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Alana Prince


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September 17th

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Reiss Family Orphanage

 Alana is an 18 year old history student born in the Kingdom of Superbia.

She is one of the few people in the world to possess an OGene, therefore making her a Joker, and her activated potential is Hunter. Furthermore, Alana is one of the survivors of the Reiss Orphanage Massacre.


Alana is generally a timid, but kind person. She is very studious and focused on her work most of the time, and this often leads to her accidentally ignoring people, giving them impression that she's simply oblivious. Alana has an intense interest in history and relics from the past, spending most of her time researching previous eras and searching for interesting objects. 

Alana also has a general distaste for fighting, but makes sure to keep her abilities in top shape, knowing that as a Joker it's fairly likely that she could be targeted at any moment. This leads to her often being on edge, especially around people that she doesn't know, which isn't helped by her already timid nature. Because of this, Alana is very jumpy and easily freaked out. Though Alana is quick to flip a switch from her normal timid, quiet personality when around or talking about things she's interested in, such as history, and heroes and legends from the past, practically instantly becoming more energetic and excited. She's also very quick to admire people that she thinks possess similar traits to said heroes and legends. 


  • Young Alana


Early LifeEdit

Alana Prince was born into a very wealthy family in the Kingdom of Superbia. Alana had a very comfortable life for most of her early years, her potential as a joker remaining unnoticed for quite some time. Alana always loved history and stories, and spent most of her time in her family's mansion reading books that her family bought for her. When Alana was six years old, she was kidnapped from her home in Superbia, her kidnappers looking to demand a heavy ransom from her wealthy family. Alana, having been subconsciously developing her Nen abilities throughout her childhood, was able to conjure up a weapon from one of her favorite stories out of reflex, breaking free from her captors and incapacitating them. This lead to Alana's parents realizing that their daughter was in fact a holder of the OGene, and not wanting her to be found out, her parents faked Alana's death and delivered her to the Reiss Orphanage. 

The Reiss OrphanageEdit

Alana was delivered to the Reiss Orphanage by her parents when she was six years old. She took quite a bit of time adjusting to her new home after living and being cared for in a mansion for her entire life, but eventually warmed up to her fellow siblings and her caretakers and grew very close with them, considering them all her family. Unfortunately, six years later when Alana was twelve, the Reiss Orphanage Massacre occured. Alana managed to survive, but was seperated from all of her siblings and forced to survive on her own. 

Post-Reiss MassacreEdit

After the massacre, Alana made her way back to the only place that she knew, Superbia. Alana didn't want to put her parents in any danger by being involved with her, but also had no where else to go, so she reluctantly returned to her family. Alana's parents were very supportive, and seemingly regretted their decision to send Alana away. Ali didn't want to stay long and potentially endanger her parents, so they hesitantly let her leave, giving her enough money to support herself. Alana wanted to just live a normal life at this point, and tried to hide her joker powers at all times. She bought a small apartment and started going to school to learn as much as she could about her passion of history.

Current StoryEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Hunters are capable of using Nen, is an ability that allows Alana to use and manipulate her own life energy, referred to as Aura. Aura is the life energy produced by all living bodies, and aura from all parts of the body tend to flow together and create one mass of energy. The points at which Aura flows out of the body are called Aura Nodes, and controlling them is the first step to being a user of Nen. 

There are four major techniques of Nen and several more advanced ones, all of which Alana has trained in extensively. There are also 6 different types of Aura, and every person fits best into one type, but can usually use some other types too with varying efficiency, but can only use their main type to 100% ability. Alana is personally a Conjurer, but also has high skill in Manipulation.

Basic TechniquesEdit

  • Ten - The first of the Nen techniques, Ten controls the Aura that leaks from Alana's body, keeping the nodes open but having the aura flow around her body rather than away. This is the most basic defense against emotional Nen attacks, but cannot defend against physical ones. Ten maintains the youthfulness of her body and reduces her aging.
  • Zetsu - Zetsu stops the flow of Nen from Ali's body altogether. By closing all the aura nodes, Alana is able to stop the outflow of Aura. This makes her more sensitive to the Auras of others around her, and also makes her own Nen undetectable. 
  • Ren - Ren focuses on outputting a high amount of Aura and keeping it on Brandon's body, expanding the size and intensity of it. If Ten is purely defensive, Ren is what is used for offense. This increases Bran's physical strength and durability and provides a larger pool of aura for him to use for more advanced techniques. 
  • Hatsu (Memory Echo) - Hatsu is the release of one's aura so it can be projected and carry out a certain function. Generally, Hatsu is the user's personal expression of Nen that creates a special and unique paranormal ability. This is where Aura type comes into play, as it determines the type of Hatsu you can use. Alana's Hatsu is called Memory Echo and uses both Conjuration and Manipulation, and allows her to conjure any item that she has held, seen, or read about. The more she knows about a particular item, the more accurate and more powerful her conjuration will be, meaning that items that she has physically held in past will always be more accurate than conjurations of items she has only ever read about or seen. This ability heavily utilizes her Photographic Memory, as well as her extensive knowledge of History and Archaeology, allowing Alana to replicate powerful weapons from the past or legendary weapons from stories to the best of her ability. The more familiar with an item Alana is the easier it will be for her to create, so she attempts to keep the number of weapons she uses to a finite amount, picking out the most useful weapons and items from history and legend that she can.
    • Excalibur - The powerful holy sword of King Arthur. Strong enough to easily cut through practically any material, and able to fire massive blasts of all consuming light.
    • Mjolnir - The indestructible hammer of Thor. Mjolnir allows Alana to generate powerful lightning strikes and other electrical attacks. The hammer is also able to return to her automatically after being thrown. 
    • Jarngreipr - The gauntlets of Thor. These gauntlets enhance Alana's strength significantly and are also incredibly durable. 
    • Megingjoro - A "power belt" worn by Thor. Megingjoro increases Alana's power and strength by at least double.
    • Gungnir - The spear of Odin. Gungnir's strength is comparable to Mjolnir, and it is said to never miss its target after being thrown or thrusted. 
    • Gleipnir - The chains said to bind the mighty wolf Fenrir. A chain as thin as ribbon, but thought to be impossible to break. 
    • Trident of Poseidon - The main symbol and weapon of the God Poseidon. An incredibly powerful weapon that is able to control and conjure water at will, as well as create and command storms.
    • Aegis - An incredibly powerful shield from Greek Mythology that is practically unbreakable and able to protect Alana from most attacks. 
    • Helm of Hades - Hades' Cap of Invisibility. When put on this allows Alana to become completely invisible and undetectable. 
    • Bow of Apollo - Bow and Arrows of Apollo, said to be made from the Sun's rays. The arrows fired by Apollo's bow are able to either heal, or rapidly degrade those that they pierce. 

Advanced TechniquesEdit

  • Gyo - Gyo is the first of the advanced techniques. Alana concentrates a larger than normal portion of her aura into one specific body part. Gyo increases the strength of that body part, but leaves the rest of the body more vulnerable. 
  • In - In is an advanced form of Zetsu used to almost completely conceal Ali's aura. However, In does not require Alana to stop his aura flow, but hides it instead, allowing him to launch sneak attacks or lay traps.
  • En - En is an advanced usage of Ren and Ten. En is used by expanding her aura further than normal with Ren, and using Ten to give shape to the aura, usually a sphere. Using En, Ali can feel the shape and movement of anything entering his circle.  
  • Shu - Shu allows Alana to extend her aura's envelopment onto an object, allowing her to use the object as if it were an extension of her body. This allows her to greatly enhance the strength and durability of an object.
  • Ken - Ken is a defensive technique where Ali maintains a state of Gyo over her entire body, allowing her to defend against attacks from any direction without the need to use Ryu. Ken is a useful defensive move, but is difficult to maintain. Additionally, it is not as strong as Gyo as the aura is more spread out.
  • Ko - An enhanced version of Gyo where all of Alana's aura is condensed to one body part. This makes that one part of her body extremely powerful, but leaves the rest of her body unprotected.
  • Ryu - Ryu is the term for the real-time usage of Gyo. For example, Alana could use Gyo to enhance a punch by increasing the amount of Nen in her fist, before shifting the Nen to her arm to help her block a counterattack.

Notable SkillsEdit

Historical KnowledgeEdit

Alana has been deeply interested in history for her entire life, and is constantly studying the history of the world and everything to do with it. Alana is likely one of the most knowledgeable historians there is, and would love nothing more than to solve all of history's mysteries, such as the void century. Alana is also well versed in legends and mythology in addition to actual history, knowing practically everything there is to know.

Photographic MemoryEdit

Alana has a photographic memory, allowing her to completely memorize basically anything that she witnesses. This has allowed her to expand her knowledge of history at ridiculous speeds, and is one of the main reasons that she's as knowledgeable as she is. It allows her to learn many others things very quickly as well, such as fighting techniques or other important bits of information.

Weapons MasteryEdit

Though she doesn't like fighting, Alana has managed to learn and perfect the ability to utilize practically any weapon there is, helped tremendously by her photographic memory, which allows her to memorize and duplicate any fighting style that she sees. This means that despite not spending much time in learning battle techniques, Ali is equipped to use functionally any weapon there is, making her Memory Echo ability extremely devastating.

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