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Akajimaru Hishiro
Kanji あかじ少年
Also Known As The Apex Predator
The Eldest
The Red King
Age 168 (DOB: June 16th, Year 040)
Gender Male
Height 6'6"
Weight 16,616 lbs (8.3 tons)
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Kingdom Hades
Occupation Bishokuya
Family Akaio Hishiro (Father)
Aima Hishiro (Mother)
Hitoshi Kagome (Son)
Karina Linus (Daughter-in-law)
Haruka Linus (Grandson)
Jayme Linus (Grandson)
Allies The Red Children
Enemies Eos
Status Alive
Image Gallery
Akajimaru's Theme2
 Akajimaru Hishiro, also known as The Red King, is an ancient ghoul from the Kingdom of Hades. He is a Second Son, the son of  Akaio Hishiro, one of the First Men. He is the eldest and most powerful ghoul in the world, the father of Hitoshi Kagome, whom he conceived with Ren Kagome as apart of an experiment to see how powerful a hybrid between himself and a suitable human female would turnout. Upon deeming Hitoshi the "failure" of his servants, he slaughtered them all, and returned to ruling his own kingdom. He is one of the most powerful beings in Shinsekai, and has recently vanished without a trace. 


Akajimaru is an extremely heartless, cruel, and merciless individual who relinquishes in the pain and suffering of his victims. He is what one would call "pure evil" due to his complete lack of empathy towards others and him viewing another's life as nothing more than something he can either control or discard. He is also quite complex, having a strange and dangerously unhealthy mentaility.

God and Messiah ComplexEdit

One of Akajimaru's main defining traits is his "God complex": the unshakable belief that he is perfect in every way and beyond everyone else. This is seen through his consistently inflated feelings of possessing superior ability, infallibility, or what he would even call his "divine right". He will never admit to the possibility of his own errors or failure, even if he is given completely indisputable evidence. For example, despite Hitoshi Kagome being his own child and failing to become the "perfect" one-eyed ghoul, he passes the blame to his servants (as they suggested the plan behind his conception), saying that he is their failure instead of his own. 

He is incredibly dogmatic, viewing his own personal opinions as facts that cannot be argued with: lest one wishes to be eaten alive. He disregards the rules of whatever established society he is in, and will do whatever he pleases. He will even manipulate and control others in order to further his own agenda. As in his eyes, everyone is ranked below him and no one can stand up to him.

On top of his God complex, Akajimaru also possesses a messiah complex. He believes himself to be the "saviour" of all of the ghouls within the world. The theme behind his complex is dependant on his self-proclaimed status as "The Apex Predator" of the world. The apex predator is at the top of the food chain, and lack any natural predators of their own. Thus, since he has nothing to worry about, he is automatically beyond everyone else and it must be his destiny to lead them all. However, this only applies to pure-blooded ghouls as he deems every single other species as factually inferior and has no desire to rule over them: only to devour them.






As a Second Son and the eldest ghoul on the planet at the moment, Akajimaru is one the most powerful beings in Shinsekai. He can be considered the physical embodiment of an apocalyptic disaster, that can threaten the entire humanoid population and the world itself if he is left unchecked. As his hunger could explode and continue to travel until the entire world is devoured. 

Ghoul Physiology Edit

Since he is a ghoul, Akajimaru possess naturally superhuman in all physical aspects of the word: possessing superhuman physical prowess, senses, and regeneration. These abilities are primarily based around what is known as "Rc cells" which stands for "Red Child" Cells: special cells that exist in the body of all biological beings. Rc cells flow like blood but have the ability to become as solid as bone, and can be referred to as "liquid muscles". Due to being a one-eyed ghoul, his body has a special organ known as a kakuhou that stores and concentrates all of these cells together. His kagune is the created form of these cells when they all merge together and emerge from his body's kakuhou.

Due to having Rc cells, he has what is known as an "Rc Factor": which is a measurement for the amount of Rc cells that an individual has in their body. Ghouls have an amount that is usually ten times that of a regular human being, though this can differ depending on the individual. While most humans have an Rc factor of 200 to 500, and ghouls have an Rc factor of 1,000 to 8,000, Akajimaru has a factor of more than 13,000,000 which is the highest recorded Rc factor in all of history. The Rc cells within his body flow through what is known as "Rc Vessels": they act as pathways throughout the body for the cells that originate from within the kakuhou and permit the kagune to sprout from the body. Akajimaru's bodily capabilities increase depending on how many vessels he has within his body, and Akajimaru has countless.

Kakuhou, Kagune, and KakuganEdit

A kakuhou is a sack-like organ that exists inside of ghouls and one-eyed ghouls. The stronger Akajimaru becomes, the more kakuhou his body develops. Akajimaru possesses ten kakuhou in total, all of them are placed along his entire back.. The kakuhous store Rc cells, so that the nutrition inside of them is absorbed by the body. So as a result, Akajimaru is capable of storing gargantuan quantities of Rc cells within himself. When released they take on the form of what is known as a "Kagune": a ghoul's main predatory organ.

A kagune is as red as blood, and is flexible like the flow of water yet also firm and sturdy. When it is released, the physical capabilities of Akajimaru's body are raised considerably and he obtains a boost of energy. It can be described as a voluntary muscle that can be controlled however Akajimaru sees fit and can be softened and hardened according to his will. It's size is dependant on the quality and quantity of the Rc cells that his body contains, whilst it's shape is dependent on his intellect and creativity, as well as his Rc type. The kagune's appearance and place of emergence is based on what is known as an "Rc type": one of the four classifications of a ghoul's kagune. Akajimaru is chimera, and possesses all four types, so his kagunes are released along his entire back.

Akajimaru also has the ability to detach his kagune as well, and use them as walls, traps, or signals. As a wall, his kagune will sprout forth and form an organic barrier to block attacks or prevent passage. As a trap, they will curl up and lie in wait until nearby movement causes them to lunge out at the source of the movement. Whilst as a signal, they will alert the user that an enemy is approaching if they happen to come into close proximiy to the signal. 

Uniquely, Akajimaru's kagune possesses special abilities such as pseudo-electrokinesis, pseudo-pyrokinesis, healing, and shapeshifting. Due to his high concentration of Rc cells, Akajimaru can generate and produce crimson lightning and flames from within his kagune. The lightning can be fired in an offensive and destructive manner, whilst the flames are as hot as 21,632 degrees Fahrenheit: much hotter than the surface of the Sun. His ability to heal is rarely used, but it can mend the damaged tissues, organs, and bones of ther biological lifeforms. Although all of these abilities are rare and unique, the ability to shapeshift is the most unique of them all. With shapeshifting, Akajimaru can perfectly mimic not only the appearance but the bodily functions of other individuals with incredible precision. With these type of abilities, Akajimaru is extremely diverse in both combat potential and other fields.

As a kakuja, Akajimaru possesses an exceptional kagune form that has immense power. His kakukja is a gigantic behemoth with thousands of hands that comprise its hair. It is known as the Crimson Devourer, due to its never-ending hunger and dark blood red coloration. His kakuja's might is such that it can be likened to a cataclysmic disaster in physical form. It has the ability to split tectonic plates with a mere stomp, swallow entire oceans, and carry continents on it's back.

Finally, there is the kakugan: one of a ghoul's signature traits. The kakugan is the form that Akajimaru's eyes take either at will, when he is extremely enraged, hungry, or when his kagune is activated. His eyes iris becomes red, obtains black scelera, and red veins that run throughout and around his eyes. As a member of the Hishiro Clan, his kakugan has the unique ability to see in infrared: enabling him to see thermal temperatures.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Due to being a legendary ghoul and Bishokuya, Akajimaru's body possesses tremendous amounts of physical power. He has inhuman physical strength, speed, durability, resilience, senses, reflexes, perception, and rapidly evolving capabilities. The nature of his species and lifespan has enabled him to break down countless ceilings and limitations throughout his lifetime: leading to him awakening "godlike" power. He can easily physically contend, if not outright overpower, the majority of the world's strongest individuals: no matter how exceptional  and extraordinary they may be themselves. 

Hunting Method Edit

Akajimaru relies on raw physical might and erratic maneveurs in order to take down his opponents and prey in battle. He whips around the battlefield in an unorthodox and unpredictable fashion, in order to confuse his opponents by "playing" with them before landing a finishing blow. 

Gourmet Cells Edit

Gourmet Cells are the physical embodiment of savoriness and Appetite Energy, a source of life for countless species and ingredients. The cells have extraordinary life force and vitality, exceptional regenerative ability, strength-enhancing qualities, empower the evolution of those who they inhabit, and enhance the flavor of any organism they're apart of: which in this case, is Akajimaru himself. Akajimaru was born with his Gourmet Cells, because his father had them and passed them on to him. Due to a strange mutation in his cells, Akajimaru was born a freak of nature, which is why he ate his own mother alive during labor. 

Gourmet Cells evolve the more their host consumes delicious and nutritious ingredients. Akajimaru has feasted on tens of millions of "ingredients" (people of all species) throughout his lifetime: causing his cells to evolve at an astonishing rate and empowering him with inhuman abilities. However, the most powerful ability that they grant is the ability to harness Appetite Energy. This energy can be drawn forth when a predator externalizes their desire to completely devour their prey. Akajimaru is masterful in it's usage, but only employs it when he deems it necessary if facing a formidable foe. 


Biokinesis is the ability to manipulate one's genetic make-up on a cellular level. This is Akajimaru's signature ability that he was born with due to his Gourmet Cells. With biokinesis, Akajimaru can enhance is own biological functions, manipulate pheromones, and even alter physiological maturity. He can absorb the biomass of others, allowing him to augment all of his capabilities and even slow down his own aging processes. He can even create various type of life-forms out of is own body. Whether it be his hair, skin, nails, or blood, Akajimaru can create life from it that he is in complete control of. This ability enables him to easily produce a gargantuan number of vile entities that obey his every command.

When Akajimaru absorbs someone, he obtains their knowledge, memories, and skills: granting him limitless knowledge. However, the greatest trait of this power is the ability to become immortal and influence the evolution of oneself and others: which is an extremely useful ability. Overall, Akajimaru's biokinesis makes him remarkably versatile with the ability to adapt to any opposition. 

Battle TechniquesEdit

Akajimaru primarily utilizes his biokinesis in battle and has his creations fight for him against foes who he deems unworthy of engaging directly. But when he does fight directly, he uses several techniques with various effects.

  • Traffic Lights - Akajimaru's finger nails turn green, yellow, red, white, and black as they peel off and form into large crystalline creatures. Each color has a different power, green removes all resistance allowing the creature to move at astounding speed; the yellow creature encases the opponent in a crystalline substance before crystalizing their insides and killing them; the red creature negates all kinetic energy in the area to prevent those afflicted from moving at all; the white creature generates a quasar that vaporizes everything it comes across on a molecular level; the black creature produces a miniture black hole that sucks in and devours everything in the viciniity. Whatever is absorbed by the black hole, is used as fuel for the quasar, strengthening it over time. 
  • Skin Lesions - Akajimaru's skin cells fall off of his body and form into tentacle monsters that feast on the flesh of any other life-form in the area. They are practically immortal, regenerating from anything and everything done to them. They focus specifically on humanoid species, aiming to eviscerate them from existence. This technique is used alongside Alopecia Areata.
  • Alopecia Areata - Akajimaru's hair falls out and turns into tree-like masses that root themselves into the planet and begin producing poisonous silvery dust that poisons any humanoid species it comes into contact with. The poison rapidly destroys the cells of the life-form and causes their body to collapse into a pile of rotten flesh. The tree-like masses are gargantuan in size, so they can wipe out a whole country in minutes: and all life in the world within one week. This technique is used in conjunction with Skin Lesions to eliminate humanity. 
  • Block Buster - Akajimaru's blood seeps out from within his skin pores, and gathers to form into a highly volatile sphere of destructive blood red Appetite Energy: that is then detonated, releasing enough power to eradicate an entire continent. This is Akajimaru's ultimate technique, and it consumes a tremendous amount of kilocalories in order to be executed. However, due to his abilities, Akajimaru can use it more than once. 


Gravesend is the natural ability of those born in Hades. It gives its users the power to see, speak to, and manipulate the dead. The dead can be controlled and employed in battle as undead servants, making them useful for a variety of purposes. 


Hyper IntuitionEdit

A natural trait that all members of the Hishiro Clan possess is a natural aptitude to quickly learn any physical skill. Akajimaru can perfectly mimic and alter any physical actions that he has witnessed only after seeing it once. This has allowed him to learn and master countless martial art styles over the years.

Godly Hand-to-Hand CombatantEdit

Akajimaru's long life, hyper intuition, and biokinesis have enabled him to acquire, understand, and master all of the known martial arts forms within the world of Requiem. He is capable of seamlessly transitioning between the countless styles or using them all together in unison. This makes him a truely masterful combatant who can beat nearly anyone in a physical fight of the arts. 


  • Akajimaru's first name means "Red Boy", and his surname means "Scarlet Castle".
  • Akajimaru's appearance is based on that of Xemnas from the Kingdom Hearts video game series.