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Aerys Basilis
Also Known As King of Assassins
Age 160
Gender Male
Height 6'6"
Weight 250lbs
Blood Type B-
Professional Status
Kingdom Ares
Family Basilis Family
Allies Olympus
Enemies None Remaining
Status Alive
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 Aerys is the head of the Basilis assassin family, and the father of the current Queen of Ares, and the grandfather of the current leaders of Ichor. He is a "Second Son".


Aerys' father was the first and greatest supporter of the first King of Ares, Kato Youkai, and the two were great friends. This means that the Basilis family was already quite powerful, and his father was considered second only to the King, with Aerys' father usually being tasked with the darker dealings of running the kingdom. Aerys was trained by his father since before he could walk, and he grew to be an incredibly powerful and skilled assassin. Aerys was happy with this life for many years, and put off having a family for quite a long time, growing older than most people would be able to live before finally deciding to start a family. Aerys eventually chose a woman by the name of Mamushi, from the island of Ichor. But unbeknowst to him, he had been manipulated by her Geass into not only choosing her as his wife, but into wanting to start a family in the first place. Once Mamushi realized that Aerys' father would be unable to be controlled as well, she forced Aerys to assassinate him. The couple eventually had three children, with Aerys mistreating them do to his wife's influence. Additionally, during the overthrow of Olympus by Boukun and Marek, his wife prevented Aerys from interferring despite his strength and loyalty to Kato Youkai. The reason of course, is because Mamushi was from Ichor, the same place that Marek controlled and wanted to eventually conquer Olympus with. Years later, the couple's son Taka eventually discovered this manipulation, and broke both himself and Aerys from it, leading to the both of them killing Mamushi. Since then, Aerys has retired from his assassination work, and simply lives in his castle in peace.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Crimson Red Vermillion
  • Death Resistive Body
  • Mystic Eyes of Magnetism
  • Demi-Servant with Siegfried, though Aerys retains complete control and personality


  • Calamity Curse
  • Memento Mori


  • Hellblaze
  • Full Counter


  • All Basic and Advanced Techniques
  • Zeno's Transmutation Ability