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Alana Prince


Biological Information

Human (Joker)


FemaleIcon Female




September 17th

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Lawful Good

Threat Level

5 (0.5432)

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Reiss Family Orphanage

Alana Prince is an 18 year old human woman living in the Kingdom of Superbia, born into the wealthy Prince family.

She is one of the few people in the world to possess an OGene, therefore making her a Joker, and her activated potential is Hero. Alana is recognized by the CJA as "Phoenix", and has a designated threat level of 0.5432. Furthermore, Alana is one of the few survivors of the Reiss Orphanage Massacre.


Alana is a cheerful, if sometimes timid, young woman with a thirst for knowledge and a love of legends and heroics.

Alana's defining feature is her desire to be like the heroes and legends she admires, but fear of what that might entail for her. She wants more than anything to save and help people and be admired herself, but is too scared to act on that desire because of the world she lives in. This fear originates from the events of the Reiss Orphanage Massacre, upon seeing the atrocities that man was willing to commit on people like her, all hopes of ever becoming the hero that she dreamed of were dashed from her mind. Alana is drawn to people who she thinks possess heroic qualities, and admires those who are brave enough to show them.


Early LifeEdit

Alana Prince was born into a very wealthy family in the Kingdom of Superbia. Alana's family had been made up of those with OGenes for as long as they could remember, and due to their wealth they'd been able to develope ways to mask this. Alana had a very comfortable life for most of her early years, her parents wanting to keep her secluded until she reached an age where she could properly control her powers. Alana always loved history and stories, and spent most of her time in her family's mansion reading books that her family bought for her, or watching heroic action movies. When Alana was six years old, the Prince family mansion was broken into, in an attempt to kidnap Alana for ransom from her wealthy parents. Unbeknowst to the would-be kidnappers, Alana's parents were jokers, but several of them managed to escape. Seeking revenge, they reported Alana's family to the CJA, claiming that they were all Jokers. The CJA had long suspected the Prince family, and jumped on anything that could be percieved as evidence. A raid was held on the Prince family mansion, killing Alana's parents and burning the mansion to the ground. Before Alana herself could be killed, she was saved by a man dressed head to toe in a cheesy superhero outfit, who fended off the CJA operatives and escaped with Alana. The man, named Osprey, had been hunting the criminals that Alana had attempted to kidnap Alana in the first place for quite some time, and learned of the CJA's planned raid from them. Alana wanted to stay with Osprey, but he claimed that his job was too dangerous to keep a child around with him, and he soon dropped her off at the Reiss Orphanage.

The Reiss OrphanageEdit

Alana was delivered to the Reiss Orphanage by Osprey when she was six years old. She took quite a bit of time adjusting to her new home after living and being cared for in a mansion for her entire life, but eventually warmed up to her fellow siblings and her caretakers and grew very close with them, considering them all her family. Unfortunately, six years later when Alana was twelve, the Reiss Orphanage Massacre occurred.

Post-Reiss MassacreEdit

Alana managed to survive the Massacre, fleeing as fast and far as she could. However, Alana was soon captured by a group of Superbian soldiers, who were out hunting for surviving Reiss kids for the Wildcard Project. Before Alana could be taken away, she was saved once more by Osprey, who had heard of the Massacre and came searching in hope that Alana had somehow survived. Osprey made quick work of the soldiers, and Alana was elated to see him again, especially after losing everyone else important to her. Osprey took Alana under his wing, and attempted to mentor her in the ways of heroics. However, after the massacre Alana had just become too dejected and afraid to try and pursue her dream of being a hero anymore. She admired Osprey, but couldn't bring herself to follow in his footsteps. She stayed under Osprey's care for many years, too afraid to venture out on her own, or really interact with the world at all. Osprey still helped Alana learn how to fight effectively in case she ever needed it despite her rejecting being a hero.

Eventually, Osprey's reputation caught up to him, and the CJA were finally able to locate his hideout. Osprey had been a thorn in their side for years, and despite doing nothing but good he was extremely high on their threat list, leading the CJA to set up a massive raid on his hideout in Superbia. Osprey was killed whilst helping Alana escape, but not before passing his Quirk onto her. For the third time in her young life, Alana's home was destroyed and her loved one's ripped away from her. 

Current StoryEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Quirks are superhuman mutations that can give their users various abilities and powers. Generally, a person is only able to have a single quirk, but Alana has two, her natural quirk and the one that was passed down to her by the hero Osprey.

Monkey See Monkey Do - Alana's Quirk essentially gives her a perfect memory in every way, and allows her to replicate anything she sees. This allows her to retain information at a glace, and learn new skills at unbelievable speeds. Alana is able to copy and memorize movements with a single look, letting her learn entire martial arts in mere minutes. Alana is capable of analyzing and picking apart an opponents fighting style almost immediately, making it seem as if she can predict their every move. 

  • Martial Arts - Due to this Quirk, Alana has mastered practically every martial art there is, both armed and unarmed.
  • Marksmanship - Alana is able to perfectly replicate the movements of the best marksmen in the world, giving her near perfect aim with any weapon.
  • Stealth - Alana has memorized movements which allow her to move undetected even by those with enhanced senses thanks to this Quirk. 
  • Language - Alana is fluent in dozens of languages due to this Quirk.
  • General Skills - Alana is able to perform many skills at elite levels thanks to this Quirk, including but not limited to cooking, music, drawing, mechanics, medicine, swimming, running, etc..
  • General Knowledge - Due to the ridiculous speed that this Quirk allows Alana to absorb information, she is well studied in various academic specialties.

One for All - One for all is a transferable Quirk that "stockpiles" power, meaning that it becomes stronger and stronger with each new user. Upon accessing this power, Alana is granted absurd levels of physical power and speed. This ability puts massive amounts of stress on the user's body, and Alana is only able to use roughly 10% of the Quirk's power at any given time without severely injuring herself. However, this 10% still gives Alana more than enough power to shatter concrete, bend metals, and move faster than the human eye can process. Alana is able to distribute this power across her entire body, and maintain it for extended periods of time. Alana is capable of using more than 10%, however as stated this will likely result in serious injuries to her body, as it currently is unable to handle that much power.

Notable SkillsEdit

Historical KnowledgeEdit

Alana has been deeply interested in history for her entire life, and has studied history and legend for as long as she's been able to read. Alana is likely one of the most knowledgeable historians there is, and would love nothing more than to solve all of history's mysteries, such as the void millennium. Alana is also well versed in legends and mythology in addition to actual history, knowing practically everything there is to know.