Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Geass All 20 Beli25,000 Available
Geass is a supernatural ability which certain people can bestow upon others.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Life Fibre Uniform - 1 Star All 1 Beli2,000 Available
Uniform made of Life Fibre which grants the user olympic level physiology. Typically used by patients recovering from surgery as a means of bringing them back up to full fitness.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Life Fibre Uniform - 2 Star All 3 Beli7,000 Sold
Garments of Life Fibre which grants the user peak level physiology and advanced senses.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Life Fibre Uniform - 3 Star All 7 Beli13,000 Sold
Garments of Life Fibre that grant superhuman physiology, allowing the user to lift excess of 10 tonnes, move at speeds exceeding Mach 3.

Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Sephiroth Graal All 50 Beli870,000 Available
It is the Holy Grail from the Last Supper that Christ used and the Grail of Arthurian Legend. Sephiroth Graal, along with True Longinus (Holy Spear) and Incinerate Anthem (Holy Cross) are known as the Holy Relics. The Sephiroth Graal has the ability to make contact with the principle of life, where the possessor is being forcefully told about how the life and soul is made. The possessor also takes in the mind and the concept of the dead, the living, and various other things as they use the Holy Grail which would result in the possessor being broken by the abundance of thoughts that enters their heart and soul when overusing the Sephiroth Graal.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
True Longinus All 35 Beli425,000 Available
The True Longinus is one of the Holy Relics known as the Holy Lance alongside the True Cross, Holy Chalice, Holy Nails, and the Shroud of Turin. A spear that was said to have pierced the side of Christ as he lay on the cross, wielded by a Centurion named Longinus, according to legend, who gave the weapon his name. The spear is one of the holiest objects in existence, having been blessed by the blood of Christ and making it an extremely powerful and effective weapon against Devils and beings related to darkness. The True Longinus is a Sacred Gear, and gave its name to all Sacred Gears capable of slaying Gods.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Incinerate Anthem All 30 Beli185,000 Available
Incinerate Anthem is considered as one of the Three Holy Relics alongside the True Longinus (Holy Spear) and Sephiroth Graal (Holy Grail), it is the "Holy Cross" on which Christ was crucified, it doesn't need a host to operate.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Dimension Lost All 40 Beli650,000 Available
Dimension Lost, also known as the "Fog of Extinction", is a top-tier Longinus. Capable of accessing and transferring objects to the Dimensional Gap.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Regulus Neamea All 35 Beli330,000 Available
Regulus Nemea, also known as the Battle Axe of the Lion King, is a Sacred Gear, It is listed as one of the thirteen Longinus. Regulus Nemea takes the form of an axe which can make a huge crack on the earth when struck. It is said that with full mastery of this form, the wielder can split the Earth in half. The Longinus' second ability is to protect the possessor from projectiles.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Zenith Tempest All 30 Beli195,000 Available
Zenith Tempest, also known as the Prison of Bright Heavenly Thunder. Zenith Tempest has the ability to control the weather and elemental attributes that exist in nature (fire, wind, lightning, water, earth and ice), as such, it's even possible to create artificial clouds in places where there is no sky.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Boosted Gear All 35 Beli400,000 Available
Boosted Gear, also known as the Red Dragon Emperor's Gauntlet, is a Sacred Gear. The Boosted Gear has the ability to Boost which can double the user's physical and magical power every 10 seconds. With further changes in response to the user's feelings, the Boosted Gear can transform into the Boosted Gear Gift, which has the ability to Transfer the increased power to other people or objects. The transferred power can be performed on multiple people/objects at the same time, however, this decreases the efficiency, and some of the power will be lost in the transfer.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Divine Dividing All 50 Beli1,000,000 Available
Divine Dividing, also known as the White Dragon Emperor's Light Wings, is a Sacred Gear. The Divine Dividing has the ability to Divide the power of its opponents by half after coming into physical contact with them every 10 seconds. The halved powers are then added to his/her own powers. If the added power exceeds the amount that the wielder can safely contain, the excess energy is then expelled out through the wings, which allows the user to always be at their highest potential.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Blaze Black Flare All 20 Beli65,000 Available
The Blaze Black Flare, also known as the Evil Dragon's Black Flame is a Sacred Gear. It holds a part of Prison Dragon Vritra's soul, Blaze Black Flare gives the user access and control over Vritra's intensive jet-black colored flames that are infuse with curses similar to hell-fire.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Absorption Line All 25 Beli75,000 Available
Absorption Line can produce multiple glowing pale blue colored lines from the mouth of the lizard that can be used to restrain and suck the power off of beings or objects its connected to. The user can also use the absorbed power to be transferred to others that are also connected to the lines. It can also be used to extract the blood of a person.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Scouting Persona All 25 Beli40,000 Available
With it, the user can create a multitude of floating masks, which can then be used for surveillance activities like searching for enemies, gathering and relaying information across long distances, and can also be made to act as a shield.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Blade Blacksmith All 25 Beli45,000 Available
Blade Blacksmith has the ability to create numerous Holy Swords of different attributes according to the will of the wielders. In its original Balance Breaker form, it creates an army of knights with Holy attributes.

Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Big Leaguer All 18 Beli45,000 Available
Chaos Throw: Big Leaguer is a Teigu that takes the form of six floating orbs, the storm orb, explosion orb, flame orb, ice orb, lightning orb and rot orb.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Lionel All 15 Beli20,000 Available
The King Of Beasts Transformation: Lionel was a belt shaped Teigu that transformed its wearer into a beast, instantly increasing one's physical strength and abilities. It also amplified one's sense of smell to enable scouting.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Grand Chariot All 25 Beli50,000 Available
Carnage Incarnate: Grand Chariot is an Armor-type Teigu that is nearly identical to Incursio, although its key is a black short sword with a handguard and a chain link tassel on the hilt. When released, it takes the form of black, full-body armor with a phantasmagoric defensive film in place of Incursio's more traditional cape.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Incursio All 25 Beli65,000 Available
Demon Armor: Incursio was an Armor-type Teigu that took on the form of a short sword with a chain link tassel in its sealed form. Once released, the user was enveloped in a full body armor capable of evolution and invisibility.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Cross Tail All 15 Beli25,000 Available
Infinite Uses: Cross Tail is a Teigu that can be used both offensively and defensively. It takes the form of gloves and metallic fingertips with wire threads running through them, and it can be used in various ways to attack, defend against, or immobilize opponents. The majority of the wire is held in a larger than normal spool at the back of the waist.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Hekatonkheires All 20 Beli45,000 Available
Hekatonkheires, named as Koro for short by its last owner, was a biological Teigu resembling a small white dog that stands on its back legs. When ordered, it had the ability to grow to a much larger size, increasing its strength and durability. It ferociously attacked enemies by devouring them. Koro could also grow large muscular arms and furiously unleash a volley of punches. Like other biological Teigu, it was able to regenerate if damaged
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Yatsufasa All 30 Beli75,000 Available
March of the Dead: Yatsufusa was a Teigu in the form of a long katana with the power to reanimate and control corpses.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Murasame All 27 Beli80,000 Available
One-Cut Killer: Murasame was a cursed blade that could kill a person with a single cut. Once the sword pierced the skin, a poisonous curse spread through the victim's body, killing them within seconds by stopping their heart. The curse appeared as black markings that originated from the wound and spread across the victim's skin.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Black Marlin All 25 Beli65,000 Available
Water Dragon Possession: Black Marlin is a Teigu that takes the form of a ring. The user can control any liquid around, including water and blood by simple hand gestures. However, it only functions in the presence of water or any other form of liquid around. Oftentimes, the water takes the shape of serpents or dragons.

Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Rebellion All 15 Beli30,000 Available
A powerful magical sword.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Lucifer All 25 Beli50,000 Available
It takes the form of a skull shaped backplate from which two wing shaped sheathes extend outward. These sheathes are able to spawn a countless number of swords that are supercharged with demonic power, allowing them to hover in mid air or be launched with explosive impact. These swords can be rearranged, thrown, or wielded, and will explode either after a short duration.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Pandora All 30 Beli80,000 Available
It is able to transform into 666 different and devastating forms, some of them powered by the weapon's Disaster Gauge into its function.

Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Walküre All 35 Beli265,000 Available
The blade of the Valkryie Thrud, daughter of Thor and Labor. The blade naturally generates electricity itself, which can be used in swordsmanship. The blade confers upon the user the ability to convert their own blood into lightning, infusing it into their melee i.e, hand to hand) strikes or discharging the electricity as a ranged attack. When fully activated, it grants the user the ability to transform into pure lightning, gaining a speed slightly superior to natural lightning, characteristics, and intangibility.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Hihi'irokane All 40 Beli265,000 Available
A crimson blade engraved with Kanji that can generate flames hot enough to instantly boil water. When fully activated, the user's body becomes pure flame that can instantly vaporize metal. This also makes it virtually impossible to strike the user physically, as they are nothing more than fire. The full activation of this blade also allows the user to travel through any space that fire can travel through, even if it were far too small or narrow for any human. The length of the relic can be extended by several meters by encasing it in flames, giving the user an additional edge against those who are able to withstand the heat the user emits.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Der Freiscutz Samiel All 35 Beli290,000 Available
Unlike most Holy Relics, comes fully activated. Takes the appearance of a World War Two railgun tank. This relic is capable of launching very powerful shells. These shells, like some Holy Relics, are capable of inflicting both physical and spiritual damage, burning them to cinders along with the very souls of their victims.
Name Potential Level Cost Availability
Die Blutgräfin All 35 Beli230,000 Available
The Diary of the infamous duchess Elizabeth Bathory. This relic is able to summon numerous torture devices written in the diary itself (ex. chains that can withstand a pressure force of up to tens of tons and be used to entangle the target, iron maidens that crush her victims whole, giant torture wheels with spikes on them, etc.), to torment her foes. These torture devices also possess the ability to damage and destroy the soul while inflicting grievous physical harm.

Occupation SpecificEdit

Pirate ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Paramecia Devil Fruit10Beli15,000Available
Zoan Devil Fruit15Beli20,000Available
Logia Devil Fruit20Beli25,000Available
Kenbunshoku Haki15Beli40,000Available
Busoshoku Haki20Beli55,000Available
Haoshoku Haki25Beli70,000Available

Shinobi ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Kohaku no Johei50Beli100,000SOLD
White Light Chakra Sabre1Beli1,000Available
Gunbai Uchiwa10Beli10,000Available
Sword of the Thunder God5Beli5,000Available
Sword of Kusanagi20Beli20,000Available
Sword of Totsuka25Beli50,000SOLD
Yata Mirror25Beli50,000SOLD
Mangekyō Sharingan30Beli65,000Available
Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan35Beli75,000Available

Shinigami ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Spirit Weapon3Beli3,000Unlimited
Seele Schneider3Beli3,000Unlimited
Sanrei Glove5Beli5,000Unlimited

Mage ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Celestial Spirit Gate Keys20Beli18,000Available
Fleuve d'etoiles10Beli10,000Available
Double Scythes15Beli15,000Available
Musica Sword15Beli15,000Available
Magic Spear:Ten Commandments25Beli30,000SOLD
Magic Staves25Beli30,000Available
Living Magic40Beli65,000Available

Magician ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Eye of the Rukh1Beli1,000Available
Eight Trigrams Talisman1Beli1,000Available
Magic Turban10Beli10,000Available

Magus ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Black Keys (6)15Beli20,000Unlimited
Mystic Eyes20Beli35,000Unlimited
Salamander Gloves15Beli25,000Available
Shroud of Magdalene15Beli25,000Available
Bronze-Link Manipulators20Beli35,000Available
Volumen Hydragyrum20Beli40,000SOLD
Thompson Contender15Beli20,000SOLD
Jeweled Sword25Beli40,000SOLD
Azoth Sword1Beli1,000Unlimited
Book of False Attendant25Beli35,000Unlimited
Barrel Replica30Beli50,000Available
Jeweled Staff15Beli25,000Available
Magical Ruby40Beli50,000Available
Magical Sapphire40Beli50,000Available
Seventh Holy Scripture30Beli50,000Available
True Apocrypha25Beli40,000Available
Class Card35Beli60,000Available
Excalibur Galatine30Beli50,000Reserved
Caladbolg II25Beli35,000Available
Gate of Babylon40Beli70,000Available
Unlimited Blade Works45Beli85,000Available
Kanshou and Bakuya20Beli35,000Available
Excalibur Proto40Beli60,000SOLD
Crying Warmonger25SOLD
God Force25Beli40,000Available
Rho Aias25Beli40,000SOLD
Vasavi Shakti25Beli40,000Available
Prelati's Spellbook25Beli40,000SOLD
Ionioi Hetairoi35Beli60,000Available
Gae Bolg25Beli35,000Available
Gae Buidhe25Beli35,000Available
Gae Dearg25Beli35,000Available
Gordius Wheel25Beli40,000Available
Troias Tragoidia25Beli40,000Available
Knight of Honor30Beli45,000Available
Nine Lives25Beli40,000SOLD
Dromeus Cometes25Beli35,000Available
God Hand50Beli130,000Available
Magna Voluisse Magnum30Beli35,000Available
Phoebus Catastrophe25Beli30,000Available

Shaman ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Futunomitamano Torugi5Beli5,000Available
YVS Cards10Beli15,000Unlimited

Alchemist ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Flame Alchemy25Beli30,000Available
Destruction Alchemy30Beli40,000Available
Philosopher's Stone45Beli100,000Available

Bishokuya ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Revitalizing Kitchen Knife10Beli10,000Available
Derous Knife20Beli20,000Available
Ichiryu's Knife25Beli25,000SOLD
Knocking Gun1Beli1,000Available
GT Robo5Beli5,000Available
Burner Knife5Beli5,000Available
Devil Mosquito Straw5Beli5,000Available
Wolf King's Fangs25Beli30,000SOLD
Battle Wolf10Beli10,000Available
Mother Snake10Beli10,000Available
Emperor Crow10Beli10,000Available
Phantom Beast Herac10Beli10,000Available

Hunter ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Ben's Knives10Beli15,000Available

Exorcist ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status

Vampire ItemsEdit

Item Level Cost Status
Macrofiliant Wires20Beli20,000Available
Harkonnen II25Beli60,000Available
Helena's Nail25Beli40,000SOLD
The Jackal15Beli15,000Available