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Kanji あかじ少年
Also Known As The Apex Predator
The Eldest
The Red King
Age 165 (DOB: June 16th, Year 040)
Gender Male
Height 6'6"
Weight 16,616 lbs (8.3 tons)
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Kingdom Hades
Occupation Bishokuya
Family Akaio Hishiro (Father)
Aima Hishiro (Mother)
Hitoshi Kagome (Son)
Karina Linus (Daughter-in-law)
Haruka Linus (Grandson)
Jayme Linus (Grandson)
Allies The Red Children
Enemies Eos
Status Alive
Image Gallery
Akajimaru's Theme
 Akajimaru Hishiro, also known as The Red King, is an ancient Ghoul from the Kingdom of Hades. He is a Second Son, the son of  Akaio Hishiro, one of the First Men. He the eldest Ghoul in the world, the father of Hitoshi Kagome, whom he conceived with Ren Kagome as apart of an experiment to see the potential that hybrids possessed. Upon deeming Hitoshi the "failure" of his servants, he slaughtered them all, and returned to ruling his own self-proclaimed kingdom. He is one of the most powerful beings in Shinsekai, and currently has unknown yet ominous intentions. 


Akajimaru is an extremely heartless, cruel, and merciless individual who relinquishes in the pain and suffering of his victims. He is what one would call "pure evil" due to his complete lack of empathy towards others and him viewing another's life as nothing more than something he can either control or discard. He is also quite complex, having a strange and dangerously unhealthy mentaility.

God and Messiah ComplexEdit

One of Akajimaru's main defining traits is his "God complex", the unshakable belief that he is perfect in every way and beyond everyone else. This is seen through his consistently inflated feelings of possessing superior ability, infallibility, or what he would even call his "divine right". He will never admit to the possibility of his own errors or failure, even if he is given completely indisputable evidence. For example, despite Hitoshi Kagome being his own child and failing to become the "perfect" One-Eyed Ghoul, he passes the blame to his servants (as they suggested the plan behind his conception), saying that he is their failure instead of his own. 

He is incredibly dogmatic, viewing his own personal opinions as facts that cannot be argued with: lest one wishes to be eaten alive. He disregards the rules of whatever established society he is in, and will do whatever he pleases. He will even manipulate and control others in order to further his own agenda. As in his eyes, everyone is ranked below him and no one can stand up to him.

On top of his God complex, Akajimaru also possesses a messiah complex. He believes himself to be the "saviour" of all of the ghouls within the world. The theme behind his complex is dependant on his self-proclaimed status as "The Apex Predator" of the world. The apex predator is at the top of the food chain, and lack any natural predators of their own. Thus, since he has nothing to worry about, he is automatically beyond everyone else and it must be his destiny to lead them all. However, this only applies to pure-blooded ghouls as he deems every single other species as factually inferior and has no desire to rule over them.

Neverending HungerEdit

Akajimaru is a Bishokuya, a Gourmet Hunter, specifically one who was born with Gourmet Cells. That trait combined with him being a ghoul has led to him becoming one of the most carnivorous and bloodthirsty beings in history. He is a kakuja, a cannibalistic ghoul who has devoured his own kind in exchange for rapid mutation and evolution of his body and abilities: proving that he has even resorted to repeated cannibalism.

His hunger is seemingly neverending, as he is always seeking out new flavors and tastes in order to satisfy himself. As due to his age, he has pretty much already had every single dish that existed on Olympus. Which is why after the entire world opened up and new contnents were discovered he began traveling the world to broaden his horizons and find new things to eat. This gave him a additional purpose in life, however, he will soon run out of something to eat.




As a Second Son and the eldest ghoul on the planet at the moment, Akajimaru is one the most powerful beings in Shinsekai. He can be considered the physical embodiment of an apocalyptic disaster, that can threaten the entire humanoid population and the world itself if he is left unchecked. As his hunger could explode and continue to travel until the entire world is devoured. 

Ghoul Physiology Edit

Kakuhou, Kagune, and KakuganEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Hunting Method Edit

Gourmet Cells


Battle TechniquesEdit





  • Akajimaru's name means "Red Boy" in Japanese. 
  • Akajimaru's appearance is based on that of Xemnas from the Kingdom Hearts video game series. 

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