Order of the Phoenix
Born in fire, baptised in blood

Ass'Hai (pronounced Ash-ai) is a self-governing island located in the continent of Olympus. The island is currently lead by Kiryso van Cirus, with his daughter Valarie set to take over. The island is located in Raven's Bay a couple miles off the south-east coast of Hades. Ass'Hai has an area of 243,801 km².


Ass'Hai is an independent island governed by Kiryso van Cirus, it is filled with beautiful plant and wildlife and has an active array of volcanoes on the east cost of the island. Those born in Ass'Hai are born with the ability known as Flare and the majority of children train under the Order of the Phoenix from a young age and are given the option to join the organisation if they wish to do so.


Prior to the Order of the Hawk's arrival, Ass'Hai wan an abandoned island only inhabited by small groups of wild life and a mass population of intelligent wendigoes. Kiryso's arrival was not appreciated and a good majority of the Hawk's people were killed an injured before Kiryso banded the remnants together and slaughtered every single wendigo that walked the island.

Ass'Hai became a place of refuge for people from Hades and Ares and the population grew rapidly as well as agriculture and infrastructure. In time, the island became entirely self dependant with Kiryso and the Order of the Hawk governing it. Eventually the Order of the Hawk disbanded and was reborn as the Order of the Phoenix.

Over 15 years, the Order of the Phoenix evolved into a private militia group currently serving the island and it's people.

Island AbilityEdit

Those born on Ass'Hai are born with a natural immunity to heat and fire, as well as a partial manipulation of fire. They call this Flare.

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