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Apollyon Ruthaven
Apollyon 2
Kanji Apollyon Ruthaven
Rōmaji N/A
Also Known As Princeps Sanguis
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 6' 4"
Weight 210lbs
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Kingdom Formerly: Hades

Currently: Hermes

Occupation Demon Hunter


Mage Bender

Level 33
Experience 2,000/33,000
Bounty Beli 495,000
Allies The Church (former)


Status Alive
Image Gallery

Apollyon is a Demon Hunter born in Hades. He is one of the top Demon Hunters for the church due to his skill and abilities he possesses.

Personality Edit

Apollyon is a serious and mature individual, he seems to only care to get his missions completed. He is a cold and calculating person and easy to make enemies with, his true loyalty is to the church though his self-reliance has even led to rebellious skirmishes with them as well.

Appearance Edit

Apollyon has snow white hair that drops down to the bottom of his neck, he has a lean but very muscular build and usually wears a red over coat with black gloves, his pupils are also blood red.

Background Edit

Apollyon was born in Hades to former Demon Hunters who fled from the grasp of the church due to them abandoning the extremist ways. Even though they could escape the grasp of the church, they were in danger of being killed by the surrounding demonic presence in the land. They hid themselves when his mother was pregnant to give birth to Apollyon. Though after such they had no choice but to leave Hades due to the danger they could befall Apollyon

Abilities Edit

  • Sword Mastery: Being a high ranking church official and demon hunter, he is easily capable of wielding swords or any type of bladed weapon with ease and with deadly precision against his enemies.
  • Hand-to-hand combat Mastery: Apollyon is very attuned and adept at melee combat, he is easily able to out fight any experienced fighter as he was taught many styles of combat throughout his many years and has also mastered many of them.
  • Concentrated Accuracy: Apollyon as a child always had a special talent, he was able to nearly hit all targets accurately without missing, his talent was trained even more when he started using bows and long range weapons allowing him to gain accuracy that put any marksman to shame.
  • Heightened Reactions: Due to his Demonic physiology, Apollyon's senses are hightened to extremes and is able to react to even split second actions allowing him to trick or confuse his enemy or even dodge on coming and possibly fatal attacks or situations.
  • Far-sight Sensory: Apollyon has an extreme sensory of on coming dangers, somewhat like a spider sense, he is able to sense danger suddenly before it happens to occur, allowing him to slightly plan ahead of how to handle certain situations.
  • Extreme Speed: Apollyon has always had great aspects of speed, he is able to move with such speed that it would appear to regular humans and sometimes even beings with enhanced presence sensory as teleportation, he is easily faster than the human eye can see and sometimes faster than some super-natural beings can see or even sense.
  • Super Strength: Apollyon is naturally gifted with enhanced strength easily being able to lift objects that weigh many tons as well as being able to have an enhanced combat style as his physical attacks are greatly increased in damage and speed due to his strength.
  • Evolutionary Regeneration: Due to experimentation done by the church, Apollyon is able to regenerate almost instantaneously from almost any fatal injury that would surely be able to kill a regular mortal, Though the process of his evolution may take a a time depending on the type of injury, something like being pummeled would increased the density of his skin and would only take a few seconds where as being completely vaporized would take many days if not weeks to take in affect.
  • Magic: Apollyon was taught multiple forms of magic by the church enabling him to use it in many forms and fashions such as: Telepathy, Blood drain, soul capture, and weapon enhancing.
  • Evil Empowerment: One of the other abilities given to him as a demon hunter, Apollyon gets more powerful depending on the more sin and evil he is around.
  • Power & Essence Absorption: Apollyon is in fact able to absorb the power, essence, and soul of a being when the being he is absorbing is near-death, this ability is similar to Alex Mercer's consuming ability where he is able to consume the entirety of the being, but when he absorbs a major power, his power may release it self and absorb any organic being in the surrounding area as well which can affect up to an entire city much like Alucard's level Zero release, this ability though is very strenuous and in effective that he never uses it as it depletes him of his strength which is why he only does it on super-powerful beings for any pay off. Though only permitted to use this on a being of wicked nature

Devil Arm Edit

  • Kept secret from much of his associates, The Devil Arm is a mysterious ability he has had since his birth. The Devil Arm appears to give Apollyon demonic properties and abilities that enhance his power once used. The usage of this ability is mysterious and seems to contain very powerful essences, and it only gets stronger from his furthering of killing demons and absorbing there essences through his Devil Arm. Abilities granted by the Devil Arm are:
    • Energy Manipulation: The Devil Arm grants Apollyon the ability to manipulate dark and demonic energies, he can use it into direct blasts of energy that he fires at his opponents our he can apply it by infusing some of his weapons or attacks through the use of the energy.
    • Constructs: An ability only usable with the Devil Arm active, Apollyon is capable of summoning constructs made of pure seeming light that originate from his Devil Arm to fight with him. He can also create separate weapons of varying sizes and power with this ability as well.
    • Super-Enhanced Strength: Though only being in his Devil Arm, Apollyon's strength is increased Immensely with his use of the Devil Arm, being able to pick up almost exactly what he is capable of with the Devil Arm then he is with his regular full strength making his strikes increasingly deadly.
      • Devil Drive: A form discovered by Apollyon during the four years of Eos' disbandment. This is supposedly the true state of the Devil Arm, activating it revealing Apollyon's true Demonic power. The full source or originality of the form is unknown but it does greatly increase the potency of Apollyon's attacks and his physical attributes greatly. Though the form itself does put a strain on his body.

River Styx - During his journey's throughout the world, Apollyon discovered the River Styx. He within the disbandment of Eos, used it twice enhancing his physical power immensely beyond what it what before adding on top of his already great strength.

Demon Hunter Abilities Edit

Dromeus Cometes: A special Phantasm possessed by Apollyon which immensely increases his speed. It allows him to run through a giant battlefield in a single breath, and obstacles on the field will not slow him even as he charges through a dense forest. 

Mana Burst (魔力放出, Maryoku Hōshutsu?) is the increase in performance caused by infusing one's weapons and body with magical energy and instantly expelling it. Simply put, recreating the effect of a jet burst by expending large amounts ofMagical Energy.

Bending Edit

Fire Bending: Out of all the elements Apollyon had practiced over the 4 year period, Apollyon has trained with the use of Fire bending the most. His base level of Fire Bending is pretty standard, being capable of generating orange/red flames just like any regular Fire Bender could. The intensity of which can be controlled fairly easy, also giving Apollyon the ability to compress his flames into more destructive types that would destroy many objects on contact and act more of a solid object then that of fire.

  • Combustion Bending: Combustionbending is the ability to channel chi through the his eyes, often marked by, superheating the surrounding air and producing a beam of explosive energy capable of immense damage, both in short and long range. Unlike conventional firebending, which produces a flame from the body, the technique instead creates a powerful beam that explodes upon contact with a solid surface

Ninjutsu Edit

Apollyon gained the ability to use Jutsu and was taught in the use of Ninjutsu during his training with the church in order to utilize Jutsu techniques and releases to further enhance his ability in the field and capability to do his job to hunt and exterminate demons.

Lightning Release Edit

One of Apollyon's natural chakra nature that he gained the ability to use while training.

  • Lightning Release Wall
  • False Darkness
  • Lightning Fang
  • Thunder Bolt
  • Purple Electricity
  • False Darkness
  • Electromagnetic Murder
  • Depth Charge
  • Long-Distance Bombing
  • Lightning Beast Tracking Fang
  • Lightning Cutter
  • Lightning Release Chakra Mode

Fire Release

  • Big Flame Bullet
  • Crimson Earth Spider
  • Demon Lantern
  • Dragon Flame Release Song Technique
  • Fire Dragon Bullet
  • Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
  • Flame Whirlwind
  • Great Blaze Ball
  • Great Fire Annihilation
  • Great Fire Destruction
  • Great Flame Technique
  • Great Flame Rasengan

Misc. Jutsu

  • Body Flicker Technique

Jinchuriki Edit

After the execution of all the old Jinchuriki, Apollyon was one of the ones to volunteer to become a new Jinchuriki for the 5th tailed beast, the use of Kokuo enables Apollyon to use the kekkei genkai boil release and many other Tailed Beast related abilities.

  • Red King Mode - An ability similar to the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode where Apollyon trained with Kokuo to gain the use of his chakra to increase his physical and spiritual power.
    • King of the 5 Crowns - Similar to Kurama Mode, Kukuo and Apollyon's entire being aligns with each other. During this, Apollyon can unlock more and more of Kukuo's power by unlocking Halo's that appear on his Head, shoulders, and elbow's which total up to 5 crowns, giving Apollyon the full usage of Kukuo's chakra and power.
  • Sage Mode - During the 4 year disbandment of Eos, Apollyon found and worked with the Sage Toads in Athena to gain the ability of a Sage.

Boil Release Edit

  • Flower Repentance Technique
  • Skilled Mist Technique
  • Unrivalled Strength
  • Omni-directional Evaporation

Magic Edit

Apollyon, during the disbandment of Eos, learned a great deal about God Slayer Magic. With this he was able to channel the powerful magic into use. He has trained through the use of Light God Slayer Magic.

Light God Slayer Magic Edit

  • Burn in my Light: A spell creating a large ball of light around the opponent heating them up, this spell can also be used to create smaller but more dense balls that can scatter all around the area that can chase the opponent.
  • Photon Scatter: A spell where Apollyon forms multiple condensed little balls of light that chase the opponent and explode on contact with them.
  • Blinding Tempest: A spell where Apollyon can fire large tornadoes of light at the opponent which can cause large amounts of damage to not only the opponent, but also the environment. This can also be condensed into laser like blasts that hold even more damaging potential.
  • Holy Barrage: Apollyon condenses large amounts of his light magic into his palms and releases them forming multiple spear like objects that strike the opponent with great force.
  • Soul Divide: A spell where Apollyon forms a large blade from his hand of pure magical energy, the property of the blade is mainly it's intensity as it burns through materiel that it touches creating a sharp intensity that acts as if it was actually cutting.
  • Radiant Light Shield : Apollyon is capable of creating full body shields that burn away much of anything that comes in contact with it meaning he can be very much protected from many attacks.
  • Piercing Heaven Bullets: Apollyon uses all of his 5 fingers to barrage the enemy with small but impactful bullets of Light God Slayer magic.
  • Dividing Reaver: An attack similar to Iron Reaver, Soul stealer, Apollyon slashes with his hand extending multiple slashes of god slayer light magic.
  • Light Transfer: A spell where Apollyon fires and travels along a stream of pure light and appears where he wishes to in that stream allowing him to travel immensely fast and even blitz some opponents.
  • God Stance: An enhancement spell where Apollyon amplifies all his physical and magical abilities with his magic improving all his physical attributes and potency of spells greatly. The true ability of this spell lies in his speed, as it allows him to move more fluently through any atmosphere as well as increasing his natural perception and reaction greatly.

Advanced Spells

  • God Slayer Secret Art, Blazing Blast Complete Destruction: A spell of immense power, Apollyon condenses large amounts of magic into a ball, he then releases the ball into an immense blast of God Slayer Magic which burn greatly and can grievously wound or possibly even kill his target if struck.
  • God Slayer Secret Art, Super Nova Total Annihilation: A spell of immense power, Apollyon condenses immense amounts of magic into his own person and releases it thus creating a blast of magic that can greatly injure his targt or even kill them i struck.

Light Devil Slayer Magic Edit

  • Hell Storm - Apollyon summons a large tempest of fire like light in which he centers around the opponent and makes it collapse in on them creating a centered implosion of light on the enemy.
  • Helios Wave - Apollyon swathes a massive wave of light magic at the opponent and collides with the burning the entire frontal side of the enemy.
  • Star Tunnel - Apollyon forms a massive spinning tunnel of light magic that engulfs the enemy, engulfing them in a constant exposition of burning light magic.
  • Apex Devil - This enhancement spell enhances much of Apollyon's physical and mana ability, it mainly focuses on Physical Strength as it's main trait that it enhances and slightly increases the potency of Apollyon's mana.
  • Black Markings: An ability granted from the training and use of Devil Slayer magic, Apollyon can slowly summon black markings that grant him a great resistence to curses as well as increases his mana potency.

Equipment Edit

  • Sanguis: Sanguis (Carnage) is a blade gifted to him by the church when he was announced as his Demon Hunter, the blade itself is very mystical and was said to be forged from the the fires of hell itself, it is mystical in nature and Apollyon is able to use it to channel his Holy power and magic through to make a deadly weapon even deadlier with physical and magical enhancements. The blade also is capable of channeling demonic energy as well. Recently his sword was equipped and lined with Valyrian Steel, making it much more potent as a weapon increasing its durability and slicing and stabbing power.
  • Angel Revolvers - Weapons crafted from pure and black silver and blessed upon it's completion, the Angel Revolvers are high caliber pistols used to combat agile enemies. They use high caliber blessed bullets also made from silver to specifically counter act enemies of unholy origin.
  • Enki: Sword of the End, Enki (終末剣エンキ, Shūmatsu-ken Enki?) is the final weapon of Gilgamesh, a pair of golden twin blades that is stored within Bab-ilu and often worn on his back. Similar to Fate/stay nightGilgamesh's ultimate weapon, Ea, it is named after the god Enki. He uses them in close combat in conjunction with weapons fired from his vault with enough skill to equally battle King Arthur. They have the function to turn the hilts ninety degrees to allow them to be used as tonfa knives. As a sword which can summon floods, it must be deployed for seven days, as the volume in water increases each day after its activation. After the seventh day, it turns into the Surge of Utnapishtim (ナピュシュティムの大波, Napyushutaimu no Ōnami?) from the the Epic of Gilgamesh, the original tsunami that gave shape to the deluge myth of Noah. Upon invoking its true name, Enki takes the form of a longbow by connecting the two swords at their hilts. It generates an arrow that is fired at the ground to act as a "tracer round" for his true trump card that is deployed high in satellite orbit above the earth.

Techniques Edit

  • Hell Scar: A technique where Apollyon channels the blade's holy or unholy energies into his sword and slashes it creating a magical energy slash that can cut through almost anything, it can be amped with more power if Apollyon concentrates his magical power more into the blade. This technique can also be used multiple times at once creating a barrage of magical slashes that can cut through almost anything.
  • Plasma Blades: A special technique developed personally, it is the construction of magical blades created from Apollyon's dark magic that he can create instantly when not in contact with Sanguis, these blades are made out of pure blood magic and can be made into a density far beyond that of steel and is severly hard to break, these blades can be made to any length or width.
  • Air Jumping: Apollyon is able to channel magic under his feet while in the air and is essentially able to walk on thin air.
  • Shadow Cannon: A technique similar to Blood Scar where Apollyon uses his energies to enhance his blade, he aims his blade forward and unleashes a giant beam of magic that incases a large area destroying everything within the actual blast radius and the area it contacts with.
  • Omega Scar: A technique where Apollyon unleashes a very large blood scar that encompasses a very large area.
  • Dark Barrier: Apollyon motions and controls his dark Magic into a high density shield that can either protect one part of his body or be used as a shield in the shape of a dome to protect his body, it can also be used as a on the go and portable shield where he uses it to create smaller circular shields that can be activated on the fly.
  • Black Claw: Apollyon can channel is dark magic into thin but very long wire type objects that are so thin and sharp that they can cut through some of the thickest materiel on earth, much like the microfeliant wires but only last for a few seconds and are only possible to aim in one direction at a time, much like Inuyasha's flying blood claws.

Mission Tracker Edit

Dread Doctors Arc Edit

  • Event: Hunting for Hounds - Earned 14,000 XP and 120,000 B.
  • Event: 531,871 - 1, +6 Levels and +30k B ~End of Dread Doctor's Arc~

Timeskip Edit

  • 4 years: +15 levels and 350k B