Archbishops of Sin is the name given to the 7 people, who have formed a contract with the spiritual incarnates of the seven deadly sins. Once this contract is made, they become the Archbishop of the sin they're contracted to. The seven archbishops are that of, pride, wrath, greed, gluttony, envy, sloth and lust. The Archbishops of Sin have no relation to the 7 Magic Archives or demon lords in hell and seemingly act on their own accord.


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Authority is the name given to the Archbishop's abilities they gain through their spiritual contract with their sin incarnates.


  • Sloth: The Authority of Sloth enables the user to disable the "talents" of other entities: regardless of their species or state of being. They become "lazy", unable to utilize Requiem's gift, and lose all of their energy and motivation for even something as basic as living. Their laziness will prevent them from even eating or drinking, and they will become overwhelmed with an urge to sleep until they die. For one who wastes Requiem's gift is worthless, wicked, and is destined to die due to their "refusal to labour".
    • Talents that are taken away by Sloth, can be given to a more "productive" (anyone who still has and uses their powers) user who doesn't waste Requiem's gift. 
    • This Authority can expand to even inanimate and non-living things, taking away their abilities, and allowing the user to cause things to crumble and fall apart.
    • Those who have their talents taken away will also cause a strong feeling of irritability to all of those around them; causing them to dislike the person, and making them stay away from them: leading to emotional ruin.
  • Idle Hands: The user can affect the physical environment with an invisible force that takes the shape of hands. Their strength and range are depedent on the user's own individual power and capabilities. 


  • Gluttony: The user can eat the name and memories of their opponent. To eat a name, the user touches them with their left hand, then licks the palm of the same hand. Things such as experience, talent, and the likes and dislikes of human relationships serve as food for the user, allowing them to take advantage of any abilities or memories their opponents had. However, if the user eats a fake name, they are plagued with severe nausea.
    • Those that have had their names eaten have their existences erased from the world, destroying any human relationships along with preventing the use of magic and negating any contracts with Spirits.
    • Those that have their memories eaten become amnesic and any characteristics they may have had are reset, effectively making them into a different person.
    • Those that have both their name and memories eaten simply become a shell, and although they live, they no longer eat, excrete waste, or age, putting them in suspended animation.
  • Eclipse: Eclipse is considered to be the trump card of gluttony and is implied to have two types; Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse allows the user to consume the negative emotions around them to increase their physical stat, while in contract, Solar Eclipse uses the positive emotions. Furthermore, Solar Eclipse is also capable of manifesting the emotions consumed into a pure white energy of destruction.


  • Greed: User can consume souls and spirits to increase their life span and essentially grant them immortality.
  • Still: The user can stop the time of themselves or anything they're wearing, touched, or even their breath. This stops any interference from outside and only allows the user's interference outwards. This negates any attack against the user, and if the user waves their hand, anything in its trajectory is cut no matter the toughness. Atmosphere released from the stillness can cause shockwaves, gravel thrown around can become inevitable shots, and it can enable the user to travel at extremely high speeds. Use of the ability causes the users heart to stop.


  • Wrath: The user can share or transmit their emotions and senses to others. After polarising emotions such as anger or sorrow, the user can transmit it to any people in their vicinity, either taking control of them or resonating a certain emotion between a certain amount of people to raise it to the point of madness. Also, since the user can share senses such as distress or pain, if anyone dies within the effect area the user can force others within the same area to die the same way.
  • Chain: User can manipulate the chains which come from their heart known for attacking a person's soul directly and are capable of separating a person's body from their soul.


  • Lust: (tba)
  • Variation and Change: The user can transform themselves or others into various things. This ability can also be used to heal by transforming damaged parts into uninjured parts, with the Archbishop even being able to heal after having their head cut off and their heart crushed, and any spare parts generated through healing dissolve on their own.


  • Pride: The user can rewrite phenomenon in their favor as many times as they want. Using this, they can negate their death, bury people into the ground instantly, teleport people without leaving any trace of their actions behind, and change people's memories. Although the user can't control energy with their power, they are able to direct it to wherever they want.
  • Quake: (tba)


  • Envy: Capable of copying the powers and abilities of anyone they can touch with their left hand.
    • If their left hand can enter their targets mouth then they can then steal the powers and abilities, once this occurs, they their target can no longer use the ability.
  • Crush:The user can create an invisible gravity field like ability that is able to crush both living things and energy alike. It is said crush has an effect across all 3 planes of existence.

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