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Alexander Solomon II



Also Known As Prince of Hera
Age 21 (February 5th)
Height 7'8"
Weight 50t
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Kingdom Hera
Occupation Hunter
Level 50
Experience 11,000/50,000
Bounty 825,000
Family Solomon (father)
Amanda (mother)
Lea (grandmother, deceased)
Phillip (brother, deceased)
Caranus (foster brother)
Romulus (hardly)
Allies Solomon
Enemies Enemies of Hera
Image Gallery
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Alexander Solomon, otherwise known as Asura, is 21 year old human male of somewhat supernatural descent, the offspring of two formerly vampiric members of the guild Eos. Born into the Kingdom of Hera, the Kingdom of Power, in the midst of the Eastern Kingdom's capital Juno, Alexander is the eldest child and son of the current Queen of Hera and seat on the council of the former region, Olympus, prior to the 'invasion of Kreed'. As the Prince of Hera, a Kingdom filled with proud warriors and strong core values, Alexander was raised to be the paragon of what the new Hera was meant to be. As a Heran, Alexander prides his family above all else, whether it be biological, or simply due to trust, as his family has extended to the group of Astrea, becoming one of its founding members. Despite being the son of the Queen, Heran discipline did not allow Alexander to grow too overconfident or live exceedingly lavishly, as he was forced to learn how to hunt and fight at a young age due to the Heran belief that the royal family sets the example for their people. As the "older brother", of most Herans with the traditional values within them, Alexander considers every person in Hera his family, and despite there being a clear number of dominant females, Alexander is considered one of the few males that would have been worthy of truly living in old Hera regardless of former policy, embodying Hera before he became a somewhat colder individual.

As Alexander grew, the young lad would eventually run into a, and empathize young Battle Wolf known as Caranus, the youngest son of the Wolf King, a fact that went unknown to all but the leaders of the Kingdom at that particular time, as the lad's parents had interacted with said King during their extraordinarily long past lives as vampires roaming the Earth. Due to the berserker Alex had turned into after an attempt at the life of Caranus, Alexander sealed away a great deal of what may appear to be some amount of his personality in a Nen vow, lest he wishes to feel ridiculous amounts of pain. After the death of his brother and grandmother, however, Alexander temporarily reprised this particular form, flickering into it shortly after landing on Storm Island, before passing out. Recently, so as to get stronger and prevent such a tragedy from happening again, Alexander has vowed to get stronger, and coming closer on his path to what he has called Gourmet Enlightenment. While Alexander could have stayed on Storm Island a bit longer, due to being betrayed and somewhat played by the woman in his life at the time, he returned to the shed, to Astrea after having nowhere else to turn to.


A well-built, masculine young man, Alexander has shining blond hair that covers his face forming golden bangs, with a unique trait of purple eyes. He lacks a useless joint in his foot, something weird for most people, but the knowledgeable will know what it is an indication of. Being far more developed in the muscular sense than most children his age, Alex's build is somewhat intimidating, even to older people.

After the four years


When unfamiliar with his surroundings, Alexander gives off the impression of a reserved person, and if provoked verbally, will snap back almost instantly. When he opens up to people, he starts acting more laid-back around them, regularly making jokes and socializing like a normal person. He becomes extremely passionate over some topics. His eating demeanour is also extremely well-mannered, almost as extreme as his insatiable appetite. Eating entire several course meals at any given time, Alexander eats his food with the utmost of grace and speed. However, if someone was to touch the food on his plate, quite a war can start. In fact, a way to tell if Alex actually has an interest in a person of the opposite gender is him actually sharing food, which can be quite surprising to those who know him well. Flies are literally terrified of touching his food due to the ominous aura he radiates towards insects within a certain radius of food.

Having an unexpectedly high intellect, Alexander tends not to care about what others think about him, not even in the least. Unless Alexander is convinced to believe in someone's views about him, he is generally indifferent, treating people exactly the way they treat him. Being relatively distrusting of the motives of most, Alexander will help people cross streets or will protect the elderly of his own will. Whatever Alexander does, he does because he feels like it, and is not above behaviours one would call "dick moves." In fact, his relatively cold demeanour is often mistaken for such a thing, when Alexander simply has taken no interest in that particular person. If Alexander takes no interest in a person at first glance, then they will either be simply ignored or he will behave in a passive-aggressive manner. It should also be known that if Alexander goes to help someone, he's already on guard, or that person is special.

One must understand that Alexander cares very deeply for his friends and those close to him but is generally indifferent to those distant from him or those who have hurt his friends. Having mind-numbing courage and the ability to take loads of pain, Alexander will stop at nothing to take back what was stolen from him or his friends. A brutal yet intellectual fighter, Alexander takes care of his enemies with graceful lethality the majority of the time. Alexander is extremely, terrifyingly combat oriented, to the point that he sometimes has problems with every little normal thing.

For all of Alexander's apparent emotional fortitude, however, he has a noticeably hard time expressing negative emotions, often bottling up his feelings until he explodes.Alexander is not above lying and deceit. As a result, should he feel overly hurt, Alexander is not a stranger to breakdowns and fits of rage that tend to have negative effects on those around him. His loyalty is such that he places family and friends above himself, and will continue fighting an enemy even when there is no hope left to save his allies, despite that ally probably being the most teased. Many say that one of Alex's many ways of actually expressing interest in you when he doesn't want to, is him teasing or annoying you/mocking you. Having a different ideology, Alexander may appear to pick on others but honestly simply wants people to demonstrate the willpower to surpass others with an attitude similar to what he displays.

After the four years...


Tis a clusterfuck that needs to be edited, read at your own horror.

Sometime after the final action, Eos took together as a group, Amanda, the then Empress of Hera, and Solomon, the King, hunted down the vampire who turned the latter. Quickly overpowering her in a manner that was much like the way she originally defeated Solomon, for the first time in over a century, Solomon and Amanda had reverted to humanity, bringing Romulus and Lea, Amanda's mother, along for the ride. After a century's worth of vampirism, it was hard getting into a human body, but they managed anyhow.

Finally cementing their vows, the two were officially husband and wife. Reliving their century-old honeymoon, Amanda would decide that with this new development, the two could finally have a child. Though three years before Solomon would have gotten punched halfway across Ass'Hai for making a statement like that, Amanda and Solomon settled down, siring a heir.

As the Prince of Hera, Alexander was born into a world of royalty and nobility. However, his parents did their best to ensure that Alexander did not grow up to be a spoilt child, having him be treated more like a regular child around them. Alexander was raised by the combined efforts of Solomon, Amanda, Lea, and even Romulus. Being treated with the utmost of care by his parents, he was given the chance to engage in many activities.

This did not stop Alexander from developing an air of royalty anyways, allowing him to become a very laid-back type of person. Whenever Alexander was not in the palace, he was in a forest, relaxing with Romulus. Romulus, noticing the smell of both of his masters on the child, immediately deducted that he was their child. Taking him in with the other cubs, Alexander was trained to become a full-fledged Battle Wolf cub. At the age of 5, Alexander was already completely accustomed to the behavioural traits of wolves, in fact having such an affinity that he started accepting Romulus as his uncle. At this point, Alexander was actually able to understand the sounds of the wolves as if naturally spoken language.

Returning back to the palace again, not even noticing he had spent an extended period of time there, he found his mother and father waiting for him at the door of the Palace, his grandmother suddenly appearing behind him. After being scolded about leaving the Palace without their permission, Alexander was allowed to visit more regularly, though education became a priority from now on. Alexander was tutored by many and was taught in general to utilize his mind strategically.

During the nighttime, Alexander was forced to repeatedly train with both his mother and father, Solomon teaching the child how to utilize his speed and Amanda, his strength. Training with weights deemed inappropriate for his age, and even taught to carry heavy logs up an extremely steep hill upstream, Alexander would slowly become the beast he currently is. Eventually, Alexander stopped seeing training as stressful, and more of an enjoyable activity. Continuously training his physical attributes, Alexander would often get into play fights with his father, the less busy of the two, measuring how fast he made his father go as a mark of achievement.

Alexander soon gained a reputation for never ceasing to train until he was too exhausted to move or think properly (i.e a state of unconsciousness). At the age of 8, Alexander started walking around Hera, playing with the children of commoners and generally helping out citizens, a task he was given by his father to help with his humility.

The Birth of a BerserkerEdit

Alexander, an eight-year-old boy, would go to meet Romulus and his cubs, only to learn that Romulus was out looking for food. Alexander would play with the cubs as the night fell, the moon emerging from the side of the sky.

Suddenly, Alexander heard a whimper, as a cub cried out in agony. Turning to face the cub, Alexander noticed a slender silhouette. As his eyes slowly widened, he noticed there were several, slender silhouettes, each with what seemed to be the outlines of weaponry. Easily noticing their bloodlust, Alexander confronted them. Shoving Alexander out of the way and kicking a cub, Alexander released a fury of attacks, grabbing the arm of one of the silhouettes and throwing them into a nearby tree, before dropkicking another, a crack being sounded, as an aura overtook his arm, though Alexander was completely unaware of his usage of such an ability. His strength itself became, "enhanced".

The silhouettes, knowing the trouble they were in, made the motion to stab an unaware cub. Alex felt something snap within him, as a red aura started emitting itself from his body. The ability of the Kingdom. Berserk, had just been awakened. Hitting a silhouette forcefully under the chin, one could clearly hear the crack of a skull. The fractured skull was given no time to heal, as it received a bone-shattering kick in the direction of another two.

Grabbing the one that remained, Alexander held him by his neck up into the sky, before cracking it. As the source of hostility was removed, Alexander calmed down, albeit slowly, understanding that he had just made his first kill. Returning back to the Palace, after telling his mother about what had happened, Alexander was sent to the Occupation Academy to be trained as a Hunter, (and by extension, a warrior of Hera).

After completing his training at the Academy, Alexander developed his very own original Hatsu technique, and simply continued his new daily routine: Training with his parents/Playing (Training with Romulus)/Developing his Nen/Education/Warrior Training/Humility Course. The child, now 12 years old, was now ready for whatever would happen next. Or at least, so he thought

Current StoryEdit

New Dawn ArcEdit

  • Event: A Beautiful Lie
    • XP Awarded: 4400
    • Beli Awarded: 3000

After Kazuo seemingly betrayed the team but in actuality had developed an elaborate setup, tensions were high and a new location was on the horizon. However in the words of the lost souls on the island of Grace, "You shouldn't be here". The team came faced with the challenge of differentiating reality and fantasy after being locked in a long a gruelling fight with a Hollow named Juno whilst also gaining a new friend in Rayne and her pet Duskull.

  • Event: No More Kid Stuff
    • XP Awarded: 12000
    • Beli Awarded: 7000


  • Event: The Legend of Rayme
    • XP Awarded: 6600
    • Beli Awarded: 3000


  • Event: The List
    • XP Awarded: 3600
    • Beli Awarded: 2000
  • Event: Blue - Earned 5,400 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: Training - Earned 3 Levels and 12,000 B.

Rookie Pit ArcEdit

  • Event: Into the Pit - Earned 9,500 XP and 7,000 B.
  • Event: Scarlet Flower? Check! - Earned 1,000 XP and 1,000 B.
  • Event: Stardust? Check! - Earned 3,000 XP and 3,000 B.
  • Event: Dragon Horn? How about 3! ...Sorry Derek - Earned 5,000 XP and 5,000 B.

Four Month Timeskip (Second Timeskip)Edit

Journey to Gourmet EnlightenmentEdit

Minor Rewrite, most events happen normally After the last event prior to this time skip, Alexander would once more leave the vicinity of the group as well as leave from the ever looming presence of the Conqueror Akashi and the Red Empire, back into the territory of the Conqueror Kreed, and his Saints, a figure with particular importance to the group, Astrea, due to the war claiming the life of their de facto leader and former captain, Viserys. While Olympus was close by, the area was said to be "overrun" by Kreed's army, but, however, Alexander needed to have a place to train somewhere else. While the Red Empire was splendid for training in the arts of magic, perhaps just under the South in training worth, Alexander used no magic and possessed a "mythical" physiology from the special existences referred to as Gourmet Cells. These Gourmet Cells required special sustenance, and special training to improve in strength, and nowhere else in the world seemed to be as good as the Storm Islands, within the Eastern region, the Land of Spring. Upon entering vernal waters, Alexander immediately got to tracking down his targets, the anonymous mentors of Bishokuya and Pirate occupations. The Storm Islands had the greatest level of ecological diversity known to Alexander, enough to facilitate the training of a Bishokuya, and if there was anywhere he could go to get stronger it would be there.

Having gotten a good whiff of their individual scents since he was a mere twelve-year-old lad, Alexander and Caranus did not take much time to actually find these mentors, men who seemed not to care about political affiliations and other such ties as long as they were actually paid, something which their late captain had, quite characteristically, forgotten to do. Changing their identities, Alexander claimed to be a wandering traveller who went by the name Michael, with Caranus doing nothing of the sort and simply pretending to be a lost Battle Wolf. While the mentor of the of the Bishokuya occupation was more than well-versed enough in their respective occupations to notice that Alexander was quite familiar, Alexander's constant state of In had even those incapable of sensing the presence of Nen confused as to what was actually going on. The young prince explained that what he wished to train in was the Shinobi occupation originally, however, the true basis of his power was his power as a Bishokuya, asking the master of this occupation for some manner in which he could strengthen himself. Being carried to yet another individual who seemed to be casually kicking off of the air, Alexander instantly recognized the occupation as that of the Pirate occupation. Confused as to why he was brought to the Pirate in general, Alexander was told that the allocated time for his training and his rare scenario allowed them to try out an experiment they wished to test for quite some time, and also offered to train Caranus. The Bishokuya master acted as if he actually knew Caranus quite well, which the duo found quite strange, but simply dismissed. The young princes, one of Olympus and the other of 1/8th of the entire Animal Kingdom, while carrying quite a bit of money with them, was surprised that even the money they took was not quite enough.

Alexander and Caranus eventually had to agree to a special favour of the duo, a favour which would also prove beneficial to Alexander himself. While this all happened within the same day, Alexander and Caranus were led to a village in the centre of the Storm Islands, appearing to be a small traditional Japanese village complete with a shrine and sakura blossoms which seemed completely out of place for the particular region. The village was concealed of course but required some sort of process to enter, judging by what his mentors did, with him simply following. Brought into the village, Alexander was told that this would be his residence for his period of training and was introduced to the families in the village, as well as the family he would be staying with, seemingly that of the village priest. As if in some world of anime, Alexander would find himself interacting with what was a Miko, or shrine maiden, the daughter of the village's priest, and by nature, a Shaman, with his own quiet yet energetic nature contrasting greatly her own talkative yet more calm nature, it was not much of a surprise that sparks would fly.

After his conversations with the family , he was staying at, he began his training immediately. Alexander was forced to meditate on constantly feeling the flow of each of his individual senses, with intense breathing exercises having to be followed in each individual moment. However, if this was all Alexander actually had to do, this would not have been nearly as difficult. The Bishokuya mentor, having been told what technique Alexander was to learn, took Alexander through means of Back Channels to several different biospheres on the Storm Islands, while simultaneously restricting him from the utilization of Haoshoku Haki or his ability to empathize with animals (with the exception of Caranus, who technically also counts as human anyway). Being forced to stay under this meditative trance and specific breathing exercises, Alexander was forced to endure all manners of temperatures, altitudes, and other such environmental extremities, once even being placed within a swarm of carnivorous insects, armed with only his Instinct and physical/biological abilities, Alexander concealing his Nen due to its inherent link to individuality (in a sense training his control over his aura). Without his breathing rate going up or down even infinitesimally, Alexander began to feel a slight, tingling sensation, as this routine became increasingly more natural. With Caranus on his own, individual training, Caranus only returned to Alexander to prepare his meals for him, Alexander noticing they were remarkably more flavourful than ever before. Training in Food Immersion prior, Alexander even stacked the added level of difficulty of that type of training upon his own.

Every now and then, Alexander would be placed in a situation a bit longer than usual. After the first entire month of this, Alexander would begin to feel like he could will his hairs to roll up and down his body almost subconsciously, forcing them to go flat or shoot up depending on the temperature around him, even if they didn't do so immediately. Attempting to do the same with his arm, Alexander could feel his muscles contract to a level he had never felt prior, and upon doing this in combat while consciously utilizing Instinct, Alexander found his hunt incredibly easier. But the longer Alexander did this for, the hungrier he seemed to become, even considering the fact that he was a master of Food Immersion as a result of the constantly shifting environments forcing his body to expend excess energy to cope and enable him to survive, as well as his constant use of In and dangerous battles.

However, the only reason Alexander was thought to be capable of learning this technique, the technique he desired to learn so quickly, is because of his body's unmatched adaptive capabilities, a level of prowess granted to him only through the use of his Gourmet Cells. In the world of Requiem, there are many who are capable of pulling off such a feat, but none of the original universes possesses the truly boundless possibility wrapped up within the occupation of piracy, the technique that involves one following the way of a Sennin and becoming a master of Life Return. With their hardly being any masters of this art, the mentor included, Alexander was to learn an incredibly rare art or die trying. Being placed once more in a frozen tundra, Alexander would notice that almost automatically, his body would vibrate with immense kinetic and thermal energy radiating from the very core of his body, Shivering. The first stage of the tests complete, Alexander would then be placed to fight what would appear to be a Tundra Dragon, with no preparation, outside of its natural habitat. Due to the environment itself not being cold, Alexander's newfound natural adaptation did not yet kick in, until, in a surprising turn of events, Alexander forced it to. The soil bubbling up and liquefying under his body heat as well as melting the ice, Alexander took down the dragon in several punches of pure heat amalgamated with unbridled physicality. The test, Alexander, or perhaps, the one who goes by Michael, was a success. Suddenly pulling him out of the technique, Alexander was the first student of both mentors to actively induce the effects of Life Return on their Gourmet Cells, pulling out these adaptations at will. This experiment had to be seen through.

Alexander was then tutored in specific applications of his new found power, as well as how to reinduce these effects on his Gourmet Cells continuously, being shown how to lengthen his nails, but his newest ability, the power to eat seemingly all things. Bestowed the epithet, "Hypervore" jokingly, Alexander learned quickly the digestive manipulation based techniques afforded to him by Life Return, the time allotted to him for training being quite a bit longer than the usual four-month period that they take for full extensive training, allowing him to increase the evolutionary stage and rate of his cells. Through constant consumption, his cells grew increasingly powerful, while simultaneously more, instead of less under his control, due to the amazing powers bestowed upon him through Life Return. Alexander's ability would only continue to flourish, as he began to adapt to each environment he was placed under and recall these abilities at will. Having pretty much mastered both occupations, Alexander was merely beginning to add his finishing touches on his abilities within the Bishokuya department, polishing what would seem to be basic and ordinary abilities into truly powerful manifestations of his actual power.

"All things are ingredients, and all things must be appreciated. Thought the flavour and energy the savouriness, the lack of thought and energy is a new flavour thereof. One cannot call themselves a true connoisseur unless one can eat all things without a problem." Beginning his journey to what his mentor referred to as Food Enlightenment, Alexander began to become capable of scarfing down even inanimate objects, metal being broken down and reconstituted within his body to form iron deposits and facilitate the immense amount of haemoglobin required to maximize all the oxygen he intakes, though as he continued to progress at about the third month, even that became child's play, his cells respiring and acting as gas exchange surfaces independently, allowing him to maintain an oxygenated body even if his blood should somehow become theory. Referring to this as his Food Awakening, Alexander would then meditate for the remainder of the third month after consuming an incredible amount of food in a single week, attempting to find his inner ingredient. His cells, craving food, began to activate by themselves, as Alexander found himself standing face to face with the ethereal being he always knew came out when he got angry enough. Conversing with it, Alexander was surprised to find that due to his incredibly excessive eating habits even for his previously low evolutionary stage, his Appetite Demon was not condescending to him. However, being suddenly struck by his Appetite Demon, Alexander awoken to being caught in the same tundra but covered in bright blue flames. At his slightest whim, Alexander watched as the flames moved back and forth as he trudged back to his mentors, who would later explain to him that it was the evolution of his preference of Shivering, the acquiring of a permanent heat and fire based ability: pyrokinesis.

This third month would prove incredibly efficient, as Alexander's body was placed deeper and deeper into the Back Channels to the point that what was simply a month for those outside of the channel became much longer, and with him eating vast amounts of food in the same "day" due to the change in time perception, Alexander's cells were more than equipped to constantly evolve. Alexander, going back through all the former situations, had his unique power honed, much to the pleasure of the two individuals training him. His training was indeed a success, and being brought to the village once more, Alexander would settle down until he could go see the Shinobi in question. This relatively strange time where nothing occurred was the blooming of..relations with the shrine maiden, and while they never evolved into a full relationship, a home run was definitely hit.

Finally developing his body to a level deemed suitable by his mentors, he met the mentor of the Shinobi occupation, and to his surprise, and utter, unbridled terror, he happened to be Misumi's older brother. Pretending he didn't sleep around with his future teacher's little sister, Alexander would train under the taijutsu master in the arts he knew best and was forced to come up with a manner, utilizing his body, to achieve a strength level equivalent to his teacher who used the Eight Gates. While Alexander's raw power could already rival and equal his trainer while in the Eight Gates, Alexander was told that, since he smelled of his sister, he had no choice but to come up with something that managed to impress him based on his own Eight Gates technique. While disappointed he would not be taught the technique for such a stupid reason, he quickly, after reading a book, began to train his taijutsu and breathing until one day, he showed himself capable of rivalling the Eight Gates in combat, developing what is known as the Seven Heavens Breathing Method. Unlike the Eight Gates, due to it being practically impossible to die from the technique (though there are still strains on the body), it lacks the eight state and only possesses seven activations. After a brief fight, where he was only allowed to enter the second activation (mainly because Alexander was wailing on him and his training was only using the Eight Gates and nothing else that he had at his disposal), Alexander was sent away, where he would go back to the village and say his goodbyes. On the final day of his village life, Alexander would look awaken to the smell of familiar skin, Misumi laying in the bed with him, to his surprise. Even more surprised to find out that she knows that he was going back that day, she explains that while the rest of her village might not be, she was a Hunter, meaning his In was ineffective.

Alexander then let her know that if she is going

Powers and Abilities Edit

Physical AttributesEdit

Alexander, despite his young age, has demonstrated a great deal of physical strength, with his physical attributes being one of his most outstanding qualities. Alexander's natural strength is attributed to his inhuman training as both a warrior of Hera and the heir to the throne, in addition to his power as a direct descendant of Amanda's familial heritage and Solomon's own training. Due to his bloodline, and his parents' own physiologies, Alexander has become mutated in a sense. Alexander constantly breaks his physical limits during training, and it is a running joke within his family that when he starts training, he never stops until he completely passes out. The young man has a relatively astounding level of durability and has inherited a latent healing factor from his mother and his father's natural adaptation from being a vampire for such an extended period of time. In addition, being the blood grandson of the woman known as the Lady of the Lake, his physical prowess naturally outshines many an adult. He also naturally has a razor-sharp set of teeth, seemingly capable of biting through extremely hard substances without taking into consideration his jaw strength. Akexander is also a notorious Bishokuya, as Combo Partner of the Shinsekai of the Wolf King and possessor of a notably powerful Appetite Devil.

  • Superhuman Strength: Alexander possesses an immense physical power, enhanced by rigorous training and Gourmet Cells transforming him into a superhuman physical monster of tremendous proportions, having a widened gap between him and most other people. Capable of lifting vast amounts of weight without much strain, Alexander's physical power has allowed him to easily punch individuals through several walls while holding back and often trains by wrestling with Caranus, a Battle Wolf capable of taking human form due to the consumption of a Devil Fruit. Forced into Heran warrior training, and ridiculously strength-intensive chores by his grandmother, Alexander, upon leaving over the four-year time skip, immersed himself in nature, where he returned with yet another boost to his physical power, having awakened the power of his maternal side. In addition, Alexander's legs are similarly strong, likely stronger than his arms, and allows for him to easily kick through trees and leap great distances in a single, astounding bound. In many ways said to take after his "Uncle Taco Wielding Succubus Slayer", Alex can lift creatures many times his own size, in addition to being capable of the generation of shockwaves, very easily. After the awakening of his Gourmet Cells, Alexander's physical power has skyrocketed even further, cementing himself as the most physically powerful individual in Astrea, actually capable of lifting Caranus if necessary, the two perhaps being the two strongest members of Astrea. Alexander has shown to create powerful shockwaves nowadays with naught but a single flick of the finger, and even stop attacks or repel attacks by forcefully redirecting attacks with the sheer force of his punches, and attack with such force that his strikes often cause miniature implosions/explosions on contact with the opponent due to his strength actually affecting the hydrogen atoms it comes into contact with. Due to possessing most, if not all of his physical strength within his base form, Alexander, without amplification, is perhaps one of the physically strongest people in general, capable of generating tornadoes with a bunch and multiple building flattening blades of air, and with the incredible speed he is known to strike, he can cause several times that in what might appear to be a singular strike, and with his applications of his Asura Transmuter based Nen ability, can seemingly lift almost anything. His physical strikes, due to mastering Fishman Karate, do not find themselves weakened in the least due to an underwater environment and water pressure, seemingly simply punching through them regardless,e leg power and speed, changing directions with ease in battle. His ability to accelerate and decelerate is almost inhuman, his running speed almost always being at his natural top speed, and decelerating almost instantaneously. Alexander has also similarly fast reflexes, dodging attacks from those on his speed level or above with ease. As a result of his military training, Alexander is primed for a fight even when asleep. In addition, Alexander's natural speed has been similarly enhanced by his Gourmet Cells, with even the weakest of physical specimens turning into powerful superhumans by the amazing changes capable of being brought around by Gourmet Cells. As a result, Alexander is capable of some astounding feats of speed, despite his bulk, and in fact, most see his bulk as if it just simply never existed in the first place. However, this is mostly natural, but when combined with his capabilty to augment his physical capabiltieis even more, Alexander's physical strength is, for lack of any other term of describing it, immeasurable.
  • Superhuman Durability: As the laws of the universe would have it, the maximum level of physical striking power one can dish out should be proportional to the maximum level of physical or structural damage they could take. As a result, Alexander possesses and incredible natural durability, vastly outclassing ordinary humans and several beasts without even the addition of an augmentation to add to his durability. Alexander can take impacts similar to his own and counter with his own punches, as this is the characteristic that enables him to actually fight against and effectively hold his own against more powerful beings.
  • Superhuman Agility: Alexander has levels of agility that can be considered impossible, having a balance and coordination that goes beyond most human capabilities, capable of doing several actions simultaneously and pulling off stunts that many persons simply cannot match, pulling off quadruple flips at a young age.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Alexander has a stamina stemming from his heritage as the grandson of Lea, whose family had an immensely powerful life-force and stamina. As a result, Alexander can undergo strenuous activity for extended periods of time, and even when most of his massive stamina reserves are drained, can continue on with his mental stamina: willpower. Alexander holds a seemingly limitless amount of physical energy which directly realtes to his overwhelming level of stamina and physical capabilities, rendering him miles ahead of most Bishokuya. Combining his vast reserves of stamina with a near limitless capacity for storing energy and a "digestive system" of unmatched efficiency, Alexander can undergo incredibly taxing activities and due to his adapatation to lactic acid, possesses perhaps what can simply be described as unlimited superhuman stamina.
  • Superhuman Senses: Alex's senses are naturally superhuman, having the ability to see great distances, or in nigh-absolute darkness. He can hear even some of the most hushed whispers over a good distance, and even smell and analyze scents coming from a distance away, breaking them down into their constituents. His sense of taste is also similarly superhumanly enhanced, forced to become accustomed to any form of toxin or poison on the first tip of the tongue if his superior olfaction could not already detect it. His senses are only further genetically supplemented by the superhuman acuity of both his parents.
    • Gourmet Cells Enhanced Smell: Alexander possesses incredible superhuman smell due to his Gourmet Cells. He uses his highly developed sense of smell in order to gather information. For example, he can determine if a female is pregnant by the faint scent of amniotic fluid. He is even capable of detecting pheromones with his sense of smell. He can use smell alone to fight in complete darkness. With it, he can also detect and smell the dormant tears within someone's tear ducts, and tell what kind of food someone has eaten via their breath or sweat. In addition, his sense of smell is good enough to pick up the hormones emitted by a liar, or even notice inconsistencies between an illusion and the real world, allowing him to know he is an illusion and fight accordingly. If blinded, his sense of smell is good enough that he can "see" with his eyes closed, and even detect the adrenaline levels of an opponent, in essence smelling their level of killing intent.
  • Animal Empathy: Alexander, like his father, is naturally skilled at animal interpretation and communication, in addition to feeling the emotions of animals, due to being trained by Romulus and his pack and treated like a cub. He is known for talking to animals in his area for help in several activities. Over the four-year time skip, Alexander is known for the employing of this ability to instead achieve a form of animal manipulation through channelling his Intimidation while communicating with animals, though Caranus is known to easily brush this aside, as Alexander simply is not intimidating to him. As a result, Alexander can call down a murder of crows or a swarm of bats without breaking a sweat, or use them for the purposes of reconnaissance and even tracking.
  • Supernatural Regeneration: Alexander has awakened the natural regenerative prowess associated with his maternal bloodline and recently a lomited portion of that of his father's as a natural baseline without taking into account the powers granted to him by awakening the power of a Bishokuya that laid deep within him. This regenerative prowess alone allows him to heal from incredibly wide wounds in mere moments and seemingly regrow limbs, among other things. However, as a Bishokuya of his calibre, Alexander demonstrates a remarkable regenerative capability that enables him to simply heal from the most grevious of injuries, replacing entire organs and recreating entire sections of his body if they somehow managed to be severed from him. However, via Manifest, Alexander is capable of replicating things that have an immeasurably potent level of regeneration, one of which being a Phantom Beast Herac, which grants him overwhelmingly potent regenerative capabilties as long as his body can hold out and renders many to belive that he, like the beliefs about the Heracs, is immortal.
  • Lung Capacity: Alexander has an abnormally grand level of oxygen intake, capable of inhaling abnormal volumes of air or vapours in a single go, and it has been shown that the amount of air he might have in his body at any given times, Alexander is capable of releasing what would appear to be hurricane force winds from a simple, uncontrolled exhalation. He is even capable of demonstrating such a powerful inhalation that it is considered akin to a gravitational vortex, as objects around him get pulled towards him in the form of a potent updraft.


Nen is a powerful technique that allows one to use their inner life energy, known as Aura. Aura is produced directly within the body, and is slowly released from special pores beneath the skin known as Aura Nodes. For those who become skilled practitioners of Nen, they obtain the ability to open and close their Aura Nodes at will. For as long as Alexander could remember, he has been passively tapping into Nen, in a sense being a Genius in the usage of Nen, and even developed his first Hatsu ability completely by accident.

Training in its active usage at an Occupation Academy, Alexander quickly mastered The Four Major Principles, as well as the Advanced Techniques of Nen. As a natural prodigy in its usage, Alex mastered the Transmutation type and began to use his other types to attempt to produce his first Hatsu. As a result...

Four Major PrinciplesEdit

  • Ten (Envelop; Shroud): Alex utilizes Ten to keep his Aura Nodes open, but instead of letting it all flow away and dissipate. He controls it and makes it flow through and around his body, causing his body to become immune to emotional attacks from other Nen users. Since all of the energy is concentrated within the body, it allows Alex to maintain youthful vigour and reduce his body's ageing process. The main drawback of Ten is that even though it protects Alex from emotional Nen attacks, it cannot defend against physical Nen attacks. The quality of Ten can be improved through meditation.
  • Zetsu (Suppress; Null): Alex utilizes Zetsu to close his Aura Nodes, stopping the flow of Aura within and around his body altogether. Since Alexander is no longer surrounded by his own Aura, he is sensitive to the Aura of others, and can easily track them down by sensing their Auras. On top of this, it also prevents other Nen users from sensing Alex, it relieves fatigue since the Aura is now fully contained within, and unfortunately, makes Alex's body vulnerable to other Nen attacks since his own Aura is disabled.
  • Ren (Refine; Enhance): Alex utilizes Ren to output a huge amount of Aura from his body and keeps it attached to his body, he then greatly increases its intensity and size. Alex's physical strength and durability are increased, and he is provided with a large pool of Aura to use for any techniques. Ren is a direct application of Ten, and it's offensive counterpart.
  • Hatsu (Release; Act): Alex utilizes Hatsu to release his Aura to perform a certain action. It is what is used to perform all individual Nen abilities, and reflects one's personal expression of Nen.

Advanced TechniquesEdit

  • Shu (Enfold): Shu is an advanced application of Ten. Alex utilizes Shu to extend his Aura around an object to use it as if it was an extension of his body. The object becomes both stronger and is protected by the Aura, akin to how Ren strengthens and protects his body.
  • In (Conceal): In is an advanced application of Zetsu. Alex utilizes In to completely conceal and hide his Aura. Unlike Zetsu, it doesn't require Alex to completely cancel the flow of Aura throughout and around his body. Instead, it simply hides it, allowing him to perform dangerous sneak attacks and lay traps.
  • Gyo (Focus): Gyo is an advanced application of Ren. Alex utilizes Gyo to focus his Aura into one specific body part in order to greatly strengthen that body part. The downside to Gyo is that the other body parts are left vulnerable, due to the Aura being concentrated into one part.
  • Ken (Fortify): Ken is an enhanced version of Ren. Alex utilizes Ken to maintain Gyo over his entire body, allowing him to defend against attacks from any direction. Ken is useful as a defensive measure, but is tiring to maintain, and is not as strong as Gyo when used on a specific part of the body since it is dispersed across all of it. Due to this, it is mainly used when being cautious.
  • En (Circle): En is an advanced application of both Ten and Ren. Alexander utilizes En to create a sensory barrier around himself made from his own Aura. He can feel the shape and movement of anything and everything that enters the barrier and can extend its range up to 60 meters. The downside to En is that is it very tiring and quickly dissipates Alexander's Aura. Therefore, he cannot use it for extremely long periods of time or else he will run out of Aura.
  • Ko (Temper): Ten, Zetsu, Ren, Hatsu, and Gyo are all used together to create Ko. Alexander utilizes Ko to focus absolutely all of his individual Aura into a specific part of his body. Zetsu is used to stop the flow of Aura across his entire body with all of it being forced into a single spot. Tremendously empowering that specific part of his body. The massive concentration of so much Aura in one spot creates an intense high-pitched dissonance, akin to metal being ground and representing how much raw power is contained within the body part or object.

Transmutation and EnhancementEdit

  • Asura: His first Hatsu technique while fully controlling his Aura, Alexander has been able to create colossal arm constructs to use in battle, increasing the number of combat-ready limbs he has at any given time. He transmutes his Aura into golden arm constructs, and since the Aura is not detached from the body, his body gains extra appendages. The use of these appendages increase the speed of consecutive attacks to entirely new heights, allows him to bolster his already superhuman strength. and increase his overall combat efficiency. Considering his already inhuman co-ordination skills, Alexander can easily utilize these arms with the utmost of ease in battle, allowing him to reach entirely new heights of physical power.
    • Mantra Blades: By giving it the properties of a sharp object, Alexander can produce “blades” anywhere on his body concealed with In and sharp enough to penetrate most of a person’s body, or even utilize it as a defensive manoeuvre. He can manipulate the length of the blade at will and make it into any shape he wishes, from scythe to knife to katana. In addition, in a similar vein to Enhancement but instead, with Transmutation to surround objects with aura and turn them into blades and even use regular sticks as arrows. He can use this to take just a hilt of a sword and use aura as a blade, allowing him to fight with masters of swordsmanship with or without a blade.
  • Strength: The absolute first Hatsu technique Alexander has ever invented, even before mastering Aura. Alexander, using his skill as an Enhancer, can augment his physical strength to levels considered further than humanly possible, especially when considering it can be applied to even his Nen-created arms. With that addition, his strength is brought to entirely new heights. However, due to his personally shifting after actually learning Nen, the efficiency of the technique had actually gone down, allowing him to only double his strength at max with the abilitiy.
  • Waterworks: The user transmutes their aura into water. This means their aura will feel wet, fluid, and all other properties of pure water (H2O) at room temperature. However, none of these properties are real, therefore they want to have any real effect on a target. For example, they won't find themselves doused in water if they swim in it, though it will feel just like they've been submerged in real water. Alexander could slow down his enemies by forcing them to take a swim. Water resistance certainly exceeds air resistance. If they were to breathe in the "water", they would breathe in air, but it would feel like breathing in water, almost like forcing people to suffocate. Even if they didn't, they could experience major trauma, similar to waterboarding. To someone not using Gyo, it would seem like magic, as Alexander's ability goes hand in hand with In. Due to it not being real water, it technically can't be bended.
  • Sound Proofing: Alexander, after analyzing the structure and effects of a soundproofed wall, can transmute his aura into replicating their properties, allowing him to move completely silently.
  • Scream: Alexander can enhance his own voice with aura, allowing him to release a powerful shout that has the ability to generate several shockwaves and is intense enough to kill, causing internal rupturing. He can channel manipulation through this ability to fire it off as a highly condensed blast of sound.
  • Partner Protection: The user increases their strength, speed, and healing ability to an absurd extent to protect someone. Only one person may be protected, but the enhancement is directly proportional to the threat and devotion level. Condition: The more that I care about someone that I protect/greater the threat to them, the stronger I become. Of course, if they either do not really care about the person or do not see the enemy as a threat, then this can quite easily be supplemented. While Alexander is constantly capable of doing this through the tough love relationship between himself and his animal partner, when another individual is thrown in the mix, Alexander's power is capable of skyrocketing, especially if that person happens to be a close friend of his or a member of his family.
  • Requiem of Solomon: Alexander, due to having his brother and

Vows and LimitationsEdit

  • Mantra: Despite its enormous power, it can only be used when Berserk is active and takes the drawbacks of Berserk as a limitation that it actually helps with to an extent. Upon attempting to harness the full power of the Mantra ability while Berserk is inactive, Alexander will receive severe pains throughout the entirety of his body, akin to millions of needles jabbing every pain receptor he has, a pain considered to be worse than death. As a result, Mantra's power is increased enormously, and by extension, Berserk.
  • Asura:
  • Food Honour and Immersion: Alexander, every time he eats his food, must undergo the entirety of the Food Honour bowing practice before eating, or else he will die, no matter what exactly it is he is consuming. As a result, the level of gratitude Alexander is capable of showing towards food is passively enhanced with Nen itself empowering it, as well as the effectiveness of both abilities being enhanced tremendously.
  • Animal Kingdom:

Gourmet CellsEdit

Alexander, while on Storm Island, was forcefully injected with an enormous concentration of Gourmet Cells to the point that the concentration octupled the concentration of his own body cells. With Gourmet Cells capable of replicating and regenerating themselves near indefinitely, Alexander’s power completely overtook his normal cells and changes his body to a special, highly adaptive thing. Gourmet Cells are special adaptive cells that possess incredible regenerative and strength-enhancing abilities that are unlike anything ever seen before. Alexander’s Gourmet Cells augment his power tremendously, and an additional range of superhuman powers and abilities, including his superhuman strength, superhuman touch, adaptation, voracious appetite that may be downright superhuman, the ability to use appetite energy, and an alarmingly impressive life force, having already had one that was superhuman due to his heritage.

The strength he gained gives him a highly powerful spike in all physical attributes, and the ability to evolve his cells by the consumption of high-quality foods. These cells when they consume delicious foods that suit them and the tastes of the cells, it further enhances their capabilities. Certain individuals can also develop new abilities or resistances as a response to harsh new environments, instantly creating adaptations which allow the user to survive. Strangely enough, Alexander also finds himself innately being able to hear Food Spirits, indicating that he is either naturally blessed with Food Luck, or is currently somehow partially and passively connected to Back Channels (it's the first one). All living beings possess calories, a basic form of measurement of energy. How many calories a person has varied from person to person. However, those such as Bishokuya who possess Gourmet Cells have a much larger calorie intake than the average human being does. Therefore, they have an insane amount of calories in comparison and utilize in during combat. For example, all of Alexander's techniques use calories but also appetite energy, and depending on the power of the technique it uses a lower or higher amount of calories. Naturally possessing a vast amount of calories, the results of this usage are insane. Alexander, a user of both Food Honour and Food Immersion, in addition to stockpiling what many people consider extraordinarily vast amounts of food, is blessed with a gargantuan number of calories to work with.

Appetite EnergyEdit

Appetite Energy is pure cellular energy generated within Gourmet Cells, brought forth by an immense appetite. By a predator focusing on its overwhelming hunger and lust devour its prey, this energy can be emitted and used for various purposes. Only the absolute strongest predators on the top of the food chain can use this form of energy. The energy is incredibly versatile and can be used for offensive, defensive, and supplementary purposes. Alexander uses this energy in all of his techniques and can create various semi-solid structures, infuse certain body parts with it to drastically empower them.

  • Tasting Scope: A type of vision that allows Alexander to see and measure the strength of any creature by their "flavour" and "savoriness." He claims that thought determines "flavour" and that life energy determines "savoriness", and practically allows him the actual ability to sense the presence of and see others over vast distances, similar to Kenbunshoku Haki but a tad bit more precise.
  • Fork: By forming his hands into a "claw" position Alexander uses a technique known as "fork" that allows him to easily pierce four holes through most objects and beast and lift them up even if they weight more than him.
  • Knife: By forming his hands into a "chopping" position Alexander uses a technique known as "knife" which allows him to easily slice through most objects and beast with ease. It has enough cutting power to slice through stone or concrete walls.
  • Spoon: By forming his hand in a "spoon" position Alexander uses a technique known as spoon which allows him to create a spoon from his appetite energy that can scoop up nearly anything. It can even scoop up non-physical things such as fire or smoke. He can even use it to fly by propelling himself with the spoons by using them as wings of some sort.
  • Finger Knocking: Through utilization of his fork technique, Alexander focuses it's piercing power into his index finger and strikes the nerves and pressure points of an enemy to paralyze them.
  • Fork Nail Punch: Alexander, rather than scattering or concentrating it, combines the stabbing power of his Fork with the penetrative power of a Nail Punch, raising its overall piercing strength considerably. It's a technique produced by Toriko's image of his routine. He has been shown to be able to control and change its course from a distance as well. 20-Hit Fork Nail Punch is his current known maximum
  • Knife Nail Gun: By combining the cutting ability of his Knife to the piercing strength in Nail Gun Alex creates a powerful attack, capable of causing considerable damage. When he first used the technique against Starjun, he took the hits as high as 20.
  • (No.)-Hit Nail Punch: Alexander can create a punch so powerful that it can easily break through concrete and steel, and knock out even extremely powerful beasts; this is one of Alex's most potent and signature move. After building up power in his arm, Alexander unleashes it as a flurry of straight jabs that seem to hit the target simultaneously, creating a number of surreal, delayed shockwaves. By straining his muscles even more he can land more hits in the same instant; the power increases immensely with every additional hit.
  • (No.) Hit Nail Gun:
  • Flying Fork: This technique is the same as the normal fork technique except Alexander now has the ability to launch it from his hand allowing him to pierce four holes through objects far away without having to be close to them.
    • Cannon Fork
  • Flying Knife: This technique is the same as the normal knife technique except Alexander now has the ability to launch it from his hand allowing him to slice through objects far away without having to be close to them.
  • Fork Shield: This technique is the same as flying fork, except Alexander creates two of them and they wrap around him completely protecting him from any attacks from all sides.
  • Jet Fork:
  • Jet Nailgun:
  • Fire Jet Fork:
  • Multiple Fork Shields: This technique is the same as the previous, except Alexander fires and creates a large wall comprised of several forks layered on top of each other to block incoming attacks.
  • Fork Armor: Alexander uses his fork shield technique to wrap it around his body and create a durable armour out of it to defend against attacks.
  • Leg Knife:
    • Leg Boomerang:
    • Leg #Hit Knife:
    • Leg #Hit Fork:

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • Food Honor: Food Honor, also known as Food Etiquette is both a customary and a philosophical practice of etiquette that teaches gratitude for ingredients and a strict method of eating in especially difficult, but necessary ways in order to bring out the true flavour and potential of certain ingredients. While learning Food Honor the body will begin to auto-correct its movements, removing all actions deemed unnecessary and increases concentration. This allows more efficient use of calories, granting greater stamina, speed, and power though the practitioner may not be immediately aware of the changes. Food Honor affects different people in different ways, for Gourmet Hunters, it increases their overall power and calorie consumption. For Chefs, it increases the delicacy in their movements, and it allows a Chef to prepare Ingredients so carefully, that the ingredients are unaware that they have been handled. Alexander managed to increase the speed and strength of his attacks several times over, by both cutting down on useless movements and increasing his concentration. This in turn reduces calorie consumption greatly and makes his attacks capable of more delicate handling, allowing him to last longer in combat. After he acquired Food Immersion, his techniques’ power has been greatly increased even further, as his immense calorie consumption when combined with these methods of maximizing this power leads to him having an astounding degree of physical endurance and stamina.
    • Food Immersion: Food Immersion is the secret technique of Food Honor. Food Immersion is when one respects and appreciates the food they have eaten even after it enters the body and becomes part of their flesh and blood. The ingredients absorbed by the body are thankful themselves for being eaten and they pour all the nutrients they have into one's body almost limitlessly. It also makes the user gain an increment in his weight without necessarily getting fat. In the teachings of Food Honor, it is described as immersing one's self into a meal. By mastering this ability, Alexander’s power is over 9000.
  • Intimidation: Alexander's Intimidation projects an enormous lupine demonic beast, possessing several arms and sharp fangs. The beast has purple skin and often switches cutlery each time it is employed. It has glowing red eyes and a pointed, spade-shaped tail, with a third eye on it's forehead. Depending on Alexander's anger, it can reveal it's monstrous tongues that strike feat into the hearts of those around  him. Using this to intimidate opponents, Alexander's Intimidation grows continuously gargantuan with his anger, and it remains yet to be seen what would happen when Alexander inevitably reawakens Berserk and taps into Intimidation.
  • Life Erase: Life Erase is a technique that erases one's presence from their prey by subsiding their "intent" or "killing aura" allowing them to approach an animal or ingredient without it noticing any hostility. In nature, predatory animals commonly hide their presence when approaching its prey and likewise prey animals can tell when a predator is satisfied and not directing killing intent towards them. This ability seemingly conceals most forms of detection, allowing the user to attack stealthily and with ease, removing sound and even seemingly turning themselves invisible.
  • Instinct or Intuition: is born from vast amounts of experience in an area such as combat. It can help the user avoid attacks unseen to the naked eye or attack the vitals of an enemy that has never been faced before. It is also versatile as it can be applied to many different areas such as helping Sunny find ingredients. Intuition can also pick up on things invisible to the naked eye, like pheromones. Alexander has a naturally powerful Intuition, born from his training in Enbu, supplementary raising and "babysitting" by Romulus, and his experiences with Astrea. Alexander, when layering this power along with Haki and En, has found that he is incredibly capable of perceiving attacks before they even hit, and finding things that don't want to be found, and just sensing danger in general.
  • Knocking: Knocking is a special, non-lethal method of capturing wild beasts. It generally involves striking the nerves or pressure points that control the movement of living creatures with the use of specialized techniques or the use of biodegradable needles fired from various implements, known as Knocking Guns. This way any beast can be transported alive. However, the location of these nerves is different in every species, so a great amount of knowledge and experience is required to use Knocking techniques or Knocking Guns effectively.By targeting certain vital spots and nerve endings on his opponent with fork or knife, Alexander can cause them to be knocked out and lose consciousness. This usually only works on weaker opponents or when stronger opponents are weakened.
  • Impact Knocking: Alex is able to perform very precise knocking using his bare hands. The blows he lands are also very painful, compensating for the lack of true damage to the opponent. His Knocking appears to have various levels of intensity, that are named after the graduations of meat cooking.
  • Medium: A powerful blow to the celiac plexus that can paralyze the target completely.
  • Well Done: Alex gives multiple strikes to the opponent's motor nerves that paralyze every muscle in their body.
  • Enbu:  Enbu, also known as the Monkey Dance, is a powerful martial arts style revolving around complete cellular unison, with each individual cell harmonizing and forming a pathway to immensely powerful defensive and offensive techniques, as well as drastically amplifying the user's speed and power. Fear of death. This becomes true once an Enbu practitioner masters Enbu to high levels because all of the cells within the body work together, amplifying the practitioner's capabilities beyond what they could originally do before they practice Enbu. 
  • Enbu Natural Stance: Alexander, a user of Enbu, is capable of utilizing the legendary Monkey Martial Art for a vast variety of purposes. The active use of Enbu enables the user to greatly improve their physical aspects, but even more so, their inherent adaptive abilities and perceptive abilities. Bringing each and every cell in his body together, Alexander is given the ability to sense the flow of his opponent in battle, allowing him to more effectively evade the attacks of his opponent, reducing and granting Alexander a mild intuition on how to redirect said attacks, allowing him to last longer in battle. In addition, an example of Alexander's enhanced adaptive abilities to force in particular is his ability to even adapt to changes in gravitational forces, as without Enbu, while his body may feel heavy, with Enbu, each and every cell in his body attempts to ward it off, effectively resisting even high gravity. However, Enbu, while incredibly powerful, is also incredibly taxing, requiring the active use of Food Immersion to viably sustain in extended combat, draining even Alexander's enormous calorie level if not tapped into greatly. As a result, this is the direct manifestation of Enbu's ability to reduce damage, as the enhanced resistance to force applies to all forms of forces, and as such, all forms of damage, or alteration to his physical being by external forces. Alexander is effectively shielding himself against most, if not all types of damage, albeit the shielding not being absolute. In addition, even poisons fall to the mighty power of Enbu, Alexander's body uniting to form antibodies and produce antitoxins for any disease or toxins he is infected with almost instantly. As Alexander continues to progress through the ranks, Alex's resistance will continue to grow, as Alexander's rank in Enbu is nowhere enough to be allowed to actually see the Monkey King.
  • Secret Technique: Low Power: A technique Alexander improvised after learning how the "secret technique" of Enbu was formed, he is capable of channelling all the energies of his, at bare minimum, 60 trillion odd cells into his arms, and channelling into what is simply known as an attack. From then on, the striking power of this attack is immensely enhanced, the destructive capability going to levels of which it can very easily go through buildings like butter, Enbu being enormously powerful by nature. In fact, this power is one of the many reasons why it is said that Bishokuya lack the need for a Sage Mode to wield power of a similar classification. Even if Alexander misses, the shockwave generated by the power is incredible, capable of rocking most opponents immensely violently and perhaps uprooting nearby trees.
  • Strike Flow:
  • Hungry Tongue:


Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

  • Kenbunshoku Haki: A form of Haki that allows the user to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally. The user can also use this Haki to predict an opponent's moves shortly before they make them, thereby making the attack much easier to evade with enough skill. This prediction appears to the user as an image or brief "premonition" of what the opponent will do in the user's mind's eye, and the damage the user will take if the attack actually "hits". It appears that the more killing intent the enemy has, the easier they are to predict. Although, more skilled users can predict future moves whether there are ambient murderous intents or not. It is possible that this form of Haki allows the user to sense the strength of others as well. This type of Haki can also allow the user to empathise with the emotions and nature of others.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

  • Busoshoku Haki: A form of Haki that allows the user to create a force similar to an invisible armour around themselves. This Haki allows the user to defend against attacks that would otherwise cause them harm. It can be used to augment the user's own physical attacks, projected ahead of the user as pure brute force, or imbued into weapons to increase their effectiveness. Any attack enhanced by Busoshoku Haki hits immensely harder than it would normally without it. The Kuja's Haki-imbued arrows, for example, are capable of penetrating solid stone. This type of Haki also has the ability to bypass the powers of a Devil Fruit user whose body has been altered by their fruit in any way, touching the "substantial body" beneath whatever protection the fruit provides, such as the case of body-altering Devil Fruits such as Logia or Paramecia users. It basically also allows for intangibility bypass.
    Busoshoku: Koka - This technique uses Busoshoku Haki to harden the body (or parts of it), and objects which the user is holding. When something is hardened using this, it becomes black in colour and has a much stronger effect than the invisible application of Haki. Therefore, like the normal application, attacks or weapons imbued with this technique become far stronger, except to an even greater extent.

Haoshoku HakiEdit


  • Yang Release: The nature of the vitality of Yang chakra promotes health. It is believed that if Yang chakra flows into a living creature, it will grow well and quickly. Yang chakra has been noted to speed up growing plants. In a living creature with inherent Yang chakra, such a creature will grow well and quickly and will be very healthy. Based on their 'life-supporting' chakra, it is quite easy for a shinobi with Yang release to toe the path of the healing arts. Even those who do not eventually become medics discover that their wounds heal at a quicker rate than the average shinobi. Yōton (Yang Release) is not particularly an elemental type of chakra. Actually, it is simply the physical energy that governs vitality. Yōton governs the physical aspect of chakra. A user of the Yōton has an intimate connection with chakra at a fundamental level, making him a natural sensor. With their deep affinity to chakra, he can sense the presence of others through their chakra, and detect a technique's chakra nature. Alexander demonstrates a completely unparalleled level of physical energy and thus an unnatural affinity for the power known as Yang Release, the physical energy that governs the quality known as vitality. Vitality, in terms of a shinobi, refers to the energy that emanates from the very core of each and every one of the individual's cells, and due to his superhuman cells in tandem with his Gourmet Cells, his levels of Yang Release are seemingly truly unmatched by most, and when placed in tandem with his rigorous physical exercises and training, has his physical energy seem like a near infinitum. This, in turn, allows him to demonstrate enormous longevity and stamina and possess a life-force which rivals if not outmatches those of the Uzumaki clan or their descendants. Finally, Alexander, as the grandson of the now deceased Lea, naturally possesses a life force far greater than that of others. Alexander has also shown himself to be capable of both walking on water and walls for extended periods of time almost effortlessly due to his chakra control that would appear completely unnatural. However, Alexander has inherited obscene levels of physical energy from his maternal bloodline and has similar levels, if not greater levels, than his heritage, and due to physical energy making up quite a portion of chakra in general, he himself has abnormal levels of chakra as a resultant of this physical energy.
    • Chakra Enhanced Physique: Yet another method of augmenting his physical capabilities, when used with the others it becomes effectively immeasurable.
    • Strength of a Hundred Technique (Seal): Releases
    • Yin Seal: Release:
    • Yang Release Chakra Cloak:
    • Yang Sensory


Manifest is an exceptionally powerful Transformation type Quirk that enables the user to manifest the characteristics of anything they eat, and can even go so far as to make multiple transformations simultaneously. The Quirk is by no means limited to simply organic matter, as Alexander can quite simply manifest the charactertistics of anything he somehow consumes. Alexander as of recent has demonstrated a remarkable prowess in the usage and manipulation of this Quirk's benefits and characteristics. Alexander is also granted the ability to combine manifestations and any damage done to his manifestations to themselves or perhaps even their removal appear to do little to no permanent damage to his acual body. 

While perhaps this is how far the extent of one's power would go regularly, in the hands of a Bishokuya on the same calibre as Alexander, Manifest is considered to be far more powerful than one can possibly imagine. Due to his connection to the entirety of the Shinsekai's Animal Kingdom via the Red, Alexander has demonstrated the ability to assimilate the biological energies, or atleast assimilate a synthesized version made out of the Red's energies itself of his choice as he desires, allowing him to seemingly simply choose whatever organism may be considered to have been recently "consumed". As a result, Alexander can seemingly simply use the power of anything he has ever consumed, or anything that the Red allows him to access, which enables him a vast repetoire of potential abilities from across the Shinsekai, and due to the power of Food Immersion, Alexander's manifestations are considered to be remarkably powerful to immense levels. This allows Alexander to seemingly manifest any form of adaptation he desires at will, as well as manifest to some extent the abilities of those who he has consumed in any shape or form. Alexander has actually managed to learn to access the power given to him by Manifest almost reflexively, honing his skill over Manifest to simply react to any sort of threat that he may have a direct countermeasure against. However, after recognizing that the manifestations seemingly allow the part of his body manifested a sort of pseudo-invulnerability/pseudo-intangibility, Alexander has demonstrated the ability to replicate the effects of a Logia by simply utilizing Manifest on the part of his body about to be attacked, meaning that his body simply takes minimal damage if not none at all from some of the most devastating of attacks. Alexander's consumption of various creatures over his lifetime grants his power tremendous versatility and can make the alterations to his body anywhere on his body at will. As a result, Manifest, atleast when wielded by Alexander can be considered to be the absolute highest form of Food Honour available. Alexander can manifest parts of the creature that he hasnt explicity consumed granted that he as in some way, shape or fom consumed said creature in the past, including through assimilation of the morphological energies provided by the Red.

Some of what Alexander can Manifest includes but is not limited to:

  • Phantom Beast Herac: Alexander can utilize Manifest on the morphological energies of the Phantom Beast Herac generated by the Red, granting him an overwhelming addition to her power befiitting the near immortality of the species of the Horse King of the Shinsekai. This legendary species can be considered to be a creature of mythical proportions on the planet in general, and even more so upon circles of Bishokuya, Saiseya and Chefs. By manifesting a Herac, Alexander can augment his superhuman regenerative capabilities to levels far beyond that which can be achieved by conventional Bishokuya, completely regenerating from nothing but a puddle of blood or the smallest bit of his body, being capable of being severed into dozens of persons and regenerating like nothing had ever happened, or tanking some of the most devastating attacks and simply reforming. When layered ontop of the fact that the power of Manifest effectively allows him to replicate the abilities of a Logia with enough skill, Alexander can absorb the damage of an attack and regenerate without even having to worry about losing Manifested parts of his body, which simply do no real damage to him if severed to tremendous efficiency as a tank. Alexander's regeneration is only restricted by his stamina which is virtually unlimited and the energy in his body which due to his constant consumptive habits even after mastering Food Immersion is tremendously higher than they should be, especially with the effective synchronization he holds with his Appetite Devil.
    • Lungs: However, the lungs of a Herac are also considered to be an almighty weapon, as due to their ability to inhale vast levels of air, Alexander can utilize their lungs to create a powerful blast of air that can seemingly destroy everything in his path through a combination of ridiculous levels of pressure, shredding/cuttting winds, and raw concussive force all combined, and it is said that if Alexander exhales uncontrollably in this state he can change the weather in nothing but a breath. Alexander can generate Poison Rain, where rain falls from the sky in the form of an extremely destructive poison to dissolve what they come into contact with, or even forms poisonous hail to form from the sky with even greater concentrations of this poison, though this must be done sparringly and in battles where he need not worry about collateral damage or damage to allies. The Herac also enables him to inhale air over a decently sized area and cause targets near him to asphyxiate, though, yet again, this must be used sparringly so as to not asphyxiate his own allies.
    • Herac-Hooved Punch: Alexander can manifest the leg of a Herac on his arm, and transform it into the leg of such a powerful creature. Thus, upon punching the opponent, Alexander's physical strength in the arm is greatly augmented which directly translates into obscene striking power capable of shattering powerful defenses. If Enbu is used to synchronize the Manifested cells of the Herac with those of his own Gourmet Cells, Alexander's entire arm takes on the pattern of a Herac, and becomes a perfect Herac arm, adding additional power to this attack.
  • The Four Beast:
    • ​King Octopus Arms: Alexander can manifest the power of the the King Octopus Kong, capable of manifesting its massive muscular arms which themselves possess several powerful tentacles that can seemingly be produced with an unknown limit. Each individual tentacle demonstrates phenomenal physical power that can be used to seemingly obliterate most forms of resistances and stop most forms of physical attacks from touching Alexander while simultaneously inflicting tremendous damage to his opponents. Alexander can also use the ridiculous strength of these arms to constrict his opponent to death, or flex the multitentacled arm as a single entity, among various combinations of his superhuman strength with Manifest and other powers. However, what may be underrated is the tremendous endurance of these arms, which is perhaps even more impressive physical strength that they afford Alexander. This tremendous endurance is considered to be so vast that it can resist up to 30x times the physical force of their own physical strikes, meaning it can tank and completely halt some of the most powerful of physical attacks without flinching even if these attacks are potentially above the calibre of the King Octopus Arms in raw force. Regardless, these attacks are very few.
    • Invitedeath:
    • Mount Turtle:
  • The Apex Predator:
    • ​Chimera Kagune:
    • Crimson Devourer:
    • Biokinesis:
      • ​Traffic Lights:
      • Skin Lesions:
      • Poison Hair Dust:
  • Lightning Phoenix:
    • ​Lightning Absorption and Deflection:

Fighting StylesEdit

Fishman KarateEdit

The secret of Fishman Karate is mastery of the water in the user's direct vicinity, using its power to send powerful waves impacting the water within the opponent's body. Since every living creature is nothing more than a mass of water, the users of Fishman Karate are able to battle opponents that are usually highly resistant (if not immune) against blows and punches.Fishman Karate can be used effectively on land as the user can utilize the water in the atmosphere and make use of it to attack. Alexander, on the other hand, is capable of utilizing the unique properties of his aura, in the ability known as Water Works, in addition to the water in the atmosphere, as Fishman Karate innately teaches it's wielder to effectively manipulate the very essence of water itself, though the manipulation may not be as powerful as say, a full-fledged water bender.

Due to Alexander being capable of using his aura for Fishman Karate, Alexander's usage of the martial arts is far more enhanced than any regular use of Fishman Karate, effectively taking his aura and obliterating his opponents through nothing but a simple transmutation into water. Due to Waterworks being inherently invisible and created with In, Alexander can effectively cause what would appear to be magical, spontaneous effects to occur, though anyone knowledgeable of the basic mechanics of Fishman Karate would perhaps notice that Alexander is clearly replicating the style in what appears to be nought but regular air. Fishman Karate of this sort is the manifestation of the Hunter's dominion over the most plentiful of the two non-heavenly terrains, water, (Land being the other, and air being the heavenly terrain) allowing him to hunt on land like in water, unimpeded. In addition, due to the utter relative ease Alexander possesses relative to his opponents in moving through Waterworks, several of the techniques usually dependent on a Fishman-esque physiology are capable of being employed by Alexander. Lastly, Alexander is capable of using Fishman Karate to greatly amplify the power of Knocking, sending "Knocking waves" at his opponents to simply knock them unconscious.

  • Kaimen Wari: Using a karate chop, Alexander can split the aura transmuted into a vast ocean, sending an immensely powerful shockwave to ripple through the field and attack the opponent violently. The strength of this technique is only made stronger with his inherent physical power. In addition, since the force of Alexander's movements through Waterworks is transmitted much better than his opponent's, the strength of the attack enhances itself.
  • Karakusagawara Seiken: Alexander punches at a fair distance from the intended target(s), so instead of the first connecting, it uses the water vapour in the air to release a shockwave that sends them flying. This move has a delayed effect, as the shock wave takes a while to affect the opponent(s).
  • Kaisoku: Harakudashigeri: An underwater (Waterworks) attack, Alexander darts forward and uses the momentum to deliver a savage side kick to the opponent's stomach, the waves generated by the kick and Fishman Karate, depending on the force, attack the internal organs, and most effectively, if the kick is powerful enough, can burst the opponent's stomach. Due to the aforementioned reasons of Waterworks being way easier for Alexander to move through, to the point it doesn't even really personally impede him, this kick can do enormous damage to the opponent.
  • Yarinami: A technique used on a body of water's surface. Alexander heaves a spear-shaped burst of water with enough force to punch a hole in solid structures.
  • Uchimizu: Alexander hurls a simple droplet of water at his opponent, which can become a deadly bullet with the kinetic force created by his immense strength. However, when being utilized with aura, the penetrative force of this attack has increased greatly, to the point where it can not only pierce a person, but also through several structures and rock formations behind him, moving a long distance away from the location from which it was fired, and only then returning to its original state of drop and falling in the water.

Fishman JujutsuEdit

  • Mizugokoro: The primary technique of this style that the user initiates by first performing a bowl-shaped gesture with their hands (one hand over the other) while underwater right before giving the water itself around him a mighty yank. This allows the user to physically grab and redirect currents as if he were manipulating cloth.
    • Kairyu Ipponzeoi: A technique used by Alexander performed after Mizugokoro. He heaves the current upward, where it erupts from the ocean surface as a towering stream of water
  • Murasame: Alexander throws the water which takes the shape of a flock of sharks which bite his opponent.


Life ReturnEdit

Alexander's incredible affinity for the usage of his physiology and strikes in combat has led him to search deeper to find more ways to utilize his already incredible physical capabilities. Heading back to Storm Island of all places, his main destination for training due to it having the facilities to not only train a Bishokuya but most occupations as if some form of an occupational university, Alexander subjected himself to enormously rigorous training which compacted everything within a (convenient) timespan of four months. An incredibly rare martial arts style in Olympus and from what he noticed, most of the Shinsekai, Alexander trained under the Pirate and Bishokuya mentors for the next few months. Undergoing intense meditation and simultaneous physical training, as well as being brought to entirely different environments in the same portion of the island, Alexander, through the tutoring of the Pirate mentor and the Bishokuya mentor, studied and mastered the Life Return technique.

His Gourmet Cells had already transformed his already superhuman body to levels that could be considered superhuman even for superhumans, but Alexander needed to get even stronger. Training in the arts of Life Return, Alexander has followed the path of the Sennin in these regards, enabling him to harness and control every part of his body. While this technique was already incredibly dangerous and versatile in the hands of others, in the hands of a Bishokuya, this technique is perhaps matched only by Enbu of the Monkey King. Controlling every hair, every cell, and cell wall, and capable of concentrating their senses and stretching them to their utmost limits, Alexander has been known to utilize this technique with incredible efficiency. Alexander can harness these powers in several manners, for example, dominating the very will of even his Gourmet Cells and regular cells to follow a very particular goal. According to Misumi, the learning of Life Return is Alexander's first step towards his unavertable future.

  • Regular Applications of Life Return:
    • Deathstrike: Alexander can harness his ability control every aspect of his being to force his nails to grow incredibly sharp and long in homage to his soul-brother, Caranus, allowing him to in turn combine it with his abilities to cut through objects or launch them as projectiles to skewer his opponents, nails growing back incredibly quickly due to his regenerative prowess and the abundance of nutrients to naturally do so his body possesses at all times.
    • Suppression: Alexander can utilize his control over his endocrine glands to generate endorphins, inhibiting the level of pain he can actually feel while relying on Kenbunshoku Haki to show him just how much damage he has actually taken. This allows him to fight on despite attacks specifically meant to induce indescribable amounts of pain, or punch through, say, vast levels of fire (assuming his durability, regeneration, and then adaptation to heat and fire would somehow not protect him from that.)
    • Ingest, Assimilate: Taking his body beyond what is usually considered possible by most, Alexander's level of Food Honour becomes truly remarkable, as Alexander is capable of eating even that which cannot regularly be consumed while simultaneously absorbing all the nutrients that could be seen within that which is then further exponentialized by his Food Honour and Immersion techniques. Allowing him to say, consume wood and metallic objects, Alexander seems to be capable of eating all things, giving him the epithet of the Hypervore.
    • Digest, Absorb: Through the use of this technique, Alexander can instantly absorb all the nutrients of anything within his alimentary canal, even if logically it would not fit within his body due to its sheer mass, allowing him to consume with no waste and no complications, pretty much anything.
  • Awakening: Alexander can use this power to send his Gourmet Cells into coordination and alignment, and in some terms, harness the power of his Appetite Demon and force it into co-operation. This vastly increases Alexander's willpower as each cell is partly sentient yet apart of him, while similarly enhancing every aspect of his being. From reinforcing his aura nodes to allowing him to harness the power of his Food Honour at full power, Alexander's awakening technique is definitely no joke. Gaining a purple ethereal flare, Alexander is said to have forced his Appetite Devil to possess him in this state, and then conquered it, in turn, a power not held by many Bishokuya, and something he might have never achieved without Life Return while granting the power to back up his improved will. Fat within his body is quickly converted into muscle. With his skill over Life Return, and due to the fact that he is technically not transforming, this ability is more of a passive transformation, and more accurately represents the progress he has made over the four-year time skip.
    • Adaptations: By harnessing the power of Life Return and applying it to cells so utterly adaptive to various environments, in tandem with the incredibly rigorous and meditative training required to obtain the Life Return technique, Alexander is capable of forcing his cells to levels of adaptations they would perhaps never be capable of regularly, even beyond that of what a regular user of Life Return would possibly be capable of achieving. However, while it requires the usage of the Life Return technique to get his body to "react" to situations.
      • Shivering: Alexander has demonstrated the ability to forcefully call upon adaptations his Gourmet Cells have made or are capable of making, and Shivering is no exception. Resisting even the coldest and most frigid of temperatures, Alexander is capable of defrosting himself at incredible speeds and even cause ice around him to melt. With his unmatched metabolism further supplemented by Life Return's ability to assimilate absolutely all nutrients from food that one might have eaten/consumed almost immediately, as well as Food Immersion's ability to pour nutrients into one's body almost limitlessly, Alexander has demonstrated the power to shiver for extraordinarily vast periods of time, so much so that he can apply the massive levels of heat generated in combat quite often.
      • Heat: After awakening his dormant Appetite Demon forcefully, Alexander demonstrates, in tandem with Life Return, the ability to adapt to enormously high-temperatures, stopping his body from releasing excess amounts of water, as well as force his Gourmet Cells, unburdened by the pressures of possessing destructible telomeres to continuously divide at vast rates, abandoning his burning and charred skin and forming new skin at that rate. Additionally, Alexander is capable of sweating out vast amounts of moisture to stop his body from rising, though this might cause quite the amount of energy loss, though this is combatted by Life Return's ability to intake energy exceedingly rapidly.
      • Diseases: Alexander's Gourmet Cells, as well as his regular cells which have in turn been amalgamated with his Gourmet Cells in recent years, has demonstrated a near unmatched ability to get rid of disease, his immune system along with his incredible regenerative prowess fighting intruders off with utmost efficiency. A will that Alexander does not consciously control, Alexander's usage of Life Return has enabled him to spur his Gourmet Cells into assisting against the fight against diseases, and in tandem with their near-indefinite division rate, have his Gourmet Cells consume and destroy diseases at an unparalleled rate only further augmented by their notable nigh-impregnability to disease.
      • Phytoncide:
      • Blending:
      • Sleep: Not allowing himself to sleep as it would take away from the time he had to learn and perfect Life Return, Alexander's will and his burgeoning ability to control every aspect of his physiology resulted in him being able to force his Gourmet Cells to assimilate and produce energy out of his foods much more efficiently, letting his body grow much more rapidly. This enhanced level of efficiency allows Alexander to go a week without sleeping once getting two hours in, with his variation of being an insomniac or simply pushing it allowing him to stay up for at bare minimum two weeks.
      • Lactic Acid: While this might be a weird thing to see on a list of adaptations, Alexander is capable of having his Gourmet Cells respire like they would in the physiology of an appetite demon, each individual Gourmet Cell respiring/inhaling/exhaling rather than just his lungs themselves. Combined with his already superhuman lungs, Alexander is capable of intaking massive amounts of air to the point that exhalation seems to occur with the force of a jet, and a type of breathing Alex has had to restrain to using only in combat. This deep level of breathing allows him to vastly supplement his power and striking force in combat to the point where his formerly concussive shockwaves become bone shattering impressions of force. Alternatively, he can choose not to do this, and have his body respire aerobically for vast periods of time, greatly enhancing his physical stamina. In addition, this ability to breathe through his very cells grants him the unique ability to breathe underwater and take in oxygen directly into his body. His lung capacity is considered to be so vast that an uncontrolled deoxygenated exhalation is capable of killing persons due to the sheer levels of carbon dioxide he can actually emit, poisoning them,
    • Gourmet Powers:
      • Augmented Senses: Due to Alexander's Gourmet Cells determining that Alexander lived the life of a Hunter and that his abilities were fundamentally linked to such his first evolution of his Gourmet Cells was one that took his senses to the next level, a great advantage for any natural hunter. Because of this, Alexander has demonstrated supernatural being-class augmented senses, hearing sounds above and below the regular hearing range as well as focusing on the source of emanation, as well as prove capable of tasting the air to learn about the environment, as well as even feel the slightest indentations on an otherwise smooth wall. However, strangely enough, Alexander is not overly sensitive to these stimuli as well, which is a mechanism yet to be explained about his cells.
        • Superhuman Smell: Alexander, through the usage of Life Return to firstly grant his Gourmet Cells enough nutrients to evolve and then aid in their evolution, relying on the fact that they adapt and evolve in the presence of incredible nutrition, and then tell them all to evolve. This incredible level of smell allows him now to trace a large number of animals that might have passed a singular location and even gone different directions, and even trace back incredibly faint scents as long as the original location remains. Alexander can read to some extent one's ancestry and even their favourite foods with a mild whiff.Alexander possesses incredible superhuman smell due to his Gourmet Cells. He uses his highly developed sense of smell in order to gather information. For example, he can determine if a female is pregnant by the faint scent of amniotic fluid. He is even capable of detecting pheromones with his sense of smell. He can use smell alone to fight in complete darkness. With it, he can also detect and smell the dormant tears within someone's tear ducts, and tell what kind of food someone has eaten via their breath or sweat. In addition, his sense of smell is good enough to pick up the hormones emitted by a liar, or even notice inconsistencies between an illusion and the real world, allowing him to know he is an illusion and fight accordingly. If blinded, his sense of smell is good enough that he can "see" with his eyes closed, and even detect the adrenaline levels of an opponent, in essence smelling their level of killing intent. Alexander demonstrates the ability to smell over an immeasurable distance and simply counter most forms of invisibilty, or have such overwhelmingly potent olfaction that allows him to overwhelm the effects of some of the most powerful genjutsu as they fundamentally attempt to alter the senses.
      • Pyrokinesis: The full manifestation of his Gourmet Cells' adaptation to temperature extremes, Alexander has demonstrated an ability to control heat and fire, allowing him to freely manipulate his body temperature as well as set his entire body on fire with little to no actual effect on his body. Becoming one with and in charge of an environment that might have been dangerous to you (high-temperature environments) makes it easier for you to hunt and grants another method of hunting, and a great hunter has several methods of hunting. Burning with a brilliant blue flame, if combined with his previous acquiry Shivering, Alexander can become infused with truly immense levels of thermal energy. Finally possessing an ability that can work alongside the completely physical combat that is his trademarked style, Alexander's striking power is greatly augmented as well as enables him to fight from a distance much better than before. From producing shields of fire, to removing poisons from around his system, to augmenting his strikes and giving him a reason to use a blade.
        • Strong Flame
        • Burner Punch
        • Fire Speart
        • Violent Hear Flamethrower
        • Fire Shield
        • Burner Shot
        • Thermal Disinfection
        • Burner Squall
        • Volcano
        • Blaze Dome
        • Blaze Whirlwind
        • Gourmet Clairvoyance
        • Mirage
        • Water Strider
      • Animal Kingdom: Ever since losing his powers to utilize the aura of the Huntsman occupation, Alexander has instead had Life Return amplify his natural animal empathy abilities, demonstrating the ability to summon down wild beasts and creatures to enable him, as well as communicate with them. However, it 's not simply this, Alexander is known for blending in with any given group of animals and falling into their social hierarchy due to assimilate in any given group of animals, having fallen in way more easily than most humans, even those favoured by the Wolf King, to his pack. His abilities are also known to let him communicate over distances stretching many miles/kilometres mentally, and understanding the emotions and nature of animals without even utilizing Kenbunshoku Haki. In fact, Alexander has been known to be able to seemingly cause stampedes to emerge from nowhere onto his attackers and ask animals to fetch things for him, even influence insects to destroy or pollinate specific crops and link his senses with their own. He has a notable talent in pacifying most beasts, a trait which extends even to the powers of a Zoan-type Devil Fruit, having even the most aggressive of Zoan wielding opponents having to resist the urge to become docile and calm around him. Due to the recent ascension of Alexander's animal-based powers and that of his Gourmet Cells which allow him to have the potential to become an apex predator, Alexander is known to tap into a unique force known as The Red, a force which pervades seemingly all animal life that exists in the universe. Alexander's Gourmet Cells naturally resonate at the same level as this Force, enabling him to harness the powers of animal manipulation and communication, and most recently, mimicry. At the end of his training on Storm Island, it was revealed that due to his unique and incredible potential, the purpose of him continuing to be trained after Life Return was for him to actualize that potential and become empowered by the forces of the Red, drawing upon the powers of any animal he can think about and strengthening himself with it, as well as naturally allows him to think up animals that might be useful for the particular situation intuitively. His favourite animal to channel being the Tardigrade, Alexander gains an unnatural level of survivability, with things like poisons, radiation, lack of oxygen, and even temperature.
        • Animal Kingdom: Connection to the Red: Alexander is capable of harnessing the natural energies and powers of all animals to have ever existed provided they are not rendered something which might be considered directly human, enabling him to utilize the energies resultant of the global communities to actually empower his strikes, as well as create constructs out of raw animal-based energies. He has demonstrated the ability to create force-fields out of the Red, as well as produce claws or swords out of the energy, often intimidating his opponents through the sheer existence of the Red's creations. He has also been known to utilize this power to leave imprints of animal-like behaviour on human beings, causing them to run wild or alternatively, lose their ability to harness human intelligence. This level of command is due to his influence and reputation in the Animal Kingdom of the world, as well as his unique cellular make-up. Due to his ability to consume almost all things and due to the near limitless level of energy capable of being provided by the Red, he can assimilate into his being and produce truly large amounts of nutrients out of apparently nothingness. Alexander is capable of even healing organisms through this connection to the Red, and is considered to have started his journey to become the blonde-haired Food Sage.
      • Appetite Demon Manifestation:

Seven Heavens Breathing MethodEdit

Alexander, was born with and developed, without the use of any additional powers, an unimaginably gargantuan lung capacity over the years, demonstrating an unparalleled ability to take in air due to his unique form of respiration, and this power is said to be akin to the concept of Breathing and Walking that lays within the powers of Magecraft, an entirely different occupation. While Alexander was capable of learning how to respire throughout all of his Gourmet Cells and Cells in a similar manner to the respiration process of an Appetite Devil themselves, Alexander was capable of recreating a unique taijutsu method built specifically to enable the user to fight opponents capable of accessing the Eight Gates, but instead of using chakra, they used lung capacity. Now with the obscene level of breathing Alexander was capable of prior, Alexander was capable of recreating the unique ability such as the Seven Heavens Breathing Method, focused on increasing one's lung capacity in a manner that is synchronous and beneficial for taijutsu. Most, if not all Bishokuya worth their salt, demonstrate an enormous lung capacity, enabling them to stay underneath water for extended periods of time, and allows them to use the oxygen in their body incredibly effectively, though in Alexander's case, his level is unique to his own breathing. Theoretically, this means Alex can stay in environments without air for incredible periods of time, for example, even space.

The Seven Heavens Breathing Method is a particular taijutsu breathing method that drastically amplifies the superhuman physical traits of any given organism who have the capacity and the power to utilize such a technique, as he gathers up an amazing level of oxygen which increases his "lung capacity" fourfold, granting similar strength to the Eight Gates, with even the changes to one's body and physiology looking pretty alike. Due to his body's capacity to hold in oxygen unlike anyone else, Alexander is capable of accessing all the way up to at the bare minimum, the seventh activation, as even the creator of this technique was incapable of utilizing the seventh activation.

Much like the Eight Gates, this technique has several stages or "activations"|活性|kassei:

  1. The first activation|第一活性|daiichi kassei causes Shira's eyes to go completely white and he starts to give off a yellow aura.
  2. The second activation|第二活性|daini kassei causes his body to expand slightly, his muscles becoming distinctly more prominent.
  3. Third Activation

Kingdom AbilityEdit

The Power of Hera: BerserkEdit

People born in Hera can tap into his or her innermost fears, pain and hate, and convert them into an intense rage. The user can then channel the anger to increase his or her own speed, strength, and ferocity. However, the body cannot handle such rage for long periods of time, so the user becomes greatly weakened for some time after the rage subsided. It is known as Berserk. Alexander has great talent with his Kingdom Ability on the first try, channelling the transformation into specific parts of his body.

  • Mantra: Limitation: Can only be utilized while Berserk is active, and cannot be used unless Alex is capable of tapping into vast reserves of anger to trigger Berserk, albeit Beserk has actually been proven to bestow one with the prerequisite anger. Greatly amplifying the potency of his aura in a similar manner to good chakra control increases chakra potency, the user is granted dramatically improved physical power, overwhelmingly powerful screams without even tapping into Nen, and an exponential upgrade of the Asura ability. This technique is fueled by one’s anger/the anger of allies/anger of enemies (best derived from allies). This makes his Berserk ability exponentially powerful, theoretically allowing him to fight on par with enemies who should outclass him, or in a sense, being his Dragon Force. Due to the unique limitation, it siphons off the excess rage of Berserk, allowing the user to not be as drastically weakened as one would expect. The drawback is that the damage done by both techniques is equally split across the user’s body and Nen. In addition, aura can be fired from his fists in powerful bursts, and this ability is alternatively referred to by himself as Hunting Spirit.

Notable SkillsEdit

Martial Arts TalentEdit

Zoological IntuitionEdit

Animal BlendingEdit

Survival IntuitionEdit

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