed a knack for stealth over the course of his career. Even before becoming a hitman, Beckham was often forced to steal food to survive, allowing him to harness this skill from a young age. Beckham is able to easily sneak into well fortified, high security areas without being detected in the slightest, and perform his duties with the same secrecy. This skill extends to being able to escape hostile areas with very little trouble, making Beck both extremely difficult to find in the first place, and even harder to catch if you do.